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Who has calculated the Nutrition facts on recipes on this site
Does anyone know who calculates the Nutrition facts on recipes on this site? Is it the person who has entered it, or does FatSecret do something with them? I'm just trying to figure out how accurate ...
3 replies, last reply by beets_yum, 5 years ago.   653 views.
started by Poli.   
recipe help
Is there a way on this site to enter a recipe and have it enter the nutritional data for you, or can you only enter a recipe when you can give all the data, like calories, fat, fiber, sodium, etc! ...
2 replies, last reply by Travelette, 5 years ago.   674 views.
started by Travelette.   
I'm looking to keep my protein intake high, but reduce the amount of meat I eat (perhaps I may go pescetarian or vegetarian eventually). I am wondering how to incorporate more beans into my diet ...
3 replies, last reply by mendacity22, 5 years ago.   891 views.
started by djmikalobe.   
Sometimes when you click on a recipe, it comes up with the nutritional value and not the recipe for the item. :cry: Is there any way to get the recipe? Thanks.
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started by gramsten, 5 years ago.   
Editing Recipes
I'm pretty new to this site but I find it far superior to the one I had been using. I found a lot of recipes on here that I love, but I like to make a few changes. Is there a way to enter my changes ...
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started by Otto, 5 years ago.   
Olive Garden
I'm going to Olive Garden tonight. Any suggestion on low point deliciouse meal?
5 replies, last reply by jcharbula, 5 years ago.   958 views.
started by jcharbula.   
Great Budget Meal Ideas
Not that I would EVER advocate 1000 calorie per day meal plans, :shock: (too low) but this link, [url=http://healthy.hillbillyh... Housewife's 1000 Calorie Meal Plan [/url] has some 300-350 calorie ...
6 replies, last reply by Christiet, 5 years ago.   1,798 views.
started by Christiet.   
Snow Crab Legs?!
Hi all, This is my first post in the forum and it is a question about one of my favorite foods. I recently looked up the [url= Facts for Snow Crab Legs at Red Lobster[/url] ...
4 replies, last reply by seigan, 5 years ago.   1,328 views.
started by niterunner.   
black beans
I'm distressed this afternoon. After looking for calorie count for black beans, I see where this website has put the total number of calories for a cup of black beans at 662!!! this cannot be right!! ...
6 replies, last reply by amos9761, 5 years ago.   1,493 views.
started by bjasont.   
Calories in Ham and Broth??
Hello, My husband boiled down our leftover Christmas Ham in it's own broth mixed with water, and picked off all the leftover meat. He put together 3 freezer containers containing the ham broth with ...
no replies.   1,195 views.
started by katballew, 5 years ago.
Found a great website to compliment our goals towards healthy eating. has very creative recipes for the weight watcher counter. Enjoy!:d
10 replies, last reply by dangshannon, 5 years ago.   19,940 views.
started by Andi3.   
Meat measurement
Should one weigh the meat for a food entry before it is cooked or after it is cooked? I notice that my cooked meat weighs less. Do I entry the raw weight or the cooked weight?
1 reply, last reply by DeniseTra, 5 years ago.   1,271 views.
started by casamurphy.   
Editing a recipe
Can we edit the recipes we have submitted? It's bothering me, because i made a mistake!!! xx
3 replies, last reply by teddybear2067, 5 years ago.   1,141 views.
started by teddybear2067.   
white verses brown
well I read that whole wheat is better for you because of fiber content but what is really wrong with white pasta white potatoes white rice? I read the back of a container of maccroni it was whole wheat ...
3 replies, last reply by marlowe, 5 years ago.   1,531 views.
started by catlady496.   
spicy tuna
one of the best quickest reciepes i,ve ever made. been enjoying it every day for the past week. plenty of protein, would be great carry on for any ocassion,s :d :d
no replies.   893 views.
started by josephlitchka, 5 years ago.   
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Editing a recipe in my cookbook
Thank you but the option to edit is not there. 😯 Or at least I can't find it. I guess I could change the serving number in my food log, but I was hoping for a more permanent, and remember-able, ...
by JamaicaBoundNL on 28 Jul 15 07:27 PM

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