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27 Aug 14 by Snuffy325 on diet Atkins, losing 9.8 lb a week Down
27 Aug 14 by Patti No Cake on diet Atkins
27 Aug 14 by doozy65 on diet Atkins, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
27 Aug 14 by bbosch30 on diet Atkins
26 Aug 14 by Drammaw on diet Atkins, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
26 Aug 14 by YvonneD123 on diet Atkins
26 Aug 14 by alexzwk on diet Atkins
26 Aug 14 by vanilla bean on diet Atkins, gaining 4.2 lb a week Up
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13 minutes ago
Those dudes are my weakness...
16 minutes ago
I noticed on my last driver's license renewal that weight wasn't listed. Guess they caught on that usually ev ...
18 minutes ago
My email notifications are always delayed and then I get a whole heap in one go.
19 minutes ago
I might have to look into the whole Coconut Oil thing
20 minutes ago
It's enough to get rid of your appetite for sure!
23 minutes ago
Goodluck with the contractors!!!!!!!
25 minutes ago
Thanks Linda!!
30 minutes ago
Thanks Sadie, since I've been exercising, I've been back listening to music more than I have in the last few y ...
31 minutes ago
You have done incredible with your weight loss, and you look great! :)
32 minutes ago
Great job! Keep up the good work!