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Weight loss ticker
Why is my ticker not accurate/up-to-date? I don't know how to make it update to the correct weight. Can someone help?
2 replies, last reply by misskathie, 2 months ago.   458 views.
started by misskathie.   
Fatsecret Nutritional Summary
I am using Fatsecret to keep track of my daily food consumption. On Fatsecret, the Nutritional summary shows: Food(kcal) %RDI Fat Protein Carbs Exercise(kcal) Net(kcal) Is it possible to set ...
no replies.   228 views.
started by Tyro2, 2 months ago.   
Can I add more meals to the day?
My plan requires me to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Is there some way I can add these additional meals instead of having to cram everything for 3 meals under 'Snacks/Other'?
8 replies, last reply by DedicatedLisa, 2 months ago.   5,755 views.
started by Deedles.   
how to delete multiple entries
Hi there For some reason I clicked on 1 entry of 2 slices of ham and saved it, the computer then went bonkers, and I've now ended up with 13,000 + calories worth of sliced ham, Its awkward to manually ...
1 reply, last reply by Scalewatcher3, 2 months ago.   410 views.
started by Martina-Alice.   
App. vs computer program
Hi - Someone at my gym clued me in that you had this in an app. I therefore downloaded from GooglePlay to my Android. The app required me to set up an email/username/password, etc. and would not let me ...
no replies.   364 views.
started by Raeka8, 2 months ago.   
Define macros
Is it possible to define my own macros? I want to define my own protein/carbos/fats for the day Thanks!
8 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 months ago.   5,187 views.
started by andydev.   
Settings Preferences changes are not being saved
OBJECTIVE: CHANGE PREFERENCES: 1. Share My - from 'with my buddies only' to 'with everyone'; 2. Remind me to weigh in - from '2 weeks' to 'every 4 weeks' 3. De-select ...
no replies.   406 views.
started by Fullmoon Quarterback, 2 months ago.   
my RDI just froze up. wat should or can i do now?
2 replies, last reply by sjd2011, 3 months ago.   439 views.
started by sjd2011.   
New Here: Adding Food Issues
Every time I click to Food under my calendar, it clicks to another page:An unexpected error has occurred. Any suggestions are appreciated.
4 replies, last reply by ky2fl, 3 months ago.   927 views.
started by ky2fl.   
How to Add Custom Food using iPhone app?
Does anyone know if it is possible to add custom food via the iPhone app? I do a lot of veggie juicing and my combinations are never the same, and I don't need to add these to the public database. ...
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 3 months ago.   451 views.
started by P_Sart.   
Is there a way to sign into the android app with facebook?
I've entered my fatsecret username and facebook password, but that doesn't work. Thanks.
1 reply, last reply by b_orourke, 3 months ago.   945 views.
started by sherrysmcguire.   
goal weight
How does one change the goal weight?
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 3 months ago.   307 views.
started by SpkSnppr.   
Backdate Weight
So my starting weight was 174 (maybe even higher although that's what I initially weighed in at) in April. I'm down to 155. I'd love to find a way to reflect that in my profile but it looks ...
3 replies, last reply by Brushles, 3 months ago.   809 views.
started by whatmakes.   
joining group
OK. I am still confused, when I to into challenge it asks if I want to join the challenge. If I join the challenge, will I get to joining the group?:?
3 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 3 months ago.   902 views.
started by yvonneh57.   
Set calorie limit
Hi, new here and I was just wondering if it's possible to set your own calorie limit, as the one FS is giving me is very high..?
3 replies, last reply by thereseez1, 3 months ago.   503 views.
started by thereseez1.   
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Getting started
i just use the phone app of fatsecret and scan in barcodes as l eat food, or maybe jot down on paper what you have eaten during the day and add it in later when you get a quiet time.
by chobbzy on 28 Nov 15 04:45 PM
New here and want to add historical data from my diary
Hello folks, can I pick your brains? I am new to FS and so far I love it. It's a great tool. So I have added points of reference to my weight records using the 'enter historical dates' option. ...
by Brynawel on 28 Nov 15 09:59 AM
There is a snack area but other than the 3 meals and snacks no you cannot add
by wholefoodnut on 25 Nov 15 11:56 AM
Macro #'s
Hi Everyone, I have a question are we able to change the Macro #'s or is it just the Calories daily intake that can be changed. Thank you for all your help.
by Natty40 on 24 Nov 15 11:36 AM
Setting Custom Macro goals?
Looking to get the same question answered
by vadimperetokin on 21 Nov 15 11:10 PM

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