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What is your basic work-out routine?
Do you mind sharing your typical daily exercise routine and hopefully assist me and other members with ideas?
17 replies, last reply by Peasy3, 3 days ago.   4,385 views.
started by skinnyzee-01.   
using calories
Just noticed that you supposedly use 50 cal more per hour if you're studying than doing desk work. Now that's sneaky!!! I work at my desk 8 hours a day and most of that time I'm fairly fo ...
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started by Wilpena, a month ago.   
Training and riding horses
Many people don't believe how much weight you can lose and the muscle you can gain with some serious riding. Catch the horse, un-blanket (I am in Canada), groom, clean feet, tack up (western saddles ...
3 replies, last reply by kearamccardle, 2 months ago.   676 views.
started by classicreata.   
Love handles
How do I get rid of love handles?
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started by Snails50, 2 months ago.   
Stair Climbing exercise
So I want to enter in some of the exercise I did yesterday, but "Stairs (Climbing Stairs)" is entered by time rather than flights. And I have no idea how much time I spent walking up the stairs ...
2 replies, last reply by TRPiJiu, 3 months ago.   657 views.
started by TRPiJiu.   
Can someone help me with weight loss through Yoga...
Does anyone know of any personalised weight loss and Yoga plans on the web? Really keen to loose weight and improve my fitness through some Yoga. Any thoughts, advise or recommendations would be greatly ...
1 reply, last reply by xtrapeasy, 4 months ago.   498 views.
started by John12345678910.   
Fitness Trackers
Any chance of adding a garmin Edge cycling computer to the apps that track exercise?
4 replies, last reply by Steven Lloyd, 5 months ago.   762 views.
started by Brightonuk.   
Body20 EMS Training
I am starting with Body20 EMS training today and I would like to add the exercise on my app, but I cannot seem to find it on the exercises listed. Does anyone know what the burn rate is for EMS? cals/hr?
no replies.   350 views.
started by pvdwalt5, 7 months ago.   
Excercise and Fitbit
Can someone please help, I'm a bit confused. When I have linked a fitbit tracker to my account, do I need to log anything else too. I was thinking that the fitbit tracked the steps but things like ...
no replies.   396 views.
started by JulPre, 8 months ago.   
Come and walk with us
Please join us for our next 300 mile challenge. We dropped a lot of weight during our first 300 miles. What a success! This challenge breaks down to walking 3 miles daily. This is an achievable goal as ...
4 replies, last reply by Albert Arul Prakash, 8 months ago.   1,680 views.
started by Sherillynn.   
Exercise is a big thing to me when it comes to being fit and i hope it is to:d
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started by jazzy mccrae, 8 months ago.   
Best free youtube videos for 30 minute varied workouts?
Hi all, What are the best youtube channels or other free online videos for varied, general fitness workouts? I know there are tons of videos available, I'm just trying to sort through them and t ...
5 replies, last reply by Yassie Garcia, 10 months ago.   6,179 views.
started by Herbie.   
How to Enter Custom Exercise at calories / hour
The substantial base list of exercises are defined as a rate of calories over time. This is great as the time (duration) can be edited when I save the exercise and the number of calories is automatically ...
no replies.   405 views.
started by bobmorley1, 10 months ago.   
Gardening walking hope to go swimming
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started by lindafisher, 10 months ago.   
HIIT Cardio!
Hello everyone:!: I really love doing HIIT cardio. Below is the type of HIIT I enjoy and helps me really keep the lbs off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?... How many of you do HIIT cardio?
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started by jgoins36114, 10 months ago.   
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What is your basic work-out routine?
I take the stairs at work all day to go to the restroom vs. using the one on the first floor. I do 40 minutes to an hour of boot camp when I get home in the evening. I get in a medium or long run (or ...
by Peasy3 on 15 Mar 18 06:13 PM
using calories
Just noticed that you supposedly use 50 cal more per hour if you're studying than doing desk work. Now that's sneaky!!! I work at my desk 8 hours a day and most of that time I'm fairly fo ...
by Wilpena on 08 Feb 18 07:23 AM
Training and riding horses
jealous, I love horses. they are alot of work.
by kearamccardle on 31 Jan 18 04:25 PM
Love handles
How do I get rid of love handles?
by Snails50 on 30 Jan 18 08:07 PM
Stair Climbing exercise
Sorry for the late reply. Been busy and I was not near my computer when your message came in. Sorry if it wasn't clear, but I wasn't on a machine. I was climbing actual stairs, helping someone ...
by TRPiJiu on 10 Dec 17 09:31 AM

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