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23 May 15 by Jillzee00 on diet Jillzee00's own diet, losing 4.5 lb a week Down
23 May 15 by deaby16 on diet deaby16's own diet
23 May 15 by jdc654 on diet jdc654's own diet, gaining 0.9 lb a week Up
23 May 15 by c72563 on diet c72563's own diet, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
23 May 15 by bertoldiamanda on diet bertoldiamanda's own diet, gaining 3.4 lb a week Up
23 May 15 by celtic wonder on diet celtic wonder's own diet, losing 3.0 lb a week Down
23 May 15 by jimoshea on diet jimoshea's own diet, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
23 May 15 by Rlacau on diet Rlacau's own diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
do you happen to have the name of the app?
12 minutes ago
I hope so, I'm waiting impatiently for it to get here!
13 minutes ago
Or watch TV and move at the same time! Exercise, hula hoop, walk (I do on a mini trampoline or my gazelle if I'm ...
23 minutes ago
Looking good buddy .... Have a great weekend celebration!
by glen
39 minutes ago
Yes, it is hard. I would just explain that you want to be around for a long time and need to eat healthy and e ...
43 minutes ago
Enjoy your time with family!!!!!
an hour ago
I love your place mat/plate set!
by Rckc