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Setting my diet goal
How do I set my diet goal in Kg not pounds which completely confuse me... I was brought up metric and have no idea about inches and feet and pounds...
1 reply, last reply by Nazir Mohamed, 3 months ago.   309 views.
started by GarethPearce.   
Adding new food
I'm a newb... is there a way to add a new food by entering in the caloric value (and all the others) without having to search for each ingredient? For example: I made homemade mac n cheese last n ...
6 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 3 months ago.   2,752 views.
started by Lopez.jenn.79.   
Changing preferences
I want to change some of my preferences, I make my changes then hit the save button, then I get a massage saying that my email is an invalid format. I just want to add sugar and carbs to my counter. Can ...
5 replies, last reply by lgay60, 3 months ago.   1,688 views.
started by Skinny_soon.   
how can I get a report for a whole week
2 replies, last reply by rhills, 3 months ago.   698 views.
started by Djoweber.   
Hesap silme
Hesabım silinsin
1 reply, last reply by louisvitton, 3 months ago.   370 views.
started by şişmanız77.   
Text entries in my journal
I would like to have better options when it comes to editing text in my journal. For instance The smileys to the left are not available. If I format outside of FS say in word and cut and paste I lose ...
3 replies, last reply by GPH, 3 months ago.   1,178 views.
started by deadcenter.   
Connection/export data to Samsung Health?
Is there a possibility to connect to or export the data from fatsecret so samsung health? I noticed that samsung health uses the data from fatsecret. Unfortunately, the tracking-options are crap since ...
3 replies, last reply by Boraprince, 3 months ago.   2,207 views.
started by Steinbeisser.   
Adding a food that is not on your list of food.
How can you add your food that you can not find on your food list. Like LiteHouse Toasted Sesame Ginger I have the bottle in front of me.
1 reply, last reply by 8Patty, 3 months ago.   471 views.
started by sandeemartin.   
Tech help to upload images
Hi, I'm trying to post some photos but there seems to be no option to attach one. As I've seen heaps of photos on the forum, I assume there must be a way? The button menu above has an " ...
no replies.   328 views.
started by Over40andFightingTheFat, 3 months ago.   
Can I add Favorite Meals or custom foods to recipes.
I'm looking for a way to add either custom foods or favorite meals to recipes. Can anyone help me with this. Thanks
no replies.   277 views.
started by Deepwinter, 3 months ago.   
Fit bit sync
Hi, I cant seem to get my fit bit synced with my Fat Secret app? Anyone know why I cant get this synced? When I go to sync it I can get to the fitbit sit and tap allow and nothings happens?
1 reply, last reply by Gingerk65, 3 months ago.   661 views.
started by Grantm86.   
Retrieving Old Food Diary from 3 Years Ago...
Hi! Can anyone tell me if it is possible to view my food entries from 2015 January? I lost a lot of weight in a short time, preparing for a surgery. I wasn't overly hungry, so would like to do that ...
1 reply, last reply by an00bis, 3 months ago.   551 views.
started by Al dente.   
Garmin connect
How can I connect FatSecret with Garmin Connect?
no replies.   451 views.
started by itorre, 3 months ago.   
How an I change the calendar to start on Sunday?
no replies.   211 views.
started by toodyfroody, 3 months ago.   
How do I delete historical (2011) entries that are affecting my nice, new weight history?
I have just restarted using Fat Secret after a break of several years (due to ill health). My Fat Secret account was still valid, and presented me with the 10 or so days entries from 2011.. These hi ...
no replies.   198 views.
started by Lyn Soussi, 3 months ago.   
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How Do I delete a saved meal?
This should work on web version: go to Favorite Meals, select meal you want to delete, select “Edit”. Once you are in Edit mode, there is “Delete” button at the bottom of the screen.
by Ingria on 22 Apr 18 12:01 PM
Additional graphs
I want to graph my Net calories (intake minus exercise) versus date along with my weight versus date. I can easily create the graph in excel if I can get the data out of FS. The Food Diary has the export ...
by bcdn on 21 Apr 18 08:14 AM
Foods I add to the database don't show up for other users.
I think it's a search issue - you have to put in the exact same wording in order for the right thing to pop up. I tried to get a count for some beans I bought, and when I did a full search, 3 diff ...
by abbadabba on 19 Apr 18 10:31 PM
Activity Level
I just joined yesterday and I entered the wrong activity level but I can't figure out how to change it. I saw this question in the forum but it was a couple years old and it seems like the app may ...
by Streva43 on 19 Apr 18 03:08 PM
Here we go again
Server glitch now fixed, methinks. Still, advanced warning would be much appreciated
by charliemor54 on 18 Apr 18 10:33 AM

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