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Withings Scale
Is anyone using the Withings scale? I'm planning on buying one and love how many services they have integration with; I was kind of bummed to see that FatSecret doesn't integrate with [url=htt ...
40 replies, last reply by Millerdavid891, a week ago.   15,539 views.
started by pdxtom.   
Is there a way to account for -mayo on here?
When I have/choose to eat fast food I always order without any condiments, especially mayo. More because they put disgusting amounts of them on rather than making good choices, but still. Anyway, I& ...
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started by Wade Sansing, a week ago.   
Right weight for you body
Hi, I have been on fatsecret since April 1st of this year. I was roaming the internet and this site pop up by accident so I checked it and and I am so glad I did. I set my goal weight at 130 and stand ...
34 replies, last reply by ChristyLA, a week ago.   2,231 views.
started by deaby16.   
Really struggling with sugar. How do you deal with sugar cravings and yummy desserts?? HELP!!
20 replies, last reply by FullaBella, a week ago.   433 views.
started by mimijhb87.   
What is a good inexpensive pedometer?
I have bought 3, attached them according to the directions and have lost them the first day. Don't remember which ones they were, one was from Walmart. Would love some suggestions.
4 replies, last reply by notlivingonramen, a week ago.   296 views.
started by wholefoodnut.   
No sugar challenge ???
I'm doing the no sugar challenge, does that include fruits and veggies?
2 replies, last reply by RobynByrd1971, 2 weeks ago.   521 views.
started by Pinklady91588.   
Poor security. Password unencrypted.
To the admins of this site. I have just created an account and was astonished to get a confirmation email with my username and password in plain text! This is wrong on so many levels as it demonstrates ...
9 replies, last reply by nb girl, 3 weeks ago.   1,227 views.
started by BenBtg.   
med diets
Is any one going to teauge nutrition in topeka or kc if so hows it going? My first appt is aug 21
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started by andy76528, 3 weeks ago.   
Boot camp
I'm going to boot camp this Monday I really would love some advice from any branch of service member. Please advice.
4 replies, last reply by andy76528, 3 weeks ago.   340 views.
started by neonquilt.   
Option to add calories instead of a specific food?
Sometimes when I eat out, I just estimate how many calories is in front of me. Is there an option to simply "add calories"?
6 replies, last reply by DianeG213, 3 weeks ago.   831 views.
started by sleepaholic89.   
Dont forget the most important point of life..being slim is nice but remember the greatest beauty is inside..try not to get yourself killed..whatever you are your fine.
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started by sara698, a month ago.   
Feature Request: Water intake
Why doesn't FatSecret allow users to track water intake? I know I don't drink enough and I'll bet many others of its users also do not. Please add it!
no replies.   207 views.
started by lostinpok, a month ago.   
Weight averaging & carb tracking
Anybody who does Atkins by-the-book knows it's important to track carb intake over time. Fatsecret has the data, it would be nice to be able to see that information (preferably both carbs and net ...
15 replies, last reply by Draglist, a month ago.   1,170 views.
started by MV10.   
Water Aerobics
Was looking around the activities listed and did not find my all-time favorite pastime water aerobics... I did see swimming, however swimming is not the same as water aerobics and I would not want to add ...
4 replies, last reply by sistasistasister, 2 months ago.   340 views.
started by sistasistasister.   
Needing motivation
I am feeling a bit down on myself today, but I am not going to let it defeat me. 8) I need to stay focused, be strong and have some self discipline. I have 33 lbs to lose. I can totally do this. My ...
7 replies, last reply by carloscrane, 2 months ago.   601 views.
started by pinkcherrycoke.   
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Withings Scale
a lot of different weighting scales are available in market with different futures and functions. Some online sources are also available for buying weighting scale like digital and c... scales in low ...
by Millerdavid891 on 13 Aug 14 12:49 AM
Is there a way to account for -mayo on here?
When I have/choose to eat fast food I always order without any condiments, especially mayo. More because they put disgusting amounts of them on rather than making good choices, but still. Anyway, I& ...
by Wade Sansing on 12 Aug 14 01:19 PM
Right weight for you body
I think something else to point out in regards to "the right weight for your body" is how the "set point" weight affects what the body wants to weigh. I do not believe that all people ...
by ChristyLA on 12 Aug 14 07:36 AM
I totally agree. The video really made it look easy. I'm hesitant because I was given an espresso machine that exploded in my kitchen last night ~ spent an hour just wiping down coffee grounds from ...
by FullaBella on 11 Aug 14 08:23 PM
What is a good inexpensive pedometer?
I use the Omron HJ-321 (about $17), and I like it a lot. It isn't exactly cheap, but it's still considerably less than most of the activity trackers. It is the most accurate pedometer I've ...
by notlivingonramen on 08 Aug 14 07:47 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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