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09 Jul 14 by Lori in Lakewood on diet Atkins, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
09 Jul 14 by CatHerder on diet Atkins
09 Jul 14 by gchambers77 on diet Atkins
09 Jul 14 by sloog13 on diet Atkins
09 Jul 14 by lucinda32 on diet Atkins
09 Jul 14 by johncaruso on diet Atkins
09 Jul 14 by bbosch30 on diet Atkins
08 Jul 14 by dreamcatcher10 on diet Atkins
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Recent Comments

3 minutes ago
excellent great job.
4 minutes ago
I hear you - been doing the same - but those small losses add up and then I realized that I had lost 60 lbs. Not ...
7 minutes ago
I'm fighting every step of the way now..arrggghhhh!
11 minutes ago
Your weight history is awesome! Keep it up!
12 minutes ago
Super - thank you!
22 minutes ago
Wow! Great job!
24 minutes ago
Every little bit counts. Amazing when we get it down to ozs. and it makes us happy.
25 minutes ago
Crystal light is just a drink mix marketed to people on diets. However, I am certain that there are drink mixeds ...
34 minutes ago
(ODAAT)! Oh dat… oh that…I love it!
34 minutes ago
Fake...getting a wet swimsuit back up (1 piece) where it was, is what I imagine is similar to wrestling a claw ...