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24 Jul 14 by chefhelen on diet Atkins, gaining 0.9 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by karenromiaih2002 on diet Atkins, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
24 Jul 14 by amanda123 on diet Atkins, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by garsgran on diet Atkins, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by Snuffy325 on diet Atkins, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
24 Jul 14 by MarzLikeMan on diet Atkins, gaining 1.5 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by johncaruso on diet Atkins, gaining 2.9 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by bbosch30 on diet Atkins
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10 minutes ago
Congratulations on becoming a homeowner, that's great. Sounds like you've had lots going on, hoping it's smoother ...
11 minutes ago
Cool info. Have a great Friday!
14 minutes ago
Thanks. I'm fine with a lb or so a week, but I'm not going to give back the extras the Goddess of this granted ...
14 minutes ago
I have been weighing my food and going to Curve"s. My problem is I spend so much time on the go that it is hard ...
17 minutes ago
That is amazing! Huge congratulations!
17 minutes ago
Start now! Start with nice, healthy celebration for house, master's studies, remarrage, and all together - NEW, ...
20 minutes ago
Yeh congrats on the house, and finishing Bachelors, good luck with the masters and new weight loss regime.
35 minutes ago
Congrats on the house purchase! Have a great TGIF and weekend! :)
42 minutes ago
HAHA I was just telling my coworker that it's FREEZING outside! I love fall, so it's awesome, but I need a sw ...
about an hour ago
good job!