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Oklahoma Mom
Hi everyone. Well I joined Fatsecret about a week ago. It's been great to help me keep track of my points. My name is Elisabeth and I'm a new mom with an adorable little boy that is almost 4 ...
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started by elisabeth_77, 6 years ago.   
Hello All! My name is Erin and I joined about a week ago. I have been heavy all my life and now that I am about to turn 21 I want to change myself. I am hoping that having other people to talk to will ...
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started by Dragonfly87.   
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started by momruth44.   
Hi everyone, first day on fatsecret and just wanted to say hi :)
I hope I do this right, I've never been on a site like this and to be honest, I'm a little nervous lol !! I'm really looking foward to meeting people that are taking the same journey as I am ...
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started by SissyT.   
Hi, Well I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 23 years old and I've been dieting since I was at school. I've not quite decided what weight I want to get to but I'm sure I will ...
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started by Annasweetpea.   
Hello Everyone, My name is Cathy and I am new to this site. I haven't quite figured out how to use it but saw introduce yourself and thought I would start there. I have been very discouraged with ...
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started by Chatty Cathy.   
Hi everyone! I'm in the process of shedding extra weight I put on this past year and looking for all the help I can get. Looking forward to finding my way around this site & meeting fellow die ...
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started by puggles.   
New and Hopeful
Hi all! I have stuggled with weight all my life. I am ready to get back on track this time...after one great attempt a long time ago and a few failed attempts in the last few years I want to get back to ...
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started by renie83.   
New to FS, not to dieting
Hello! I'm quite enjoying this site, very easy to post journal entries, food & exercise entries. I've been on the Body for Life since January 9th of this year and have lost a total of 32 ...
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started by laura71, 6 years ago.   
Hi! I'm Andrea and I'm doing Weight Watchers. I have had huge success with it in the past so I know it works for me. I am still getting to know the site. I have been looking up the WW recipes ...
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started by missoreily.   
I've just started...
Tasha, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I think it is GREAT decision you've made to join WW and lose weight. If you do it now, while you are still young, you will never regret it. I promise. I have 2 nieces ...
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started by iDetektiv, 6 years ago.   
Fellow Christian dieters ...
Hello! I am new to FS & looking for some new buddies! I especially need some Christian dieters for shared encouragement. I truly believe that I can not make it to my goal without God's guid ...
3 replies, last reply by misslala, 6 years ago.   674 views.
started by alideni.   
I Can Make You Thin way of weight loss
Hi everyone, Going on my third week. Weighed at the end of my second week and lost five pounds! I'm very happy with that! I'm very motivated on this diet because it is soooo easy, and of course ...
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started by igetit, 6 years ago.   
Over the Edge
Hi, my name is Carolyn I have tried for years to lose weight (loss some gain more.) I'm hoping to change that with WW and your help. Our local maternity cnter is offer free work out classes and I have ...
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started by taterbaby.   
Starting Fat Smash tomorrow...need advice
Hello! I am starting the Fat Smash diet tomorrow. I am going to the grocery store after work today, any ideas on SIMPLE Phase 1 recipes and foods that I can buy to make these next 9 days easy and del ...
3 replies, last reply by dianamg81, 6 years ago.   937 views.
started by deecie.   
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Hello from South Texas
When I cook at home, I create a recipe that I add to my cookbook, that way I can get an accurate calorie count, and also duplicate at a later date.
by kwood1125 on 19 Apr 14 07:43 PM
New to Fatsecret - referral from
Hi everyone - I just joined fat secret and started Atkins (again) just this month. I'm in my mid-50's with 20 lbs to lose. I've lost 8 - have gone on a 10 day stretch with no wt loss but ...
by goalofonefifty on 18 Apr 14 08:10 AM
Keep smiling!
And our best to you as well. Good luck on your journey!
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 07:58 PM
howdy yall
Hello all!! :) I've played around on the app for a few months, but just recently linked it to the site. Its pretty cool. Does anyone know how to post journal entries NOT on the website? Just curious ...
by cich86 on 17 Apr 14 01:16 PM
2nd day is not so bad
This is my second day of being with the FS community. I'm hoping that we all can make it to the finish line and celebrate. See you there!
by beefree4ever on 16 Apr 14 08:19 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins