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How can I put in a weight for yesterday or a couple days ago?
I missed a couple days of weigh-in and my doctor want me to do it every day. I have the weight but it didn't get logged in. How can I input the weight for a couple days ago?
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 6 months ago.   735 views.
started by simons mother.   
Exercise Summary at top of "MY FATSECRET"
Can anyone explain (or point me to the page that explains) to me the exercise summary? Right now, it reads: 1808 kcal / Net -1124 kcal. My diet summary for the day reads 684 kcal / RDI 38%. It seems ...
3 replies, last reply by robertarmstrong, 7 months ago.   3,228 views.
started by Sans Egal.   
Anyone here doing burpees as a regular part of their cardio? has it helped lean you up? Im training for the Jay Cutler Classic in Boston and I don't seem to make a lot of progress with just the tr ...
4 replies, last reply by Maria Larssen, 7 months ago.   2,895 views.
started by Biggramos.   
I have been really impressed with the NHS Choices website for fitness advice - it is honest and the most realistic long term weight loss method - no fads, electronic gadgets, special diets or quick re ...
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started by tarzan12345, 8 months ago.   
weight loss
:p A diet that works for me
2 replies, last reply by ninastewart1, 8 months ago.   1,642 views.
started by stephaniebering.   
Took more steps yesterday, but didn't burn as many calories???
According to my Fitbit, I took more steps and worked out longer yesterday, but I burned less calories than I did the previous day. Can someone explain why? I'm a little confused. It's slightly ...
1 reply, last reply by ApacheTiger37, 9 months ago.   1,372 views.
started by Emerald17.   
hate the yo-yo
Up 3 lbs this morning after the holiday. But, started a new work-out regiment this morning at 5:30 am.......
1 reply, last reply by faaizansari, 9 months ago.   1,749 views.
started by scottandmeg.   
hate the yo-yo
Some good reading at Enjoy!
1 reply, last reply by faaizansari, 9 months ago.   1,749 views.
started by scottandmeg.   
Weight Loss
Hello Every one. I have weight myself today, and I am very proud to say, that I weight 220 pounds. I lost some more weight. This diet is really working for me. I am going to workout today, for an hours, ...
2 replies, last reply by hoonosewen, 10 months ago.   1,303 views.
started by Ettennyl.   
Weight Loss
Hello Everybody. Well today is Saturday early morning, around 1:25 am. I have not weight myself yet, however I am waiting for another week, that why, it will give me another week, to lose weight. My ...
1 reply, last reply by Ettennyl, 10 months ago.   956 views.
started by Ettennyl.   
waist size 24
hi. anyone know how to lose weight will have a waist size of 24 inch for a women?
19 replies, last reply by crstlgls, 10 months ago.   9,203 views.
started by mermaidariel.   
Came across this article on HIIT Training
Came across this article on HIIT Training and thought some of you might find it interesting.
no replies.   545 views.
started by Trucker Larry, 11 months ago.   
Running tips
Hi All I'm new here. Trying to be a bit more mindful of my health and fitness these days and this forum looks like an awesome place to get advice and ideas. I don't want to lose weight - I'm ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, 12 months ago.   1,811 views.
started by MelbGal.   
How do I Delete an exercise from my exercise diary??
Does anyone know how to delete an exercise from my exercise diary? It currently says that I "Biked" for 24 hours and burned almost 19 thousand calories!! Lordy Be!!... at that rate I should be ...
16 replies, last reply by rhills, 12 months ago.   12,338 views.
started by ColourMeFabulous.   
checking Weight
I Weigh Every other Day & after I go Potty in the Morning & in my Birthday Suit. Never with Cloths on.
1 reply, last reply by crstlgls, 12 months ago.   1,325 views.
started by melodyrhoads.   
What Should I do
Hello, This is my first time posting on fatsecret. Recently, I have been researching a lot and I believe that my current calorie intact is too low for maintenance. Currently my RDI is 2100 but I only eat ...
22 replies, last reply by melissajeff, a year ago.   10,468 views.
started by Wellness5.   
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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Every two or three days especially if I feel like I'm loosing😁
by Gwennie5 on 17 Jun 18 07:39 AM
Any Method to Edit Fitness Report?
I haven't figured out how to edit an exercise entry on the website, but I CAN on the app.
by conicassity on 13 Jun 18 12:56 PM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
Well, I'm 5'2,and I would like to get down to 135-140, I'm at 160 now.
by taiyabarrett on 12 Jun 18 04:38 PM
Two times a day workout
I'd suggest weights as a priority and a long walk and HIIT cardio secondly. If you have the time and ambition to keep up the pace it should go well... if you don't hut yourself of course. H ...
by mrfancypants on 04 Jun 18 09:29 AM
Weight lost goal
by Angel Mahi on 18 May 18 03:28 AM

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