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23 Sep 14 by apexeter on diet apexeter's own diet, losing 4.1 lb a week Down
22 Sep 14 by Cyrakitty on diet Cyrakitty's own diet, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
You have a lot on your plate (no pun intended) right now. I went through something similar with my husband this ...
21 minutes ago
Hey Tulip .... I am going through one of those periods when everything is crazy - even my weight swing but I won't ...
27 minutes ago
Thanks Northern!! I'm definitely checking in after I eat instead of assuming I'm good to go! Ya.. lesson learned ...
27 minutes ago
Try eating yogurt, that will increase your metabolism, all thoug it might make you feel hungry. Where is your ...
32 minutes ago
I once loaned a guy $20. I got along with him really well. From that day on, after a budding friendship of about ...
about an hour ago
Thanks! Just downloaded it.
an hour ago
Glad you had a great weekend. I've decided most families have some sort of drama some years.
an hour ago
Lol I'm all for shivering being a exercise
an hour ago
Hang in there! Gave in a couple times this week and it wasn't worth it. Been fighting the craves all week after ...
an hour ago
Awesome goals. Increase strength, no more smoking and a six pack?!