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Barcode scanner not recognizing foods that were recognized before
I'm not sure if this is the latest app update or a backend problem but the barcode scanner in my Android app is no longer recognizing foods that were recognized in a snap before. This is very frus ...
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started by germanviscuso, 3 months ago.   
How do I change from buddies only to everyone?
I have looked everywhere to try and change from buddies only to everyone and I can't see how to do that. Does anyone know how to do this? please let me know... with Thnx Astra!
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started by Astra1547, 3 months ago.   
latest update
After the latest update the whole operation of the app changed. Before the last update each meal column was separate and the total for each day was on the top. Now after each food entry all columns are ...
1 reply, last reply by iglisson, 3 months ago.   2,053 views.
started by iglisson.   
How do I change my start weight and date?
I started using this app Sept. 2014 but then stopped. I want to wipe out the old info. and start fresh. Does anyone know how to do that. I wasn't even registered at the time I was listed as guest ...
2 replies, last reply by patchwrkbear, 3 months ago.   6,100 views.
started by patchwrkbear.   
Data Export as Link
Hello, i´m doing a challenge atm with 14 others. We have a whatsapp group. At the end of a day we show our Daily reports in that group. Now we found out that some can export to mail, and see in ...
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started by Raififfi, 3 months ago.   
Historically added weights on web site not displaying correctly in Android app
Hi, I started using Fat Secret three weeks into my diet and exercise programme. I have just updated my historical weights back to when I started after 4 weeks of using the app and site from where I was ...
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started by flyingppg, 3 months ago.   
IOS app linking to Health kit
Can I request that the iOS app use the workout activity tracking data collected by the iphone and Apple watch and place those into the exercise data, please?
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started by capsid57, 3 months ago.   
Calories Remaining display on website?
Is there a way to display my Calories Remaining on the website? Preferably at the top of my food diary. It displays very nicely when I open the app on my phone, but I use the web interface much more ...
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started by gemthing, 3 months ago.   
add own meal
How do i add a recipe that i made in my foods list.
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started by Penster12, 3 months ago.   
Apt not workin
My apt is not working it keeps adding food and will not delete anything. Every time I scan something it adds it to breakfast and I cannot remove it
4 replies, last reply by FatSecret, 3 months ago.   1,245 views.
started by Tony Garofalo.   
Adding a picture into a message
Does anyone know how to add a picture into a message .I have see a few posts where members have entered pictures . I have the pictures in flickr and have tried to put them in a post but it fails . Is ...
3 replies, last reply by kls_toujour, 3 months ago.   1,185 views.
started by Lily100.   
Adding a picture into a message
3 replies, last reply by kls_toujour, 3 months ago.   1,185 views.
started by Lily100.   
Progress update failure
Is it just me or is anyone else also experiencing problems in recording their challenge progress?
3 replies, last reply by fmz93, 3 months ago.   1,905 views.
started by fmz93.   
Edit a Recipe
Today is my first day and I entered a recipe and would like to edit it but I don't see how. Any help???
6 replies, last reply by acsez, 3 months ago.   1,372 views.
started by acsez.   
Does fatsecret sync with google fit?
Does anyone know if this can be done? Or with Basis Peak? Thanks, Rob
6 replies, last reply by mike.mtb, 3 months ago.   5,643 views.
started by edgerkem.   
Bar codes
The site says that the Calorie Counter app has an ability to scan barcodes. What about the products that are NOT listed in the data base, and I have sat here and manually keyed in all of the data? Is ...
22 replies, last reply by cookto1, 3 months ago.   13,613 views.
started by melsreturn.   
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Add old entries to Calendar
Hey, is there a way to add old entries to the calendar ?. I used another programm for a few months and now i want to add those old entries (back to February) to the diet-calendar but i can only add e ...
by Schoggiweggli on 21 May 16 06:53 PM
food scale sync to Fatsecret app
Is there such a feature where a food scale sync to the Fatsecret app? I while ago I came across a scale promoting that it would sync the measurement to software that came with the scale. Hey Fatsecret ...
by J.F.Vega on 19 May 16 05:21 PM
Tips for using Fat Secret
Hi Is there a how to crib sheet or anything? Im trying to figure different things out but dont seem to be able to find a help section for actually using this site. Thanks Zheeta
by zheetahitch on 19 May 16 11:42 AM
Should data be syncing ipad to iphone to web?
Hey Everyone, I'm new to fatsecret, so far really impressed. However I noticed by food intake is not syncing between my ipad, iphone or on the web. Is data added on either of these platforms supposed ...
by matthewmcneely on 17 May 16 01:42 PM
Can you add a Meal to the Diet Plan
Yes! sparraz wrote: in MyFitnessPal (free or paid) * Go to settings * in Food and Exercise Diary Settings, at the top you will see where you can select what nutrients are tracked * under that you will ...
by LetsDoThis57 on 16 May 16 04:12 PM

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