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Bad scale! Bad scale!
I don't understand how I managed to gain almost a pound when I was such a good girl yesterday. I drank water all day, exercised more than ever, kept calories and carbs reasonably low and still gained ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   515 views.
started by Gerdgal.   
Crazy weight loss and gain
I agree losing weight is hard than gaining I'm at a plateau myself, but I keep on working out until it becomes second nature a little workout is better than nothing.
2 replies, last reply by josnorgren, 2 weeks ago.   297 views.
started by nures care.   
How accurate is Fatsecret's RDI estimate/calculation?
How accurate is this site's RDI estimate? Mine has been calculated to about 2100 calories. But other websites state that my BMR is 1800. What is the difference between RDI and BMR? And which is more ...
22 replies, last reply by nigelnorris, 2 weeks ago.   4,821 views.
started by libertino85.   
Database of all foods and their nutrition value
Hi everyone. I joined Fat Secret yesterday, and it already helped me see what is wrong with my eating habits. I just woke up today, and I wanted to create a meal plan for the day that would balance ev ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 3 weeks ago.   202 views.
started by Seijirou.   
Does anyone know how I can change my user-name to smaller, letters instead of how it is now big letters. "Please Need Your Help" "Bobbi" "My post says I joined 5/17/17 Not ...
2 replies, last reply by calliecat777, 3 weeks ago.   286 views.
started by BHolt_61.   
Setting Custom Macro goals for web page
We have this function inside the app but not in the web page, the same for daily goals macros (also with daily goals you can't see them in the app or the web page the kcal that you did setup for that ...
no replies.   124 views.
started by Quickg0ld, 4 weeks ago.   
Best body fat and weight scale?
I'd like to ask for some help from this group. My old analog spring scale is rather finicky and doesn't appear to give accurate, consistent readings and it doesn't measure body fat percentage. ...
2 replies, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   607 views.
started by Razorback91.   
Day 1 with FatSecret
:D Feeling nice and supported. Keep the fire burning
no replies.   141 views.
started by davewu1015, a month ago.   
Water tracker
I was wondering if there were any plans to add a water tracking section... I know there have been requests before. I currently use a separate app on Android which is aptly called 'Water'. You ...
1 reply, last reply by Dennis58, a month ago.   294 views.
started by Kishlette.   
Actual waist size versus trouser size
Is it just me or do other people find a big difference between their actual waist measurement and their clothes size. When I stand in the buff and measure my waist it measure 41 inches, but I'm w ...
3 replies, last reply by Nedra Plante, 2 months ago.   598 views.
started by minitata.   
Gaining Weight
Hello, Is anyone on fatsecret trying to gain back weight from restrictive eating? If so, I am looking for a "buddy" as I go through re-learning how to nourish my body properly.
no replies.   140 views.
started by Wellness5, 2 months ago.   
Finding a "Buddy"
Hello, I am looking for a "buddy" who could possibly help/guide me as I try to gain a little bit of weight for health reasons. If anyone is a dietitian, natural doctor, or nutritionist I would ...
no replies.   203 views.
started by Wellness5, 3 months ago.   
Suggestion about total added kcal
My first message was posted in wrong forum... my fault! This is my second message here, so Hello all! I want to make a suggestion. On the screen where we add the ingredients to the meal we can see ...
no replies.   340 views.
started by smolinam, 3 months ago.   
Some foods are not searchable in website but can be found using the app
I noticed many foods are only searchable using Android app, but the same foods cannot be found when searching within website with a browser. For example when searching for Milbona I have many pages of ...
1 reply, last reply by cattylarue, 3 months ago.   814 views.
started by miikapk.   
Calories Remaining
This is something huge that is missing off the website version of fatsecret. In the app, it shows you how many calories you have left every time you enter a food item. On the website, the only thing it ...
no replies.   366 views.
started by mw3284, 3 months ago.   
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Bad scale! Bad scale!
Watch your sodium intake, that can make you retain water and inch those scales up. There's also a great article somewhere here you can search out called "Why the Scales Lie" , lots of good ...
by mummydee on 17 Jun 17 07:00 AM
Crazy weight loss and gain
[url=http://magenmiles.over-bl... [url=http://affiliateextension... 2 Affiliate When I hit a plateau I usually treat myself. Trick your body!
by josnorgren on 12 Jun 17 10:50 PM
How accurate is Fatsecret's RDI estimate/calculation?
I track my daily calorie intake then my spreadsheet averages it out, averages my weight loss [lbs] * 3500 [ok so it's not perfect but near enough] over the same period, adds them together and tells ...
by nigelnorris on 08 Jun 17 03:32 PM
Database of all foods and their nutrition value
I do the same thing .. plan the day in advance trying to balance everything I'm trying to balance! I think that is the most useful/important thing for me. I don't know if you can download the ...
by rhills on 05 Jun 17 09:14 AM
ty, Kishlette for providing this info as i need to change mine, too :)
by calliecat777 on 31 May 17 10:28 AM

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