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No sugar challenge ???
I'm doing the no sugar challenge, does that include fruits and veggies?
2 replies, last reply by RobynByrd1971, 8 months ago.   1,292 views.
started by Pinklady91588.   
med diets
Is any one going to teauge nutrition in topeka or kc if so hows it going? My first appt is aug 21
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started by andy76528, 9 months ago.   
Boot camp
I'm going to boot camp this Monday I really would love some advice from any branch of service member. Please advice.
4 replies, last reply by andy76528, 9 months ago.   690 views.
started by neonquilt.   
Option to add calories instead of a specific food?
Sometimes when I eat out, I just estimate how many calories is in front of me. Is there an option to simply "add calories"?
6 replies, last reply by DianeG213, 9 months ago.   1,426 views.
started by sleepaholic89.   
Dont forget the most important point of life..being slim is nice but remember the greatest beauty is inside..try not to get yourself killed..whatever you are your fine.
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started by sara698, 9 months ago.   
Feature Request: Water intake
Why doesn't FatSecret allow users to track water intake? I know I don't drink enough and I'll bet many others of its users also do not. Please add it!
no replies.   368 views.
started by lostinpok, 9 months ago.   
Water Aerobics
Was looking around the activities listed and did not find my all-time favorite pastime water aerobics... I did see swimming, however swimming is not the same as water aerobics and I would not want to add ...
4 replies, last reply by sistasistasister, 10 months ago.   641 views.
started by sistasistasister.   
Needing motivation
I am feeling a bit down on myself today, but I am not going to let it defeat me. 8) I need to stay focused, be strong and have some self discipline. I have 33 lbs to lose. I can totally do this. My ...
7 replies, last reply by carloscrane, 10 months ago.   1,013 views.
started by pinkcherrycoke.   
Features and Issues with Calorie Counter App
Hi all, Really like the Calorie counter app. Particularly that the database of foods is growing significantly. Good work. But there are a couple of things that would make things easier. For instance ...
2 replies, last reply by danielbos, 10 months ago.   1,413 views.
started by Jandkw99.   
How accurate is Fatsecret's RDI estimate/calculation?
How accurate is this site's RDI estimate? Mine has been calculated to about 2100 calories. But other websites state that my BMR is 1800. What is the difference between RDI and BMR? And which is more ...
21 replies, last reply by Draglist, 10 months ago.   2,077 views.
started by libertino85.   
Custom foods- This needs improved ASAP
I want to be able to very quickly add custom foods. I want to be able to enter however little/much info about them as i want to. Its utterly ridiculous how difficult this is at the moment.
no replies.   356 views.
started by chamelious, 10 months ago.   
Under RDI yet gaining weight (and frustration!)
I have updated my RDI and for my goals, it is stating that I need to be 1800. I average 1200-1500 even on days that I cheat. How am I not losing weight? Maybe I've hit another plateau? Any input ...
10 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 10 months ago.   1,052 views.
started by ahardesty79.   
Need to wake up early for a morning run
Having very busy nights and really need to incorporate a morning run, but I just can bring myself up to get up at 6am. Any tips?
4 replies, last reply by Rabbitslikecarrots, 11 months ago.   601 views.
started by Rabbitslikecarrots.   
Has anyone quit smoking and started using an e-cig? If you have how has it affected your weigh-loss/fitness journey? I myself have been using one and all I have are good things to say about it; the most ...
11 replies, last reply by SugarMagnolia, 11 months ago.   1,668 views.
started by charles_27.   
goal weight info lost on fat secret
Does anyone else have to keep putting their goal weight in??? i have to do it every so often... cause all of a sudden my goal weight will be zero.:roll:
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, a year ago.   512 views.
started by Tanya49.   
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by howzat4u on 26 Apr 15 01:48 PM
CPAP and Weight Loss
The only thing I know is that using the machine really helps your heart - it's not even really a lung issue. Your heart doesnt get the oxygen it needs at night so you feel tired, sluggish during the ...
by etkfxrwife on 24 Apr 15 04:27 AM
Grams, Calories, & Pie Charts, oh my!
I was thinking the same- so far today I've eaten: Fat 36 Carb 195 Prot 102: Cals total 813 and it says 60% carb, 40% fat and 0% fat on the chart...surely that can't be right! I'm vegetarian ...
by luina on 18 Apr 15 04:57 PM
Cholesterol listing
It is one of the options for your food diary. Under mytoolbox, is my settings, on that page you can choose the 6 options for your food diary.
by mummydee on 18 Apr 15 12:26 PM
It will be great if fatsecret records sugar total in the food journal
It can record sugar, you just need to set it up in your setting. You can also track sodium, fat, protein, carbs, net carbs, cholesterol, fiber and calories.
by summer576 on 16 Apr 15 12:27 PM

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