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starting today...
Hey... I am new here to this site...Not new to Atkins. I am looking for a diet buddy...someone to share the diet journey with. I need to lose 37 lbs... I have lost on Atkins before... I know it works....I ...
6 replies, last reply by missyb76, 6 years ago.   2,269 views.
started by healthymomto4.   
Looking for a motivator
Hey, I am a 26/f and looking to lose my last 10 pounds. I am at the point where I always regain. I am scared that I will let all of this hard work go down the drain again. Support at home is lacking ...
1 reply, last reply by Mom2Jade, 6 years ago.   1,137 views.
started by werbeat.   
Newbie here-looking for a buddy
Hi-I am a 22 yr old recent college grad trying to start a new chapter in my life. I am looking for someone who will keep me motivated especially since I will be working on nights as a graduate nurse-I ...
1 reply, last reply by Mom2Jade, 6 years ago.   800 views.
started by Losing'EM.   
i just started!
hi! 19, from boston. 164 pounds, id like to get back to like 140 (or 130). yeah! help? talk? :]
5 replies, last reply by lizagill, 6 years ago.   1,295 views.
started by nest.   
Lookin for a buddy / motivation!
I am new to FS! I am also doing WW online. I decided in March that I was going to lose weight. I reached my highest weight ever and am so unhappy with myself for letting it get that far. I am very devoted ...
1 reply, last reply by cranberrypunch, 6 years ago.   764 views.
started by S-Gilmore.   
Looking for on-line support system!
Hi Folks, I am new to this system and trying to figure out the forums and groups. I want/need to lose 60 pounds and I'm 64 years old. Recently moved to TX from AZ and love being near two grand ...
4 replies, last reply by msamy034, 6 years ago.   999 views.
started by bridges008.   
Any ARMY/military wives out there?
Yes, Sweetpea I am an army wife. My husband is in the field now. I have alot of free time on my hands. I have been going to the post gym to exercise and taking advantage of the sauna. Good luck with your ...
4 replies, last reply by kaitlinmarie35, 6 years ago.   1,894 views.
started by sweetpea0212001.   
Bad Food Day
Having a hungry day Not being good :evil:
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started by prepress boss, 6 years ago.   
Bad Food Day
Hang in there. Bad food days sneak up on us but you'll make up for it on other days.
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started by prepress boss, 6 years ago.   
dieting with depression
Hi everyone, i have been suffering with depression for a while now and im on meds for it...but i have my comfort foods which i need to get rid of (but its hard). Is there anyone else out there trying to ...
13 replies, last reply by tifany, 6 years ago.   2,124 views.
started by curvybabe43.   
Hi there! I just joined FS 4 days ago. I am looking for fellow or nearby WV/OH people looking to loose weight with a more local support system! I live in Jackson county, WV and I didn't grow up here, ...
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started by dlgb1973, 6 years ago.   
Vegan Diet Buddy?
I'm a college student from San Francisco who had to suddenly change to a vegan diet due to non-weight related health concerns. I'd like a buddy who has been vegan for a while to help with this ...
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started by Misshelle, 6 years ago.   
Looking for all the buddies I can make!! here the site...would love to make lots of buddies so we can help, motivate and support each other.....getting fit again is difficult enough without having to do it alone!!
5 replies, last reply by Allgreen, 6 years ago.   1,219 views.
started by Nanava.   
who needs a buddy? i do!
hope everything goes all right with your back,I will be your buddy on here I don't know anyone on here yet.I could use some buddies.:p
2 replies, last reply by trixieriver, 6 years ago.   2,410 views.
started by 53and6.   
buddy in england?
Hi I'm 29, got about 10lbs to lose...anyone wanna be my buddy on here? Thnx jx
2 replies, last reply by jess_80, 6 years ago.   983 views.
started by jess_80.   
Buddy for Atkins in Norfolk, Va
Hi I am 32 year old female in Norfolk. I need to lose around 20 pounds. Anyone need a buddy?
1 reply, last reply by Brandieelynne, 6 years ago.   947 views.
started by tmpfl.   
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Looking for Buddies?
My sister and I are on here if you would like to buddie up with us :) Mary Jones and Tammie Wilson
by Twilson62 on 21 Oct 16 02:54 PM
Looking for buddies...especially on the back side of 50 :)
If you're on the back side of 50, I'd love to be your buddy! Of course, I welcome ANY buddies and support, but if we're in the same age range, I ESPECIALLY welcome you. Plus, we get the best ...
by IndyRick on 07 Oct 16 02:22 AM
58 and strugging to lose
will be happy to send you recipes. Cinnamon bread ala no wheat, Pizza Crust,, CANDY! no sugar/low carb. Just send me your email addy.
by SheaDlady on 12 Sep 16 12:24 PM
Hello from wales
Hi Babsmac. I hope you don't mind, I just read your profile. We have some similarities, same kind of self-confidence issues, very similar weight. I'm not in Wales (in Spain - but not the Costas ...
by Snoop Puss on 04 Sep 16 09:16 AM
diet buddies
Hi buddy
by babsmac on 04 Sep 16 09:01 AM

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