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Busy mom needs a buddy!
Hi, I'm a 35 year-old work-at-home mom of two young boys trying to lose 25 lbs. by the simplest of all formulas: eating less and exercising more. But, as you all know, that's easier said than ...
7 replies, last reply by vivas, 6 years ago.   1,254 views.
started by dandelion.   
Need more local help
I live in the Fraser Valley, BC and would like a motivational person to converse on here and maybe meet up for some walk & talk time. I need to get out more!:shock:
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started by cruising4me, 6 years ago.   
GI Buddy required
Seeking a buddy to share ideas etc. I am 44yr mum living in the UK. :) Started Fatsecret to help me keep a handle on things. I think that until you record the daily exercises and food intake, it is very ...
3 replies, last reply by chryseius, 6 years ago.   1,713 views.
started by Ritsy.   
Hey thanx Married Mom to 3 for the heads up to this site. I love it! ;)
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started by elywansabefit, 6 years ago.   
No mates lol
I have no buddies :cry: (I now have one):) I feel like Billy no mates :d If you are new and want some friends add me. Men/Women/cross dressers I dont care, I like everyone :lol:
4 replies, last reply by adwyer, 6 years ago.   919 views.
started by adwyer.   
Need a buddy
I am doing WW and so far so good, would like a buddy to share food ideas and general encouragement. I am a 38 year old single mom of two boys and a breast cancer survivor. Decided it was time to get ...
5 replies, last reply by SwtDivaHou, 6 years ago.   829 views.
started by Aletia.   
Hi I am new to fat secret and would like buddies to help me through this journey once again. I am 68 & retired and I have done ww so many time over the years I need to lose at least 10 kilos 8)
2 replies, last reply by UK dotty, 6 years ago.   872 views.
started by UK dotty.   
diet buddy
hello im new to this website and i think is really cool to have a diet buddy so we can support eachother. will you be mine??? thanks :)
1 reply, last reply by ThinPrincess, 6 years ago.   914 views.
started by anasousa.   
Looking for "Diet" Buddies
Hey, This is my first day on here... I have never really dieted before. Never used to have to! It's funny how your body just changes because you hit your 20's! Anyway, I am an extremely fussy ...
2 replies, last reply by kats12, 6 years ago.   913 views.
started by shanemp.   
Diet buddies needed and WANTED...Please!!
I am looking for buddies so we can encourage each other in our journey to get healthier. I am 41,live in Ky. and love to walk...just need to make time to get out there and do it! I am following my own ...
4 replies, last reply by alewis2207, 6 years ago.   1,044 views.
started by Aplcinamon.   
Diet buddies needed and WANTED...Please!!
Hey! Welcome aboard. I've been shouting out for help as well. I find that if I have to report to someone or can holler out for help to a friend, I have an easier time sticking to a diet. We all need ...
4 replies, last reply by alewis2207, 6 years ago.   1,044 views.
started by Aplcinamon.   
I need help
Been doing WW not doing well. I need some one to kick me in the butt and keep me on track.
4 replies, last reply by tryagain, 6 years ago.   1,312 views.
started by Baby Girrl.   
I'm looking for a buddy
Hi I'm Biyanna from VA. I'm a 45 year old married mom of two. I find following W.W. isn't that hard but my toughest challenge is exercising. I hate exercising. I plan on starting WATP (Walk ...
3 replies, last reply by Baby Girrl, 6 years ago.   1,173 views.
started by biyanna.   
I'm looking for a buddy
3 replies, last reply by Baby Girrl, 6 years ago.   1,173 views.
started by biyanna.   
I Need An CURRENT Buddy
CALLING ALL ACTIVE FAT FLUSH PLAN DIETERS! I haven't been on here in ages and all my buddies have died (well, they're not on Fatsecret anymore) so I would like some new buddies? Also, I would ...
1 reply, last reply by gia , 6 years ago.   1,163 views.
started by Not2Late.   
Looking for Buddies
Hello all: Looking for buddies to help motivate me and whom I can motivate as well. Started Fatsecret two months ago and doing lousy. Know I can do this. Kinda disgruntled with diets and weight loss ...
4 replies, last reply by dawn0001, 6 years ago.   1,114 views.
started by Theact11.   
Looking for JUDDDD buddies
Hi, :) I have just started JUDDDD and am keen to hear from other JUDDDDDer's. I'd like to know how well other people have coped with the down days and how much weight they have lost. :lol:
1 reply, last reply by nicurn3, 6 years ago.   1,064 views.
started by amavic.   
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I think I need a buddy!!!
Hi everyone, I need a buddy !!! Starting on Monday, 87 kg set my goal on 70kg to start with. Great site, still finding my way around it using weekend to practice and record meals etc. Starting a ch ...
by Milonoodle on 02 May 15 07:56 AM
low carb eating
Looking for buddy to walk this road with!
by audreybanks on 29 Apr 15 10:34 AM
Looking for new buddies :)
The original post is from 2012 T8267, but if you need a buddy i'm sure many here will respond and 'buddy' you. Good luck
by mummydee on 20 Apr 15 04:26 PM
Looking for a buddy
hey Daria, I understand how you feel. I am 20 and have the same Problem! If I refuse ice-cream for example they just laugh and tell me it makes no difference. Im proud of the weight i lost even if its ...
by weinina on 18 Apr 15 01:26 AM
THE MOB: Morbid Obesity Buddies Group (JOIN US)
Hello! I just joined this website yesterday and wanted a support group. I have 114 lbs to go and I have already lost 12 lbs. Not sure what diet to do, right now I'm just watching what I eat and adding ...
by kriscattin on 17 Apr 15 01:17 PM

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