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My ups and downs...
Running has become a passion for me having completed several dozens of 5ks, 10ks, 4 sprint triathlons, 7 half-marathons, and one marathon it was what i credit the majority of my weight loss to. The other ...
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Totally Random
...but I finally fit into relaxed fit size 38 jeans again (my previous "I've put on a few pounds" size), not not size 42 "loose fit". Goal is back to 34-36 relaxed fit (I'm ...
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Check out my progress
Find me on Facebook under "Get fit. Get healthy. Get inspired." And like my page! Thanks everyone!
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started by SammiJo1116, 4 years ago.   
when to stop?
I reached my goal a little while back , down to 168 from 205 at age 48 30inch waist and sub 10%bf, everyone tells me I look years younger. I have carried on and am now 166 When I was 19 years old I ...
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ideas about pos
now i have Prediabeties and this is why the doctor put on metformin to control my glucose levels. And now i have to make strict choices on the way i eat now but it is very hard to do.javascript:insert ...
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started by rabbits86, 4 years ago.   
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weight loss
Down 40lbs in 3 months:)
7 replies, last reply by MedusaLaBella, 4 years ago.   4,399 views.
started by scooter t.   
share your success, get new recipes, suppport!
I would appreciate it if you would all consider liking my new facebook page. I started a page called "Fitness, Food & Fun". I would like to grow the group as much as possible to hit as many ...
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started by rascal398.   
Weight issues
My goal weight is not 85. I am 90ibs and that is my goal weight. I would also like to address that i was a competitive Team level 6 junior Olympian gymnast last year and I was anorexic. I did an EXTREMLY ...
3 replies, last reply by eKatherine, 4 years ago.   5,368 views.
started by Bwaltz.   
I have lost from an 18 pant size to a 12!!!! So excited about the future.
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started by Marnie Britt.   
Are you single?? Do you feel lonely??
jeez what a leech....
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started by Airang, 5 years ago.   
Success story to share
I remember loving to read success stories when I was losing weight. I lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for a long time now. HOW? 1. I exercised by walking an hour 5 days a week. 2. stayed off the ...
2 replies, last reply by JLathrop, 5 years ago.   4,351 views.
started by Medical2012.   
I feel AMAZING!!!
I want to shout from the rooftops how AMAZING I am feeling today and have been feeling for the past week or so... I am on day 22 of the Advocare 24 Day Weight-Loss Challenge. I have not weighed in or ...
1 reply, last reply by BessieGrace, 5 years ago.   5,068 views.
started by J Talia.   
Some of these 'fat' chicks aren't FAT!
Okay, kinda embarassing, but I google stuff alot. With the heat around here, and the holiday coming up, I'm getting nervous about baring all in bikini in public. I've worn one twice in the past ...
31 replies, last reply by erika2633, 5 years ago.   40,125 views.
started by JessWhatINeeded.   
It Happened!
I am on day five of the Atkins....after a couple of days of a headache and fatigue the low hunger and high energy kicked in. It is so exciting. I went running in the late afternoon and lifted some wei ...
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started by AppleRose.   
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Who wants to get this book for free
The (8) 8) Eat To Live) 2011 revised edition includes updated scientific research supporting Dr. Fuhrman's revolutionary six-week plan and a brand new chapter highlighting Dr. Fuhrman's discovery ...
by good-Diet on 09 Aug 17 03:19 PM
Proud of myself
Congratulations! I think that the exercise portion is really important. I started just by walking and listening to my music. It was amazing how GOOD it felt, and how much FUN it was! You may not burn ...
by rhills on 04 Aug 17 04:39 AM
Well done on buckling down and getting back at it. Your recent losses are good, keep doing what your doing!
by Skyehawk on 14 Jul 17 01:29 AM
L-I-V-I-N: How I manage my mental and physical health
Yep SnakeyJane, you should dig it out, and try it. I like Pilates too, almost as much as Yoga, but I do sweat more with Yoga, must be the fact you stated, holding that pose, which you don't do in ...
by SLLockhart on 11 Jul 17 08:04 AM
Depression and Pain
I know the feeling of chronic pain. I have found that Yoga and stretching exercises is what works for me. I don't take those pain pills unless it is really bad, but I don't like the feelings they ...
by SLLockhart on 08 Jul 17 06:01 PM

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