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Calories under sleep/resting
If I don't touch anything to do with exercise then the calories day at zero but if I put even one minute then it shows that I've burned 3000 cal for sleeping and resting. I do not understand how ...
1 reply, last reply by pattychaney, 5 months ago.   2,489 views.
started by nyokaanne.   
Deleting a thread from notifications
Thanks Oliver. While there's a lot of interesting info there, it's much more than I can/want to absorb on a regular basis. Since it was in notifications, I was seeing more responses to that ...
no replies.   1,949 views.
started by Vickie 5966, 6 months ago.   
Deleting a thread from notifications
Great, I'm glad it worked out!
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started by Vickie 5966, 6 months ago.   
what do the different colored graph lines mean where your weight is posted? I started with red and now its yellow
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started by jo730, 6 months ago.   
Google App HELP
My App From Google Play is working on my phone but it will not let me login with my email and password. Says "email is already in use." I've tried adding my phone # to my account but there ...
1 reply, last reply by Lua-Azul, 6 months ago.   1,321 views.
started by Reneehart.   
no replies.   1,313 views.
started by dsal1871, 6 months ago.   
There are a few really annoying things on this site but this one in particular takes the cake! I was excited, found Wildbrine Sauerkraut, then went to add again a couple days later, gone! did a search, ...
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started by KetoNate, 6 months ago.   
Pie Chart on Food Diary Page
Hi Everyone, I have been using the site for a few weeks now and I'm finding it very helpful. I have an issue with the pie chart on the bottom of the food diary page, it is inaccurate and doesn't ...
5 replies, last reply by Phooka, 6 months ago.   1,716 views.
started by jpk222.   
Sync Garmin Vivofit
Just switched from FitBit to Garmin VivoFit. Anyone have any instructions/tips on how to sync Garmin with my FS exercise, please? Thanks!
no replies.   478 views.
started by Moxie Perez, 6 months ago.   
How to edit wrong weight and exercise entries of past days
Can't find how to edit past day entries (weight and exercise type from my IPhone or IPad..
5 replies, last reply by iTeamy, 6 months ago.   8,698 views.
started by Ptmark.   
Amend or delete incorrect weight entry
Is it possible to amend or delete and incorrect weight entry?
no replies.   346 views.
started by iTeamy, 6 months ago.   
Sync Phone App w/computer version
I downloaded the mobile app to my Windows phone. Good. Then I signed up on the online version and chose my user name OKinChicago. I guess I never created a username on the mobile app so when I did, it ...
no replies.   362 views.
started by OKinChicago, 6 months ago.   
How can I add a weight loss ticker to my signature?
I've tried to add one but I can't get past it telling I can't because I have only Buddies seeing details. So I have tried several times to change the setting to Everyone, but when I try to ...
no replies.   457 views.
started by GarlandGirl, 6 months ago.   
Posting problems
I'm having trouble adding pics to my posts. I've seen others do it, but when I tap on the little pic icon that should let me add pics it only types up a code to the comment section. 👎
4 replies, last reply by skrittter, 6 months ago.   794 views.
started by Christinemeowk.   
My starting weight is wrong
The day I started FS I entered my correct weight. I've weighed myself twice since and entered my weight loss twice. But my profile weight keeps showing my start and current weight as the same with ...
2 replies, last reply by kittykat48, 6 months ago.   622 views.
started by kittykat48.   
Printing Recipes
Is there any reason you CAN NOT print a recipe in the recipe view?:? My current workaround is to copy & paste into Word or Google Docs. It seems to be a feature that most uses would use and I can ...
no replies.   278 views.
started by briana2010, 6 months ago.   
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Weight Not Updating??
I believe that the signature bar shows you the weight that you are when you write the item - ie if you view something written a month ago, it would show the weight the writer was at a month ago, not their ...
by ARB0001 on 26 Oct 16 04:50 PM
Inputing only macros
Unfortunately at this time when you create a new food you must enter in the required nutritional information. We will however take your comments into consideration for future updates. All the best, The ...
by FatSecret on 24 Oct 16 06:35 PM
How do I adjust my macro goals/ RDI goals
In the app, go to the sidebar and hit reports. In the top right there is a target with an arrow and if you click on that you can adjust goals. You can even have different goals for different days of the ...
by LostSun on 24 Oct 16 09:35 AM
Writing in big box, I am writing in Greek can you tell me how to fix this issue? Thanks
It shows as english to me
by Halo Kiwi on 23 Oct 16 08:57 PM
Something is wrong with this site!
Now mine is normal again.
by Hermiones Mom on 19 Oct 16 11:55 PM

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