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17 Feb 14 by MrsSki on diet Jenny Craig, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
11 Feb 14 by MrsSki on diet Jenny Craig
01 Feb 14 by rosado41710 on diet Jenny Craig, steady weight Steady
22 Jan 14 by rosado41710 on diet Jenny Craig
31 Dec 13 by jackielove2418 on diet Jenny Craig, losing 2.4 lb a week Down
31 Dec 13 by jcgrad on diet Jenny Craig
30 Nov 13 by mamistewart on diet Jenny Craig
24 Nov 13 by Eileen Keenan on diet Jenny Craig
31 Oct 13 by mlmscooter on diet Jenny Craig
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6 minutes ago
If anything, stimulants in coffee and tea actually help with weight loss. If you must have a sweetener, use a ...
9 minutes ago
Yes my kids are just 1 year and 7 months apart so I never lost the weight from the first round ;) it is so hard ...
10 minutes ago
Window, I just had one meal each day.
19 minutes ago
Jwill, that is EXACTLY the point. As a matter of fact, I have had a good talk with two clients today, and they ...
19 minutes ago
Looks like The Easter Bunny came to see Bill! LOL We had all the kids plus my daughter in law were here plus my ...
20 minutes ago
Wow, thank you~ glad to read things are moving along with Kayla and Copper. Yeah, holidays get a little crazy. ...
25 minutes ago
Oh my gosh!!!I love that lemon/mint/cucumber water!!!! I had forgotten all about it! i can't wait to make some!
25 minutes ago
Some people's bodies just don't work well with sweeteners. Try cutting just the coffee at first and keep drinking ...
33 minutes ago
I didn't lose any my first week either, but now I'm heading into week 3 and the weight is finally starting to come ...
37 minutes ago
Thanks for sharing your great energy Jenn! I am so happy for you!