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23 Nov 16 by Bubbleyumm on diet Weight Watchers, losing 6.3 lb a week Down
23 Nov 16 by Jinny's 1500 calorie diet and fitness plan on diet Weight Watchers, losing 5.6 lb a week Down
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6 minutes ago
I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. Keep it up.
15 minutes ago
19 minutes ago
Looks great ! I had 1/2 of Wendy the Mediterranean Power Chicken Salad for lunch yesterday. I only used a little ...
22 minutes ago
Thanks LightAir 😊
23 minutes ago
LOVE the bow! You are truly a gift to many!
by Rckc
23 minutes ago
Way to go Tweetycat! I used to sit around all day on the weekends doing nothing now I can't it anything more than ...
23 minutes ago
Fantastic! As a sugar addict, I know how hard it is to not eat the sugar. I did stop cold turkey for a year, and ...
24 minutes ago
Thank you for your responses!!!! I will try and see a nutritionist next year once I am done paying off the medical ...
29 minutes ago
Why did our moms have to tell us about those starving children??? I, too, forbid car eating...I have had too many ...