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Starting up again on South Beach and in need of a buddy!
Hey there everyone! I'm brand new to the forums and am starting South Beach again today. I did this diet last year and lost 30 lbs and kept it off. I am a bit more ambitious about my weight loss this ...
10 replies, last reply by tanderson, 7 years ago.   1,957 views.
started by forlornsinglemom.   
I'm fairly new on here, and I thought it might be easier if I have some buddies. Send me requests if you're interested. A little about me... Married 2 children (11yrs and 2yrs) Work full time ...
no replies.   615 views.
started by klover, 7 years ago.   
All Alone!!
8) Please to have some buddies on here!
5 replies, last reply by Healthwoman, 7 years ago.   1,001 views.
started by Angelbaby1965.   
Teens Trying to Stay Fit?
Hi all, my name's Sam, and I live in LA, and I'm a 16 year old guy, 5'9", and currently 136 lbs. I enjoy running (getting a bit into parkour, free running) and I'm also easing into ...
4 replies, last reply by Turtledrummer23, 7 years ago.   1,279 views.
started by samgeekthebrave.   
I could use a buddy
I have successfully managed to log my calories and weigh myself for 1 week. I lost 0.8 lbs over that week, which is ok, but I could have done better. Looking for someone who can help me stay accoun ...
4 replies, last reply by Busymommy04, 7 years ago.   1,494 views.
started by Adaram.   
Need a buddy! Need to lose 15-20 lbs
I'm a 33 year old needing to lose 15-20 pounds. These last few months my weight has been creeping up into numbers I've never weighed before (except when I was pregnant). I make plans to eat ...
18 replies, last reply by Busymommy04, 7 years ago.   2,980 views.
started by lugojean.   
Looking for Diet Friend/Buddy :)
So im 16 trying to loose weight this summer to be ready for my 12th high school year :) Looking for some fun motivating people to have as buddies and send emails daily about how each other are doing, ...
3 replies, last reply by Brooke777, 7 years ago.   1,091 views.
started by kaylabc.   
My Buddy Bailed
Your responsible for your own health. If you really had your mind set on it you will do it, not having your buddy will only make her jealous when she sees you losing weight.
11 replies, last reply by Mandipants, 7 years ago.   1,829 views.
started by TaniaMarie.   
My Buddy Bailed
You're so right about it being my responsibility... I'm going anyways.. I just always feel awkward around a bunch of people I don't know that well..
11 replies, last reply by Mandipants, 7 years ago.   1,829 views.
started by TaniaMarie.   
Looking for a Buddy!
Hello :D..nice to meet you!...i am looking to lose 10 - 15 pounds, too...I am student, and working form home...I hope to reach one of my goals this summer...I added you :D
no replies.   1,864 views.
started by clancaster, 7 years ago.   
Losing weight to have another baby?
Hi ladies! i have a two year old and i think she needs a sibling. i want her to grow up with someone to talk to. so im trying to get back to my pre pregg weight so i could possibly get pregnant. is that ...
3 replies, last reply by hayheadsbird, 7 years ago.   1,530 views.
started by crystalprz.   
Weight Loss Vlogging
Hi Fatsecret community, I was thinking of starting a weigh loss video diary on YouTube and I was wondering if anyone else was doing the same thing. I'm hoping it will be another way to help people ...
no replies.   1,009 views.
started by Nyika, 7 years ago.   
Looking for buds!
Hey folx! I'm Laura...38 years young, married mom of 4! Besides being a full time wife and mother, I also work full time outside of the home! That makes for a very busy schedule! I have lost 25 ...
no replies.   576 views.
started by Busymommy04, 7 years ago.   
I need some buddies :)
Hello everyone, I am new and I need to make some friends! This is the start of something beautiful and I hope you will join me. It won't always be beautiful. Sometimes it will suck. That is where ...
5 replies, last reply by twinmama2, 7 years ago.   1,176 views.
started by trishka48.   
need a pwlbf... personal weight loss buddy forever lol
This may be asking too much of a lot of people, but I need a personal weight loss buddy. One that we can check in with each other, support each other, tell one another the truth about how we're doing ...
11 replies, last reply by sleclerc, 7 years ago.   2,413 views.
started by britt-a-knee.   
Anyone on here from Australia?
Just wondering if I am the only person from Australia on here? I found this site the other day and thought it looked really good. I'm trying to loss my baby weight.. my little one is 2 now and I'm ...
1 reply, last reply by GeoGirl, 7 years ago.   927 views.
started by j_lyn.   
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Weight Loss feels hopeless but...
Are you still looking for a buddy?
by BunnyMaeMinx on 24 Jun 18 11:24 AM
Looking for new buddies :)
I am looking to have few diet buddies as well :) I am new as of two days ago. Please add me :)
by birdyslady on 31 May 18 10:45 AM
Support and encouragement --- No negative comments on here
Hi Bnewbee, I was doing so well a few years ago. I set small goals, no more than 20 pounds at a time and was within 2 and 1/2 pounds of my goal! And then so many stressful things happened and continue ...
by Cat64 on 30 Apr 18 10:54 PM
Considering finding a diet buddy. What's been your experience?
There are food and exercise trackers, daily and monthly. You can pm each other directly. If you want to share your info with others you have to change the privacy settings. I use the website so I don& ...
by abbadabba on 30 Apr 18 03:03 PM
How do you add a buddy?
how do you invite someone that is not a member to become a friend/member
by Juliarna92592 on 24 Apr 18 11:14 AM

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