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In need of a buddy :)
So doing this alone is not working out so well for me. Looking for anyone doing the Fat Smash Diet to buddy up with! I'm 16 years old and starting Phase one tomorrow. For the millionth time! hah. I ...
4 replies, last reply by higherthandead, 6 years ago.   996 views.
started by kaibaby27.   
noen fra norge?/ anoyone from norway?
looking for some dieting buddies from norwegian :) anoyone?
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started by tya, 6 years ago.   
In need of diet buddy--let's motivate each other!
Hey, I'm a 19 y/o female from Canada trying to lose at least 25 lbs. My problem is that I have trouble staying motivated and I think that encouragement would be a big help. I'm here to encourage ...
4 replies, last reply by xxmeganxx, 6 years ago.   1,487 views.
started by CleverNapkins.   
ISO breastfeeding mom buddy
Hi mommas, I'm looking for a fellow breastfeeding mom on the WW track to buddy up with. I'm a former lifetimer and I've done this once before, but I need extra motivation this time. I don& ...
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started by nicmiller4, 6 years ago.   
LFB /// looking for buddy
hi all! Im new to this SBD and Im really afraid. I trying to lose weight for a few reasons .. to be healthier and I saw a recent picture of myself! OUCH!:oops: Started the diet on tueday 6/3 - phase ...
1 reply, last reply by AP1984, 6 years ago.   671 views.
started by knewton37.   
Weight yo-yo with 30 pounds to lose, seeking BUDDY!!!
Anyone out there want to join me in this hopefully downward journey!!! HELP - mutual support necessary...;)
2 replies, last reply by bneibaur, 6 years ago.   954 views.
started by Ginette.   
looking for a buddy doing SBD
Hi, I'm new to this site and looking for someone to motivate me and chat to while I try to lose weight as doing it on my own just ain't working :-( Any help tips or advice would be gratefully ...
1 reply, last reply by Emily64, 6 years ago.   537 views.
started by skeffs.   
20 yr old seeking a buddy CW: 130 GW: 100
Hey yo! I'm Zeynep from Turkey. So I've been struggling with my weight for a while now.. And I think I need some support along the way! If anyone with similar stats (or not!) wanna be my buddy ...
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started by *Bomb*, 6 years ago.   
Starting on Sonoma Diet: Need support and guidance!
Hello, I am starting on the Sonoma Diet, And sice my goal is HUGE I realized that it's time for me to call for help! I feel that i need to lose about 45 Lbs, and I know it will take a while but I ...
15 replies, last reply by jodie, 6 years ago.   2,623 views.
started by fran170.   
Miles to Go
I'm looking for a few buddies. It's just too easy to "cheat" when nobody's watching, and a buddy can tell if you're cheating by watching the weight history, even if you don& ...
5 replies, last reply by dione_dulcis, 6 years ago.   916 views.
started by Evenstar.   
50lb Club
Ok guys and gals:!: :!: :!: For all that are trying to lose more than 50lbs this is the forum to sign up for the activities/challenges!! For week 1 we have a challenge set up and just need to people ...
58 replies, last reply by debzc, 6 years ago.   3,329 views.
started by jwebber33.   
Need a buddy
I need a buddy I am trying to lose 23 pounds using the weight watchers plan. I am trying to find someone who might need someone to talk to about there diet and what challenges they have and Vice versa.
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started by cahkk2002, 6 years ago.   
40 year old mom of 3 teen girls,need I say more?
Would love to have a buddy. I've been on weight watchers 70% of about a year. Teenage girls want to make me shave my head and have a gallon of ice cream. My biggest obstacle is time, eating healthy ...
1 reply, last reply by Ronniesgirl, 6 years ago.   831 views.
started by sawshea.   
This is our team forum for the Around the World Challenge, so if you have any additional questions or concerns that you don't won't to post on the main forum post, just post them here. We've ...
227 replies, last reply by Lucybell33, 6 years ago.   8,661 views.
started by Lucybell33.   
looking for some diet buddies
hi everyone i have recently joined fatsecret in the last week or so and i am looking for some diet buddies that i can make myself accountable too and visa versa if your interest then add me...i am fol ...
9 replies, last reply by lperes, 6 years ago.   1,767 views.
started by lisaslosingit.   
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Anyone want to be my diet buddy??
feel free to add me also :)
by seemeshrink on 06 Mar 15 10:02 AM
I WILL after all be using the web version of thanks!!
You can also just not accept cookies. That's also in your browser settings. Private browsing should be there as well.
by nicholaix on 06 Mar 15 06:24 AM
Just looking for some buddies
100+.... You can do it, I promise. I have done it without surgery, changing my diet exercise and hiking. I've gotten comfortable and gained some back but I am ready to lose it again..... 😎. All ...
by seemeshrink on 05 Mar 15 09:36 PM
low carb eating
Yes, I am on a low Carb eat less carbs as well! I find that not consuming anything white, does the trap! Regardless I like my organic products however! I wish you much accomplishment with your eating ...
by isabel marshal on 03 Mar 15 06:05 AM
in search of. lol
by syndi55 on 02 Mar 15 05:54 PM

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