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15 Sep 14 by Lori in Lakewood on diet Atkins, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
15 Sep 14 by Chub-Chub on diet Atkins
15 Sep 14 by jaime30024 on diet Atkins
15 Sep 14 by jestes992 on diet Atkins, gaining 1.1 lb a week Up
15 Sep 14 by Patti No Cake on diet Atkins
14 Sep 14 by kmkjmomma on diet Atkins, losing 4.0 lb a week Down
14 Sep 14 by cfmain2 on diet Atkins, steady weight Steady
14 Sep 14 by lemonella on diet Atkins, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
13 Sep 14 by 55 Chevy on diet Atkins, losing 2.3 lb a week Down
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5 minutes ago
i so agree chris and look with delight on ur insights of total life.
24 minutes ago
I occasionally write about my efforts to declutter as I feel that's a "part of my journey to a healthier, fitter, ...
28 minutes ago
By realizing that if that calorie count does not stay low , the weight is not coming off, Snezica and Draglist ...
37 minutes ago
I'm jealous plum and apple tree!! Eating all those that fall could make a pup sick !! had a lab mix when the kids ...
about an hour ago
Glad you are okay after having to drive through the water. Sooo dangerous! Hope it all goes well for you at the ...
about an hour ago
Thanks instantcrazy! That is exactly what my doctor told me. maureen72 I know exactly how you feel and did the ...
an hour ago
we don't have a garden, but our Dachshund, Rocky, eats the plums and apples that fall off our trees...just glad ...
an hour ago
I thought I was the only one that had a dog that stole peppers from the garden. LOL! Yeah, I even snack on the ...
an hour ago
C67241-- my friend is home, but it's unclear to me how well she is doing. My fasting blood sugar tends to be on ...
an hour ago
Unfortunately salt assists with preserving. That is why canned stuff has so much of it. Even my home canning ...