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03 May 15 by 1girlwonder on diet Weight Watchers, steady weight Steady
02 May 15 by e-238 on diet Weight Watchers
02 May 15 by raacosby on diet Weight Watchers
02 May 15 by kasarasara on diet Weight Watchers, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
02 May 15 by susan51159 on diet Weight Watchers, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
01 May 15 by Bubbleyumm on diet Weight Watchers
01 May 15 by Bubbleyumm on diet Weight Watchers
01 May 15 by ncsbs on diet Weight Watchers
04 May 15 by StephWhiz on diet Weight Watchers
30 Apr 15 by Larlene on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
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15 minutes ago
All natural peanut butter, no sugar added is terrific for you!!! As always in moderation!
31 minutes ago
Thanks Glen. Trying so hard. I think I'm expecting too much, but I am staying calm. LOL. Last time I lost a ...
32 minutes ago
Cute cartoon! You have an nice holiday too!
33 minutes ago
Less tv. Take a walk. Even a little one will help. Now that you're only 2 pounds away we'll have to start nagging ...
an hour ago
Keep up the hard work! You've got great results to show for it.
an hour ago
wow no thank you for the option i will definitely look into it. I have never even heard of it huh and luckily i ...
an hour ago
I am so sorry about your loss. I know all too well how hard it is to lose a sister. Grieving is definitely a ...
an hour ago
Thanks everyone! Your encouraging words really help keep me on to all for a great weekend ~Debi
an hour ago
I don't know what diet philosophy you are following (low carb, low fat, low cal, etc), but you can usually find ...
an hour ago
Thank you for the support ;)