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Water Tracker
Wish there was a water journal too.
3 replies, last reply by bonton56, 4 months ago.   523 views.
started by AsphodelQuill.   
Linking FS to Apple Health
Hi I have been using MFP for a few years but it's reliability has been off for a while now and FS has been recommended as the best alternative. I'm having a bit of a problem with linking it to ...
4 replies, last reply by JenR14, 4 months ago.   2,700 views.
started by j_b78.   
Does anyone know how to set the defaults?
Hi guys... Does anyone know how to set the report default so that instead of having "this week" show as the default setting, "today" shows as the default report setting instead? ...
no replies.   352 views.
started by Eric821, 4 months ago.   
Nutrition info
Hello, I have loaded a new food item but don't think it is correct. How do I delete it from the food search category? Also, I am unable to load a recipe (cook book). It does not appear on my screen ...
no replies.   283 views.
started by LH1967, 4 months ago.   
Adding Meals
I'm new to fatsecret. I've been having trouble adding meals. I was able to add breakfast, but now it's almost dinner time and I still haven't been able to add what I had for lunch. What ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, 4 months ago.   719 views.
started by crockett2.   
Asterisks on my calendar?
I was reviewing my calendar overview and noticed that some days my total calories eaten (food) or burned (exercise) have asterisks next to them. It doesn't show me anything special when I click on ...
2 replies, last reply by Samrisko, 4 months ago.   478 views.
started by Samrisko.   
How to reset data / start over
How to reset data / start over
no replies.   504 views.
started by SalPalu, 4 months ago.   
Bildirimler gelmiyor bana nasıl aktif etmem lazım
no replies.   280 views.
started by baahaar23, 5 months ago.   
Messaging on the App
Still haven't figured THIS out yet - I can only "Support" (heart) the entries on the mobile app and log food/exercise... haven't found out how to send messages. Has anyone else? 8)
2 replies, last reply by From371to184, 5 months ago.   485 views.
started by From371to184.   
Can't upload any images
Hi! I can't upload any images: so far I tried to upload a profile picture and an image for a journal entry, both did not work do I need to change any settings? thanks!
3 replies, last reply by From371to184, 5 months ago.   582 views.
started by Linde Kegel.   
HELP Please with Calorie entry
Hello! I changed my Calorie Goal to 2272, but in the reports, it shows "Goal: 1967/kcal" Why isn't it showing the 2272? And how do I get it to do so? (I used the calculator at LegionAt ...
no replies.   266 views.
started by Eric821, 5 months ago.   
I submitted a recipe under review but want to edit it
I submitted a recipe under review but want to edit it. I actually used Stevia packets, not Truvia Baking Blend, so the carbs show up as much higher on my recipe than should be! Help... How do I fix it?
no replies.   275 views.
started by azzylee, 5 months ago.   
error in beef info
In the nutritional info page for ground beef sodium is listed with salt. Can I get this info without salt added? Thanks, Linda
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 5 months ago.   403 views.
started by haysli.   
The Exercise Icon
What does the second / lower number on the immediate right of the clock icon symbolize? I understand that when I click the clock I can enter they type and amount of exercise. The top number next to ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 5 months ago.   305 views.
started by Mama Gale.   
I am new to fatsecret. I started my weight loss journey on June 6th, 2016. Is there any way to backlog my starting date/weight? I can't seem to go more than one month backward. Thanks in advance ...
2 replies, last reply by blairbuys, 5 months ago.   340 views.
started by blairbuys.   
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Hesap Silme
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by sirkadiyenritim on 20 Mar 18 08:25 AM
Anyway to create recipe in My cookbook with the Android App?
This is a massive hole in functionality. My need is to create custom recipes for very specific diet restrictions. This basically makes most of the publicly available recipes unavailable to me. I rely ...
by cydiet22 on 19 Mar 18 08:10 PM
Sync iphone and Website data
by hearttonic on 15 Mar 18 08:57 AM
Need to add 6 meals a day
That's what i do. I eat 6 times a day with 3 meals and 3 snacks. I just put all my snacks into snacks/other. But it would be nice if FS would let you add each snack individually.
by crstlgls on 11 Mar 18 03:55 PM
How many times can you post the same phone number?
Somebody posted the same Amazon phone number many times. I have to go through many pages of forums to get to the good ones. You only need to post the number once.
by crstlgls on 11 Mar 18 01:00 PM

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