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iOS app does not update after update in desktop browser app
Hi, when updating data (entering food) in desktop app, IOS app does not update. Also I cannot find any "Refresh" button or "Pull list down" operation as in IOS Mail. The only action ...
no replies.   279 views.
started by publicnameofmember, 5 months ago.   
App Not Working
For the last 2 hours the app hasn't been working properly. Can't enter anything in and constantly loading. Anyone else getting the same thing?
5 replies, last reply by FatSecret, 6 months ago.   446 views.
started by rufiooo.   
Deleting "Most Eaten" items
How can I delete items from the "Most Eaten" column?
1 reply, last reply by RndRob, 6 months ago.   339 views.
started by peggermo.   
Calendar start day
Is there a place in the settings to change the start day on the calendar? Having it start on Monday instead of Sunday is confusing as hell...
4 replies, last reply by HeyJude602, 6 months ago.   1,666 views.
started by lavudyar.   
change item input
how can I remove an item accidentally put in my meal thanks
1 reply, last reply by Lindart, 6 months ago.   272 views.
started by hugh johnson.   
syncing my fitbit blaze to my fat secret
How do I sync my fitbit Blaze to my fat secret? Just joined yesterday and having some difficulties. Thanks! Dana
no replies.   285 views.
started by danarahe, 6 months ago.   
How do you change the weight tracker as you lose weight?
1 reply, last reply by PShearing, 6 months ago.   575 views.
started by Mouai.   
Custom recipe problems
Maybe I'm missing something... The mobile app won't allow me to enter a custom, multi-serving recipe. The website won't show some of my custom foods (my preferred brands) to build a recipe ...
1 reply, last reply by Stringofpearls, 6 months ago.   957 views.
started by TRWulfgar.   
Home made meals
Most of my meals are homemade, but I can't add them to my food diary because I don't know all the values - I was hoping the system could do that for me. Is there a way to get the nutritional v ...
4 replies, last reply by Stringofpearls, 6 months ago.   959 views.
started by Melyngoch.   
Why I can't find an already existing item
Hi, I have a question concerning your system. When I search for the product Weet-Bix in your search system. I don't get a result. If I try to add a new product to the database, I can see that the ...
4 replies, last reply by Stringofpearls, 6 months ago.   1,142 views.
started by villegente.   
Inputting own recipes
I am doing the Keto Diet 60 day challenge, it started today. I'm new here so how do I I put my own recipes? Thanks, dalal
1 reply, last reply by Stringofpearls, 6 months ago.   388 views.
started by Dalal17.   
How can I put nutritionals into food diary.
I made a recipe of yocheese which turned out great &included nutritional info. How can I add this to the food diary using the nutrition given. Also, how can I use "quick pick"? It's ...
3 replies, last reply by BCLenny, 6 months ago.   1,287 views.
started by Jodieblon.   
How to figure average calorie percentanges
the data is great for averaging grams, but how to figure average calories of fat, protein and carbs? it probably is somewhere, but I can't find it:?: :
no replies.   312 views.
started by sdsenstan, 6 months ago.   
Change user name
How do you change your user name?
1 reply, last reply by Ingria, 6 months ago.   464 views.
started by Sesbws.   
Calculate remaining calories based on custom goal, not RDI
After setting up custom goals for each day of the week, I can't get the reporting to take those goals into account for the % of remaining calories. It just bases it on the RDI which I don't want ...
1 reply, last reply by LostSun, 6 months ago.   335 views.
started by crafty3000.   
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Back on the MDA bandwagon... well, sort of. I've always taken what works for me and left the rest. Not interested in telling other people what to do, and also not interested in anyone telling me what ...
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