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weight loss
Down 40lbs in 3 months:)
7 replies, last reply by MedusaLaBella, 2 years ago.   3,920 views.
started by scooter t.   
share your success, get new recipes, suppport!
I would appreciate it if you would all consider liking my new facebook page. I started a page called "Fitness, Food & Fun". I would like to grow the group as much as possible to hit as many ...
1 reply, last reply by rascal398, 2 years ago.   1,940 views.
started by rascal398.   
Weight issues
My goal weight is not 85. I am 90ibs and that is my goal weight. I would also like to address that i was a competitive Team level 6 junior Olympian gymnast last year and I was anorexic. I did an EXTREMLY ...
3 replies, last reply by eKatherine, 2 years ago.   4,906 views.
started by Bwaltz.   
I have lost from an 18 pant size to a 12!!!! So excited about the future.
1 reply, last reply by waterfallparadise, 2 years ago.   1,968 views.
started by Marnie Britt.   
Are you single?? Do you feel lonely??
jeez what a leech....
no replies.   2,756 views.
started by Airang, 2 years ago.   
Success story to share
I remember loving to read success stories when I was losing weight. I lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for a long time now. HOW? 1. I exercised by walking an hour 5 days a week. 2. stayed off the ...
2 replies, last reply by JLathrop, 2 years ago.   3,643 views.
started by Medical2012.   
I feel AMAZING!!!
I want to shout from the rooftops how AMAZING I am feeling today and have been feeling for the past week or so... I am on day 22 of the Advocare 24 Day Weight-Loss Challenge. I have not weighed in or ...
1 reply, last reply by BessieGrace, 2 years ago.   4,335 views.
started by J Talia.   
Some of these 'fat' chicks aren't FAT!
Okay, kinda embarassing, but I google stuff alot. With the heat around here, and the holiday coming up, I'm getting nervous about baring all in bikini in public. I've worn one twice in the past ...
31 replies, last reply by erika2633, 2 years ago.   31,219 views.
started by JessWhatINeeded.   
It Happened!
I am on day five of the Atkins....after a couple of days of a headache and fatigue the low hunger and high energy kicked in. It is so exciting. I went running in the late afternoon and lifted some wei ...
13 replies, last reply by AppleRose, 2 years ago.   6,224 views.
started by AppleRose.   
My New Green Bar
Isn't it beautiful??? And One-der Land is less than 18 lbs away... Life is good. Joyce
7 replies, last reply by Poorflick, 2 years ago.   4,761 views.
started by Bodicea.   
2 replies, last reply by Marlboro Man, 2 years ago.   2,946 views.
started by sweetthing.
:lol: Hello i am excited because i joined this web-site
no replies.   980 views.
started by railers2087, 2 years ago.   
A small step for mankind, a giant step for me.
Today, I am starting a new chapter in my life. I have decided, based on my weight, my looks, my level of feel-good, that it's time to put down the calorie counter and (almost) put away the scale. ...
21 replies, last reply by Heidijoy, 2 years ago.   3,674 views.
started by kingkeld.   
100lbs later - The clothes!
Hi guys! I was sorting out the oversized clothes in my wardrobe yesterday and thought it would be fun to make a video out of it. Enjoy! =D
69 replies, last reply by Miyth, 2 years ago.   15,268 views.
started by MimiMuffin.   
Body image
I am 64 years old and I have never had any positive body image at all. I recently visited my mom and she gave me a picture of myself at nineteen. I was shocked to realize that I was actually pretty. I ...
14 replies, last reply by gramechka, 2 years ago.   7,161 views.
started by jetgemini.   
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Great Day at the Gym
Great day at the gym... Barbell squat - 205x5, 215x5, 225x5, 235x5, 245x5 Hip Sled - 245x10, 295x10, 355x10, 405x10, 455x10 Pull ups - 10, 10, 10, 7, 6, 5 Did a few db and straight bar curls and a l ...
by kmarsh23 on 02 Mar 15 02:57 PM
Before and After, anyone?
Congratulations, everyone! Please keep this topic going! Love this!
by Deb_N on 01 Mar 15 09:33 PM
Weight Loss
Wow first Stage 1 class was last night and I loved it. Weight in 5.7 lbs. less than when I went to my initial visit. Excited to see when this adventure leads me.
by michellecox2 on 11 Feb 15 07:58 AM
barrier broken!
Congrats and good luck with your next milestone :)
by howzat4u on 11 Jan 15 01:39 PM
first post - a little bit about my background
Gr8!!! Freedom!
by CoachTee on 31 Dec 14 06:53 PM

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