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24 May 15 by tamaifamily8153 on diet tamaifamily8153's own diet, losing 2.9 lb a week Down
23 May 15 by dailywalker on diet dailywalker's own diet, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
23 May 15 by skwhite on diet skwhite's own diet, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
23 May 15 by Gaia____ on diet Gaia____'s own diet, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
23 May 15 by galecarla on diet galecarla's own diet, gaining 2.0 lb a week Up
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Recent Comments

6 minutes ago
Good Job Ann love you
6 minutes ago
Glad that things are good with you again.
8 minutes ago
That's how you do it, Scout! Tweak your foods until you eat what you like and you are satisfied. The good thing ...
10 minutes ago
A good night's rest ALWAYS helps us to stand stronger against the temptation to mindlessly eat...Fatigue always ...
23 minutes ago
Isn't it funny how things we used to think were so great, really aren't? I am thankful for that.
an hour ago
STT - anytime my friend. I could talk about BBQ all day long!
an hour ago
I am sorry! U will be in my prayers!~Ann
an hour ago
I've seen it, I just haven't looked at it. I'll have to do that next grocery day. Thanks for the tip..
an hour ago
Ann, thank you. Many emotions ran through me but so glad he was honored that way.
an hour ago
totally agree!