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Number of meals per day setting
Is there anyway to adjust the number of meals per day in your food tracking diary ? I try to eat 5-6 meals, but it only allows me to enter 4 (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack). I wish there was a way ...
2 replies, last reply by Peloux , 4 months ago.   1,583 views.
started by Shaggyb.   
Can't change my Settings. Keeps saying Password confirmation required.
When I try to change my birth date or what items I would like to track, I.E. fiber, a pop up come up saying Password confirmation required, but there's no field to type my password. Click OK just ...
2 replies, last reply by sharden101, 4 months ago.   1,131 views.
started by Mikefitz4113.   
Export Data
How can I export my data (food and exercise)? I was able to last November but can't seem to find the functionality now.. seems the 'print' icon is missing from the Food Diary page.. Why?
no replies.   486 views.
started by TheStropp, 4 months ago.   
Accuracy of Total Calories?
Hi - I have noticed a serious problem with how FatSecret calculates total calories when you add you add up the macros. When you calculate the calories per macro group using the formula that 1g fat = 9 ...
2 replies, last reply by Ingria, 4 months ago.   870 views.
started by gsc4.   
Copy a full day's food
I am following a plan where I eat (almost) the same foods every day. Is it possible to copy an entire day's food to another day? (I can do it a meal at a time, but I'm lazy)
2 replies, last reply by WesleyBruines, 4 months ago.   1,421 views.
started by KathyJM.   
What does net- xxxx Kcal mean?
Hi everyone. Can someone explain to me what the kcal and the Net xxx kcal thing means on the exercise tab
5 replies, last reply by micki13, 4 months ago.   2,219 views.
started by ashlieneevel.   
How to change the locale of the 'food search'
Using the android app I was able to change the locale of my profile to my country, and then I could find local foods. For some reason I could not find it on the site itself. (I have filled in the correct ...
1 reply, last reply by Soyweiser, 4 months ago.   922 views.
started by Soyweiser.   
add foods
How do you add a food that you have figured out the calories and is not on the list:?:
2 replies, last reply by pattychaney, 4 months ago.   937 views.
started by pittsburgh pirates.   
Tech question Google login on iPhone app
I setup my account on android tablet first and then tried on my iPhone. It's not working. I used the login with Google red button to setup fat secret. iPhone app only says login. It doesn't give ...
no replies.   1,611 views.
started by istick84, 5 months ago.   
How do I scan a barcode with my iphone 5, nothing happens?
How do I scan the barcode with an iphone5? I push the scan icon but the red line just focuses and does nothing else? this is why I downloaded this app. for the barcode feature!
3 replies, last reply by evanpan, 5 months ago.   2,951 views.
started by Trudileigh.   
User added item - Add UPC/Barcode?
I purchase quite a few store brand items which have nutritional data on them but do not have their UPC/Barcode in the FatSecret App for Android Database. I know I can custom enter the item (and do quite ...
16 replies, last reply by evanpan, 5 months ago.   11,648 views.
started by Cnenzel.   
I entered 1118 as my weight goal instead of 118. This the tables are now telling me to gain over a thousand pounds. I cannot figure out how to remove the little extra 1 from the original profile for ...
1 reply, last reply by babydeeruh, 5 months ago.   1,155 views.
started by loveandmusic.   
Barcode Scanner not working with my Motorola Photon 4G LTE
I had no problems with this app for the last couple years until I recently replaced my phone. When I try and use the barcode scanner the red line comes across the screen and flashes almost as if its ...
7 replies, last reply by evanpan, 5 months ago.   6,297 views.
started by begeman.   
How do I change the font and type color on my journal ?
When I hi lite the font size and select a color nothing happens. As you can see this font size is unacceptable. Is there spell check on the journal ? Help, help. Profound thanks.
no replies.   820 views.
started by Juju 2, 5 months ago.   
How do I add a recipe or a saved meal?
Well, I'm a little frustrated now... :? Tried to add a recipe to my cook book and I'm finding it's not so user friendly. Wanted the recipe added for a low carb pizza crust. Then wanted to ...
2 replies, last reply by Claire Barnich, 5 months ago.   2,906 views.
started by Drammaw.   
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Add old entries to Calendar
Hey, is there a way to add old entries to the calendar ?. I used another programm for a few months and now i want to add those old entries (back to February) to the diet-calendar but i can only add e ...
by Schoggiweggli on 21 May 16 06:53 PM
food scale sync to Fatsecret app
Is there such a feature where a food scale sync to the Fatsecret app? I while ago I came across a scale promoting that it would sync the measurement to software that came with the scale. Hey Fatsecret ...
by J.F.Vega on 19 May 16 05:21 PM
Tips for using Fat Secret
Hi Is there a how to crib sheet or anything? Im trying to figure different things out but dont seem to be able to find a help section for actually using this site. Thanks Zheeta
by zheetahitch on 19 May 16 11:42 AM
Should data be syncing ipad to iphone to web?
Hey Everyone, I'm new to fatsecret, so far really impressed. However I noticed by food intake is not syncing between my ipad, iphone or on the web. Is data added on either of these platforms supposed ...
by matthewmcneely on 17 May 16 01:42 PM
Can you add a Meal to the Diet Plan
Yes! sparraz wrote: in MyFitnessPal (free or paid) * Go to settings * in Food and Exercise Diary Settings, at the top you will see where you can select what nutrients are tracked * under that you will ...
by LetsDoThis57 on 16 May 16 04:12 PM

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