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28 Jul 14 by andie.g on diet Atkins
28 Jul 14 by johncaruso on diet Atkins
28 Jul 14 by Snuffy325 on diet Atkins
28 Jul 14 by johncaruso on diet Atkins
28 Jul 14 by MarzLikeMan on diet Atkins, losing 21.0 lb a week Down
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12 minutes ago
Great job! How do you do this? God Bless...
32 minutes ago
Mmmmmm, bagel! LOL. Did you enjoy a little of it for me? Haha...I ate a Chick-fil-a nugget today. Not even a r ...
37 minutes ago
Thats great I have found that high Protein and low carbs work for me,I can lose up to 5 lbs a week doing that
40 minutes ago
OMG I did not know about your knee freezing up, I am so sorry for you. Knees are worse then hips to heal , I know ...
42 minutes ago
well, coconut oil is not a vitamin or mineral, but has plenty of fatty acids or medium chain triglyceries that ...
42 minutes ago
Again, I thank everyone for their input and support. I really was hoping to be at goal by November, which means ...
45 minutes ago
good job! that is a lot of steps!
about an hour ago
Wow I will buy a honeydew melon and try that for snacks :)
an hour ago
I'm in.... Starting weight: 245.6, will be 240 or less by the end of August. Thanks for helping us set goals and ...
an hour ago
Thanks for the support everyone. I've had some real stressful family issues and work and... Excuse my language ...