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How soon should I see results
I am new to the FS community and this is my very first post. I am looking for some suggestions/feedback. For the last 2 weeks I have been focusing on amping up my workout as I felt I wasn't working ...
4 replies, last reply by xjm, 6 years ago.   1,314 views.
started by tgarcia1019.   
Entry by barcode
Hi, Please consider adding the ability to look up foods by barcode, like you have on the iPad and iPhone apps. It doesn't even matter if you can scan the item to me. I'd just like to be able ...
1 reply, last reply by TeamTebben, 6 years ago.   1,005 views.
started by usmaak.   
Antibotics and Weight Gain/Water Retention
I was wondering if antibotics (Amoxicillian) can make you gain weight or retain water. I have been at a consistent weight for about 9 days and all of a sudden I am gaining weight! Started on antibotics ...
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started by Darbo, 6 years ago.   
Antibotics and Weight Gain/Water Retention
Antibiotics can destroy the good flora... or organisims in your digestive track. This can cause an imballance... where one becomes bloated and uncomfortable... fuel is just not being processed normally... ...
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started by Darbo, 6 years ago.   
Question for Runners
Hey everyone, hope you're having a good morning! I recently started enjoying running outdoors much more and now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit I plan on completely ditching the trea ...
15 replies, last reply by relz, 6 years ago.   3,031 views.
started by tapeekcm.   
Exercising at Night
Just wondering what everyones thoughts were about exercising in the evening. Do you think it makes you weigh heavier the next morning if you exercise before bed? Just curious. :?:
8 replies, last reply by Nimm, 6 years ago.   2,119 views.
started by jlrbsr1.   
i used to be fat
Anyone see this show? I caught a few episodes this morning while rocking my sick baby. (Poor guy) I understand the point of trying to help the obesity epidemic in kids. However losing 99 pounds in 60 days ...
12 replies, last reply by shellysue55, 6 years ago.   4,280 views.
started by shellysue55.   
Water Fast
Drink water........ lol Any reason that your doing it? I will admit, from time to time I will do a fast where I only drink water. I do it after a couple of days of over-eating. Its an easy way for ...
8 replies, last reply by pixidaisy, 6 years ago.   1,484 views.
started by bjseymour.   
Water Fast
I have done 3 day clear liquid diets in the past that helps me get regular and just feel better. I have been reading that 3-40 day water fasting is amazing what it does for your body. I have been sick, ...
8 replies, last reply by pixidaisy, 6 years ago.   1,484 views.
started by bjseymour.   
Which is more accurate: product label or nutrition label on site?
I am using HyVee dry power unsweetened cocoa. When I subtract the fiber from the carbs, it nets out to zero--accurate to the nearest tenth. The site is showing almost triple that amount of net carbs ...
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started by Pam Gale, 6 years ago.   
lose weight and tone up OR lose weight and then one up??????
I am trying to lose weigh but more importantly i am trying to get into shape. I have been lifting weights with my legs because i want them to be "cut" My friends say i need to loose the weight ...
11 replies, last reply by Howbaddoyouwantit, 6 years ago.   6,293 views.
started by Susanmm08.   
Suggestion - Edit Recipes
It would be awesome if there was a feature to edit recipe's in Fat Secret. There have been some terrific recipes that I found and use, but I make it slightly different. For now, I have just gone ...
10 replies, last reply by dgtrestini, 6 years ago.   3,957 views.
started by amomono.   
Need help understanding the exercise calorie counter...
Hello. I am pretty new here and I am having some trouble understanding what I am doing. When you first weigh in, the site tool calculates a base number of calories that you can consume and keep to your ...
6 replies, last reply by dgtrestini, 6 years ago.   3,388 views.
started by 88elizabethcady88.   
Need help understanding the exercise calorie counter...
You should set your RDI to the sedentary level... then just use resting and sleeping for exercise. I only add exercise if it is intentional, like walking, running. Sitting, standing.... really not much ...
6 replies, last reply by dgtrestini, 6 years ago.   3,388 views.
started by 88elizabethcady88.   
any other teachers dieting?
Hello FatSecret World, I'm just wondering- are there any other teachers out there who are trying to balance diet and exercise, which is definitely a time consuming endeavor, with grading papers and ...
2 replies, last reply by Lisamooreatc, 6 years ago.   930 views.
started by Streaker687.   
Can't find a recipe!!
Hello. I am new to this site and since the first day i have been looking for a recipe that pops up on the "what's on the menu today" box. Does anyone know what the name of a low carb dish ...
1 reply, last reply by jessweav, 6 years ago.   1,585 views.
started by 1gordis.   
weight loss support pills/vitamins?
at work i've been stocking shelves with this Herbalean weight loss support system and while i was looking through the 'fitness' section containing these products i started wondering if any ...
20 replies, last reply by Lisamooreatc, 6 years ago.   3,768 views.
started by inertiatic.   
Email Change
Can anyone tell me how to change my email address to other one, other then the one I have entered into the system??
3 replies, last reply by valgesg, 6 years ago.   1,119 views.
started by valgesg.   
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Add Water tracking please
thank you people for this tip. although water sounds so simple i know it can greatly help. if i am not wrong there are water app tracking for both iOs and Android not? anyhow thanks. please share how much ...
by Fairs1981 on 09 Jan 18 10:32 AM
Add featur: sync to garmin
Would like to be able to sync garmin with fatsecret.
by ragbrai1 on 25 Nov 17 10:20 PM
Can you add food that is not in the list
yes .. on the website, start typing into where you would search for a food item, and a little "+ add new food item" option appears just below the window that shows the search r ...
by rhills on 25 Nov 17 11:09 AM
Feature Request. Rolling Week
Look way at bottom of screen .. there is a "contact" link which sends them either an email or a PM. I've used that before and gotten a response.
by rhills on 15 Nov 17 01:57 AM
I still enjoy this story; lowered cholesterol, figured out it isn't where you eat but it is what you eat. This teacher has the data to support his journey/WOE/c ...
by Terrapin12 on 14 Nov 17 05:46 AM

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