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Raw or Cooked meat for nutritional information?
When I look up a meat for the food diary, if it does not specify, is this the weight for raw or cooked meat?
1 reply, last reply by Nikkah, 7 years ago.   890 views.
started by acaram.   
Recipes for Health
I think I've posted this before in my journal, but it is so good I want to post it here too :) This is a fabulous recipe database with really beautiful photography and simple recipes that are &qu ...
no replies.   1,141 views.
started by k8yk, 7 years ago.   
has anyone tried the new chicken thing at kfc that has to pieces of chicken two slices of cheese and bacon if so how was it
15 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 7 years ago.   2,332 views.
started by paris2707.   
Two New Granola Recipes
Hello everyone, I came across two really great granola recipes that I wanted to share so I have uploaded them. If you like granola check them out. They are quick to make. Currently they are pending ...
no replies.   878 views.
started by aclema, 7 years ago.   
Pizza Crust points?
Hey all! So I am avoiding pizza as much as possible, but normally will finish my DH's crust... I'm wondering how to calculate my points for just the crust, no sauce or cheese? Do I use a bread ...
4 replies, last reply by maymouse_101, 7 years ago.   2,135 views.
started by ShanFish.   
V8... Good or Bad?
Sooooo.... I have been dieting for a long time, and all I ever drink is water. I used to drink a little V8 now and again (the original kind), and I was wondering what you guys thought about V8? Good, bad? ...
10 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 7 years ago.   6,334 views.
started by lmc5238.   
guac and roll tuna recipe
guac and roll tuna saw it and missed it would like the recipe please:lol:
no replies.   1,068 views.
started by sugrfoot2, 7 years ago.   
Better lunch ideas
I'm wondering if anyone can share ideas for lunch. I've been pretty much eating either a Lean Cuisine meal or Subway for the last few months. Granted, I've lost at least 10 lbs doing this, ...
25 replies, last reply by Rnbwgrl, 7 years ago.   3,897 views.
started by Tressatnt.   
EGGS how many carbs are they
I hear that eggs are zero, less than one all the way up to 1.73???? how many carbs are in one full egg and how many carbs are just in the egg whites help me out folks.
7 replies, last reply by kmartin, 7 years ago.   1,141 views.
started by Neddyk.   
Broccoli and Roasted Potatoes with Cheese (Smart ones)
I had this today for lunch. What a waste of 5 points!!! It was terrible! The cheese sauce was bad and the potatoes were overdone. Even after adding salt and pepper, it was hard to force it down. ...
6 replies, last reply by k8yk, 7 years ago.   1,519 views.
started by PopcornGirl.   
Caffeine?? I need info...
Hey guys, so I don't usually drink any caffeine at all. I used to guzzle Surge and Mt. Dew when I was a teen, but I was raised on caffeine free diet pop my whole life. I cut it out about, maybe a ...
5 replies, last reply by SturgeonQueen, 7 years ago.   1,043 views.
started by SturgeonQueen.   
Getting enough fiber while watching carbs
I am struggling to maintain a 40-30-30 ratio between carbs, protein and fat. In holding my carbs at 40% I'm having a really hard time getting enough fiber in my diet. I'll average maybe 10g/day, ...
7 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 7 years ago.   1,383 views.
started by peasncues.   
Serving size on recipe
i have notice there is servings number on all the recipes but not how much is in a serving size.. anyone can help me figure it out that would be great
1 reply, last reply by cbella, 7 years ago.   838 views.
started by niod81.   
Trying to put in a recipe
I have been trying to put in a recipe I love and the computer will not accept my preparation time. I keep putting in 10 minutes or 10 mins. but it will not accept it. Any suggestions?
1 reply, last reply by cbella, 7 years ago.   743 views.
started by Susan G.   
Unlisted Resturants
I'm going to mixer tonight at a resturant that is not listed.....its called Blackfinn's and I'm unsure how to calculate my calories, I just started and I'm on a roll with keeping track ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 7 years ago.   940 views.
started by atwalker.   
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