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Just joined today
Hi! My name is Kelly, and I have just joined here today. I've been wallowing for far too long. After a loss of 40 pounds 4 years ago, I have put it all back on. I need to get moving again!! I am in ...
2 replies, last reply by kkg, 5 years ago.   724 views.
started by kkg.   
26 year old Foster Mom of 5
I am a foser mom in Texas. I have a wonderful opportunity to go on a missions trip to Africa in December and am desperate to do what it takes to get this weight off before I go. With an extremely full ...
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started by flutterby, 5 years ago.   
Hi, I am Amanda
I joined yesterday and I have been trying to lose weight for 5 days now. I went and weighed myself today and I was a pound heavier. I refuse to log that as a weigh in. I almost thought about giving up ...
1 reply, last reply by Divided By Zero, 5 years ago.   1,009 views.
started by MrsAmandaJordan.   
I am from Southern California
I live in the land of thin people so I decided enough was enough and it was time to become one of them. Used to be skinny though I never appreciated it. Now I am earning it back with hard work and lots ...
1 reply, last reply by MrsAmandaJordan, 5 years ago.   784 views.
started by lizziej81.   
Just Starting
Hello, I actually just found this site online and thought what a great way to get motivated. I am so disgusted with myself especially with all the cute summer clothes out and nothing fits me nice. Not ...
2 replies, last reply by wasmuthk, 5 years ago.   826 views.
started by karmar.   
Hello All!
Hey there! I am here because of my husband. He came across this site and wanted me to be his buddy. Well, I haven't been a great buddy for him. Lately, though, I've noticed a change in him and ...
1 reply, last reply by RealtorInTx, 5 years ago.   800 views.
started by YES.   
New Beginings
Hello everyone I have been on FS since March I am a 32 year old mother who is on a road to a healthier life style. I am interested in chating with everyone on our success and worries(because we all have ...
4 replies, last reply by DReno, 5 years ago.   899 views.
started by Healthy32.   
Hello Everyone! I'm new here!
New here. I found this site through the Facebook "My Diet" app. I would love to have some support buddies on here, Facebook, and/or Myspace. I am 33 yrs old, have a 6 yr old son. I eat way ...
1 reply, last reply by CryCry, 5 years ago.   790 views.
started by crystalcpa.   
Hello there everyone! I am new to this and wanted to say hi. Also, I was wondering if there is a group for people that are in love with chocolate as much as I am. It's my downfall and all over my ...
4 replies, last reply by teehee, 5 years ago.   963 views.
started by Huckleberry222.   
Newbie From Sydney
Hi! I'm a thirtysomething geek girl who has taken the big step to get off the couch and lose weight and improve my fitness. I am blogging about my weight loss/fitness challenge over at [url=http: ...
2 replies, last reply by cataocampo, 5 years ago.   1,092 views.
started by Riayn.   
Newbie from Colorado
Okay so I am totally new to this and I am not sure if my previous post was submitted so here I go. I am a 36 yr old mother of 2 beautiful kids. I weigh 165 and plan on losing 25lbs (or more) with sl ...
2 replies, last reply by Kswick, 5 years ago.   595 views.
started by Kswick.   
How do I know how many points I have each day?
8) Greetings from bloody hot Arizona. I haven't been to a WW meeting and with this website I'm not sure I really need to. I have looked at ebay for the 2009 WW books and weight trackers. I ...
4 replies, last reply by xojana, 5 years ago.   821 views.
started by xojana.   
Hello. :-)
Hello everyone! I have a question. How do you add to the "tips" section? Thank you!
1 reply, last reply by dizzlefoshizlf03, 5 years ago.   545 views.
started by dizzlefoshizlf03.   
Hello everyone, I'm new here !
Hi, I from Thailand,just signuped up a hour ago. Nice to meet everyone :badgrin:
2 replies, last reply by Qoo, 5 years ago.   570 views.
started by Qoo.   
Hi everyone!
I just came back to Fatsecret after a long time away of doing other things. I just created a Challenge. It's about losing those last 10 pesky pounds OR for anyone who wants to track their first/next ...
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started by that1grlthere, 5 years ago.   
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Throwback Thursday!
Sweet! June can be cold up here then too. I've been known to wear snowmobile gloves lol.
by nicholaix on 26 Mar 15 06:24 PM
Life is fun:
Thank you. :)
by FluffyMe on 26 Mar 15 09:08 AM
Thank you so much. :) That's a shame, I'd rather not have two food journals, but I guess I'll have to do so, as I really like getting the $ from PACT APP (even if it's not much). As, I ...
by ValerieAnne84 on 25 Mar 15 06:29 PM
Today is the start date!
Hi Sarah! I started yesterday and am new to this also. Good luck and I know we can do it!
by Lucy1771 on 25 Mar 15 12:14 PM
Total Newb
Thanks! That is good advice. I came close to running out of calories yesterday, but I caught myself before engaging in mindless eating in front of the TV. Instead, I opted for a few fresh berries, turned ...
by Windigo64 on 24 Mar 15 11:49 AM

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