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31 to 40 of 100
09 Nov 14 by Smg14618 on diet Weight Watchers, steady weight Steady
07 Nov 14 by amyd914 on diet Weight Watchers
07 Nov 14 by jk125 on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 4.0 lb a week Up
06 Nov 14 by Pugcrazy on diet Weight Watchers
05 Nov 14 by pmanley on diet Weight Watchers, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
05 Nov 14 by Pugcrazy on diet Weight Watchers
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24 minutes ago
I'm really bad I drink wine or beer, I really don't like soda.
about an hour ago
Yikes! Well at least is wasn't an expensive mishap.
an hour ago
Yeah, what is a pignut? Here's to avoiding pigouts and pignuts on Thanksgiving! But there's gotta still be room ...
an hour ago
Awesome news! Congratulations on getting to WonderLand!! You made me think about one step at a time, thank you!
an hour ago
Hang in there Gigi; it's hard to stay focused this time of the year. With Thanksgiving, looming around the co ...
an hour ago
Thanks for the heads up!
2 hours ago
January 18 I think. It's that Sunday. You could fly down and join me.[smile]
2 hours ago
Also, losing a pound a week is healthy.
2 hours ago
Good job, you must be proud of yourself!
3 hours ago
that is super you have a partner that is supportative, mine was not. So just keep on KEEPING on and hopefully he ...