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Garmin connect
How can I connect FatSecret with Garmin Connect?
no replies.   533 views.
started by itorre, 4 months ago.   
How an I change the calendar to start on Sunday?
no replies.   254 views.
started by toodyfroody, 4 months ago.   
How do I delete historical (2011) entries that are affecting my nice, new weight history?
I have just restarted using Fat Secret after a break of several years (due to ill health). My Fat Secret account was still valid, and presented me with the 10 or so days entries from 2011.. These hi ...
no replies.   235 views.
started by Lyn Soussi, 4 months ago.   
hesap silme
hesabımı kaldırmak istiyorum
no replies.   342 views.
started by bitter53, 4 months ago.   
Cant put in excersise
When trying to put in excersise it tells me to weigh in but after weighing in it still tells you to weigh in
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started by bjf.ford1, 4 months ago.   
how to share a meal
Hi I'd like to share a meal I've created, how do I do this? Can't seem to see any option to share. Cheers!
11 replies, last reply by omarsuleiman, 4 months ago.   7,601 views.
started by flimp.   
How do you delete foods in recently or most eaten categories
How do you delete foods in recently or most eaten categories. Foods that you no longer eat that would make it easier to find the foods you do eat?
no replies.   165 views.
started by Ralph heath, 4 months ago.   
hesabımın silinmesini istiyorum
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started by fitbaba, 5 months ago.   
List all foods?
Is there a way to list or export all foods in my database (with nutrition info)?
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started by walts, 5 months ago.   
Recipe Directions Not Displaying
Directions in the recipes are not displayed on the app on my iPad does anyone have a solution to this problem? I will admit that I just joined the site so I am still learning. I would like to know how ...
no replies.   459 views.
started by leah pruitt, 5 months ago.   
Kindle Fire HD?
Does anyone use this app on a Kindle Fire HD 8, seventh generation? It doesn't seem to install on this version, though I have used it on previous Fire versions. thanks
no replies.   306 views.
started by romain, 5 months ago.   
How to calculate exercise
I'm allowing myself 1200 calories per day. However today we had a Christmas party and I went over by about 200. For a total consumption of 1400. So I decided to exercise for 30min and my elliptical ...
1 reply, last reply by MacNova, 5 months ago.   559 views.
started by serenasin.   
How to calculate exercise
Check your BMI/BMR:
1 reply, last reply by MacNova, 5 months ago.   559 views.
started by serenasin.   
Hesabımı silmek istiyorum.
no replies.   203 views.
started by odilim, 5 months ago.   
editing foods
what's up with editing foods? I edited Del Real Foods Pork Tamales and now there are 3 NEW "generic Pork Tamales" entries that are the same (and useless) PLUS the Del Real Foods entry i ...
no replies.   357 views.
started by IScreamForIceScream, 5 months ago.   
Hesap silme
Başka bir fatsecret hesabım var.
1 reply, last reply by Aybike Çelik, 5 months ago.   1,694 views.
started by Ayşe_R.   
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Export food eaten/logged or a report like on the iphone app
The app and website might as well be two different platforms entirely they're so dissimilar. Unfortunately the website/desktop site lacks big time with respect to reporting. Can you not screenshot ...
by ieGod on 24 May 18 04:31 PM
note taking
I'm new to fatsecret. I couldn't find a specific recipe from cooking so I thought I'd add a note in the recipe section with the name of the item and the web address where I can ...
by jcfallert on 21 May 18 03:15 PM
IOS app linking to Health kit
I'll just add that I would love that too.
by Nidoqueen on 21 May 18 09:19 AM
net carbs versus full carbs on app
If you go to "my settings" scroll down to the bottom and you will see "food diary". You can choose up to six items that you want to show on your nutrition facts. Net carbs is one of ...
by new clothes 140 on 20 May 18 06:35 PM
Possible to keep only Journal private?
Ah perfect idea! Although now I'm getting used to the shared journal idea. This is the first time I went "un-private" and when I realized it opened up the journal I was a bit self cons ...
by Sparks1971 on 17 May 18 08:25 AM

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