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Challenges start and end times
Does anyone know if the start times for challenges is in a specific time zone? All my challenges seem to start and end at 10pm. By the time the challenge starts I've finished all my entries for day ...
4 replies, last reply by april761, 4 months ago.   747 views.
started by Fritzy 22.   
delete account
delete account
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 4 months ago.   437 views.
started by berfinbalk..   
read this
Back on the MDA bandwagon... well, sort of. I've always taken what works for me and left the rest. Not interested in telling other people what to do, and also not interested in anyone telling me what ...
no replies.   268 views.
started by good-Diet, 4 months ago.   
for everyone
I want those that are trying to get healthier, whether that be to lose weight or gain muscle or just stay healthy, there is no secret pill, secret smoothie, secret diet, and the list goes on, that will ...
no replies.   223 views.
started by good-Diet, 4 months ago.   
good day
It’s a long journey and it takes time, patience, dedication, hard work, sacrifices, goals, and so much more, but at the end of the day that time is going to pass regardless and in the end every single ...
no replies.   212 views.
started by good-Diet, 4 months ago.   
Bug in Nutrition Summary fat, protein, carbohydrate calculation
On the left, Nutrition Facts says: 0.4g Fat / 100g which is correct. In the centre, Nutrition Summary lists fat as 20x the real value, 8g / 100g. Protein and carbohydrate do the same thing. http://i. ...
no replies.   121 views.
started by scottmeup, 4 months ago.   
For those who like to move it (move it)
Hey all, We are very excited to announce that we now link with fitbit! Check out our blog post below and let us know what exercise trackers you want to see added next! :) :) :) :) http://blog.fats ...
4 replies, last reply by caz60, 4 months ago.   686 views.
started by FatSecret.   
Google Fit
Now that Fat Secret is compatible with Google Fit how do you sync the two? Is it done automatically in the background or do we have to do something manually?
31 replies, last reply by JerimyL, 4 months ago.   39,670 views.
started by maxpugsby.   
Connection/export data to Samsung Health?
Is there a possibility to connect to or export the data from fatsecret so samsung health? I noticed that samsung health uses the data from fatsecret. Unfortunately, the tracking-options are crap since ...
2 replies, last reply by Jimporter, 4 months ago.   1,166 views.
started by Steinbeisser.   
PS following requests ..
NM! I found it!
no replies.   259 views.
started by rhills, 5 months ago.   
Following Requests
I had a notice that said I received two requests to follow me, I accepted one, and now I can't find the other one! Any idea where it went to? Anyways . if you sent me a request and I failed to a ...
no replies.   182 views.
started by rhills, 5 months ago.   
Lookup food in international database
Hi, I've started using FatSecret just yesterday and I find it much better than MyFitnessPal. One big problem though is that I live in Denmark and the database of food is very limited. What I don& ...
3 replies, last reply by victorHHH, 5 months ago.   705 views.
started by simgunz.   
printing food log
i think we use to be able to print our food log in a printer-friendly fashion. now we can't. unless I'm mistaken.
5 replies, last reply by crstlgls, 5 months ago.   582 views.
started by NowIunderstand.   
Adding a food you ate the day before
Why can't I look on a previous day and click on a food to add to the current day? It is always greyed out.
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 5 months ago.   180 views.
started by jkmartinez2.   
Lost historical data
I changed my diet and then realized that it started my progress over, so I switched back. How do I sync my history with my diet? I've lost all the progress data on my phone, which is discouraging. ...
2 replies, last reply by ED BO, 5 months ago.   631 views.
started by snakeyjane.   
Lost historical data
I think I figured it out. I went to "change my diet" and retroactively dated when I started my diet. I just wanted to update in case other people have had a similar issue.
2 replies, last reply by ED BO, 5 months ago.   631 views.
started by snakeyjane.   
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Aftif olarak kullandığım başka bir hesbım var.
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Not in order
yes, you are right Fritzy.
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Is there some way to report/delete/block forum spam replies?
Hi Guys, I'm getting lots of spam replies to my forum posts. Is there any way to block/report/delete them? Thanks, Eric
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saved meals
Never too late to say thank you. Thank You!!
by yakiyak on 08 Dec 17 10:27 AM
notifications doesnt work anymore
Me too and I no longer have any "Quick picks" in the list when adding foods. A few other changes during the last maintenance period are also not for the better.
by steve_201 on 06 Dec 17 01:35 AM

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