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Submitting a recipe
For those who have done this before....when you submit a recipe, how long does it take to go from "pending" to "published"?
7 replies, last reply by destiny, 5 years ago.   2,168 views.
started by BJ16.   
Very cool website! is a great site that shows you how much sugar is in the products that people consume. It includes everything from breakfast items to fruits and veggies. A real eye opener!
1 reply, last reply by elfprincess, 5 years ago.   1,148 views.
started by dawn0001.   
hi grandson brought me three pumpkins home last night only ever had them for halloween pumpkins never used them for cooking, can anybody help me with any recipes to use them up and not waste them 7yrs ...
1 reply, last reply by jessyline, 5 years ago.   1,539 views.
started by happy hoppy.   
cooking spaghetti squash
I remember last time I did weight watchers, spaghetti squash saved me! I can't remember how to prepare it, though! Can anyone help?? Thanks! Bunone2009
5 replies, last reply by Ski Bunny, 5 years ago.   1,025 views.
started by bunone2009.   
Take off Juice Recipe
TAKE OFF JUICE RECIPE Just follow this simple recipe to make this EXACT drink!! 1 cup Papaya juice 1 banana 1/2 cup green tea, strongly brewed 1 scoop soy protein powder with spirulina 1/2 cup blueberries ...
no replies.   7,399 views.
started by itstimetolose, 5 years ago.   
US and UK measures
Hi I've seen some great recipes on here, but the measurement is usually in cups. We don't use that in the UK so I was wondering if anyone knew what the equivalent volume would be?
7 replies, last reply by pmsister, 5 years ago.   2,231 views.
started by Purdy.   
I tried the new Olive Oil Mayo by Best Foods. It is actually quite good. And alot less fat calories than lite. :o
no replies.   916 views.
started by Darcy0528, 5 years ago.   
Recipe for Dairy-Free/Sugar-Free Cheesecake?
Anyone? I have a perfectly lovely recipe for regular cheesecake in all its gastronomic (and calorie-laden) glory, but I'm making a cheesecake for a friend and he can't have either Sugar or Dairy. ...
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started by Miskela, 5 years ago.   
Low GI Recipe
Just saw this one, looks good, healthy, easy & delicious [url= Veggies & Salmon[/url] Enjoy!
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started by lowgilover, 5 years ago.   
Star Bucks Strawberry Banana Vivanno Smoothie
Wondering if anyone has an idea of what the exact ingredients and measurements are for Star Bucks latest Strawberry Banana Vivanno Smoothie. I know Star Bucks recently changed their recipe to a less ...
2 replies, last reply by lisasal, 5 years ago.   5,102 views.
started by lisasal.   
Where do you get Soy Flour?
I've checked a couple of grocery store, but didn't see it. Is it only in health stores?
2 replies, last reply by Mariette, 5 years ago.   971 views.
started by Mariette.   
Question about serving size
Hello everyone - i am new and have a question about serving size. I was looking at the "cornbread casserole" recipe and the nutritional information says "1 serving" - but I can not ...
4 replies, last reply by seelainvest, 5 years ago.   1,038 views.
started by seelainvest.   
Delicious Apple or Berry Crisp Dessert
T. Marzetti apple crisp topping (found in the refrigerated area of your market's produce department) 4 c. of FRESH fruit (suitable for a cobbler/crisp i.e. - blueberries, cherries (pitted), peaches ...
1 reply, last reply by Laurel Lu, 5 years ago.   1,320 views.
started by alewis2207.   
delete a recipe in cookbook
hi everyone...i am new to the site, i was trying to figure out points for a recipe but i did something wrong but i don't know how to delete the recipe...can anyone help?......thank you.....
3 replies, last reply by blueturnips, 5 years ago.   1,245 views.
started by haleyspaig.   
Can someone help me with Calorie counting for homemade recipes.
Hello! Recently, I bought some dried white beans while on vacation. (You can't get Navy (Great Northern) beans in the UK :? ) These beans had the same characteristics as the Great Northern, or Navy ...
4 replies, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   955 views.
started by Starlitwolf.   
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Understanding the total nutritional bits
Have just joined yesterday. From uk, so having to change ways i think. Ie we say crisps, you say chips. Anyway after filling in the days eating, there is a green top line saying how much fat, fiber, sugar ...
by Hollyrose42 on 23 Feb 15 08:29 AM
Suggestions for people who need to gain weight
Thanks for all the replies! Wish there was a way to have FS send notifications ONLY on forum posts-- missed them all until now because I was sick of getting emails on everything. She is now on an eating ...
by starstar73 on 22 Feb 15 01:12 PM
3 pounds ripe plum tomatoes, cut in half lengthwise 1/4 cup Bertolli Light Tasting olive oil - I buy mine at No Frills 2 tablespoons No Salt substitute 1 1/2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper 2 cups ...
by Lovemysalt on 18 Feb 15 08:14 PM
bored. CHEAP healthy easy foods
If you are looking for great healthy easy recipes I came across this list a while ago- I try to make these meals a few times a week and I cook extra to make lunches. ...
by activeash on 18 Feb 15 02:48 PM
Low-Carb Foods
we go through a full Sweetheart cabbage and a head of cauliflower a day in our low carb house!! i've found cheese sauces are dead simple (just melt some cream and cheese together in pan) and would ...
by drullae on 11 Feb 15 10:09 AM

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