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16 Apr 14 by foxymamachick on diet Atkins
16 Apr 14 by star71_ on diet Atkins, losing 5.6 lb a week Down
16 Apr 14 by dreamcatcher10 on diet Atkins
16 Apr 14 by Dreamsvt on diet Atkins
16 Apr 14 by Smilesong on diet Atkins, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
16 Apr 14 by Charades Ashanti on diet Atkins
16 Apr 14 by Kathy Chavez on diet Atkins, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
16 Apr 14 by 0nthemend on diet Atkins
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2 minutes ago
Way To Go!
9 minutes ago
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! That's just inspirational, Bill. WTG!
10 minutes ago
I just got this info last night, coincidentally...Green peas, Quinoa, nuts and nut butters, leafy greens, hemp ...
31 minutes ago
Your gain was ridiculously small - two pounds. I'm surprised you even mentioned it. Business as usual!
40 minutes ago My kids LOVE her recipe of Vegan Chicken Nuggets
about an hour ago
OK Kid. per our call today, I will speak to you EVERY Thursday at around 2 PM (I hope) to check in with you for ...
about an hour ago
Just to say never give up and just forget the gain and start afresh tomorrow. Never give up giving up is my motto ...
about an hour ago
LOL, I literally have the Photoshop pic where a high school friend/artist did me in that uniform! Weight loss and ...
about an hour ago
I have the same problem when I go out with family all the time. Some struggle with weight as much as I do, but ...
an hour ago
Good for you!! I hate when people do that... they don't realise how much harder they are making it!! It's already ...