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28 Nov 14 by queenmary56 on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
28 Nov 14 by Celinos on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
26 Nov 14 by Dobiepaws on diet Weight Watchers
26 Nov 14 by kimber477 on diet Weight Watchers, losing 4.1 lb a week Down
25 Nov 14 by luckylou on diet Weight Watchers
21 Nov 14 by amyd914 on diet Weight Watchers, losing 4.2 lb a week Down
20 Nov 14 by craig1964 on diet Weight Watchers
20 Nov 14 by benanny on diet Weight Watchers, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
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11 minutes ago
I love the quote. Hang in there as there will be a few signs to point you the way.
16 minutes ago
.5 pounds a week? Are they counting all the members who have registered? Many are no longer active. I know on ...
31 minutes ago
Failing and giving up are two very different things.It's ok to fail but most people give up because it's easier ...
35 minutes ago
Hey, my bar turned green - WHOOOP!
44 minutes ago
Yes, you're on a roll!
about an hour ago
Great idea on the extra weigh-ins. I'll do the same. As for controlling the insanity, I'm taking a lot of prec ...
an hour ago
Nice drop :-)
an hour ago
I was thinking just the other day that we've checked on each other once in a while, for quite a long while. It's ...
2 hours ago
That is an excellent idea!
2 hours ago
I also weighed in yesterday, forgot!