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Looking for Buddies?
​Can you relate to any of the following :?: “I had no energy, slept most of the time, usually sick, always miserable & shut off from the world. It was time for me to snap out of it before I pushed ...
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Why you don't lose weight?
Don't know how I'd do this on a cell phone with no keyboard or specll check. And I'm not trying to use a second language to communicate. I have a dyslexic friend who's severely cha ...
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started by contactomotivacion.   
Do you feel that fiber has any importance in weight loss or maintenance?
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started by John10251.   
How do I edit
Where is the page that allows me to edit food items example 1/2 sandwich instead of a whole one?
1 reply, last reply by Doobrie, 12 hours ago.   75 views.
started by Dianeb1941.   
what to do!
it is 10 pm, and i am hungry! I do not want to eat
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started by rere1988.   
How im getting by
Eclipse chewing gum and sparkling water are the two things that have helped me the last three weeks average 1,500 cal day. I still don't see it as me being on a "diet" but these two items ...
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started by Joe800mw.   
Hello everyone I just started using a grain dairy product called Kefir. It is supposed to have amazing probiotic influences for the digestive system. Has anyone tried this for weight loss? Thank you, ...
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started by Twilson62, a day ago.   
First weigh in
Lost 3.2 pounds in my first wk! Pretty happy with myself :d
1 reply, last reply by Halo Kiwi, a day ago.   58 views.
started by Coseo.   
Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks
Haven't been able to stay on track with my diet at all. To much stress and far far to much stress eating. Anyone got any ideas for a low cal filling snack so that when I do reach it's not three ...
5 replies, last reply by makayla davis, a day ago.   279 views.
started by rotaxtwin.   
bullet proof coffee
finally made it. found recipe on google. made it in the blender. it was very rich and creamy almost like a latte with the froth on top. yummy almost had a stroke when I logged it and saw 43 for the fat! ...
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started by slemo58.   
bullet proof coffee
Well, a stroke is on tap... :)
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started by slemo58.   
Inputing only macros
I wanted to ask if there is a way to input only macros instead of finding all the individual ingredients. I'm on a box diet so my meals come with the macros and it's too much of a pain to input ...
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started by tomaskrejci84, a day ago.   
want to say goodbye to excess weight
hi, i'm new here. started counting calories 16th October. wish i can do it.. wanna get rid of my 5kg excess weight before December. then maybe if the results are good, another 3kg to get back to ...
1 reply, last reply by makayla davis, a day ago.   88 views.
started by akosiyns.   
Something is wrong with this site!
Has this site been hacked? I can't even sign out now because my sign out place is missing. What is going on?
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started by Hermiones Mom.   
Want loos 25Lbs
Hey all, I want to loose 25lbs in 20 days,my elder sister getting married in december,so i want to look good in traditional outfits.....pls... help me out..:( :( :(
3 replies, last reply by QueenofEngels, a day ago.   147 views.
started by Stutig.   
Excited about loosing this extra weight
Weighed in at 155.8 today and have 31 lbs to go. I am so happy I found this place. Everyone have a great morning!;)
2 replies, last reply by dcwalker, 2 days ago.   133 views.
started by DEDJLD.   
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Looking for Buddies?
My sister and I are on here if you would like to buddie up with us :) Mary Jones and Tammie Wilson
by Twilson62 on 21 Oct 16 02:54 PM
Why you don't lose weight?
Puhpine1 that's exactly why you should not eat less because it would increment your muscle loss rate... no one wants to lose muscle, because it is what keep us healthy. You have to eat a lot of good ...
by felipema on 21 Oct 16 01:16 PM
IMO fiber is very important for long term digestive/colon health. And it helps slow down conversion of carbs into glucose which results in less of a blood sugar spike.
by jmb3450 on 21 Oct 16 06:17 AM
How do I edit
If you've already added, for example, a sandwich in your food diary, you can click on it, go to bottom right of the page and change the "1" to 1/2 or 0.5 If you've searched for a food ...
by Doobrie on 21 Oct 16 03:09 AM
what to do!
Halo Kiwi wrote: go to bed Lol ......what I was going to say
by spacey48 on 21 Oct 16 02:24 AM
How im getting by
Yes, 0 calories for sparkling water vs 140 for a Coca Cola (my usual preference when drinking a soda).
by Joe800mw on 20 Oct 16 03:51 PM

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