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Measurements tracking
Wish the site had a place with calculation to track your progress with inches loss.
7 replies, last reply by kanan123, 4 years ago.   692 views.
started by gigi69.   
Please add blood pressure tracking
I personally am more worried about my blood pressure than weight. But adding a few more tracking options wouldn't be that hard (just make it like the weight tracker). I've seen other threads on ...
4 replies, last reply by justbreathe, 4 years ago.   767 views.
started by Dr Obnxs.   
Water Tracker
Water is so important to so many of our diets. I would love to have a place in my food diary that was just for keeping track of water.
3 replies, last reply by kanan123, 4 years ago.   714 views.
started by fawkesmom.   
Too much success?
I'm just wondering if anybody else is experiencing a situation similar to mine, and if so, how do you deal? I've actively been trying to get healthy and lose excess fat/gain muscle since April, ...
5 replies, last reply by boardrbrat, 4 years ago.   1,142 views.
started by slkey.   
Journal Restrictions
It really irks me that there's a timer on journal entries. Of course I understand that it's there to prevent spam, but it's my freaking journal and if I have a completely new thought that ...
4 replies, last reply by kanan123, 4 years ago.   901 views.
started by jennielynn.   
Kansas City MO & User ID
Just trying to find FS partners who live near KC Metro area who want to communicate. Also would like to know how to change my userid in FS without re-creating my whole account. Look forward to hearing ...
no replies.   592 views.
started by tg000018, 4 years ago.   
Please enhance filtering to the news feed!!!
I like seeing info in the "everyone" filter, but I REALLY wish there was a way to block stuff, like an entire message thread or even particular members. I don't think I need to be more ...
2 replies, last reply by kstubblefield, 4 years ago.   747 views.
started by kstubblefield.   
goal date
Does anyone know if you can put a goal date in? It helps if I can see the timeline I have going...
1 reply, last reply by lisakay00, 4 years ago.   972 views.
started by lisakay00.   
goal date
No... you can't put in a goal date. It is probably just as well. I ended up 3 months past where I though I would be finished.
1 reply, last reply by lisakay00, 4 years ago.   972 views.
started by lisakay00.   
Measurements - inches, BMI, BF%
Just over three months ago I really started on this journey, and my weight wasn't the only thing I measured. So now 3 months later, here are is my progress report: Inches: -- start -- now Forarm ...
6 replies, last reply by Brooke2713, 4 years ago.   1,551 views.
started by Rnbwgrl.   
Rally to Improve My Fat Secret
I would love to see some enhancements to My Fat Secret and am rallying the troops for support. I have tried every on-line diet program and have even paid for some. My Fat Secret is the BEST by far ...
18 replies, last reply by smithrjc, 4 years ago.   4,200 views.
started by smithrjc.   
New user - two questions
Hi. I really like how this site works (compared to others) and the databases seem much bigger. But two questions: 1. Is there any way to see saturated fat on the overview page? Overall fat is good to ...
4 replies, last reply by Shae206, 4 years ago.   570 views.
started by Superchuck500.   
I've just started telling people. "Sorry, my doctor has me on a strict plan and I can't deviate from it anymore this week." That usually gets people to back off. Or just take the food ...
15 replies, last reply by Jessica Rabbit, 4 years ago.   1,271 views.
started by eceipretSAM.   
Exercise Additions?
Can we please add Bicycling (20 mph) to the bicycling exercise entry? I routinely ride much faster than 17.5 mph and I'm having trouble calculating calories burned for exercise... Please?
8 replies, last reply by ShelJ, 4 years ago.   1,680 views.
started by JeffSmall.   
80's day at the gym
It must have been 80's day at the gym and no one told me. I lady with leg warmers, a guy in one of those full body plastic "sauna" suits, and a guy wearing just compression shorts that ...
4 replies, last reply by MGreen22, 4 years ago.   850 views.
started by ragsbie.   
Why Are you Starving
Ok so I have been reading through Forums (as I am apparently bored today)...and everyone keeps talking about being STARVING on their diets.... So seeing as how I am not starving on mine, I want to know ...
14 replies, last reply by skb2010, 4 years ago.   1,432 views.
started by letoner.   
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A fun thread. What are you reading?
ClassicRocker wrote: Rewire Your Brain by John B. Arden, Ph.D. Part of my recovery plan. CR, thanks for mentioning this book. I am reading it now!
by Deb_N on 21 Oct 14 12:06 AM
weight loss tablets
I agree with wholefoodnut. If you are a vegetarian, you are going to eat a lot of carbs, but just ensure they are good carbs. That is, lots of vegetables, some fruit (high in sugar though). Watch out for ...
by Draglist on 18 Oct 14 11:30 PM
Weight Training
Skydiverjim, had to laugh at your comment, I see lots of men and women doing that. I go do my routine, not much for breaks in between. Maybe a bit of chitchat with someone asking how something works or ...
by wholefoodnut on 11 Oct 14 03:44 PM
Don't understand kcal
I think one is your daily recommended intake needed to lose weight and the other is your daily energy expenditure, how much you're actually burning daily through exercise etc to stay at your current ...
by ebivr on 30 Sep 14 04:20 AM
Should you weigh yourself when you are going to the gym 3 times a week
Right on.
by Lunarios on 16 Sep 14 03:47 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins