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Hi- allways struggled with my weight, as a child I was very fat, hit puberty and grew 18 inches and lost all the puppy fat, did some boxing training and weightlifting and at one point was quite athletic. ...
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started by jads70, 4 months ago.   
New to the site and needing encouragement and support.
Hello everyone, I'm a new member to the site. I have not been on a diet in awhile. It is very hard for me to diet, when ever I try it seems that with in a few days foods that I can't eat are in ...
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started by jross77.   
Hello Sweetie...
So, pretty much I have no idea what I'm doing. I started this cause I'm going to make a concious effort to improve myself. In March of last year, I got into a car accident. Since then, I have ...
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started by kt kaboom.   
Weighed in today only 113 lbs. to go.:cry: Weight Watchers is the road i'll be travelling on. :)
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started by lgreeny.   
Another Monday morning, another diet, feeling good though
Hello eveyone, I'm brand spanking new to this "Fat Secret", and feeling very positive, as I always do on a "Monday " :d . I am 55 years old female , married with 3 adult children ...
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started by marypoppins59.   
New Member
for the first time in years I have decided to let go of my yo-yo dieting and embarked on a complete life style change. My journey so far has not been easy but I am determined to see this through. Reading ...
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started by MmabathoGP.   
Hello, then. I suppose an introduction is in order. A friend of mine suggested using this site, so here I am. I'm a single mother of a toddler. I've always been rather thin--and quite out of ...
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started by haesel.   
Reason for my gains.
Some have commented on my weight log ins. I competed in my 5th fitness/bodybuilding competition the first of February. I took first in both of my classes. I am now tring to gain weight to put on more ...
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started by baby624.   
Needing of encouragement and support
Hello everyone, I am a new member, 6 days to be exact. I have always had problems with my weight. In 2006, I reached my highest weight of 287 lbs. I said enough is enough. I had moved to a different ...
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started by Joanie69.   
Another newbie!
On Monday I decided that enough was enough, and I had to do something about getting fit and losing weight. I am sick of my thighs rubbing together and causing me discomfort while I am wearing skirts. I ...
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started by Ibizan Lover.   
needing a buddie
Last year November 9th I sat next to my Mom while she passed away. The month prior, I was her care giver tending to her needs not paying any attention to my own. Currently my weight is back up to 317.3 ...
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started by Believinginkb.   
My life in gereral
I am a woman, 82 years old, who is accustomed to doing what needs to be done. So I am very frustrated because in my later years I find I can do less of what I enjoy (dancing, carpentry work, laying floor ...
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started by Bergie39.   
Hi Yall, new diet try
Hi everyone, Just starting the Atkins diet. I found you all by a friend on the Atkins site. A little about me...I am 40 and I work for a pipeline company. I have no kids but do have two parrots that I ...
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started by adinafloyd.   
name's tim. working on overall fitness, complicated by diabetes and liver disease. doing good, so far, and thought i'd try the online thing. pleasure to make your acquaintances...
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started by timconard.   
I'm new to this sight as well
Hello I'm Star. I've struggled with my weight all my life and I would like to make a permanent change. I've been working out more than I normally do and I've added some new types of ...
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started by SHARPERIMAGES, 5 months ago.   
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Back to the LC WOE
Thanks, Mummydee! My friends who did the HCG always look so gaunt and tired. I always feel energized when I eat clean and LC. I only wish the best for them and if they start to re-gain I hope I can be ...
by MicheleRF on 29 Jul 14 06:19 PM
First weigh in
Awwww, your life really doesn't have to be controlled by food. Track your food intake for a bit. Decide on a plan and go for it. Keep tracking, a few minutes every day here. Journal, it tends to ...
by wholefoodnut on 28 Jul 14 09:13 PM
M 26 touching 96
You are welcome and thank you :-)
by snezica on 28 Jul 14 02:19 PM
trying again
I am trying again this time I am doing weight watchers .I started ww on 3/1/14 starting weight was 163.2 now I'm 146.6 I haven't been in to get weighed so it could of changed .I really need s ...
by rozbudz13 on 27 Jul 14 03:01 PM
I am a new member today
Thank you both! I see you showing great support already. Love it! I should be here to stay ;))
by CuriousCD on 23 Jul 14 03:12 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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