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26 Jun 16 by Garand69 on diet Atkins
26 Jun 16 by flick99 on diet Atkins, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
26 Jun 16 by jenniferchel on diet Atkins, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
26 Jun 16 by tweetycat on diet Atkins, losing 5.2 lb a week Down
26 Jun 16 by Garand69 on diet Atkins, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
26 Jun 16 by kimberliefielding on diet Atkins, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
26 Jun 16 by newnormal on diet Atkins, losing 3.2 lb a week Down
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14 minutes ago
Nice job paying attention to your body's signals, buddy! That's what it's all about! I've eaten very low calories ...
15 minutes ago
I know refeed, recomp?
20 minutes ago
Yes MsK health is the most important! You've already proved your power to all of us!
27 minutes ago
No need to go. Let it be. Babies might grow up or maybe not. There are people who need their problems. Crying out ...
28 minutes ago
The plate with your RDI is your food diary where you record your food intake
35 minutes ago
I appreciate your honesty MsK. Like I said in the rules. I do NOT want anyone making themselves Ill. Thank you ...
an hour ago
That jar salad for a picnic sounds great, sorry you missed out on the fishing and picnic. I'd have missed out ...
an hour ago
Sounds like a plan FiveTwoC.
an hour ago
I'm wondering if I've slipped into a recomp.
an hour ago
WAY TO GO! Or should I say "Weigh" to go?!