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31 Dec 13 by jcgrad on diet Jenny Craig
30 Nov 13 by mamistewart on diet Jenny Craig
24 Nov 13 by Eileen Keenan on diet Jenny Craig
31 Oct 13 by mlmscooter on diet Jenny Craig, losing 5.6 lb a week Down
08 Oct 13 by GrannyJ70 on diet Jenny Craig
05 Oct 13 by spiritualblond on diet Jenny Craig, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
20 Sep 13 by tcampos on diet Jenny Craig
18 Sep 13 by tcampos on diet Jenny Craig
17 Sep 13 by tcampos on diet Jenny Craig
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36 minutes ago
KP, The bow and picture is courtesy of my "playful" daughters....most times I'm just along for the ride. Thank ...
about an hour ago
The user name came from fatsecret asking me over and over and over again for a user name. All the ones I picked ...
about an hour ago
Great job Jana. When I know I am eating out I try to look at the menu online and chose and log what I am going ...
an hour ago
We took in the festivities, and the memorial today for our servicemen at Pearl Harbor. It was nice, and many s ...
an hour ago
Green=Great Job!
an hour ago
Please help, I am not familiar with the acronym "WOE". I probably should be able to figure it out, this 67 year ...
2 hours ago
Hospitals offer nutritional counseling and guidance sometimes at little or no cost. You might check them out. Take ...