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01 Sep 14 by Tweezertj on diet Tweezertj's own diet, gaining 9.8 lb a week Up
01 Sep 14 by mrsmole on diet mrsmole's own diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
01 Sep 14 by tryingitagainmate on diet tryingitagainmate's own diet, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
01 Sep 14 by 1casinogal on diet 1casinogal's own diet, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
01 Sep 14 by classicmom64 on diet classicmom64's own diet, gaining 10.5 lb a week Up
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4 minutes ago
Thanks H -- I have to admit, I didn't do as well tonight in the sense that I ate a little more than I should have, ...
8 minutes ago
tomorrow IS another day. Welcome to September, DK. Well done on the run.
12 minutes ago
LOL to all. I may just give a presentation on this topic and explain it in a video. That's a great idea. I will ...
17 minutes ago
Jeri, I put the book Younger Next Year for Women on my wishlist. :)
22 minutes ago
No gym today, exhausted will do the gym after work tomorrow ... instantcrazy, funny, I used to have goats. They ...
24 minutes ago
Have you thought about buying a goat for your lawn?
26 minutes ago
people have been mean to me to in the past. you just need not to lesson to them i have tried going low carb diet ...
30 minutes ago
Thank you Patti No Cake. I am telling myself that and trying to put it in action. Thank you HCB. It has been ...
43 minutes ago
If you take a look at the book on Amazon, you should see one of the links selling the book with the journal to ...
about an hour ago
Good luck with the search.