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igoogle gadget
Hi I have just added the fatsecret gadget to igoogle, but it doesn't recognise my timezone. I am in GMT+8 but it assumes I am in North America. This means that until lunchtime it keeps telling me ...
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started by Bill James, 6 years ago.   
Anyone ever used Shakeology? I have been thinking about ordering a tub of it but it is really expensive and I was wondering if it would be worth the cost? :?:
2 replies, last reply by relz, 6 years ago.   1,203 views.
started by Rockin2Thin.   
Breyers Carb Smart Fudge Bars
Hello all my buddies and fellow Atkineers. My question is related to the Breyers Carb Smart Fudge Bars in which they state have 3g of net carbs per bar, quote "Net Carbs Calculation, For those ...
9 replies, last reply by iamtig, 6 years ago.   7,486 views.
started by iamtig.   
Android app - Sodium column
Hey all! Great application I LOVE it. I am a 20 yr old male college student. Living on my own it's been harder to keep track of healthy eating habits and this app really keeps me in line. I was ...
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started by joshcsimmons, 6 years ago.   
since beginning a new job on a construction site (a paid eight hour workout, why not?) i've noticed that i can't get through this short routine of stretches i try to do daily. there's an i ...
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started by inertiatic.   
adding food to my food diary problems
Hi -- I spend a ridiculous amount of time navigating the options to add food. Its full of "why does it work that way?" questions.. here are some examples: 1 - Today I searched for something ...
1 reply, last reply by millerwc, 6 years ago.   853 views.
started by muckdp.   
Night time eating?
Just had a pretty simple question... I have heard over and over again that you should not eat before going to bed. So the question is... why does it matter? As a very technical person I would figure ...
5 replies, last reply by sheripickle, 6 years ago.   1,026 views.
started by millerwc.   
Night time eating?
For me, it's just calories per day. So it doesn't matter when you eat them. I snack all the time in the evening.
5 replies, last reply by sheripickle, 6 years ago.   1,026 views.
started by millerwc.   
We track our weight loss/gain. We log our food and exercise. Am I missing the place where we can keep track of our measurements? If not, I think it would be a very cool thing to add.
2 replies, last reply by AnnaPo, 6 years ago.   843 views.
started by WendyMaq.   
Recording nutritional info
Is there a way I can add just nutritional info to my log? I have all the numbers, but I don't have the recipe. Also is it possible to save these numbers?
2 replies, last reply by RobGoFast, 6 years ago.   968 views.
started by RobGoFast.   
Definition or explanation
Could someone tell me what NFS stands for? I see it sometimes in relation to measurements of some foods. Thanks.:?:
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started by beachlady, 6 years ago.   
Hello to all: I had a buddy that didn't reply or write to me at least once a week, I don't know why, I guess we are all busy, but I think that it's only polite to write to your buddy at least ...
5 replies, last reply by MariMarif, 6 years ago.   1,057 views.
started by LindaLaBoriqua.   
Dealing with needing new clothes
For those who have lost a lot of weight, but have a lot more to lose, how do you deal with the clothes issue? My funds are quite limited, but I hate wearing the clothes that are too big now, but I hate ...
22 replies, last reply by Hoser, 6 years ago.   2,831 views.
started by ceceps.   
carbs and fiber
when you calculate carbs, do you use gross or net (carbs minus fiber) numbers?
3 replies, last reply by 2livewell, 6 years ago.   2,884 views.
started by Delani.   
Misc Calories
Is there any way to enter just how many calories you ate? A couple times a month I go to taste testing events, there is no way to know what the amounts are in some of the foods, but I want to give myself ...
2 replies, last reply by SaintViper, 6 years ago.   923 views.
started by nightorchid.   
Trouble with Hormones
Has anyone else had trouble with their hormones being unbalanced? For the past year I have had worsening PMS symptoms, terrible headaches, sleep disturbances and no energy (I turned 35 in September). ...
2 replies, last reply by Naiomy, 6 years ago.   862 views.
started by noos2mee2.   
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Some foods are not searchable in website but can be found using the app
I'm seeing strangeness in searching foods as well. Suddenly UK foods that were found by searching in the browser yesterday don't appear today, only their US equivalents.
by cattylarue on 15 Mar 17 11:53 AM
Calories Remaining
This is something huge that is missing off the website version of fatsecret. In the app, it shows you how many calories you have left every time you enter a food item. On the website, the only thing it ...
by mw3284 on 08 Mar 17 12:39 PM
Cook Book Submission approval
I've had recipes in my cookbook that have been 'pending' or awaiting approval for years and I can still post them in my food diary. Your writing sounds interesting and fun, can you private ...
by mummydee on 07 Mar 17 05:31 PM
HI!!! I'm NEW here
Is this the only way to communicate on here?
by nicoleogunbe on 18 Feb 17 12:10 PM
Today's thoughts
I sure wish losing weight would be as easy as gaining. Still I have lost 30 lbs. in the last 3 years and kept it off. 224.4 seems to be my plateau for now. Tues. I was down to 219.2 and today I am back ...
by Peggy 2 on 16 Feb 17 02:47 PM

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