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Howdy, I figured I'd start over.... again. I wish FatSecret would sync with other apps/programs, but I can't seem to find it. I'm trying to get to about 180 lbs (81.64 kg/12.85 stone). I ...
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started by ValerieAnne84.   
Today is the start date!
I am Sarah, Today I start counting calories again, last time I did this I was able to lose 35 lbs, but that was 7 years ago. I pray I can keep at it this time. Wish me luck:roll:
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started by sdeerkop.   
Total Newb
Hi There! I stumbled onto this site today, trying to figure out how many calories I'd consumed at breakfast. Whilst the yoghurt container clearly listed this info, how many were in the mango I'd ...
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Day 3
:d I started a 100 day challenge for myself on the 22nd, so this is day 3, and I've lost 2.6 pounds! Doing the Low Carb/High Fat plan right now.
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started by misskathie, 2 months ago.   
fluffyjo intro
Hi everyone! am a new member trying to find my way around here. I have decided to change my lifestyle due to high blood pressure...went to the doctor to start a diet program. am not sure if its Keto or ...
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started by fluffyjo.   
fluffyjo intro
fluffyjo wrote: Hi everyone! am a new member trying to find my way around here. I have decided to change my lifestyle due to high blood pressure...went to the doctor to start a diet program. am not sure ...
8 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 months ago.   994 views.
started by fluffyjo.   
I'm new here. Just wanted to say hello. I want to lose about 60 pounds so I can be healthy and set a good example for my daughter. I'm addicted to Coke (the drink--otherwise I'd be skinny ...
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I have just retired and started on an exercise and weight loss journey. I love animals, humans of all kinds, and my food too - if I am not too distracted to notice what I am eating. I have used this app ...
2 replies, last reply by jwill77nc2, 2 months ago.   725 views.
started by Pet Fan.   
Would love to hear from anyone who has lost 150lbs or needs to lose 150lbs or there abouts, I have lost 22lbs in the last 6 weeks I would love to share my weight loss journey with someone else who needs ...
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started by franturner.   
St. Patricks Day
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all- remember watch out for that Green Beer, moderation !!!!! ;)
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started by kids3dogs3, 2 months ago.   
Need Help!!!!!!!
I had twins 4 months ago and lost most of the pregnancy weight in 6 weeks now ive gained much more because I stopped exercising due to headaches from high blood pressure and the fact that am studying all ...
6 replies, last reply by Cambridge68, 2 months ago.   898 views.
started by Nesie160.   
I would like to get to know some people on here who have: 1. lost weight using Atkins diet 2. actually follow the diet, eating less than 15-20 g. net carbs a day for induction I have searched for b ...
5 replies, last reply by ruabrannw, 2 months ago.   778 views.
started by GothPrYnCiss.   
Hi and Thanks everyone!
My name is Deon. I let myself go over the past two years and that resulted in me being as fat as a pig. I topped at 112kg very recently and had few pants that would fit. I decided on the LCHF diet since ...
3 replies, last reply by DeonDelport, 2 months ago.   314 views.
started by DeonDelport.   
Hi. I'm new. There isn't too much exciting about me. I love to write do archery, make jewelry and knit. Oh and I LOVE Jesus! So that's about all there is too me. *wave*
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started by JFSurvivor.   
Hello I'm a newbie,my name is Chrissie and I'm 64 years young next month.I would like to lose 1st before I go on holiday in May.
9 replies, last reply by christajocelyn, 2 months ago.   1,054 views.
started by Chrischar.   
DairyKing before & After
I don't know what the big deal is; I haven't changed a bit from 1967 to today. 1967 [img]http://www.wingnuts-haven... Today [img]http://www.wingnuts-haven... See what I mean?
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started by DairyKing.   
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Hello from Scotland.
Welcome and good luck :)
by howzat4u on 22 May 15 01:21 PM
Losing weight should help. Just think of the extra strain the extra pounds are putting on them.
by wholefoodnut on 22 May 15 07:19 AM
do You 5:2 ?
I found 5:2 very good when I was working. I would take nothing to eat to work with me, come in in the evening, have my low cal meal (Weight Watchers or such like) and that was me for the evening. Now I ...
by JockoT on 22 May 15 04:09 AM
To add to sweetmissy56 comments, you can use the FS set up a program to set your RDI to gain weight. To gain one pound a week, you have to add 3500 calories to you RDI(weekly) In other words, using 1440 ...
by Glaun on 20 May 15 10:48 AM
Hello and Help Please
I agree. Gaining 30 lbs in a month when you have actually been doing things to make yourself healthier is alarming to me. The water retention alarms me as well. If your doctor says there is nothing wrong, ...
by ElseJ on 20 May 15 07:35 AM

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