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Type II diabetes
Hi, I'm new to FS, I had signed up a few years ago but that's as far as I got. As I age, and with a diagnosis for Type II diabetes a few years ago, I am trying to change my life habits. So that ...
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started by windex2014, 3 months ago.   
Hello I am New
Hello, I am Stacy. I am a mom of 4 kids. I have three dogs. I am married. I have been stuck at around 250 for 2 years now. I hate being this way but everything I do just seems to backfire. I recently ...
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started by stacyutley1.   
New Member
I am new to fatsecret, but very impressed already with how easy it is to use. I am 72, 5'7", female, retired, a cancer survivor. I went from being a fit, active person with several horses, to ...
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started by alicepayne1.   
Starting My Journey!
Starting my Journey, decided to join here to help myself achieve my goals. I look forward to my journey ahead!
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started by pjclpn2b.   
gym activity
Well I am 69 year male. 2013 had a MI and two stents place. I have been trying to keep my BMI in normal range. Starting this year I notice that my range is called overweight. So I am working on lost ...
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started by patrickfreeman.   
asks for subject ? daaaa ? weight of course and food. hahaha
hello all you slimmers. hope this app is working well for you and happy to be part of this journey and share. started on the 8th Jan and had a wake up call re the amount of calories I was consuming daily, ...
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started by denny, 4 months ago.   
Hello. 1st full day here.
When calorie counter died, I thought I could do it alone...lost 100 lbs (Size 18 to Size 6:) ) with them and, have, successfully kept it off, but the last 25 are :evil: still here and need to go. So I ...
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started by Peaceful_Storm.   
Hello. 1st full day here.
Your body is temple and you need to respect it. Have you heard or not that what you eat is what you become. Healthy meal plan is the most significant thing you can buy for yourself.
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started by Peaceful_Storm.   
Today, is the first day of a new life!! Changing so much in 2018 that this will be my year!! I am looking to lose 27 more pounds and I know that it will happen!! I'm a Wife, Mom, Grandma and so much ...
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started by Tracey2018.   
I just had to share something and that is I just got back from a 2 week vacation and I did not gain weight, I actually lost. This is a first in a lifetime. I just made the best decisions I could and ...
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started by JanetMay2013.   
Welcome to 2018 -- so far, not bad!!
Greetings from Guatemala. I have some different issues and challenges than many, since I don't always have access to diet products and other luxuries here. On the other hand, lots and lots of fresh ...
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started by Elsiejay19.   
Slow creeper weight
Yikes again, just weighed in with out cringing, must find right diet again and also incorporate the new movement. After a while the low carb diet did not work well for me after awhile, seemed like I s ...
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started by The candy fan, 4 months ago.   
Just Introducing Myself
Hi, my name is Cherita and I'm 48 years old. I work a full-time office job, and I work part-time remotely. I am married and I have a teenager. The past two years have been a roller coaster ride for ...
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started by cheritaaxel.   
I retired 59 and 100lbs over weight...Woke up the other day and figured I better get on this before its too late. I don't have a real diet in mind I'm just going to use an old school method I used ...
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started by MacNova.   
A long journey
Hey everyone. I’ve been here since 2013 but been away for 4 years. Last night I downloaded the app. I’ve been reading through some of the stories and also smiled through the Christmas indulgence ones ...
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started by Sassperella, 5 months ago.   
Lifestyle re-engineering program!
I am re-engineering my life and want my body back in shape! I am joining the spring challenge in 6 days. I am new and will be focused on a combination of The Bulletproof diet, The Atkins diet and The ...
1 reply, last reply by bernicestockstill, 5 months ago.   383 views.
started by classicreata.   
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Hi Everyone! I am a newbie to the site and just getting familiar with all of the great things I have already discovered. I have never been a journaling type of person, and I don't know what's ...
by secretnana on 25 May 18 05:57 PM
Fresh Start
Thank you so much, I will look it up. I'm glad you responded, some of the posts I have read have been from so long ago.
by soultimelady on 22 May 18 02:57 PM
Time for me to become accountable....
Hi! Generally if you make a journal entry people will comment or support you easily - the posts are harder to get to so not easily answered! Good luck! I am at 163 now and hoping to get down to 125
by abbadabba on 19 May 18 07:40 PM
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Forgot yesterdays diuretics gained 1.2 kg water overnight no fun.
by Alazne58 on 16 May 18 02:05 PM
Saying hello from a newbie
Thank you new clothes, I would love to join you. I have been battling for years. I have an autoimmune disease "Systemic Sclerosis and it affected my thyroid and everything. I drop wt. and gain. I ...
by Lilithb on 15 May 18 12:57 PM

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