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29 Jun 16 by tweetycat on diet Atkins, gaining 9.3 lb a week Up
29 Jun 16 by katmm on diet Atkins
28 Jun 16 by CorkyPeet on diet Atkins
28 Jun 16 by TheKarenS on diet Atkins, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
27 Jun 16 by csolorio on diet Atkins
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a minute ago
Thank you both for your suggestions. I'm hoping some cuddles with my puppy and my boyfriend will help me feel ...
2 minutes ago
HCB keeps looking younger in her pics :) I also believe our thoughts do affect our aging process besides eating ...
2 minutes ago
I've done everything. LCHF, IF, Carb-backloading, CICO, Zone... This would just be something else. Most people ...
2 minutes ago
BTW thanks for reminding me about Butter Bob - I'd only seen his original video in the past. I really enjoyed the ...
6 minutes ago
Great choices! I've got a vacation in 3 weeks, and staying on my plan is going to be a challenge. One of my best ...
6 minutes ago
Nice work!
7 minutes ago
Yep. Keep going. ☺
15 minutes ago
@ trackin64. I don't know this diet my buddy. Many idiots try to earn money selling idiot ideas (lol).
22 minutes ago
you can do it !
28 minutes ago
@Sugar Waffle - You're welcome! @Trackin64 - You are definitely on point with the power of the mind from a me ...