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food finder online
Wow...I just found a great tool on the ConAgra Foods website (link below). You put in your criteria such as calories, fat, sodium, etc and it searches all their products to find those that fit what you ...
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started by misclin, a year ago.   
Has anyone else had a bad reaction to Truvia? I don't use much artificial sweetener or regular sugar. But I make hot cocoa with artificial sweetener. I had always used Splenda -- just a half pack. ...
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started by Hermiones Mom.   
Please Help! I am spending way too much time dicing up vegetables in the kitchen lately!
I need to know if there is a good slicer-dicer out there on the market because I like my vegetables in tiny little diced up squares and it seems to take me forever standing there chop chop chop with my ...
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started by Joella1977.   
I Hate to Cook.....
I hate to cook!!!..... but I think it's time I start learning to like it. I am running out of options for quick no cook meals. I found myself picking at foods I should not be eating yesterday and ...
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started by happihart.   
Saving Calories Adds Up
Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you have to miss out on yummy eats! There are lots of sneaky ways to cut calories, carbs and fat out of your favorite meals. Replace unhealthy fats ...
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started by happihart.   
Coconut Cream
With my low carb muffin (that I pretend is a piece of cake) I wanted to add some real whipped cream but didn't have any so I decided to try a couple spoonfuls of really cold, full fat, coconut milk ...
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started by Stella1964.   
Low calorie peanut butter
Hi Everyone, I found a low calorie peanut butter that tastes great. It's called PB2. It's powdered and you mix it with water to the consistency you want. 45 calories per serviing. Comes in ...
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started by worm2butterfly2012.   
The incredible shrinking product
You may already know this, but, today I noticed that the Lender's New York style bagel listed in the Fat Secret foods database has 30 more calories than the one I just ate this morning for breakfast. ...
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started by weezay.   
Newbie who wanted to share a healthy recipe
Hello Everyone! I am new here and as a way of introducing myself, I'd like to share this healthy and easy to do [url=http://www.fatloss.wellpa... with you all. It's called APPLE OATMEAL PANCAKE. ...
1 reply, last reply by betnmike, a year ago.   2,261 views.
started by hello_sunshine2.   
Miracle Noodle (Now you can eat Pasta w/o Worrying about Net Carbs!!!)
I'm so excited to announce what I discovered today -- Miracle Noodles! :badgrin: :badgrin: They have Angel Hair Pasta, Fettuccini, Miracle Rice, and Garlic and Herb Fettuccini and a lot more! Now ...
14 replies, last reply by jenkie5, a year ago.   7,850 views.
started by s2huang.   
Cauli Rice
Hi, I have seen talk of 'Cauli Rice'. I have never tried making it, but always assumed the rice was steamed then forced through a potato ricer. Tonight I have been looking through my books and ...
16 replies, last reply by riocaz, a year ago.   9,540 views.
started by Rindaloo.   
On cooking real food -- "What do I do with all this stuff?"
I know that some people here cook often, using lots of fresh produce and other healthy items. Others have mentioned that they don't really know how to cook very well, so they tend to use lots of ...
11 replies, last reply by riocaz, a year ago.   4,852 views.
started by Hoser.   
Cauliflower Crust Pizza - have you tried?
I found this recipe recently and made it 3 times. Love it, it takes away my cravings for pizza. Basically, the crust is "riced" cauliflower cooked in the microwave for 8 minutes, then mixed ...
11 replies, last reply by Karam25, a year ago.   4,610 views.
started by New to BB.   
wreck your diet, for the kids
I guess you're supposed to buy a DQ Blizzard today. Well, if it's for the children...I suppose I could blow my RDI. [url= Treat Day[/url] On Thursday, July 26, 2012, ...
1 reply, last reply by NCNOLE, a year ago.   1,172 views.
started by JessWhatINeeded.   
Stretch salad dressing
Ive always been frustrated with using salad dressings. One tablespoon serving is rarely enough to coat the salad but I also didn't want to keep adding more of it so I found a good compromise. I add ...
8 replies, last reply by Ceebee, a year ago.   5,425 views.
started by Stella1964.   
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High Protein Lower-Fat Options (Using whole, real foods)
Posted recipe in LuC2 Cookbook: CINNAMON GRANOLA CLUSTERS (as promised). Don't skip the virgin coconut oil (you simply can't beat the aromatic enhancement to the granola) or oat flour (it's ...
by LuC2 on 18 Apr 14 07:45 PM
It's expensive season at my local market
Yum, steak is a rarity for me as well. Am planting some chard, not something that is available to buy, have never even seen it in a farmers market here.
by wholefoodnut on 17 Apr 14 04:58 AM
CSA challenge: Carrots, Kale, Fennel, Spring Onion
sounds delicious and I will definitely try it, as much as I'm a veggie nut , Kale is not one of my favourites and i've tried so many recipes knowing how good it is for me, I tolerate it rather ...
by mummydee on 12 Apr 14 03:50 AM
serving size for dry ingredients
Check the food label, it should tell you. Rice tends to have higher calories. Usually it's 1/4 cup dry and about 150-200 calories
by NCNOLE on 10 Apr 14 04:49 PM
Need ideas for more PROTEIN please!
Also protein powder. I use it every day
by dylansmom0110 on 07 Apr 14 11:24 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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