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Sleep Activity
Ok guys and gals please help out. I just signed up and I am trying to change the sleeping activity default from 24 hrs to 8. However it wont let me decrease without adding another activity. Is there a ...
12 replies, last reply by korakdot, 7 years ago.   6,665 views.
started by ShogunSixx.   
Quantifying P90 and Insanity
How are other's listing this in their exercise journal? Heavy calisthenics? Home Exercise?
7 replies, last reply by Shraddha404, 7 years ago.   6,993 views.
started by Rmatc4.   
Diet Supplements
I recently bought a package of the Jillian Michaels All Natural Powder Packets drink mix to aid me in my weight loss. Are there any diet supplements that you have tried that have been successful in h ...
8 replies, last reply by Hazeleyes, 7 years ago.   2,312 views.
started by melissap.   
Diet Supplements
I don't believe any supplements help with losing weight.
8 replies, last reply by Hazeleyes, 7 years ago.   2,312 views.
started by melissap.   
rookie basic training
i start tomorrow morning! they have a new program at work different exersize classes. this one is once a week on tuesdays at 1:00-1:45!! i have no idea what it'll be like wish me luck!!!
2 replies, last reply by margiem66, 7 years ago.   1,422 views.
started by margiem66.   
Cardio Trainer App
I have been using an app called "cardio trainer" on my android<nexus on> and it has been amazing for my work outs. cardo trainer is an app that can be found in your android market . with ...
6 replies, last reply by aolson3, 7 years ago.   3,957 views.
started by mipipi.   
P90X "Extreme" 2nd Round !!
Well all I can say is... it's working !!! Down 3.5 lbs in a week...really feelin the burn too ...I am luvn it!! :d
4 replies, last reply by Chickstr, 7 years ago.   1,703 views.
started by GetNDownNDurtylosin30.   
Interested in trying P90X?!?!?
P90X is the workout program everyone is talking about. I had such an amazing body transformation that I would love to help motivate others!! Let me know if you are interested or having any questions?? ...
15 replies, last reply by christopher randall, 7 years ago.   5,119 views.
started by afetts.   
the biggest loser
im watching the biggest loser online and its crazy one dude lost like 51 pounds in a month and they lose like 15-20 pounds in a weeks time some of them
26 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 7 years ago.   6,665 views.
started by paris2707.   
Share a fitness trainer in Redmond, WA
I am looking for one or two people to split the cost a fitness trainer two times a week in the early morning at Personal Training Team in Redmond WA [url=(http://www.personaltrain... [/url] I have been ...
no replies.   1,213 views.
started by chaz8993, 7 years ago.   
Which Is Better to Start With?
Hey everyone! I just bought the Jillian Michaels DVD 3-pack, 30 Day Shred, Banish Fat/Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones. Was wondering which one to start with between 30 Day Shred and BFBM? I ...
4 replies, last reply by wd9753, 7 years ago.   2,575 views.
started by SeizetheDay85 .   
Has anyone done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred?
I just bought the 3 pack dvd which comes with - Yoga meltdown - banish fat boost metabolism - 30 day shred ( i only wanted 30 day shred but it was 10 bucks more and you get all 3 ) I might start today ...
56 replies, last reply by erin74kr, 7 years ago.   32,868 views.
started by kaylabc.   
get it together
:| we start tomorrow with co-worker on working out in the morning both of us will give progess every morning when we get to work this get to work
1 reply, last reply by TauchaMonique, 7 years ago.   1,479 views.
started by joyce agee.   
Hi Everybody!!!! I would like to do the P90X workout. My question is: How do you log your exercise to calculate how many calories you have burned? Thanks to those who have some experience with this. ...
5 replies, last reply by mellady, 7 years ago.   2,247 views.
started by tobow.   
Namaste to all yogis!
Namaste! I joined this group about 30 minutes ago, and I'm just starting to navigate around. I was really pumped when I saw a whole section on fitness, you know, actually moving your body;) , as so ...
19 replies, last reply by suechru, 7 years ago.   3,330 views.
started by vegandawnn.   
For my C25K Junkies..
I started up C25K again, I am starting at week 2 and it was hard but I completed it. I love the program and really suggest it for everyone. But here is my one little issue... How do you enter it into ...
16 replies, last reply by MKSofi, 7 years ago.   2,776 views.
started by kanan123.   
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MI meta es bajar 7 kilos. ya baje uno, pero hago spinning 2 veces y luego pesas. otros dos días hago cardio box y luego spining, otro dia corro la banda 45 minutos y otro dia subo escalera 45 m ...
by emiliana1234 on 23 Jan 18 11:07 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Welcome Mary, Wishing you the best on that weight loss journey. Dwight
by dhd951 on 22 Jan 18 12:09 AM
Starting weight training
Hi , so good to hear encouragement. I do not want or expect bulging muscles for myself but I enjoy using the stationary weights where I exercise. It didn't make sense to stop just cause I'm old ...
by lilabit on 19 Jan 18 12:58 PM
Fit Bit
What app do I go to? The fitbit app? Thanks-
by scottdarcy on 17 Jan 18 08:31 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
Sara329, you are doing great! Stay the course and increase your walking if you can! It really helps the joints as well as the calorie burn. My doctor says it has helped my cardiac risk factor stay in the ...
by Gingerk65 on 12 Jan 18 06:05 AM

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