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01 Dec 15 by jimmyolsenblues on diet Slow Carb Diet , losing 0.3 lb a week Down
01 Dec 15 by Garrett_Walker on diet r/keto
01 Dec 15 by ceekaye on diet ceekaye's own diet
01 Dec 15 by Roienell on diet Roienell's own diet, steady weight Steady
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7 minutes ago
17,000 a day, lol! That's a lot of food.
15 minutes ago
Fruit is nature's candy. So, eat is just as often as you would candy. You can get the same vitamins and fiber ...
22 minutes ago
Hey Heidi, What are you doin' up at this Spanish hour?
44 minutes ago
I'll try it tomorrow morning
about an hour ago
That is a big loss in a month! Congrats to you. A cruise sounds wonderful! I went on one about 5 years ago and ...
an hour ago
Before you know it you'll be back to hitting those marks. :)
an hour ago
Hang in there - you can do this, it's just going to take some patience and some trial and error. Are you eating ...
an hour ago
Agreed, mahjohn. What has come to be known as 'cardio' will make you lose weight, but the body will be shedding ...
an hour ago
IMO, because of the abundance of holiday events and treats this can also be a great time to be even more focused ...