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A new me!!
Hello :d Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! I am new to this site and just hoping to meet some new people who are srtuggling and ready to get on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. I am here ...
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started by wvuangel07, 5 years ago.   
Hey Guys!!!
Hey everyone I hope you guys are going to have a great day and wish everyone the best! hit me up because i am new and looking for a few good pointers on my low cal/exercise diet. Check out my bio and ...
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started by heckaa.   
This is me!
Hello all, This is me with my oldest daughter(Amber) on grad day from nursing school! I'm 40 years old and starting a new career! I still have two teens at home, along with my hubby of 20 years and ...
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started by Donna Wilson, 5 years ago.   
Looking for walking partner
Hello I'm new to this site as well as any sites like this. One of my goals is to get in better shape. I live in the Cascade Park area and hope to find someone or some people to walk with near me. ...
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started by quietbutsassy.   
Scottish girl
Hi just wanted to say hello, my names Joanne im from glasgow scotland. Ive struggled with weigh all my life, going to do it this time so any advise and support will be welcomed, look forward to getting ...
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started by jc1976, 5 years ago.   
Hi, I'm a newbie!
Hi. I am new to this site but not new to Atkins. I have lost 100 lbs while on Atkins before but went off the diet when I had kids. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and can not wait to lose the ...
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started by 2bthinner.   
New at this site
I am new here to Fatsecret and still not too sure how it all works as am fairly new to computers too. Have lots of weight to lose again! Seems I have been dieting all my life,even did Diet Pills at one ...
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started by Grama2000, 5 years ago.   
i hope you can lose weight fast. iam trying to lose weight too to be healthy and fit.
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started by snowpea, 5 years ago.   
My Body Fat
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started by bornelious.   
New here!
Hi everyone! I am new to this list, but not new to South Beach. The girls I work with went on South Beach for the first time in May of 06 because my best friend had a really high CRP level, so her Dr. ...
2 replies, last reply by ImLuuvd, 5 years ago.   520 views.
started by wpage.   
Hi to everyone, My name is Brenda and I have 50 pounds to lose. This is my first day at this site, and I hope to make buddies and help them with their weight problems, as I need help myself. So good luck ...
1 reply, last reply by chryseius, 5 years ago.   370 views.
started by woodstock.   
Fat and fabulous wants to be heavy and healthy
Hi all, Just wanted to say hi. I've been here for a while, but am only really starting now. Long way to go, but am motivated because I'm sick of the pain that goes with being this big. Looking ...
1 reply, last reply by senoramaestra, 5 years ago.   611 views.
started by lisamac.   
Long Term Weight Reduction
I started dieting last August, using the Ali Plan. It is the fat blocker manufatured by GSK. Over the first 6 months I lost 30 lbs, starting at 240. I really feel better and more confident without all ...
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started by Beachken, 5 years ago.   
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started by BOOMER QUEEN, 5 years ago.   
New to the site
Hi Everyone! I've actually been on the site for a few weeks now but am just starting to get a feel for it and just now figured out how to post on a forum so I thought I should introduce myself! I am ...
4 replies, last reply by singerja, 6 years ago.   561 views.
started by focus.   
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Keep smiling!
And our best to you as well. Good luck on your journey!
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 07:58 PM
howdy yall
Hello all!! :) I've played around on the app for a few months, but just recently linked it to the site. Its pretty cool. Does anyone know how to post journal entries NOT on the website? Just curious ...
by cich86 on 17 Apr 14 01:16 PM
2nd day is not so bad
This is my second day of being with the FS community. I'm hoping that we all can make it to the finish line and celebrate. See you there!
by beefree4ever on 16 Apr 14 08:19 PM
It's a start
I am Going to try A no carb Diet on tue & thursdays and low carb every other day. I am unable to walk much due to a Injury and am on Blood thinners which cuts down on things I can eat. Wish Me luck! ...
by MichelleMartinBales on 16 Apr 14 06:04 PM
Welcome. The site has worked wonders for many of us. Wishing you success too.
by Draglist on 07 Apr 14 07:00 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins