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Microsoft Band
MyFitnessPal will sync to Microsoft Band thru the Microsoft Health cloud. Will FatSecret be providing this option in the future, or will you only be tied to Google Fit?
4 replies, last reply by BPaula47, 5 months ago.   6,592 views.
started by decay67.   
Looking at all the old post. The wording isn't exactly the same. Could someone take a screen shot and post where this printing ICON is at? I am not seeing one. Thanks
1 reply, last reply by bgood4, 5 months ago.   1,233 views.
started by Macbetty.   
I don't know how to post progress with challenges
But I am doing well with it % days to go.
no replies.   509 views.
started by Whyjimenez, 5 months ago.   
weight history
i weigh in every day and put it in weight log. however only original beginning weight gets recorded. what am i doing wrong?
2 replies, last reply by task, 5 months ago.   1,214 views.
started by task.   
Adding food to list
I had a "Happy Family" dish from a local Chinese place, and its menu doesn't have a calorie count. Is there a way I can add meal information myself?
no replies.   476 views.
started by Dbringe, 5 months ago.   
I still am not seeing the print ICON? What am I missing here?
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started by Macbetty, 5 months ago.   
anyone know if/how you can reset your calendar to start new??
4 replies, last reply by Giodrakes, 5 months ago.   1,263 views.
started by eakyann13.   
net carbs
On an IPad or computer how do I change my tracking to Net Carbs, fiber, fat and protein. It is showing full carbs and not net in the calculations from the scanned bar code on foods.
1 reply, last reply by punkin5053, 5 months ago.   800 views.
started by Mmjennings.   
Remove account
i need remove my account. Please, i need it. How i can do that ?
2 replies, last reply by rhontique, 5 months ago.   1,117 views.
started by NataliaSanchezCortes.   
Does "custom goals" feature work?
I just tried setting different goals for different days of the week. For example, more calories on MWF when I workout and less calories on T Th Sat Sun when I don't work out. Today was a workout day, ...
no replies.   808 views.
started by dax702, 5 months ago.   
Hesap silme
Başka bir fatsecret hesabım var.
1 reply, last reply by CanKaYa1453, 6 months ago.   3,542 views.
started by Ayşe_R.   
Hesap silme
What does that translate to? Lityf's
1 reply, last reply by CanKaYa1453, 6 months ago.   3,542 views.
started by Ayşe_R.   
How do I edit a saved meal without adding it to my diary?
I have a variety of saved meals I've added over the years. Some I want to get rid of, and some I want to change, but the only way I've found to edit them involves adding them to the current d ...
no replies.   726 views.
started by walts, 6 months ago.   
Struggling in food calendar to move from July to August. Works fine on the app but can't seem to move from the end of the month to start food records for August. I suspect I am missing a very ob ...
no replies.   844 views.
started by jkseuss, 6 months ago.   
Signing in with Google on iPad app
As per title: anyone know whether this is possible? I have a new iPad and want to sync the app with my Android phone, which is registered with my google account. Can't seem to work it out :(
no replies.   709 views.
started by scat4083, 6 months ago.   
Deleting Sleep/Rest exercise, or applying it to all previous days ?
s there any way to either delete, or set sleep/rest exercise to all previous days I've used fat secret ? I don't wan tot have additionall 1200 calories in my diery
2 replies, last reply by Dyanne W, 6 months ago.   730 views.
started by divinekataroshie.   
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Hi Simonewalsh, All foods and recipes submitted by users go through an approval process by us before they appear in the database for all users. Unfortunately at this time there is no way to share your ...
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Hi Villegente, Each website/region has a different food database. If you search for just the term Weet-bix on FatSecret Australia many results should return. If you search for Weet-bix via FatSecret US, ...
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I use the website more than the mobile app, so my response is geared to the website. When you enter a food to search, at the bottom of the list (below the border) you will see "+ Add New Food". ...
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This is my first message here, so Hello all! I want to make a suggestion. On the screen where we add the ingredients to the meal we can see the number of the total of ingredients we have added. For ...
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Need a block option in journals
Don't let others push you away; ignore them. THere are some great people on this site that are motivational, inspirational, and great buddies...
by CammieCo on 14 Jan 17 06:53 AM

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