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10 Sep 14 by patsy2014 on diet Weight Watchers, losing 3.0 lb a week Down
10 Sep 14 by kimber477 on diet Weight Watchers, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
09 Sep 14 by Pats1law on diet Weight Watchers, losing 1.5 lb a week Down
09 Sep 14 by thequilteddove on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
09 Sep 14 by SFC on diet Weight Watchers
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Recent Comments

15 minutes ago
Lizz sez quit grousing. :-)
25 minutes ago
Way to go! You are doing great.
27 minutes ago
"Where's the beef." hahaha
39 minutes ago
Good luck with your 30 day challenge, you can do it! :-)
42 minutes ago
Thanks, Sweet2th. Yduj, I AM a believer. Only two days on track and I'm feeling better already. I was a believer ...
about an hour ago
Tweak on girl!
an hour ago
You can do it!!! Don't ever give up, and even if you have an off day, don't get discouraged! I have learned that ...
an hour ago
thank you all of you. I need to come out completely, as of today, I am starting the tip the windmill my way. ...
an hour ago
You're welcome, you know I do what I can lol. Here's to making it one whole consecutive week ;)