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Feeling disappointed
Worked all day long on hydration and good nutritious eating as I had an appointment after work to give blood..First thing , found out that I was .10 short on iron and they wouldnt let me donate. First ...
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started by Marymaryquitecon, a year ago.   
Feeling disappointed
hang in there. Any food from the garden will provide you with all and any mineral you need - and the right amount. Cooking foods will leach many minerals.
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started by Marymaryquitecon, a year ago.   
Site seems to be getting outdated isn't it?
Wouldn't it be a really good feature to be able to put in a link and have it pull across nutrition information from recipe sites like allrecipes?
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started by schase02.   
Understanding this place
I'm new. I've been on here for a few hours trying to find out what that bar under the profile pic is. Some are blue some are partially filled in. I don't know what to call it or how it works.
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started by thenanme.   
Sorry assumed everyone was doing the macro plan for weight loss
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started by TeanBean, a year ago.   
Man what a ride! This first day has been a confidence building, joy bringing, and an odd day rolled into one...I cooked breakfast and my mom had been hoarding me down (that's a little far) to start ...
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started by Nathan3333.   
need help--I am a diabetic. Counting carbs is keeping my sugar levels low but I am not losing the weight like I should. Should I be counting carbs or calories. Need your help please.
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started by rvman51.   
I've been reading about the use of SPIRULINA as a supplement to help with various attributes from removing toxins from the system, helping with allergies, and overall good as an immunity from the bad ...
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started by davidtown.   
I'm curious on everyone's feedback. Do you think it is dumb to buy a outfit (that you can't fit into currently) as an incentive? I keep seeing outfits that I'm like oh.. only if I was.. ...
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started by D4NIELLE.   
how to start when i open up and check with my fatsecert
:( hello i am new in this and i am trying to open it up but has do with my something? i dk but i am trying to see if any come up ny news foer me something....
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started by lchf21.   
Blue Apron & Other Meal Prep Delivery Boxes
Has anyone tried Blue Apron or a similar food delivery system? Does it fit into your diet plan? I'm bored with my regular meal routine and I don't want to drink shakes or eat packaged diet food. ...
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started by bellyafterbaby.   
How to Upload Images to Fatsecret by Kingkeld
Hi all! I made an inquiry to the Fatsecret team requesting information on how to upload images. They responded with a link to a post made by Kingkeld sometime ago. I thought I'd share for anyone ...
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started by KJLioness.   
weightloss after menopause
Not to exclude the men, but.... I started menopause at around 38-39. Was done by 42-43. Have found weight loss to be painfully slow after menopause. Any other women's insights, feedback, or exper ...
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started by TrinaBean66.   
Do you eat all your calories?
I am just wondering if, to loose weight, you should eat your recommended calories every day? I find that I have a high calorie recommended intake, more than I would normally eat! I can't seem to meet ...
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started by ashrabulous.   
Do you eat all your calories?
Eating at a deficit will help you lose weight, that means you eat less calories than you burn. This is called going on a "cut". If one day, you end up doing intense exercise, you would probably ...
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started by ashrabulous.   
Windows Phone 8 App Tile
Great app and website guys, hats off to the programmers. It's the only good diet-tracking app on WP8 too! If I can make one recommendation for the next windows phone app update, assuming the website ...
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started by BigGuy4u, a year ago.   
Is there a way
To log the time of day that you are eating in the food journal?
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started by sokeller52.   
Is there a way
The only way I know of is to add food item, then open it and edit the name adding time in the begginning. It would look like "9 AM - Oatmeal". Not sure if it will help you.
2 replies, last reply by sokeller52, a year ago.   3,902 views.
started by sokeller52.   
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Hello! And I have a question
I found it--it's under My Profile and then a little deeper in.
by rebecca831 on 13 Sep 17 09:15 PM
Weight loss mission
Thank you! I needed that. I just got off talking to my kiddo about running away from what one is scared of. I guess, I shall have to face the truth and be brave about exercising and losing weight.
by Dragonvee on 11 Sep 17 11:46 PM
I'll second that motion! I track that separately on an Excel spreadsheet and then (periodically) total the amounts lost (in inches) in a separate Journal entry.
by From371to184 on 08 Sep 17 08:34 AM
Viewing custom foods
I feel the same way. I would like to be able to go directly to my list because I edit often. Or I would like to just sit at my computer and begin entering meals I eat frequently. I would also like to be ...
by Carla623 on 04 Sep 17 10:09 AM
Suggestion about total added kcal
Hello all! An example by way of clarification: When you add the first ingredient (6kcal) [img] When you add the second (6kcal + 11kcal = 17kcal) [img] ...
by smolinam on 03 Sep 17 06:57 AM

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