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22 Jan 15 by jn-davis on diet Weight Watchers
21 Jan 15 by CebanRE on diet Weight Watchers, steady weight Steady
21 Jan 15 by Orion 775 on diet Weight Watchers
20 Jan 15 by LeaP on diet Weight Watchers, steady weight Steady
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12 minutes ago
I bought some clothes both last summer and this fall, I don't have many but enough for now. Everything was falling ...
38 minutes ago
Oh yeah. I got everything nasty in applesauce then frozen into pops. We called them booger pops which made then ...
an hour ago
My Husband quit via an e-cig. He was over a pack a day smoker who had tried everything in the past and always ...
an hour ago
oh OK that's one less thing to worry about ;)
an hour ago
Thanks that might be the little boost I needed.
an hour ago
You sound like such a brave person, I wish I had your strength and verve! Just think of your diet and detoxifi ...
an hour ago
Actually it's more than arthritis. I had surgery on my foot due to severe arthritic deformity and now likely have ...
an hour ago
I LOVE cooking for people. Since I've become vegetarian, I've had to learn to not take it personally if people ...
an hour ago
2 hours ago
We have tickets every year for the NASCAR race in Vegas. Also go to the Sonoma Race and have gone to one race at ...