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hey guys! it's cinco de mayo! my friend made enchiladas yesterday and they look outstanding! she loved them! there's a link to the recipe on her blog! http://www.hernewweigh.blogspo...
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started by roxchick83, 5 years ago.   
You HAVE to check out It's the best! My favorites are the Crunch Wrap Supreme and the Better Than Peanut Butter. :) Enjoy!
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started by maliagalia, 5 years ago.   
Side dishes
Anyone have a good side dish to go with chicken enchiladas?
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started by hawks755.   
Tofu...What does it taste like???
With the diet plan I'm following, I've tried a few new foods (mostly regular foods cooked in a different way), but I've never eaten Tofu and would like to give it a try. For some recipes, ...
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started by RealtorInTx.   
Is anyone good at determining the nutrition facts and calorie count for recipes? My sister makes a desert pizza and I have to recipe but i dont know the calorie count for each indiviual piece.. Any help?
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started by Jayjaycakez.   
The Nutty Truth About Nuts
Did You Know ... The number one killer of American women is heart disease. Heart disease is not isolated to men. Women need to be just as careful with their lifestyle to reduce their risk of developing ...
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started by nutractive.   
Whole Wheat Pizza Crusts - Phase 2 only
If you are like me, pizza and fall go hand in here are a couple of recipes that are phase 2 friendly: Enjoy Ingredients: 1 c Warm water (110 to 115 -degrees) 1 pk (or 1 tablespoon) active ...
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started by veggies yuk.   
10 Foods You Probably Think Are Healthy, But Aren’t
Most important, I think, is number one: cereal. "1. Breakfast Cereals. Cereals are labeled healthy & nutritive and recommended for weight loss. Read the labels: cereals are often high in sugar ...
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started by beets_yum.   
Brussel Sprouts
I really love brussel sprouts. I eat them alot. I hope they hold some kind of secret healing properties or something because as I have already said...I really love them :d Does anyone else love brussel ...
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started by Benitez.   
awesome recipes!
Harvard School of Public Health has a great list of healthy recipes! I'm trying out one of them tonight (Tuscan style roasted chicken w/tomato basil white beans). ...
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started by tofuturkey118.   
Desk Snacks - What are your Favorites
I have been on and off weight watches for about 4 years. When I follow it well, I lose. When I follow it a little, i stay the same. And when I dont follow it, its just bad all around. Anyway what ...
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started by awaske14.   
How many fat/calories in French Toast batter?
unfortunately with out knowing how much milk was used and how much of the mixture wound up on the bread, its impossible to tell how many cals you had... cal counting can be a pain, esp for meals like ...
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started by noodleheadgal, 5 years ago.   
How many fat/calories in French Toast batter?
Thanks Vivid!
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started by noodleheadgal, 5 years ago.   
FYI- Healthy Choice Steamers
I haven't bought any Healthy Choice meals in forever, so maybe this isn't new news but... on the back of the Cafe Steamers at least, they have the WW points on the box. Nice! 8)
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started by noodleheadgal.   
V8 100% vegetable juice
Can we have V8 100% vegetable juice in Phase I of the South Beach Diet? I'm still learing my way around this site and this diet...and I need something to help with my energy level. I feel like I ...
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started by stacylea23.   
Ideas for Packed Lunch for Work
Can anyone give me some ideas for a health lunch to take to work for me. I usually end up not eating what I take in and going out and buying something.
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started by lilymissfun.   
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Review by The Avanti Group: 8 Tipps bei der Suche nach einem guten Restaurant während der Reise
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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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