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How can i change the language of the site to french?
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 2 months ago.   313 views.
started by Bedain.   
Caloric Percentages
Is there a way to view a daily record of the breakdown of Fat, Carbs & Protein without clicking on each day?
1 reply, last reply by nessi_323, 2 months ago.   315 views.
started by PaganMeagan.   
Copy a full day's food
I am following a plan where I eat (almost) the same foods every day. Is it possible to copy an entire day's food to another day? (I can do it a meal at a time, but I'm lazy)
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 2 months ago.   323 views.
started by KathyJM.   
Delete most eaten foods
Is it possible to delete the 'most eaten' list? There's stuff on there I ate once, months ago. It makes it harder to find the stuff I do eat regularly.
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 2 months ago.   494 views.
started by KathyJM.   
How do I find food that I have added just for my use
I just added some food that wasn't in the the food list and I cant it ? Where does it go ? I can find meals I have saved but not new foods ?
2 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 2 months ago.   597 views.
started by Greg N Richo.   
Can't get on the app
I joined online with my Google + (not Google Fit). Now I have downloaded the app and it won't recognize my log-in. There is no option to log-in through Google + on the app. Just with Username. ...
1 reply, last reply by SyedGangsta, 2 months ago.   354 views.
started by Avrilloy.   
Deleting entries in my weight history
Good day, I want to delete entries in my weight history, but I don't seem to have the option. I once logged a weigh-in by accident, but now I can't delete it? Am I missing something? Regards
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 2 months ago.   333 views.
started by Andri de Bruin.   
Caloric Breakdown
The caloric breakdown of foods and a day's caloric intake does not take into account non-digestable carbohydrates. It would be far more informative to give the breakdown based on net carbs, not carbs.
3 replies, last reply by Andri de Bruin, 2 months ago.   766 views.
started by CBell1982.   
Adding a new food with the Iphone Ap
How do you add a new food to the master list from your Iphone? I am using Iphone 5 and can't find anything that lets me add new foods.
no replies.   303 views.
started by Irene1955, 2 months ago.   
How do I remove a journal entry ?
I accidentally made a journal entry and don't see an option to delete it . Anyone know how ?
2 replies, last reply by gkcfm95, 3 months ago.   534 views.
started by KristenDianee.   
how to put up pics especcially profile pic
On my laptop trying to update and cant find any links to post pics
1 reply, last reply by gkcfm95, 3 months ago.   463 views.
started by charlievan.   
Adding Food Items
My apologies...I thought I was asking the same question of the help desk at FS. I have deleted the duplication.
no replies.   373 views.
started by largolad, 3 months ago.   
Is it possible to export "My Weight History" to Excel/CSV?
Hi, Is it possible to export the "My Weight History" data to a spreadsheet? I would like to do some analysis in excel offline. Thanks!
6 replies, last reply by getagb, 3 months ago.   4,405 views.
started by zaxxon.   
Is it possible to export "My Weight History" to Excel/CSV?
I don't think this is possible... other than by cutting and pasting.
6 replies, last reply by getagb, 3 months ago.   4,405 views.
started by zaxxon.   
Making up your own 'Meal' - H E L P
Hi, I have made up a 'smoothie' to add to my meals. The problem is that when I add the meal to my breakfast, it adds each ingredient individually instead of one line item. I make this up for two ...
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 3 months ago.   292 views.
started by Greg N Richo.   
Adding Recipes
I have a couple questions about adding recipes... 1. When I add a recipe on the website, I don't know how to pull it up on the mobile app so I can add it to a meal. 2. Can you enter a recipe on the ...
no replies.   257 views.
started by jayfaye78, 3 months ago.   
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Define macros
that option is not available
by wholefoodnut on 01 Sep 15 11:34 AM
Settings Preferences changes are not being saved
OBJECTIVE: CHANGE PREFERENCES: 1. Share My - from 'with my buddies only' to 'with everyone'; 2. Remind me to weigh in - from '2 weeks' to 'every 4 weeks' 3. De-select ...
by Fullmoon Quarterback on 01 Sep 15 02:15 AM
the page that we record food on, it wont let me on that page . it says it is having trouble with that (my RDI) and theyre working on it. this isnt the first x its happened. couldnt get on it the 27th due ...
by sjd2011 on 31 Aug 15 05:43 PM
Fitbit has an open API
I haven't read through the whole of this thread, but just in case it has not been mentioned, there is an online site called Fitmess that does allow you to link your FB to FS. All my activity calories ...
by Radiouser on 29 Aug 15 07:51 AM
New Here: Adding Food Issues
You mentioned, "the Canadian site" so that is why I thought it was Canadian.
by ky2fl on 28 Aug 15 03:44 PM

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