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19 Jan 15 by 1wannabe2 on diet Weight Watchers, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
17 Jan 15 by BORNFREED on diet Weight Watchers, losing 2.6 lb a week Down
16 Jan 15 by Barb Lane on diet Weight Watchers
16 Jan 15 by HAYLEYKINS on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
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6 minutes ago
May I ask a question without seeming like I am intruding? I see many people weighing themselves daily. I weigh ...
7 minutes ago
Thanks everyone, actually feel good today but hungry, haven't had much more than a few bites of my lunch and b ...
8 minutes ago
I wondered where you were lately...always welcome here!
by HCB
13 minutes ago
After shoveling and you still feel the need to lift. Wow. Sitting playing with a stink bug I found on the desk. ...
21 minutes ago
Buffy- when I'm looking to go shopping, I check the sale papers of about four different grocery stores, and try ...
34 minutes ago
Still if you did a workout (even at home) that is great
36 minutes ago
Your doing good, keep it up. Looks like you have lost about 6-7 lbs. over the last two weeks. That is very good. ...
about an hour ago
Every victory, no matter how small it seems, adds up to something amazing! Keep it up!
about an hour ago
Yes, Sarge, and give yourself a pat on the back or a salute OR BOTH for co-operating with God's plan...You already ...
about an hour ago
Love buying new bras -- just wish they weren't a billion dollars apiece!