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29 Jul 15 by MarzLikeMan on diet Atkins
29 Jul 15 by gmartineau on diet Atkins
28 Jul 15 by shelleyhammer on diet Atkins, gaining 1.9 lb a week Up
28 Jul 15 by Snuffy325 on diet Atkins
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4 minutes ago
If you are interested in trying a sample, send me a message.
5 minutes ago
Glad to hear it! Hip..ugh! Hope that resolves soon!
11 minutes ago
Fantastic work!
by HCB
11 minutes ago
I am going in the wrong direction for this week too. I will be trying hard this coming week. I have an incre ...
26 minutes ago
Sorry that your scale was playing tricks on you. It would be discouraging to have weight appear out of thing air! ...
26 minutes ago
Losinit ~ Thanks for the idea of using a similar recipe. I'll try that next time. Jim ~ You're right about it ...
about an hour ago
Yeah not keen on HOAs either nothing like paying twice for what you want to own. And it would be like living in ...
about an hour ago
Barbara, glad you are feeling better. Don't overdo the salt but your body does need some. Hope that your hip ...
an hour ago
ate better to day, more sodium, drank my gallon of water. No more flu symptoms but hip went out this morning. Did ...
an hour ago
I really hate to fast and to have to do it 2 times so quick makes it even worse, thou my weight didn't seem to ...