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Just joined. Googled a kj calculator for my breakfast and came to this site. Looks comprehensive has everything I ate today and an exercise calculator to boot. looking forward to tracking my progress now ...
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started by DMAC1984.   
I'm new to this so I have no idea how it really works. I don't have a lot to lose but as they say it's the last 10-15 lbs. that are the hardest! I need the motivation to get out there and ...
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started by ileanw.   
Support buddies would be great
Finding out I had Uterine Cancer in December was a massive shock to my system, so after having my girly bits removed at 40 ( both ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, lymph nodes and the fatty co ...
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started by Craigsangel, 5 months ago.   
Hi... New here
My daughter, who is a fitness buff, suggested this site to me in that I was just labeled a diabetic with an A1C of 6.3 (not diabetic = 6.0) and I'm ready to turn this around. I weigh more than I ever ...
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started by janabird516.   
New to the site!
Hello, I'm Susan and just a few days into the site. I have a few questions...Is it possible to enter in any recipe's or calculate ones own recipe? Have I missed that tool? Also wonder what figures ...
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started by 1Director.   
Newbie here, my first post!
Hello everyone! This is my first post on this site. So I just wanted to say "hi". This site is great for helping me keep track of my macros. And the people here seem to be really active on ...
3 replies, last reply by Kitjai26, 5 months ago.   1,214 views.
started by Kitjai26.   
New here, looking for friends
I just joined and am looking for buddies here on FS. My goal is more about getting in shape than losing weight, though I would certainly like to drop at least ten pounds. I also am hoping to improve my ...
4 replies, last reply by mars2kids, 5 months ago.   1,683 views.
started by Dagangecko.   
Well, hello everyone
I see it was 20 days ago that I registered on this site. And then did nothing further! Typical! :? Cannot remember where I first saw fatsecret and, to my great surprise, saw that there was a franchi ...
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started by EileenJ, 5 months ago.   
First Timer
javascript:insertsmiley(';) ','/static/images/emoticons/wi... Hi all - this is the first time I have joined a group on the web. I am hoping with the support on here it will keep me going! ...
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started by antheawren, 6 months ago.   
Me... here... again....
Back again, many years after first signing. Trying to stop the out-of-control-ness of my food. So far, so good. A minor knee injury has been making working out a (literal) pain, but that will heal. ...
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started by AmandaSo, 6 months ago.   
Do you intermittent fast??
I have been intermittent fasting now since January 30th 2014 every other day. I've lost 11.8 lbs from fasting. I want to know what your experience is. I have eaten as much as 2600 calories, on down ...
12 replies, last reply by Deborahg382, 6 months ago.   2,177 views.
started by Deborahg38.   
First Day
So this is me: 165 cm 85kg, stuck in a wheelchair. I need to be 15 kg less to be a bit more healthy. So today I have tracked and started a journal..I hope it will last longer than an ice cream on a hot ...
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started by wheelfifi, 6 months ago.   
Dr Fuhrman or Nutratian
I am looking to network with anyone doing the Dr Joel Furhman. I recently switched from Atkins low carb high fat to a higher carb about 60 grams from Induction), but have lowered my fats to only co ...
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started by pgreen6840, 6 months ago.   
Coming aboard
Found this site decided to join today. I need to drop 10-15 lbs to reach my ideal weight but these last few lbs are giving me a run for my money. Doing cardio 2x a day and twice a week I had Pilates but ...
2 replies, last reply by evanlan, 6 months ago.   483 views.
started by Amazon2010.   
Hi, I was diagnosed with metastatic malignant melanoma in Sept 2013. All the lymph nodes in my groin (left) were removed and I was on Interferon. The side effects were horrendous and I have stopped tr ...
1 reply, last reply by Deborahg38, 6 months ago.   650 views.
started by Beatingcancer.   
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This site is a huge help both in food tracking and support
by wholefoodnut on 19 Sep 14 08:29 PM
5:2 Fast Diet
Hi All, Just dropping a quick hello and wondering if anyone else out there is doing the 5:2 fasting diet. I have been on this diet for 4 days now and I know I shouldn't weigh myself yet but I have ...
by Xaviersmum on 17 Sep 14 03:36 AM
Deep Blue Publications Group Review: Rakennus Tietämyksen tulee Ensin
Suuri osa nykypäivän vaurautta ja perustamista vaatia rakentaa tai hankkia tietoa. Joshaluat ihmiset tietää, millaista tuotetta tai palvelua myyt, sinun täytyy ottaa aikaakertoa ...
by crammystand on 16 Sep 14 01:37 AM
on the saddle again...
over 40 is not old, and losing weight is more connected to changing lifestyle then anything else. Exactly what you are talking about. First changing your lifestyle in a healthy one and then weight loss ...
by Marcela_Olega on 15 Sep 14 02:14 PM
I'm not new here
"Sticking by the rules". You hit it on the nail, crimson. Be it gastric surgery, Atkins, Weight Watchers or CICO, all you have to do is stick with the rules. It doesn't matter which road ...
by Glaun on 13 Sep 14 02:17 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins