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29 Jul 14 by diehard3 on diet Atkins, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
29 Jul 14 by cfmain2 on diet Atkins, gaining 1.6 lb a week Up
29 Jul 14 by BeautifulYno on diet Atkins, gaining 6.6 lb a week Up
28 Jul 14 by ddubia on diet Atkins
28 Jul 14 by johncaruso on diet Atkins
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a minute ago
Hi ChicaLean. No, never used frozen kale but I imagine that frozen kale or spniach would work great. Not sure it ...
a minute ago
Thanks, you too! I am doing weight training, so I'm hoping maybe it's just muscle weight cancelling out the lost ...
4 minutes ago
I like how you specified that the melons you were referring to were fruit. :)
6 minutes ago
I am in the same boat.. have not lost weight in almost two weeks. Been working out, sticking to my diet (mostly) ...
7 minutes ago
I love Snappea Crisps. Got to try the Wasabi Ranch flavor...yummy.
9 minutes ago
Your smoothie recipe always looks so good. I have to check some other stores for the unsweetened cocoa. Have you ...
13 minutes ago
Isn't it wonderful when you get an unexpected compliment :) It makes you know you are going in the right dire ...
17 minutes ago
Drag not everybody can say that oh I went to the Kennedy Center last night I think it cool.
18 minutes ago
Lessons learned. Those regarding our health are the toughest.
20 minutes ago
Ah, sorry to hear that. Breakups are always hard but maybe you two will work things out. If not then you'll find ...