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Hello Everyone!!
Hello Everyone! I'm new here, not to loosing & gaining weight, but just to the group. :lol: I thought that it would be interesting to start journaling everyday. :roll: Although, it seems ...
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started by xycolsen, 5 years ago.   
Hello Everyone!!
I am new to the group. I have been trying to eat healthier and also lose weight. It has been a slow process but I am losing. I saw this group and checked the pod cast. I liked it very much and hope to ...
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started by xycolsen, 5 years ago.   
Just joined
Hi, I just joined this site. I want to lose weight, but I want to do it safely and healthily. I had a bad experience with an eating disorder this past year that I am just now getting over, but I know ...
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started by didjakno.   
Starting Out
Hi all, about a year and a half ago I left a very bad relationship situation. I was so depressed with him, and ate constantly. Food was my way of making myself feel better. I had found out he was c ...
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started by Water Star, 6 years ago.   
Ready for a new life...
I am here to get some support in losing weight, I feel so terrible that I have gained so much weight over the years and I just keep gaining.. its time for a new me and I felt that I would give this a try ...
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started by aahoney.   
I'm ready for a change...
My name is Maggie and I hate that I have let myself get so out of control that I need to lose 45 pounds. Ugh! I am trying to stay positive and think short-term...get a good jumpstart by using the Extreme ...
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started by musicmama.   
Medifast Members
:d Hi! I am an active Medifast member and have been on this awesome program since January 7, 2008. Weight loss is 30.5 lbs or 122 sticks of butter. Anyone else using Medifast?
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started by PAGirlHere.   
Looking for support buddies and motivation - H E L P...
Hi everyone, I'm new here and looking for support and motivation to help with my weight problem. I have gained this weight over the last 2 years and although my weight was up and down prior to this, ...
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started by suzyj, 6 years ago.   
Anybody on Protein Power?
What a cool site! I would have put myself into the Adkins category, but I am not sure of the differences. I love the Diet Calendar- it made me just realized that with my really low carb intake, that I ...
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started by issysmom, 6 years ago.   
Hi Everyone
My name is Bonnie and I have decided to try the Atkins diet. I am going into second week of induction phase and have lost 6.8lbs so far. I am very excited. If anyone has any good tips for this diet, ...
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started by magoo, 6 years ago.   
Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to say HI and letting you know that I have joined today (24/07/08) and have started the Blood Type Diet (live right for your type) today. I would like to gain more knowledge and support by ...
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started by DelectableB, 6 years ago.   
HI everyone, I'm new here
Just wanted to say hello & see how this has been working out for everyone. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions in using this site?
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started by ricjil94, 6 years ago.   
Just recently joined the site. Im a Super Heavyweight Amateur boxer just trying to cut a few pounds before the season starts here in the UK. I started my diet at the beginning of June weighing 243 lbs. ...
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started by LittleSimon, 6 years ago.   
Hey, Leah22, are you a cosmetologist? I am (inactive), and you look like one.
Thanks for your encouragment. I did hair for 10 years.
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started by BAK2ME.   
Hi. I'm new here and new to dieting.
I've always been skinny, til now. I was 5'8" and 140lb before having my little boy, who is now 4 (yes 4yrs) and quitting work almost 2 years ago. Now (ta da) I'm 211 and miserable. I ...
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started by BAK2ME.   
*shrugs* sure why not?
so I'm Ruth, but i've been called steve. it's a long story if you want me to I'll tell it another time. right now I'm a waitress and I've been working to lose the weight that has ...
1 reply, last reply by greenfae, 6 years ago.   431 views.
started by whollybologna.   
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New From Alabama
Welcome to the site. Lots of folks here to help you.
by Draglist on 22 Jul 14 10:52 PM
My name's Claudia but you can call me Cloudie :)
My goals are the same as yours. I am 131 lbs now and trying to make it down to 118 or at least get leaner. I have developed cellulite around my butt and thighs and I think I caught a glimpse of it on ...
by MyLissa2 on 22 Jul 14 08:47 PM
Welcome! This site is great for support and tips.
by notjune1 on 22 Jul 14 12:17 PM
Yeah. I came across it today too. It's a great app. Love it :)
by Snail2 on 21 Jul 14 04:56 AM
Found you on the internet
Ditto to Glaun with an added. It took a long time to gain, it will take time to get rid of it and don't get disappointed if it doesn't happen overnight. It won't. Promise.
by ClassicRocker on 20 Jul 14 09:56 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins