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24 Sep 16 by PinkRose88 on diet Calorie Count
24 Sep 16 by Pegasus9 on diet Atkins, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
24 Sep 16 by bango1 on diet bango1's own diet
24 Sep 16 by Asmerella on diet Asmerella's own diet, steady weight Steady
24 Sep 16 by MisterLucas on diet MisterLucas's own diet, steady weight Steady
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13 minutes ago
Good progress. Glad your blood sugar is coming down. I am 51 too and keep saying too myself....why did I let my ...
23 minutes ago
Yes you are too young to be feeling so sick all the time. But sounds like things are turning around for you so ...
24 minutes ago
Otra cosa que me ayuda mucho con la ansiedad es el chicle, ese que viene en tableta bajo en azĂșcar. Cuando cocino ...
an hour ago
Thanks <3
an hour ago
I am determined
an hour ago
sorry that predisone is neccessary but it sure messes with your body/diet
an hour ago
Nice loss there!
2 hours ago
lostwaistline, I need to prepare meals ahead of time more often, Indeed it is quite the handy thing to do when ...
2 hours ago
Good attitude, good doctor. Wish you the best Warren. Have enjoyed your pics.
2 hours ago
Lol. Pure honesty. Great job!