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19 Apr 15 by LambiePi on diet Atkins, steady weight Steady
19 Apr 15 by pointgiven on diet Atkins
19 Apr 15 by Raylotekka on diet Atkins, losing 1.2 lb a week Down
19 Apr 15 by amy30 on diet Atkins
19 Apr 15 by SJWNana on diet Atkins, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
19 Apr 15 by Weezy2 on diet Atkins, losing 2.6 lb a week Down
19 Apr 15 by Patti No Cake on diet Atkins, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
19 Apr 15 by newnormal on diet Atkins, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
19 Apr 15 by bbosch30 on diet Atkins, losing 1.1 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
Good post...GREAT determination !!!! Keep on keeping on !!!
9 minutes ago
Oddly enough, exercising gives me the energy to exercise so much! My job is my health, so I do my best. I had a ...
18 minutes ago
What kind of puppy did you get? Hope things work out well with the DW and her situation.
19 minutes ago
thanks jillzee - like most of us, I've tried to diet 1000 times before. However this time I'm serious. @ 54 ...
25 minutes ago
Always good for a guaranteed smile. Thanks DK
about an hour ago
Thanks jmb
an hour ago
an hour ago
Keep on keeping on!
an hour ago
Have a great night!
by glen
2 hours ago
i love it when I can try on clothes I havent warn in forever. they feel like new again. Way to go!