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Progress update failure
Is it just me or is anyone else also experiencing problems in recording their challenge progress?
3 replies, last reply by fmz93, 5 months ago.   2,026 views.
started by fmz93.   
Edit a Recipe
Today is my first day and I entered a recipe and would like to edit it but I don't see how. Any help???
6 replies, last reply by acsez, 5 months ago.   1,484 views.
started by acsez.   
Does fatsecret sync with google fit?
Does anyone know if this can be done? Or with Basis Peak? Thanks, Rob
6 replies, last reply by mike.mtb, 5 months ago.   5,885 views.
started by edgerkem.   
Bar codes
The site says that the Calorie Counter app has an ability to scan barcodes. What about the products that are NOT listed in the data base, and I have sat here and manually keyed in all of the data? Is ...
22 replies, last reply by cookto1, 5 months ago.   13,797 views.
started by melsreturn.   
Unable to edit nutritional values
Many items in the database are wildly incorrect. We MUST be able to edit these. Its completely absurd that this simple feature seems to be missing. Please explain.
2 replies, last reply by pattychaney, 5 months ago.   630 views.
started by chamelious.   
Microsoft Band (Original & 2)
All about Microsoft Band integration, both the 'Original' and '2' models.
3 replies, last reply by byronwp, 6 months ago.   2,458 views.
started by byronwp.   
Printing Food Records
Printing Food Records Step-by-Step This works if you are on a desk top or lap top with Windows.It works differently on the iPad app. Good luck! 1. Go to My Fat Secret at the top of the page 2. Click ...
no replies.   1,103 views.
started by GayeQuin, 6 months ago.   
Printing food record
Please help - I need to print foods each day for the month of January. Would love some help with that.
1 reply, last reply by GayeQuin, 6 months ago.   1,090 views.
started by Jean7653.   
how to save a meal in Saved Meals
I tried everything and i can't seem to save a meal. I can enter all the options. Seems to work. Tried saving a meal. Tried creating and saving a new meal in the save meal area. But when i go ...
no replies.   1,643 views.
started by Kathleen686, 6 months ago.   
How do I turn my picture
I was able to load the picture no problem but I cannot figure out how to turn the picture so it is in the right direction. Thank you.
1 reply, last reply by Halo Kiwi, 6 months ago.   4,378 views.
started by Biking1.   
adding photo to message
I am trying to add a photo from my flickr page onto a message. How do I do this? your help much appreciated.
no replies.   1,513 views.
started by Attila the Bum, 6 months ago.   
Delete a Group
I created a group for my extended family. They have all left fatsecret. I want to delete the group. I could not find a way to delete. I tried to leave the group but it won;t let me as I am the admin. ...
3 replies, last reply by Penlan, 6 months ago.   1,689 views.
started by mattstoc.   
RDI. how do I change my RDI?
Can anyone tell me how do I change my own RDI on my page. :?: thanks
4 replies, last reply by ChicaLean, 6 months ago.   1,722 views.
started by Lily100.   
Getting the sleep/rest value to register (If I don't do any 'real' exercise)
If I go a whole day and not do any exercise, FatSecret counts it as 24 hours of rest/sleep. However, if I don't add any item to the exercise section, it doesn't actually count the rest/sleep in ...
2 replies, last reply by John87Smith, 6 months ago.   2,632 views.
started by sagittaron.   
edit details
Hello, sent email but not sure how long before someone can help at the office there? Joined today, set details then realised I was a inch shorter than I thought so tried to go back in and reset.It was ...
2 replies, last reply by alr1957, 6 months ago.   2,309 views.
started by cantfindme.   
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Struggling in food calendar to move from July to August. Works fine on the app but can't seem to move from the end of the month to start food records for August. I suspect I am missing a very ob ...
by jkseuss on 23 Jul 16 08:14 PM
Signing in with Google on iPad app
As per title: anyone know whether this is possible? I have a new iPad and want to sync the app with my Android phone, which is registered with my google account. Can't seem to work it out :(
by scat4083 on 20 Jul 16 02:24 PM
Deleting Sleep/Rest exercise, or applying it to all previous days ?
You can click on the calendar, to the past days, and add an exercise. Remember, everything you do counts as calorie burning (even working at your desk for 8 hrs). There is an automatic 1400 (apx) ca ...
by Dyanne W on 20 Jul 16 11:25 AM
That's what I was wondering too
by butterflybma on 19 Jul 16 09:58 PM
changing a public food and storing it under Custom Food but no share???
Thank you for checking my questions out, please help? When I go out to eat, I often change up my meal: IE: If I order a Burger at "X-Burger Joint" I'll asked for no buns with lettuce ...
by Keala on 19 Jul 16 07:20 PM

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