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30 Nov 13 by mamistewart on diet Jenny Craig
24 Nov 13 by Eileen Keenan on diet Jenny Craig
31 Oct 13 by mlmscooter on diet Jenny Craig
08 Oct 13 by GrannyJ70 on diet Jenny Craig
05 Oct 13 by spiritualblond on diet Jenny Craig, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
20 Sep 13 by tcampos on diet Jenny Craig
18 Sep 13 by tcampos on diet Jenny Craig
17 Sep 13 by tcampos on diet Jenny Craig
16 Sep 13 by tcampos on diet Jenny Craig
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Recent Comments

7 minutes ago
Beautiful! Then and now!
8 minutes ago
Thanks guys, I've missed you. NM, I have to check out your journal for those laughs.
14 minutes ago
You're so close! You'll get there by next week for sure. My goal for the week is to be more mindful when I get ...
19 minutes ago
THANKS TO ALL oF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT..I have 11 comments and several "supports" that I HAVE NOT YET received ...
24 minutes ago
I AGREE that we don't have to do LONG painful workouts! :) and I agree with Sergio that we can't leave out the ...
26 minutes ago
I love the happy image of you running from ride to ride. :) Sounds like a great day. Way to go!
26 minutes ago
i think what you described seems like an allergy... YET, GREAT NEWS NOT GAINING!!! CHEERSSS
35 minutes ago
The app is C25K Free, it has ad's at the bottom of the screen rather than the buyer's version which doesn't have ...
36 minutes ago
Can anyone tell me where I go to log my weight? And how do I access the comment history? I'm having a bit of t ...
38 minutes ago
I am Christian but this reminds me...You get to you are meeting God He sneezes...What do you say?