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31 to 40 of 100
26 Apr 16 by Sherillynn on diet Atkins
26 Apr 16 by cynderella76 on diet Atkins
25 Apr 16 by rhontique on diet Atkins, losing 1.2 lb a week Down
25 Apr 16 by mattdeleo on diet Atkins, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
25 Apr 16 by redgirl1974 on diet Atkins, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
25 Apr 16 by Katsolo on diet Atkins
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a minute ago
It's a fine line to walk for sure!
4 minutes ago
Have a lovely time, Phil. Be kind to yourself :) xxx
5 minutes ago
15 maybe the worst age! It may get better, but keep on it! Lol
9 minutes ago
Nice work. Have a great weekend.
26 minutes ago
You guys have been warned. Stay away from soy products. Including Soy Isolate. ESPECIALLY soy Isolate.
38 minutes ago
Hmmm, vanilla protein powder. Can you get that at Walmart?
40 minutes ago
I'm glad your mac and cheese went well! I had hot links, salsa verde, and tea for lunch. I just finished up some ...
about an hour ago
knuckles the mglow monk -- here's where having IBS works in my favor: I can get away with one chocolate chip c ...
an hour ago
@ Joshua Rael Thank you very much for your warm words. I think they try to find a solution to celebrate together. ...
an hour ago
Clear zero is sparkling water with flavors. I get it from walmart.It has no sugar or calories and the carbonation ...