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Copy and paste
Hello all! I have recently started this app and truly dig it! My one frustration is, I eat a lot of the same food on a daily basis and cannot find a way to copy and paste the food from one day to an ...
1 reply, last reply by Nedra Plante, a year ago.   1,040 views.
started by Raatamax.   
Poor security. Password unencrypted.
To the admins of this site. I have just created an account and was astonished to get a confirmation email with my username and password in plain text! This is wrong on so many levels as it demonstrates ...
11 replies, last reply by MontaniEers, a year ago.   3,524 views.
started by BenBtg.   
I'm curious about the macros the ladies are following for LCHF. I'm new at this..only about 1 1/2 months and there is so much info about macros and what one should follow. Right now, at my weight ...
4 replies, last reply by Avis713, a year ago.   1,515 views.
started by Avis713.   
For every Oliver, there's a DairyKing
What a lovely surprise to receive this message from a kind stranger, who isn't even my buddy yet: [img] A round of applause for Dairy King and the other quiet, unsung ...
9 replies, last reply by Katsyk, a year ago.   5,080 views.
started by kpwcalories.   
For every Oliver, there's a DairyKing
Nice work, DK! And thank you, kp, for spotlighting someone that's worth paying attention to!
9 replies, last reply by Katsyk, a year ago.   5,080 views.
started by kpwcalories.   
For every Oliver, there's a DairyKing
More people paid attention to Oliver in one tiny week than phil, fred, kp etc combined for 3 months. The reason, he had something new to say, something real, something more akin to real science than a ...
9 replies, last reply by Katsyk, a year ago.   5,080 views.
started by kpwcalories.   
Loss Rates - Enhancement Idea
Hi I think currently the loss/gain rate which displays appears to work out the time elapsed between now and your last weight entry and then shows the equivalent weekly rate. I'd like to keep this ...
5 replies, last reply by ARB0001, a year ago.   1,167 views.
started by ARB0001.   
Hi everyone. I've come back to Fatsecret having had a good result but I'm back on the slippery slope. I'm just drinking a cup of tea and hope it fills me up until Dinner time. I keep seeing ...
15 replies, last reply by amusedtodeath85, a year ago.   3,780 views.
started by mrsnomad.   
silly question on the activity list and calories thing
So I'm looking at the light activity section and it says a 220 lb person (me) burns up to only 210 calories an hour for 'sexual activity' yet burns about 100 MORE calories standing there w ...
2 replies, last reply by Steven Lloyd, a year ago.   2,068 views.
started by Kaylesha.   
Forum Improvements
I know it's probably not high on the development list but the forum structure could use a serious revamp. Things like collapsing threads, ignoring users, etc. would be amazing. Yes. I'm talking ...
3 replies, last reply by spacey48, a year ago.   1,244 views.
started by ieGod.   
Forum Improvements
What,you plan on being here for years dude?
3 replies, last reply by spacey48, a year ago.   1,244 views.
started by ieGod.   
:) hi all I'm new to this so I'm just learning the ropes of this
5 replies, last reply by CrazyCatMama, a year ago.   2,032 views.
started by rhonik.   
Feeling disappointed
Worked all day long on hydration and good nutritious eating as I had an appointment after work to give blood..First thing , found out that I was .10 short on iron and they wouldnt let me donate. First ...
no replies.   1,674 views.
started by Marymaryquitecon, a year ago.   
Feeling disappointed
hang in there. Any food from the garden will provide you with all and any mineral you need - and the right amount. Cooking foods will leach many minerals.
no replies.   1,674 views.
started by Marymaryquitecon, a year ago.   
Site seems to be getting outdated isn't it?
Wouldn't it be a really good feature to be able to put in a link and have it pull across nutrition information from recipe sites like allrecipes?
10 replies, last reply by Marilyn54, a year ago.   4,965 views.
started by schase02.   
Understanding this place
I'm new. I've been on here for a few hours trying to find out what that bar under the profile pic is. Some are blue some are partially filled in. I don't know what to call it or how it works.
6 replies, last reply by spacemaker, a year ago.   1,621 views.
started by thenanme.   
Sorry assumed everyone was doing the macro plan for weight loss
no replies.   674 views.
started by TeanBean, a year ago.   
Man what a ride! This first day has been a confidence building, joy bringing, and an odd day rolled into one...I cooked breakfast and my mom had been hoarding me down (that's a little far) to start ...
1 reply, last reply by knuckles the mgtow monk, a year ago.   1,142 views.
started by Nathan3333.   
need help--I am a diabetic. Counting carbs is keeping my sugar levels low but I am not losing the weight like I should. Should I be counting carbs or calories. Need your help please.
8 replies, last reply by Engeland, a year ago.   1,549 views.
started by rvman51.   
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Add Water tracking please
thank you people for this tip. although water sounds so simple i know it can greatly help. if i am not wrong there are water app tracking for both iOs and Android not? anyhow thanks. please share how much ...
by Fairs1981 on 09 Jan 18 10:32 AM
Add featur: sync to garmin
Would like to be able to sync garmin with fatsecret.
by ragbrai1 on 25 Nov 17 10:20 PM
Can you add food that is not in the list
yes .. on the website, start typing into where you would search for a food item, and a little "+ add new food item" option appears just below the window that shows the search r ...
by rhills on 25 Nov 17 11:09 AM
Feature Request. Rolling Week
Look way at bottom of screen .. there is a "contact" link which sends them either an email or a PM. I've used that before and gotten a response.
by rhills on 15 Nov 17 01:57 AM
I still enjoy this story; lowered cholesterol, figured out it isn't where you eat but it is what you eat. This teacher has the data to support his journey/WOE/c ...
by Terrapin12 on 14 Nov 17 05:46 AM

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