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Question about serving size
Hello everyone - i am new and have a question about serving size. I was looking at the "cornbread casserole" recipe and the nutritional information says "1 serving" - but I can not ...
4 replies, last reply by seelainvest, 5 years ago.   1,013 views.
started by seelainvest.   
Delicious Apple or Berry Crisp Dessert
T. Marzetti apple crisp topping (found in the refrigerated area of your market's produce department) 4 c. of FRESH fruit (suitable for a cobbler/crisp i.e. - blueberries, cherries (pitted), peaches ...
1 reply, last reply by Laurel Lu, 5 years ago.   1,292 views.
started by alewis2207.   
delete a recipe in cookbook
hi everyone...i am new to the site, i was trying to figure out points for a recipe but i did something wrong but i don't know how to delete the recipe...can anyone help?......thank you.....
3 replies, last reply by blueturnips, 5 years ago.   1,225 views.
started by haleyspaig.   
Can someone help me with Calorie counting for homemade recipes.
Hello! Recently, I bought some dried white beans while on vacation. (You can't get Navy (Great Northern) beans in the UK :? ) These beans had the same characteristics as the Great Northern, or Navy ...
4 replies, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   942 views.
started by Starlitwolf.   
Adding texture
:idea: On Atkins, I'm dying for crunch. I read somewhere that pork skins are a way to add crunch to the diet. Has anyone tried it? Can't find them listed in the food list.
9 replies, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   1,937 views.
started by tzipy.   
:p Hey girls I added a recipe for cheese cake to my cook book. check it out and show it some love so it can get approved.... and yes i had to had to change the fatty ingredients to healthier ones. you ...
5 replies, last reply by Luisana15, 5 years ago.   1,026 views.
started by Strwbry0221.   
Free KFC Grilled Chicken @
Folks, Oprah comes through for us again. You can go wrong with free. Just be sure that you select health sides like green beans, corn on the cob or mash potatoes without gravy. The feathers are still ...
4 replies, last reply by Divided By Zero, 5 years ago.   3,703 views.
started by Bajan_Queen.   
Stupid Question - Rye Bread?
Hi I have probably what is a stupid question! Can someone tell me what the difference is with Rye Bread & normal bread? and the health benefits from switching to Rye? Thanks, I tried googline, but ...
6 replies, last reply by beets_yum, 5 years ago.   836 views.
started by Shortybread.   
hey guys! it's cinco de mayo! my friend made enchiladas yesterday and they look outstanding! she loved them! there's a link to the recipe on her blog! http://www.hernewweigh.blogspo...
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started by roxchick83, 5 years ago.   
You HAVE to check out It's the best! My favorites are the Crunch Wrap Supreme and the Better Than Peanut Butter. :) Enjoy!
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started by maliagalia, 5 years ago.   
Side dishes
Anyone have a good side dish to go with chicken enchiladas?
3 replies, last reply by roxchick83, 5 years ago.   684 views.
started by hawks755.   
Tofu...What does it taste like???
With the diet plan I'm following, I've tried a few new foods (mostly regular foods cooked in a different way), but I've never eaten Tofu and would like to give it a try. For some recipes, ...
6 replies, last reply by RealtorInTx, 5 years ago.   2,573 views.
started by RealtorInTx.   
Is anyone good at determining the nutrition facts and calorie count for recipes? My sister makes a desert pizza and I have to recipe but i dont know the calorie count for each indiviual piece.. Any help?
2 replies, last reply by Jayjaycakez, 5 years ago.   792 views.
started by Jayjaycakez.   
The Nutty Truth About Nuts
Did You Know ... The number one killer of American women is heart disease. Heart disease is not isolated to men. Women need to be just as careful with their lifestyle to reduce their risk of developing ...
2 replies, last reply by nutractive, 5 years ago.   614 views.
started by nutractive.   
Whole Wheat Pizza Crusts - Phase 2 only
If you are like me, pizza and fall go hand in here are a couple of recipes that are phase 2 friendly: Enjoy Ingredients: 1 c Warm water (110 to 115 -degrees) 1 pk (or 1 tablespoon) active ...
5 replies, last reply by imlodog, 5 years ago.   2,480 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
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Here are some great tips about food expirations and storage.
Couldn't have said it better BigBear......I went from what I thought was healthy eating and then eliminated all 'whites' then all processed, then went to somewhat organic and when I could ...
by mummydee on 19 Dec 14 07:07 PM
Need to avoid Soy products?
Me too I love Califia Farms Coconut Almond Blend Milk
by Shari22 on 10 Dec 14 12:53 PM
Suggestions for people who need to gain weight
by Saige18 on 09 Dec 14 12:53 AM
Entering your own recipes
Thanks Mummydee, I have doing that a lot ,too. Not only in my recipe entries but also my food entries. Thanks Jeri for the quote and encouragement. :) Truly J.J.
by Jones Jennifer on 05 Dec 14 08:44 AM
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well if had one i would probably share it, as the sharing is totally the caring all over [url= calorie meals[/url]
by giamegan on 13 Nov 14 12:04 AM

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