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Log in with Facebook on Mobile App
I signed up for fatsecret thorugh my facebook and the fatsecret app doesn't have this option. I don't know how to log in. My username is hbozell but I've typed in my facebook password and it ...
5 replies, last reply by WScottRogers, 3 months ago.   2,152 views.
started by hbozell.   
Ticker Tag
:shock: I just realized that my ticker is behind 5 lbs in its display of my current weight! :shock: Can anyone tell me why & how I can fix it?! For some reason my weigh ins & posts on my chal ...
13 replies, last reply by Draglist, 3 months ago.   2,200 views.
started by myawethinTICself.   
How do I change my height?
I need to change my height but I don't know how or where can I find the option ... Thanks!
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 3 months ago.   438 views.
started by GabiRosmari.   
How to change the locale of the 'food search'
Using the android app I was able to change the locale of my profile to my country, and then I could find local foods. For some reason I could not find it on the site itself. (I have filled in the correct ...
no replies.   348 views.
started by Soyweiser, 3 months ago.   
Changing meal names in the diary
Is there any way to readjust the meal names in the diary? The default breakfast/lunch/dinner split doesn't suit my eating pattern, and while it's not a huge deal, I would like to be able to ...
2 replies, last reply by Hishtagat, 3 months ago.   1,198 views.
started by Hishtagat.   
How do I remove an item from my food diary?
I clicked twice on an item and can not figure out how to remove the duplicate entry. Please help!!! If I don't remove the duplicates I do not get an accurate daily total for my carbs, etc.
5 replies, last reply by crabbyCDN, 3 months ago.   6,087 views.
started by Lida Rose.   
Adding a new item
Hi how do I create a new item that is not on the list, I went into add new, but I was unable to add it.
2 replies, last reply by oneday123, 4 months ago.   632 views.
started by oneday123.   
How is it possible for someone's RDI to be 3,200 calories and for them to lose weight?
6 replies, last reply by Big Boy Optimus, 4 months ago.   665 views.
started by oneday123.   
Android App macros in percentage?
In the android app, is there any way to see the macros in percentage instead of grams? Thanks
no replies.   205 views.
started by Fatsumo, 4 months ago.   
HOW to change USER Name
Can anyone tell me how to change my user name? You know, the name you see when i post something? I have tried settings, bio, profile, etc...but cant seem to find it. Thanks!
2 replies, last reply by Nicole Strong Barrett, 4 months ago.   697 views.
started by Nicole Strong Barrett.   
Occasional problem on Food Diary
Sometimes, my Daily Food Diary becomes heavily darkened, or shaded, and no longer shows the column headers with the totals for each meal. What have I done that causes this to happen? And, can these shaded ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 4 months ago.   460 views.
started by 2ward160.   
adding historical weigh in dates doesn't work
After having missed entering in my weight in FatSecret for a while (but noting it in real life elsewhere), I came back to the site to add historical weights. The problem I seem to have stems from the ...
4 replies, last reply by Glaun, 4 months ago.   2,100 views.
started by rufowler.   
Adding Photo to Food Description
Just added a new food to the database and clicked the option to add a photo, which brought me to a different screen. On the new screen I clicked the option (again) to "add photo +". Doing so ...
13 replies, last reply by JKJ1961, 4 months ago.   3,589 views.
started by kitty-eared-girl.   
Problems with Restarting Diet on my Weight History
Hey all, I've recently come back to the site and wanted to enter my historical weight entries. It doesn't let you enter them for too many months in the past but that's fine. My real problem ...
no replies.   383 views.
started by WhatKatieDid, 4 months ago.   
Can i change language on the websiete to swedish ?
2 replies, last reply by Glaun, 4 months ago.   3,788 views.
started by LASSE66.   
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There is a snack area but other than the 3 meals and snacks no you cannot add
by wholefoodnut on 25 Nov 15 11:56 AM
Macro #'s
Hi Everyone, I have a question are we able to change the Macro #'s or is it just the Calories daily intake that can be changed. Thank you for all your help.
by Natty40 on 24 Nov 15 11:36 AM
Setting Custom Macro goals?
Looking to get the same question answered
by vadimperetokin on 21 Nov 15 11:10 PM
Change Language
FarSecret wrote: Hi there, Unfortunately there is no way to change the language through the app. The app will be set to the same as your device is. FatSecret This is utter BS from a software developer ...
by mihai83 on 21 Nov 15 06:17 AM
Google Fit
I hope they fix it soon because they are listed as compatible with the new Google Fit update on the Official Android blog. It still isn't working for me. The second it is working I am transferring ...
by jadenq on 19 Nov 15 06:41 PM

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