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Printing food journal
I only know how from an iPhone: Go to "More" at bottom of screen. Select Diet Calendar. Scroll to bottom of calendar. Select the icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointing upward from ...
1 reply, last reply by Kathy carter, 4 months ago.   712 views.
started by TomLong.   
Cannot seem to break the 70 kilo mark!!
At present I weigh between 72 on the dot and varies over the last 2 matter what i do it just won't seem to go past 70!! I would be rapt in 69.9!! so of course i think ...stuff ...
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started by boombah betty, 4 months ago.   
I am new here. Needing help... I have diabetes and other health issues. Had a radical pericardectommy in 2014. DAMAGED liver from cardiac liver cirrhosis, da,aged lungs. Dr's. Are continuously after ...
8 replies, last reply by TomLong, 4 months ago.   946 views.
started by tinagarfield1.   
My body
Ahhh okay so i'm 14, and I've been depressed and suicidal for 4 years, I have been self conscious and insecure about my body since i was 9 and i recently just started overdosing on laxatives to ...
2 replies, last reply by TomLong, 4 months ago.   336 views.
started by tatertosh.   
FatSecret _ My Tool for Charting Self Love
I am 55 and after years of fighting my body; treating it as an enemy or something to tame, enduring being shamed by doctors and suffering from misdiagnosis I am taking charge of my health and my happi ...
2 replies, last reply by From371to184, 5 months ago.   684 views.
started by Looped.   
New to here not to Dieting!!!
Hi Everyone, Im 43 year old mother of 3 (youngest now 17) and I have struggles with my weight all my life. Tried everything from Weigh Watches to Atkins. Whilst I had success at the time of doing it ...
3 replies, last reply by From371to184, 5 months ago.   913 views.
started by Libdog.   
RDI Calculator
I'm a new FatSecret user...have been using it only a week. Was surprised at the large number of calories the RDI calculator gave me per day (2900). Would have thought it should be a lot less. I ma ...
2 replies, last reply by rhills, 5 months ago.   778 views.
started by pylesw.   
Newbie - Love this site/app
Hi all, Happy Friday 13th. Have struggled with yo-yo weight my whole life. 18 months ago I lost a heap through watching what I ate and exercise, it found me though! So now I am starting the process ...
5 replies, last reply by jade0177, 5 months ago.   1,439 views.
started by jade0177.   
I commute 2 hours daily so don't get a chance to go to gym anymore. Gained so much weight
Hello, I got married in Jan this year and then got a job a job in March. I live in Mississauga and commute to Toronto every weekday. Reaching home is a mission every weekday also I don't drive and ...
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started by rabailkazi, 6 months ago.   
New Member
I'm new to this, only starting on Saturday. I want to loose 25lbs and have never dieted before as I was always active enough to keep my weight at a constant. I now have a desk job 40 hrs/week and own ...
3 replies, last reply by Jipper500, 6 months ago.   551 views.
started by paula5418.   
10 reasons I want to lose weight
So here are 10 reasons why I want to lose weight. 1) I will have better self esteem 2) I will feel sexy 3) My body will feel better (no pain) 4) I will have more energy 5) I will like to get dressed ...
29 replies, last reply by janetho, 6 months ago.   13,376 views.
started by hiloheather.   
fit for life and christmas
:) .... having watched the bbc programme about ageing - am determined to work a bit harder - going back to swimming and the reduced calories for 2 or 3 days out of 7. I felt so much better before when ...
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started by TPRose, 6 months ago.   
4 days in
Hi. Well after hitting 209lbs and realizing it was not coming off with my cycling I opted for the Nutri System diet Must say for most of the food it is nothing special just small portions(really small ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 6 months ago.   366 views.
started by Brightonuk.   
I'm kinda new to Fatsecret but I can already tell its gonna be very usefull for me. I did have one question. Do you have to share your recipes when you enter one into your cookbook? I'm a serious ...
2 replies, last reply by From371to184, 6 months ago.   688 views.
started by raypatt1966.   
Hi everyone. My name is Kat and I just joined yesterday. I'm 55 years old and live in Texas. Over the last two years I've gained 20lbs. I was already overweight but not to the point where ...
9 replies, last reply by From371to184, 6 months ago.   1,509 views.
started by KatS219.   
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I stepped on the scale on February 23 & weighed in @ 285 Lbs. I had a wrecked shoulder repaired back last of October & basically was confined to home rest, not even driving for 4 months. Came ...
by Yafg on 16 Mar 18 10:11 PM
Just signed up
My experience is that switching to a diet higher in protein and fat, along with eliminating processed food, caused my blood work numbers to improve. All meat is loaded with protein, as well as eggs. If ...
by HardDaysKnight on 14 Mar 18 09:28 PM
Here I Go Again
Thank you!
by Swillary on 14 Mar 18 03:47 PM
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Hello --- just signed up. A great journey lies ahead!! :)
by HardDaysKnight on 14 Mar 18 03:05 PM
good luck you can do it !!
by Soulinchains on 14 Mar 18 10:56 AM

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