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Hi everyone , i found this website in august but never came back , last week i found a video that changed my life and i believe i am ready to change (finally) and on the 29th november i started the Sa ...
1 reply, last reply by 6MiZzUnDaStOoD9, 4 months ago.   417 views.
started by kokkocrystal.   
Plateau to beat all plateaus!
Hello everyone! I am new to this website, been here about a month. About 8 years ago, I achieved a 100 pound weight loss goal and maintained it until a year ago when I officially entered menopause. I have ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, 4 months ago.   891 views.
started by papermaker76.   
Maintaining diet calender
This is the first time I am maintaining log book for my diet. I started dieting & exercising several times. Within three weeks I got tired and skipped the whole program. But this time I have p ...
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started by Alamu, 4 months ago.   
I pray that this works!
:d Greetings everyone! I woke up this morning and was curious about how many calories were in the breakfast that I just consumed so...I started to google my way through the facts and consequently stumbled ...
6 replies, last reply by mmpearce, 4 months ago.   663 views.
started by Melkweg75.   
Eating less but gaining weight???
Hi everybody, found this site recently shortly after deciding to take the bull by the horns and change my appearance & health. I'm liking the site and the camaraderie. I'm somewhat confused ...
4 replies, last reply by mjc42, 4 months ago.   920 views.
started by mjc42.   
I want a buddy like me...
I'm two days in, and want to lose about 20 lbs. I'm a 53 yr old female from SC. I consider myself an old hippie type, and have liberal views. I've always been active, but in the last few ...
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started by RenDuck, 4 months ago.   
new here and love this site! cronic pain
I am a cronic pain patient with depression and ptsd on ssdi ive always been heavy but 5 years ago I got my weight down from 264 to 199, been on atkins lost fast started on the 2nd of this month at about ...
no replies.   517 views.
started by Tlovetlk, 5 months ago.   
Any other sober members?
New here! My name is Tyler. 33 days sober and now looking to change my life even more by getting healthy!!
3 replies, last reply by AnnThom, 5 months ago.   976 views.
started by TylerJ76.   
Good to be here.
I'm verbose, so bear with me. :lol: I have been overweight for some time now but with the amount of pain I had, I thought, screw it, I'll be dead within a year or less anyway and I ate the wrong ...
4 replies, last reply by kingkeld, 5 months ago.   1,449 views.
started by CatsNJammies.   
Hello, I am new to the site, so wanted to say "Hi". I have been looking for a site like this for a while now, and it was by chance that I found this site :) Looking forward to being able to ...
2 replies, last reply by ellen warner, 5 months ago.   786 views.
started by Chizzy_81.   
I Need Support from Buddies
Hello, Would you like to be my buddy? I need support and would like to give you some in return. Thanks for listening, Nettie51
4 replies, last reply by kingkeld, 5 months ago.   1,375 views.
started by nettie51.   
Hi All, I m a newby. I joined in 2011 but have just come back to this. I think this might be a great way to get motivated and stay focused. I am 62, widowed, 5'2" and weight 151. My high weight ...
5 replies, last reply by ClassicRocker, 5 months ago.   1,598 views.
started by terrys weight.   
Hi there... I have just joined this site (again). I lost 8 stone a couple of years ago but have recently put a bit on so I am eager to start losing again. I have tried everything recently and nothing has ...
1 reply, last reply by SherylPT13, 5 months ago.   577 views.
started by LittleMsW.   
Hello everyone
Hello everyone am new here my name is Dennis this looks like a really nice place and I really like the food calculator. Am just trying to get back to the way I was before my spinal injury. My goal for ...
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started by corifeo, 5 months ago.   
Secrets Revealed
I am trying to stay current on fat secret and it does feel like I am revealing secrets towards weight lost success. I am no where there yet but I am motivated to get my weight down. I even like the name ...
2 replies, last reply by desperate1964, 5 months ago.   604 views.
started by carmel023.   
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Keep smiling!
And our best to you as well. Good luck on your journey!
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 07:58 PM
howdy yall
Hello all!! :) I've played around on the app for a few months, but just recently linked it to the site. Its pretty cool. Does anyone know how to post journal entries NOT on the website? Just curious ...
by cich86 on 17 Apr 14 01:16 PM
2nd day is not so bad
This is my second day of being with the FS community. I'm hoping that we all can make it to the finish line and celebrate. See you there!
by beefree4ever on 16 Apr 14 08:19 PM
It's a start
I am Going to try A no carb Diet on tue & thursdays and low carb every other day. I am unable to walk much due to a Injury and am on Blood thinners which cuts down on things I can eat. Wish Me luck! ...
by MichelleMartinBales on 16 Apr 14 06:04 PM
Welcome. The site has worked wonders for many of us. Wishing you success too.
by Draglist on 07 Apr 14 07:00 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins