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31 to 40 of 100
11 Feb 14 by MrsSki on diet Jenny Craig
01 Feb 14 by rosado41710 on diet Jenny Craig, steady weight Steady
22 Jan 14 by rosado41710 on diet Jenny Craig
31 Dec 13 by jackielove2418 on diet Jenny Craig, losing 2.4 lb a week Down
31 Dec 13 by jcgrad on diet Jenny Craig
30 Nov 13 by mamistewart on diet Jenny Craig
24 Nov 13 by Eileen Keenan on diet Jenny Craig
31 Oct 13 by mlmscooter on diet Jenny Craig
08 Oct 13 by GrannyJ70 on diet Jenny Craig
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36 minutes ago
Thanks, Chris!
45 minutes ago
I listen to a half hour podcast. I usually fall asleep in the first five minutes and wake up when it ends.
an hour ago
Thanks Deb,Im really looking forward to this challenge.I have been wanting these mini goals to be a habit for ...
2 hours ago
Bri293, thank you! I found it. :) Tania, I accepted, and thank you, as well. :)
3 hours ago
I don't know how much I gain but it always seems like a lot. But then I don't normally eat the way we do on Th ...
3 hours ago
Deb, you may find after that one sliver of pumpkin and maybe a sliver of another that's all the sweet you can ...
3 hours ago
i am so so so sorry about your back pain I really truly hope it goes away before thanks giving
4 hours ago
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Deb. I have no doubt that, even if you spurge just a little on that one day, you will ...
4 hours ago
Hi Deb :) I do think that moderation is key! I allow myself a treat each day. I also allow myself one blow meal ...
4 hours ago
Yes you can, and yes you will not say no to pies! lol What I mean is, try to at least do a bit more exercise than ...