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Before and After, anyone?
Everybody loves before and after pictures, right? Wouldn't it be cool if we had a thread just for these pictures?? Post your before/after or before/during pictures (even if you've posted them ...
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Before and After, anyone?
WELCOME ----- ~ ¤ ╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╭⌒╮╭⌒╮~╭⌒╮ HANDBAG 35$ ,)))),'')~~ ,''~) ╱◥█◣ ╱◥█◣ SHOES 35$ |田|田||田|田| CLOTH 15$ ╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬ 2010 NEW input this URL: ( h ...
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Muhammad Ali
Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the memorial service for Muhammad Ali in his hometown, Louisville, Ky. It was moving to see the impact that he had. Not only on the city of Louisville ...
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Muhammad Ali
I remember him saying that - good one. I watched a good part of the ceremony - on my sports channels. They were all good, the eulogists. There was the story of how when Ali was 11 ish, someone stole his ...
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I'm new!
I am new to fatsecret! Check out my bio! If you need any help or have any questions feel free to shoot me a message! :)
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started by Dalajia .   
About me.
So a little about me,I have struggled with my weight for YEARS! Up and down, up and down. Since having two children back to back, I gained 85 pounds. After 5 years of not being able to get that weight ...
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started by ItWorksmama, a year ago.   
Time for a new Goal
I have lost 30 pounds since August 31!!!!:d
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started by percelle.   
Why Women Should Include Strength Training Programs to their Regime
Please read my article on why Women should include Strength Training in their workout Regime. Please like and Share to make this a healthier world!
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started by Jeffy15, 2 years ago.   
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Im finally onto orange or whatever color that is pushing now to see the green line under my name
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(sensitive) subject
Hi all been going to the gym for 2 weeks now, starting to fall out of the pattern as my motiavtion is fading. It's taking me so long to slim down i honestly though t i would start dropping pounds ...
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started by Angel_wants2be_skinny.   
How would you tone a mummy tummy?
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started by BubBooty.   
Hello BubBooty. It's important when looking to lose weight that you remember you can not target certain body fat. You body will naturally burn it from which ever areas it chooses. With that said ...
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started by BubBooty.   
Great Day at the Gym
Great day at the gym... Barbell squat - 205x5, 215x5, 225x5, 235x5, 245x5 Hip Sled - 245x10, 295x10, 355x10, 405x10, 455x10 Pull ups - 10, 10, 10, 7, 6, 5 Did a few db and straight bar curls and a l ...
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started by kmarsh23, 2 years ago.   
Weight Loss
Wow first Stage 1 class was last night and I loved it. Weight in 5.7 lbs. less than when I went to my initial visit. Excited to see when this adventure leads me.
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started by michellecox2, 2 years ago.   
barrier broken!
not a large amount of weight but a big psychological barrier - now below 100 kg! next barrier to smash is 90 kg. I feel well chuffed by this weigh in cause i have an extremely sedentary lifestyle due to ...
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started by dianecavallero.   
first post - a little bit about my background
Growing up with judgmental family members, always being compared to my sister, my family making fun of me and giving me nicknames, plants the worst possible seed in my mind. That looks body image and ...
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started by eileenguyen.   
Before and after Starting weight: 258. Currently at 142.6, goal is 135. :d
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started by MsMightyPup.   
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Day 5 of water fasting
You may not be happy with the end results in the mirror. The same person can look much better at a higher weight if that weight is lean mass. Water fasting will lead to much lean mass loss. You can ...
by Diablo360x on 17 Jan 18 05:52 PM
Have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? I was going through something similar, my Doctor placed me on hormone replacements, I was on them for several years and I gained weight big time. To make ...
by leah pruitt on 28 Dec 17 09:58 PM
Who wants to get this book for free
I would like to read it
by ninastewart1 on 02 Oct 17 04:34 PM
Starting pretty good
So...Soccer season is almost here! Trying to at least lose 40 before the beginning of next year! :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d
by haleighwooten on 14 Sep 17 07:58 PM
Proud of myself
Congratulations! I think that the exercise portion is really important. I started just by walking and listening to my music. It was amazing how GOOD it felt, and how much FUN it was! You may not burn ...
by rhills on 04 Aug 17 04:39 AM

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