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changing goal weight in the app?
I've changed my goal weight on the website but it won't change in the app. I've tried syncing the app to the website, but it hasn't changed on the app Anyone know what to do? I'd ...
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started by Vincent_h, 3 months ago.   
weight displayed
the only disappointment; I have with this site is that our weight is displayed. Is their a way to hide it from others who see our profile?
5 replies, last reply by foreverhealthy3, 3 months ago.   363 views.
started by foreverhealthy3.   
anyone know if/how you can reset your calendar to start new??
3 replies, last reply by ockyy, 3 months ago.   295 views.
started by eakyann13.   
Net Carbs Calculation
I was always led to believe that on UK nutritional data labels, Fibre is not included in the amount of Total Carbohydrates and that they are stated separately (as opposed to the USA where they form part ...
2 replies, last reply by rosiesweetbriar, 3 months ago.   442 views.
started by gpharand.   
changing goals
I've finally reached my goal, even a few pounds less! YAY for me, I know, but I can't figure out how to change my goal on FatSecret from losing to maintaining. I know I will need help maintaining ...
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 4 months ago.   257 views.
started by Ritapapita.   
Adding Photos
I added a soup starter base to the database, but it would not let me add a photo from my computer. In fact, the photo page wouldn't respond at all, just kept refreshing without allowing me to put ...
2 replies, last reply by HtownMedicineWoman, 4 months ago.   333 views.
started by HtownMedicineWoman.   
How to add my own meal
Hi Basically I find the food breakdown of roti to be wrong . How do I add my own TYPE roti to my diet. I have calculated the ingredients. I get 6.77g fat per my style roti where as the fatsecret roti ...
1 reply, last reply by Lallatwittle, 4 months ago.   220 views.
started by thewoolf.   
Opening FatSecret
When my wife opens her FatSecret it opens on her starting date. When I open my FatSecret, it opens on the current date. How can we get hers to open on the current date as well?
1 reply, last reply by Planet3, 4 months ago.   320 views.
started by berdman4865.   
Opening FatSecret
Mine opens on the start date too. Any suggestions anyone on how to get it to open on current date? Update: this seems to work at least updating to to today: I changed target weight, signed out and back ...
1 reply, last reply by Planet3, 4 months ago.   320 views.
started by berdman4865.   
fat secret app
I downloaded the fatsecret app for my phone and I'm not sure I know how to properly use it yet. I like how I can scan the barcodes of foods in the grocery store and I can attach that food to my food ...
2 replies, last reply by Glaun, 4 months ago.   276 views.
started by Khawk67.   
Recipes on website vs recipes on app
Hi, I apologise if the answer is already posted but i can't find it. I have been looking for some new low calorie recipes and there are are a few on the Android App i would like to try however i ...
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started by Alittleinlove, 4 months ago.   
barcode scanner giving me the wrong items
The barcode scanner is scanning but listing the wrong food for the last 2 days. What is the problem and how do I fix it?
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started by lghkiwi, 4 months ago.   
Cookbook question
I can't get to my cookbook recipes, except for one. All the rest are "pending". What do I do to make them useable?
2 replies, last reply by Lindart1, 4 months ago.   313 views.
started by Lindart1.   
Is my journal not private?
Hello all, I am new on this site and not quite sure how it works. I assumed that my journal was private, but now I am having doubts! Can someone let me know whether one's journal entries can be seen ...
2 replies, last reply by Emmefe, 4 months ago.   221 views.
started by Emmefe.   
Android - can't copy from yesterday.
Where is the "copy yesterday" functionality on my android app?
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started by berdman4865, 4 months ago.   
Barcode scanner Android
I am using Samsung Galaxy tablet. Android version 2.2.1. The barcode scanner doesn't work for this app. Anyone got a fix?
3 replies, last reply by arronlee, 4 months ago.   2,632 views.
started by romain.   
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How to change from kg to lbs in weight tracking?
You can find this in Mt Profile.
by nb girl on 17 Sep 14 12:33 AM
Fitbit has an open API
I have used fitmess successfully for a month or more. Works great.
by Draglist on 15 Sep 14 02:15 PM
Coloured lines on weight stats
They change colors the closer to your goal. Blue is basically at goal.
by wholefoodnut on 15 Sep 14 07:55 AM
Adding Photo to Food Description
I've also tried to add a photo to foods I've added in Firefox and IE browsers. The option just doesn't work.
by Marsamver on 11 Sep 14 05:48 AM
Why is there no work, calculation in the activity/exercise section ?
Remember that you body becomes very efficient in using calories for things we do everyday so you are not burning as many calories as you think.
by QuilterInVA on 10 Sep 14 02:53 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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