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20 Oct 14 by vinueso on diet vinueso's own diet, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
20 Oct 14 by Claudinha25 on diet Claudinha25's own diet, gaining 2.3 lb a week Up
20 Oct 14 by JDowning89 on diet JDowning89's own diet, gaining 1.9 lb a week Up
20 Oct 14 by Drgmtown62 on diet Drgmtown62's own diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
20 Oct 14 by Crisx08 on diet Calorie Count, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
20 Oct 14 by Kplata on diet Kplata's own diet, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
19 Oct 14 by Adumbral on diet Adumbral's own diet, gaining 1.5 lb a week Up
20 Oct 14 by shaz7140 on diet Calorie Counting!
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a minute ago
ty...makes for a nice change from when I was with my ex. everything was made out to be a big ordeal...instead of ...
a minute ago
Glad your feeling better! Your glasses are still bent? That world make me dizzy for sure! I've been hearing a lot ...
6 minutes ago
Down with front butts!
9 minutes ago
WOW Amazing you are a beast running and a very beautiful woman just keep up what your doing and the world is yours
13 minutes ago
Fantastic you have gone below that awful 180
13 minutes ago
Nice, well done
14 minutes ago
Wow nice!!! Incredible transformation. You should be proud. And I can tell from the background where you raced ...
16 minutes ago
21 minutes ago
The same thing happens to me, I hate the dressing rooms , Bright lights, big mirrors, no good :/
21 minutes ago
Great job, congratulations!