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Hello to all: I had a buddy that didn't reply or write to me at least once a week, I don't know why, I guess we are all busy, but I think that it's only polite to write to your buddy at least ...
5 replies, last reply by MariMarif, 6 years ago.   1,034 views.
started by LindaLaBoriqua.   
Dealing with needing new clothes
For those who have lost a lot of weight, but have a lot more to lose, how do you deal with the clothes issue? My funds are quite limited, but I hate wearing the clothes that are too big now, but I hate ...
22 replies, last reply by Hoser, 6 years ago.   2,746 views.
started by ceceps.   
carbs and fiber
when you calculate carbs, do you use gross or net (carbs minus fiber) numbers?
3 replies, last reply by 2livewell, 6 years ago.   2,850 views.
started by Delani.   
Misc Calories
Is there any way to enter just how many calories you ate? A couple times a month I go to taste testing events, there is no way to know what the amounts are in some of the foods, but I want to give myself ...
2 replies, last reply by SaintViper, 6 years ago.   907 views.
started by nightorchid.   
Trouble with Hormones
Has anyone else had trouble with their hormones being unbalanced? For the past year I have had worsening PMS symptoms, terrible headaches, sleep disturbances and no energy (I turned 35 in September). ...
2 replies, last reply by Naiomy, 6 years ago.   826 views.
started by noos2mee2.   
Looking for a Good Novel - any suggestions?
So I finally found a new hobby - reading in my spare time to take my mind off munching. I'm completing a Novel called 'Panick Attack' by Jason Starr that I randomly picked at the library ...
39 replies, last reply by zandhmom, 6 years ago.   6,193 views.
started by patience0406.   
Countering Counter
Has it already been addressed that the Food Diary and Fitness Tracker aren't linked? I think it'd be really great if there was one "monitor" that kept track of calories going in AND ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   721 views.
started by LaScorpionita.   
Site Suggestion
I don't know how helpful it would be to others, but it would be helpful for me to have an hour-by-hour calendar under the exercise portion of the site. Sometimes I enter this every few hours during ...
1 reply, last reply by kokusho, 6 years ago.   582 views.
started by princessjalr.   
Crazy Question about site
When you click on 'Diet Calendar' and it pulls up your most recent days total calories and total exercise output, what do the astericks mean? Some have them and some don't. I have looked ...
7 replies, last reply by RedHolly, 6 years ago.   1,579 views.
started by michelle102571.   
App, et al...
I LOVE this site and app!! It's made my nutrition logging SO much easier and practicable. I have two minor suggestions: 1. Make it so that you can sort your search results by calories, fat, protien, ...
no replies.   584 views.
started by kellyv2468, 6 years ago.   
GoWear Fit VS. Bodybugg... Please Help!!
I am considering investing in either a GoWear fit or a Bodybugg. I need help and advice on which one to actually buy. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each. I know they are made by the same ...
3 replies, last reply by Ajlina, 6 years ago.   1,747 views.
started by FRY120.   
Question about adding new foods
I just added a type of canned pees on the website. works fine, I find it, but when I try to add it to my journal it forces me to choose out of 1, 1 1/2, 2, and so on serving sizes. I noticed that for ...
1 reply, last reply by jessie1326, 6 years ago.   671 views.
started by Rovlad.   
do you actually lose weight in your breasts when you lose weight?
SOOO.... HAVE YOU LOST WEIGHT & LOST WEIGHT IN YOUR BREASTS AS WELL? if so please comment and tell me how you feel now, and how big of a difference it's made to your life. I was cursed with ...
1 reply, last reply by epright9, 6 years ago.   881 views.
started by TTMUZZY13.   
Sorry to hear that. I sent you a pm.
2 replies, last reply by runnette, 6 years ago.   825 views.
started by shellysue55.   
Not happy with the Journal/Weight Entry thing.
First of all, it's inaccurate. I weighed in today, and a week ago, I weighed 3 lbs more but my little thingy under my profile says I am losing 1.1lb a week. Bogus. Also, I have lost 11 inches all ...
15 replies, last reply by Bchgurl, 6 years ago.   3,365 views.
started by witchyanne.   
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Copy and paste
Hello all! I have recently started this app and truly dig it! My one frustration is, I eat a lot of the same food on a daily basis and cannot find a way to copy and paste the food from one day to an ...
by Raatamax on 07 Nov 16 12:31 PM
For every Oliver, there's a DairyKing
Applauds, I think they realise the power kind words for those of us struggling with weight gain/loss. They are indeed the unsung silent heroes who make a difference more than they probably know.
by Katsyk on 31 Oct 16 08:15 PM
Loss Rates - Enhancement Idea
It occurred to me that maybe we can just have a bug fix for the current rate - as I have no idea what system this is coded in, I'm just going to speak in pseudo-code i.e. find the equivalent inst ...
by ARB0001 on 08 Oct 16 01:29 PM
I heard oolong tea is also good for weight loss. When I was doing low calorie diets I drank a cup at night.
by amusedtodeath85 on 19 Sep 16 10:08 AM
silly question on the activity list and calories thing
All the calorie burns for each FS activity are averages and estimates. Some of the estimates are more accurate than others, but some are not, especially when there is no factoring in different efforts ...
by Steven Lloyd on 19 Sep 16 07:53 AM

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