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How do I change my picture profile? :?
1 reply, last reply by jwill77nc2, 2 months ago.   274 views.
started by jewellz2014.   
HELP HOW TO Calculating Net Carbs in my FOOD JOURNAL
Someone recommended this site to me. I am on Atkins and want to eat a certain number of NET CARBS (Fiber, sugar alcohol subtracted from total carbs) If I food journal on this site, how can I break it ...
2 replies, last reply by MV10, 2 months ago.   311 views.
started by gobuggy.   
Deleting exercise
Replace it with 'Resting' for the same amount of time.
3 replies, last reply by Draglist, 2 months ago.   349 views.
started by Glbconrad.   
Deleting exercise
Thank you!
3 replies, last reply by Draglist, 2 months ago.   349 views.
started by Glbconrad.   
Syncronising phone and PC ?
Good evening All. I have stumbled upon this site this week and am already hooked. I would like to lose 60 lbs so need all the help I can get. :lol: :lol: :lol: I have been using my phone to track my ...
3 replies, last reply by Dreamon1910, 2 months ago.   323 views.
started by Dreamon1910.   
How do I scan a barcode with my iphone 5, nothing happens?
How do I scan the barcode with an iphone5? I push the scan icon but the red line just focuses and does nothing else? this is why I downloaded this app. for the barcode feature!
1 reply, last reply by jwill77nc2, 2 months ago.   196 views.
started by Trudileigh.   
Food search bug, and add-food bug
I thought it was bad that the food search results aren't alphabetized. But last night I had a couple Asahi beers with dinner. They are in the database but search won't find them. I had to use ...
1 reply, last reply by rocketjump, 2 months ago.   373 views.
started by MV10.   
Exercise tracker?
Hello, I've recently started using endomondo sports tracker to help me figure out how many miles i'm walking and how quickly. Is there a way to upload the data from endomondo into the calorie ...
1 reply, last reply by danielbos, 2 months ago.   578 views.
started by Food intake.   
Input my meals to the wrong day - easiest/quickest way to copy them to correct day?
I just realized that I entered yesterday's meals onto the wrong day - what is the best way to change that day without having to enter them in all over again?
no replies.   175 views.
started by Good2B150, 2 months ago.   
reset my profile
Please help - I need to make changes to my profile - where can I do that? if not where can I delete my profile to start over?
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 2 months ago.   263 views.
started by Adri Roelofe.   
I entered Members Tips Twice...
I feel like an idiot :oops: I have the same Member tip entered twice. How do I delete it? I have a feeling there is probably some simple solution to the problem, but I can't figure it out! :cry:
4 replies, last reply by Glaun, 2 months ago.   2,646 views.
started by gonnaloseit.   
In the Android app is possible to access recipes in My Cookbook?
I've added recipes into My Cookbook on the fatsecret website and successfully logged them. You can navigate to Recipes in the sidebar menu of the Android app but I can't find my recipes. Bug? ...
6 replies, last reply by Wrlyonsjr, 2 months ago.   679 views.
started by GollyJer.   
I'm trying to print out my food diary (a few days worth) for my trainer...can anyone tell me how
4 replies, last reply by nickbirch, 2 months ago.   754 views.
started by angiera.   
Adding two more meals to make 6?
I need to have 6 meals a day and have to track the fat/protein/carb ratio for each meal individually for my trainer. Does any one if it is possible to add two more meals to the Food tracking?
no replies.   126 views.
started by loveslifegal, 2 months ago.   
BlackBerry 10 app?
Hey, I've got myself a new BlackBerry Z10 (amazing phone!) but there's no FatSecret app for it. Is there one in development? Thank you.
17 replies, last reply by bobglen, 2 months ago.   4,751 views.
started by ChrisBravoTown.   
Crashing iPad Air
Hello, i installed Fatsecret again on my new ipad air i recently bought. Entering data (quantities) crashes the App 7 out of 10 times. In the forums i see earlier notifications about this error. Even ...
no replies.   137 views.
started by Overbeek_h, 2 months ago.   
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request: eat part of a dish
Hey. I tried the cookbook today and it is exactly what I was looking for! Awesome. Thanks forpointing me in the right direction.
by JunoG on 22 Aug 14 02:55 PM
Are food databases specific by region?
I think so cause in NZ we have pams which I think is a NZ only brand and their foods are in my data base :)
by AKRSAR on 21 Aug 14 02:49 PM
Add weight from 8 months ago impossible? Why?
That's odd. I tried to enter a weigh-in for Sept 2011. I was able to go back to that date in the calendar and enter the weight, but when I submitted the weigh-in, it changed the date to today. Devs ...
by Pegleged on 21 Aug 14 01:09 PM
Not sure. I log in from my phone, my desktop, and two laptops (home and work) with no problems. Have you confirmed you have the right password? If you had the device that works remember the password, ...
by Pegleged on 21 Aug 14 12:58 PM
nb girl wrote: Hi Tedthered, take a look at this site, http://www.flexibleketogenic.c... I picked it up from a member of the 'LCHF Ketogenic Way of Living' group (if you think you'd like to ...
by Tedthered on 21 Aug 14 09:56 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins