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No Milch, so I'll have to drink milk instead?
Hi there, using my phone, I was able to add Milk ("Aldi Milch 1,5%") to my breakfast just fine this morning. However, trying to use the web app this afternoon to add my post-lunch coffee milk, ...
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started by jjoch, 5 months ago.   
I want to unsubscribe
Hello, I want to unsubscribe my account, because I don't use it, thank you. :d
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started by suri.vazquez9, 5 months ago.   
Why is my weight not be recorded?
I put my new weight in but I never saw the new weight. How many day or hours does it take to update?:?:
1 reply, last reply by trackin64, 6 months ago.   509 views.
started by sandeemartin.   
Calorie Breakdown on this site
Hey guys i have question. Does the Calorie Breakdown means your macro for one day, or for the whole time on your diet, because im on Keto diet, and it cant be if i ate a lot of protein things like eggs ...
2 replies, last reply by Rckc, 6 months ago.   642 views.
started by SDino.   
My Cookbook issues
Hello there - I have submitted several recipes that I eat frequently. They are all still listed as status pending. What gives? I didn't submit them for sharing. I just want to add them to my ...
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started by sarajanebear01, 6 months ago.   
Track back time of meals
Hi everyone! I am trying to do some analysis on my food consumption and need to see the statistics of my meals timing. Does anybody know if there is any possibility to track it at FatSecret? Thank ...
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started by Skrobik, 6 months ago.   
Meal Names
I typically eat 6 meals per day, is there anyway to set this up in Fatsecret??
4 replies, last reply by karateorangutang, 6 months ago.   890 views.
started by siobankiley.   
Set Daily Goals - no change in dashboard?
Hi everyone, I am trying to do a body recomposition, which calls for different calorie intake on lifting and non-lifting days. Basically, caloric surplus (+400) on training days and deficit on rest days ...
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started by Endure!, 7 months ago.   
Add old entries to Calendar
Hey, is there a way to add old entries to the calendar ?. I used another programm for a few months and now i want to add those old entries (back to February) to the diet-calendar but i can only add e ...
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started by Schoggiweggli, 7 months ago.   
food scale sync to Fatsecret app
Is there such a feature where a food scale sync to the Fatsecret app? I while ago I came across a scale promoting that it would sync the measurement to software that came with the scale. Hey Fatsecret ...
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started by J.F.Vega, 7 months ago.   
Tips for using Fat Secret
Hi Is there a how to crib sheet or anything? Im trying to figure different things out but dont seem to be able to find a help section for actually using this site. Thanks Zheeta
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started by zheetahitch, 7 months ago.   
Tips for using Fat Secret
scroll down to the bottom of any screen page and you'll see some tabs that could help you otherwise any particular questions you can just post the question
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started by zheetahitch, 7 months ago.   
Can you add a Meal to the Diet Plan
I am trying to eat six small meals a day. The food Diary only allows for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack –it would be really cool if I could add two more snacks—funny all my life I have wanted to ...
9 replies, last reply by LetsDoThis57, 7 months ago.   5,489 views.
started by Tony4499.   
how to share a meal
Hi I'd like to share a meal I've created, how do I do this? Can't seem to see any option to share. Cheers!
10 replies, last reply by krzysiekwie, 7 months ago.   6,278 views.
started by flimp.   
Google Fit sync
Anybody know how Google fit is supposed to connect to my fat secret? I've connected, but can't see exercise I add to the my fat secret app in Google fit, or the other way around.
3 replies, last reply by fversteegen, 7 months ago.   6,086 views.
started by Pb125.   
Calories under sleep/resting
If I don't touch anything to do with exercise then the calories day at zero but if I put even one minute then it shows that I've burned 3000 cal for sleeping and resting. I do not understand how ...
1 reply, last reply by pattychaney, 7 months ago.   2,505 views.
started by nyokaanne.   
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Creating A "Group" Food
Perfect. My thanks.
by goofyfish on 06 Dec 16 07:41 AM
Track Active Calories Burned from Apple Healthkit
I am trying to find a good calorie counter that will work with data from my Apple watch. Specifically, I am trying to have the calories burned from my watch automatically sync with FatSecret so that I ...
by scottdefusco on 06 Dec 16 06:46 AM
Fitbit <-> FatSecret, No one will lose!
I can only be who I am. I always tell people "be who you are". And to that, my way is less about so much of the cuddly wuddly stuff we see here on FS-wrought with all manner of enabling - ke ...
by Oliverismoi on 03 Dec 16 01:36 PM
how long until Google fit and fat secrets can successfully sync?
by joshuacreme on 01 Dec 16 11:54 AM
Email Address for Fatsecret
How do I change my email address used when I set up Fatsecret? I plan to drop my current email server & use gmail & will lose the the emails Fatsecret sends reminding me of how many pounds I have ...
by Fewevan on 26 Nov 16 08:49 AM

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