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14 Jan 15 by Evonne Matthews on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
13 Jan 15 by abbadabba on diet Weight Watchers
13 Jan 15 by HAYLEYKINS on diet Weight Watchers
12 Jan 15 by wynelle chadwick on diet Weight Watchers, steady weight Steady
12 Jan 15 by tnjrivera on diet Weight Watchers, steady weight Steady
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3 minutes ago
You're just getting started. Once you get into the swing of healthy eating, etc. it will become a part of your ...
8 minutes ago
oh~hubs actually set up an account today...I was excited about it
10 minutes ago
Thank you all! :)
15 minutes ago
LOL - SHE does not have a full-time job and farm chores - let's see how Martha Stewart she looks with three kids ...
by HCB
28 minutes ago
Thank you gingin40, Kiwinana, Deb, Draglist, lettygaylor, and LittleRedFlatBack! Thank you to those who have ...
41 minutes ago
Losing68 on my feed "normal" days I'm doing low carb (20 or less) and shooting for 90 protein, 90 fat or close ...
an hour ago
it's too low dear.. U need atleast 1200kcal a day.. Eating very less is counter productive in the long run..
an hour ago
Way to go Kattay. I knew you'd be in One-derland quickly! Congrats.
an hour ago
Sugar smugglers, oh my!!! we better watch out!!!!
an hour ago
Vopli, IC is not going to open a fitness club, but she might open a sugar rehab. Hauling those bags could be p ...