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25 Aug 14 by YvonneD123 on diet Atkins
25 Aug 14 by greycmay on diet Atkins
25 Aug 14 by jaime30024 on diet Atkins, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
25 Aug 14 by Buffy101 on diet Atkins, steady weight Steady
25 Aug 14 by alexzwk on diet Atkins
25 Aug 14 by 55 Chevy on diet Atkins
25 Aug 14 by shiloh79 on diet Atkins, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
25 Aug 14 by tuffoemme on diet Atkins
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a minute ago
a minute ago
1- i think it may be sugar levels rather than the exercise causing u hunger pains... 2-i got a real bike with ...
3 minutes ago
Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 minutes ago
After more thought, I'm sure my dinner plans being changed at the last minute had everything to do with going ...
20 minutes ago
Thank you Yams and C67241. I have never eaten breakfast even when I was school aged or pregnant. I just never felt ...
20 minutes ago
Down, down, down you go! :) I do the same thing - but usually earlier in the day after I've planned out my d ...
22 minutes ago
That's half what Amazon charges for the smallest size.
25 minutes ago
Thank you
28 minutes ago
Thanks Draglist. I've also just downloaded on my mac, but will add body weight simulator to my ...
34 minutes ago
When does it start cooling off in Georgia? (daughter is a big time Brave fan). Seeing how your working so hard ...