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25 Jul 14 by immort777 on diet Atkins
25 Jul 14 by johncaruso on diet Atkins
25 Jul 14 by foxymamachick on diet Atkins, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
25 Jul 14 by BraysMom08 on diet Atkins, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
25 Jul 14 by DanaJoy on diet Atkins
25 Jul 14 by Carolina1 on diet Atkins, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
25 Jul 14 by ckunka on diet Atkins, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
25 Jul 14 by Dentaldee on diet Atkins, losing 1.5 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
hear, hear.... :)
15 minutes ago
Vraag ik me ook af. Er is toch ook een Engelse versie? Het is juist zo leuk om van elkaar te leren. Dat gaat zo ...
24 minutes ago
Sounds great that you do the walking and biking. Ánd yoga. You're doing very well, I'd say. Just stick with it!!!
about an hour ago
Or perhaps you're just not eating enough to fuel your body, leaving your body to think it's starving and thus ...
an hour ago
If you plan ahead and have 1 day a week that you cook for the whole week. And you portion items out you will ...
an hour ago
Muscles weigh more than fat, so if your losing fat and gainig muscles you can get a little heavier.
an hour ago
maybe there is something wrong with youre metabolism?Or just keep doing what you are doing and wait it out while ...