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Tech question Google login on iPhone app
I setup my account on android tablet first and then tried on my iPhone. It's not working. I used the login with Google red button to setup fat secret. iPhone app only says login. It doesn't give ...
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started by istick84, 4 months ago.   
How do I scan a barcode with my iphone 5, nothing happens?
How do I scan the barcode with an iphone5? I push the scan icon but the red line just focuses and does nothing else? this is why I downloaded this app. for the barcode feature!
3 replies, last reply by evanpan, 4 months ago.   2,892 views.
started by Trudileigh.   
User added item - Add UPC/Barcode?
I purchase quite a few store brand items which have nutritional data on them but do not have their UPC/Barcode in the FatSecret App for Android Database. I know I can custom enter the item (and do quite ...
16 replies, last reply by evanpan, 4 months ago.   11,492 views.
started by Cnenzel.   
I entered 1118 as my weight goal instead of 118. This the tables are now telling me to gain over a thousand pounds. I cannot figure out how to remove the little extra 1 from the original profile for ...
1 reply, last reply by babydeeruh, 4 months ago.   1,141 views.
started by loveandmusic.   
Barcode Scanner not working with my Motorola Photon 4G LTE
I had no problems with this app for the last couple years until I recently replaced my phone. When I try and use the barcode scanner the red line comes across the screen and flashes almost as if its ...
7 replies, last reply by evanpan, 4 months ago.   6,241 views.
started by begeman.   
How do I change the font and type color on my journal ?
When I hi lite the font size and select a color nothing happens. As you can see this font size is unacceptable. Is there spell check on the journal ? Help, help. Profound thanks.
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started by Juju 2, 4 months ago.   
How do I add a recipe or a saved meal?
Well, I'm a little frustrated now... :? Tried to add a recipe to my cook book and I'm finding it's not so user friendly. Wanted the recipe added for a low carb pizza crust. Then wanted to ...
2 replies, last reply by Claire Barnich, 4 months ago.   2,800 views.
started by Drammaw.   
Phone app update
Does any one know how to undo an update to android phone update. New update made it much harder and move involved to add food to meal list. It worked much smoother before update. New And Improved IT A ...
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started by BDBJ, 4 months ago.   
Weight Tracker
I started my diet on Nov. 21 with a weigh in. I've lost some weight and recorded it, but the app and my home page don't show an amount for "lost so far". I tried to reset the weight ...
1 reply, last reply by tiffanyware, 4 months ago.   660 views.
started by Roseterrace65619.   
How do I sync my computer with the app on my iPhone
Hi everybody. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and the information I add to my computer does not show up on my phone. I have unsuccessfully looked for a sync option. Does anyone know if this is po ...
4 replies, last reply by John87Smith, 4 months ago.   2,027 views.
started by lavon76.   
Forced Zero Value for Unknown Nutritional Content is Dangerous!
I need to plan food for a dialysis patient. Over and over I see "0" posted as the value for minerals that simply were not specified on the package ingredients. Example - Celebrity Healthy Ham ...
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started by SpamelaSpam, 4 months ago.   
Hesabımı silmek istiyorum
Hesabımı silmek istiyorum çünkü faydalı bulmadım kendim için
1 reply, last reply by Tlyy, 4 months ago.   810 views.
started by Tlyy.   
Google Authentication on Android App
Hello, I started an account by signing in using Google Authentication. When I installed the Android app, it's asking me for a user name and password. There is no option sign in using google authen ...
1 reply, last reply by momolomo, 4 months ago.   1,059 views.
started by levihinze.   
Weight loss ticker
Can anyone help me with the weight loss ticker? Mine has not moved or changed for months. I don't know how to adjust it.
2 replies, last reply by FatGirlJenny, 4 months ago.   800 views.
started by misskathie.   
Nutrition Facts for my entire day?
I've input my breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for the day. It shows my total fat, total carbs, and total protein. Does it show anything more detailed? I would like to know the following information: ...
2 replies, last reply by Non1953, 5 months ago.   549 views.
started by redglare715.   
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Hesap silme
What does that translate to? Lityf's
by Itsmefromnewyork on 30 Apr 16 07:58 PM
Deleting a thread from notifications
Thanks Oliver. While there's a lot of interesting info there, it's much more than I can/want to absorb on a regular basis. Since it was in notifications, I was seeing more responses to that ...
by Vickie 5966 on 28 Apr 16 03:26 PM
what do the different colored graph lines mean where your weight is posted? I started with red and now its yellow
by jo730 on 25 Apr 16 08:52 AM
Google App HELP
I have the same problem. I have been using the Diebetes M App on my smartphone but I want to sync with the newly downloaded desktop Fatsecret version. My mobile is logged in with Facebook details, my ...
by Lua-Azul on 22 Apr 16 08:46 AM
by dsal1871 on 21 Apr 16 01:50 PM

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