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Mother of 4 ....
Well I am a mother of 4 wonderful kids. I just starting doing the exercise thing again. My youngest is almost 3 months and I am so tired of seeing hot moms with lots of kids. I want to be the hot mom ...
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started by mama Diva.   
Goal Number 3 - 332 pounds, 200 pounds lost 12 months 3 weeks.
I edited the post from a progression to show the difference from when I started to now, its not a before and after because I have A LOT to go before I'm at after! So more like a before and during! ...
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started by Kingcole35.   
Updated profile
Ten pounds down, 11 more to go! Soon to have my old body back =) YAY!
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started by JenzNfriendz, 2 years ago.   
my first post
I’ve lost 58 lbs in 3 months and 9 days, and I feel great. Even with all that I am still 64 lbs away from my ideal weight. I have a large muscle mass and I am concerned that that what they I say I should ...
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started by chefjamesk.   
Low Protein/High Fat
I started on this low protein/high fat 4 days ago. Is there anyone else that has done the same? So far I have gained 2 pounds. I am going to continue for 4 more day. If I don't have any luck I am ...
12 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 2 years ago.   3,097 views.
started by Marylouise 1969.   
I rode a bicycle today!
I just have to crow a little bit. I am 35 years old, and I don't think that I have been on a real bicycle since before I got my driver's license. My friend and I went to the local flea market ...
2 replies, last reply by ferlengheti, 2 years ago.   698 views.
started by inayat.   
Today I reached my desired goal weight within less then two (2) months! What's next? :d
4 replies, last reply by freddejong, 2 years ago.   970 views.
started by freddejong.   
Beginning Pictures
Does anyone else here have the same problem I do? I have been trying to track down a picture of myself to use as my "Before" picture, and I don't think I have one from my heaviest! I am ...
3 replies, last reply by MimiMuffin, 2 years ago.   958 views.
started by inayat.   
Almost there!
Joopppeee, today I am only 0,2 kg away from my goal weight and my weight history line went from green to blue :d
3 replies, last reply by freddejong, 2 years ago.   1,002 views.
started by freddejong.   
Today I lost 11 kg
I just realized that just today I lost 11 kg since I started registering my weight data in this web-site. Joepieeeee!!! :d
4 replies, last reply by kingkeld, 2 years ago.   1,166 views.
started by freddejong.   
Fat Aly to Fit Aly Blog
I've taken on the task of blogging about my journey to being healthy. I only have 2 posts up as of yet, but if you'd like to follow my journey the blog can be found at ...
1 reply, last reply by GilmoreGirl, 2 years ago.   1,082 views.
started by aly0430.   
Things are looking up!
Finally got started back on the right track. I have been working hard for the past 2 weeks and it has paid off....I have lost 4lbs so far and I am going to keep going! Look out summer I will be ready ...
3 replies, last reply by kkd1125, 2 years ago.   1,051 views.
started by cynthiacook.   
Goal Number 2 - 349 pounds, 183 pounds lost, 10 months.
Hey everyone, people have been asking for more pics so here they are. My progress pics so far. 1st image: 510 pounds. 2nd image: 460ish 3rd image: 432 (100 pounds lost) 4th image: 400 (Goal 1) 5th ...
73 replies, last reply by Kingcole35, 2 years ago.   8,893 views.
started by Kingcole35.   
When I started this adventure called "losing weight" I bought a new pair of jeans. Long story, but I only had one pair that I ever wore before and well, sorta embarrassing, but I split them ...
2 replies, last reply by radiochick, 2 years ago.   1,080 views.
started by danihyde.   
Would you be willing to share your before and after pictures?
Viewing the before and after thread, and many people's individual posts with their photos, is something I find very inspiring and motivating. So I had an idea to put together a little video montage ...
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started by WiiFitFatty, 3 years ago.   
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Before and After, anyone?
Nice, Christy! Well done!
by kingkeld on 19 Apr 14 06:58 AM
2nd day
Wow, who's to say the first day isn't hard? It sure is! Now, day two is much better. I'm glad day three is around the corner. :)
by beefree4ever on 16 Apr 14 08:12 PM
21lbs to go
Oct. 2013 I was up to 206l bs, today I'm 165 lbs. Easter is coming and I'm the cook. I will let my self have a small amout of all the no no's and be sure everyone takes food home so it won ...
by thergonz on 07 Apr 14 06:17 PM
Hi. Have you tried any suppliments with black cohosh? That works fo me for night sweats. I was told that omega 3/6 supplements are good for mental clarity. Good luck to you.
by jennypoo1970 on 31 Mar 14 07:40 AM
thank u so much! and good luck to you
by laurenwisswell82 on 25 Mar 14 08:38 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins