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lets be healthy together!
i'm 21. looking for a diet buddy. drop me a line i'm friendly :d
2 replies, last reply by Fattouna82, 7 years ago.   1,211 views.
started by evalicious.   
Like to lose 55lbs weight
Want to loose some weight. Any help!!
3 replies, last reply by vivid, 7 years ago.   1,083 views.
started by laya.   
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started by cruizeguru, 7 years ago.   
fat smash buddies
Hi there I have been on Extreme Fat smash for 1 1/2 years maintained but gained a few lbs back..I need more motivation to keep going. I'm on Cycle 1 Day1 and want to loose a lot more! Anyone out there ...
6 replies, last reply by SUSIE018, 7 years ago.   1,888 views.
started by kidwrangler.   
Also looking for a diet buddy
I am a stay at home from Oklahoma and looking for a diet buddy as well. I just started weight watchers and a membership at a local gym. I have some days that I feel pretty bummed and others pumped ready ...
3 replies, last reply by mizchristina77, 7 years ago.   1,156 views.
started by dm_lytle.   
Diet friend
Looking to take it off and would enjoy some pals to cheer on and vise versa. I am a mom of 14 month old and looking for advice!
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started by stephgetsthin, 7 years ago.   
would love a buddy of 45-55 yrs old
I have been on this diet for what seems like forever. I eat healthy and exercise. I am 51 and would love someone to chat with about the trying times of trying to lose weight at this age. Tennie
2 replies, last reply by dannifatso, 7 years ago.   1,035 views.
started by mzladyt.   
Hi, anyone living in Oklahoma. I would love an accountability buddy!!!!
Anyone living in Oklahoma. I would love an accountability buddy to help me stay on track, to motivate me and to pray for me.
5 replies, last reply by dm_lytle, 7 years ago.   1,280 views.
started by afernow.   
Looking for Buddies too!
Hi all, I live in a rural place, the foothills of the White Mountains in Maine. I do canning of pickles, jelly's, veggies, bake fresh bread (not often as I AM A CARBOHOLIC)<there I said it!> ...
8 replies, last reply by august1974, 7 years ago.   1,879 views.
started by MountainMama2004.   
Lookind for a Diet Buddy
I am a stay at home mom - with a little one that will be starting to school this fall. I am trying to lose a little over 100 pounds using weight watchers. I am also trying to get myself in better shape ...
3 replies, last reply by Phoenixrayne, 7 years ago.   1,261 views.
started by Phoenixrayne.   
new & looking for buddies!
i would love to connect with others! i'm on day three of the fat smash detox and really do believe that i am going to commit the time and energy to better myself this time around. sooo tired of m ...
4 replies, last reply by fatsmasherlizzie, 7 years ago.   1,441 views.
started by melty.   
Looking for a buddie
Hi I am 27 years old and a mother of 2. My daughter is 9 and my son is 6. Me and my fiance also own a store. Between the kids, work, etc. I find it hard to find any me time. I am just starting my ...
2 replies, last reply by Niki13, 7 years ago.   1,391 views.
started by shellymn.   
The more the merry.....
Hey people, I am heading to the big 40 ( April 22/2009 )and want to be in the best shape of my life. I graduated in 1987 at a weight of that is my goal for my 40th. I am 201.5 right now ( as ...
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started by Hammer1969, 7 years ago.   
Come be my Buddy!
Hey im a 20 year old student and im looking for a buddy to help keep me motivated and help keep you guys motivated too :) im very open and anyone is good :) we are all here for the same reasons :)
1 reply, last reply by dantedog, 7 years ago.   1,077 views.
started by Sediah.   
Need more motivation
if been off the bandwagon for about 3 months.. gained 10 lbs.... need to lose 20 to get to my goal... I need some more incentive, a buddie to help me out.
4 replies, last reply by JuDaX, 7 years ago.   1,600 views.
started by angela22884.   
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buddies trying to reach 45Kg/100lbs
Hi, I'm looking for buddies trying to reach 45Kg/100lbs to keep the motivation up! :)
by 13dias on 27 May 16 12:59 AM
Diet buddy
If anyone needs help staying motivated, workout and diet advice add me. :)
by SKercia on 28 Apr 16 05:05 AM
Diet Buddy
Add me as a buddy if you like.
by Engeland on 26 Apr 16 05:48 PM
Hi. I am in the Eat To Live group, Morbid Obese Group (MOB) and Foodaholics group. I am looking for buddies for support who won't make negative judgements about my nutrition plan (Eat To Live). Just ...
by thinner120 on 23 Apr 16 03:52 PM
Looking for buddies who are doing or trying low carb diey
I'm new here and am also following a low carb diet plan. I've been following this low carb way of eating, on and off, for the last 10 months or so. There have been periods when I went "off ...
by av63 on 15 Apr 16 06:20 AM

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