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Can you add a saved meal on the App?
I haven't been able to access a list of my saved meals on the iPhone app? Is it possible to do this?
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started by Alene11, 4 months ago.   
How to change grams and kilos to lbs and ounces on app
Just got app. But need it in lbs and ozs Not grams and kilos. How to change it?
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started by Katerina edge, 4 months ago.   
Is Fat Secret down? Can't enter things
Hi there, For the past three days - each time I try to enter food or exercise I get a message that says: "An error has occurred, please retry later" or something to that effect. Is there s ...
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started by Jean Mc, 4 months ago.   
Subtracting exercise calories from daily total
How do you exercise calories from daily total? If I run for 500 calories or bike for 1000 calories, I need to be able to my calories remaining/consumed. I tried making a new food item with -100 calo ...
5 replies, last reply by spacey48, 4 months ago.   1,791 views.
started by mason240.   
No help needed, just a suggestion
Morning :) Love this program, it really keeps me on track. Its so easy to not count the licks and nibbles and then wonder why those extra lbs stick lol I just have one suggestion .. I'm a small ...
1 reply, last reply by Rckc, 4 months ago.   350 views.
started by Jolie079.   
Fat Secret telephone App
Hi, I found fatsecret on my computer very helpful. However, when I try to download the current version onto my phone, it wants to be able to monitor my calls and have access to far too much of my info ...
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started by My metamorphis, 4 months ago.   
saved meals
How do I save a meal to be used later in my food log?
6 replies, last reply by earthtograndma, 4 months ago.   6,291 views.
started by MMN.   
Is there a way to get the balance of calories remaining for the day to appear somewhere?
Hello, I would find it very helpful if I could see the balance of calories left for the day somewhere, is there a way to do this? Thank you Dale :)
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started by 1Dale, 4 months ago.   
Weighing in
Hey! Since I'm new here I might just have overlooked this, but coming from germany I can't weighin in the morning. Whenever I try it automatically selects the date of the day before. Is there ...
2 replies, last reply by Shubidu, 4 months ago.   738 views.
started by Shubidu.   
Cannot login with iPad app
On my phone, I created my account by logging in through Google. Maybe I shouldn't have. At any rate, I have the app on my iPad too, but it does not have an option to login through Google. How can I ...
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started by barry.sullens, 5 months ago.   
Trouble logging new weight into FA
Is anyone else getting error messages when you try to update your weight. Mine either says my date is unacceptable or that there was a technical error, then gives me a screen to report it. Frustrating!
2 replies, last reply by LISfifty, 5 months ago.   670 views.
started by LISfifty.   
How can I edit nutritional information for an item in FS already?
I scanned a packaged meal today and the correct item came up, but all the nutritional information is off. It's not off by much, but it's off - I'm guessing the food manufacturer changed their ...
10 replies, last reply by KahneFan, 5 months ago.   1,145 views.
started by KahneFan.   
How to remove or delete a recipe
Help me please! I don't know how to delete or remove recipes. Explain to me please!
1 reply, last reply by FatSecret, 5 months ago.   433 views.
started by unrevisagie.   
Creating A "Group" Food
Hey there - Can you create a group of foods so that all of them get pulled in, like "Rick's Breakfast" that has the nutrition info for the egg white omelette, the slice of toast, butter, ...
4 replies, last reply by goofyfish, 5 months ago.   914 views.
started by goofyfish.   
Track Active Calories Burned from Apple Healthkit
I am trying to find a good calorie counter that will work with data from my Apple watch. Specifically, I am trying to have the calories burned from my watch automatically sync with FatSecret so that I ...
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started by scottdefusco, 5 months ago.   
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