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Let me know what you think
Portion Control: Small Plate w/a side of No Seconds. I am looking to get members together for support in this group. All tips on excersing, dieting and health are welcome. Please feel free to check out ...
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started by water12871.   
Goals Demolished and Still Going Strong
I started on FS at a weight of 232 lbs, but I started my journey at a personal, record breaking high of 253 lbs. Today, I am down to 160 lbs. That is 93 lbs down from my heaviest. My BMI has gone from ...
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started by Galahad, a year ago.   
Garcinia cambogia
:d I tried 800 calorie diet watching the amount of carbs, fats, and proteins were within the USDA guidelines and drinking plenty and lost about 2 pounds per week. I kept doing that and added Garcinia ...
2 replies, last reply by thinner120, a year ago.   1,006 views.
started by Nicebonbon.   
Dukan Diet I LOVE IT
Day 11 3 kilos lost and weigh in again tomorrow. I have never been on a diet where I was never hungry, I have to make myself eat and not being hungry makes a huge difference. At my heaviest I was 163 ...
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started by Missnaughty, a year ago.   
Insulin Resistance Diet - Best kept secret out there
I don't know why more people don't know about The Insulin Resistance Diet. It was a best-selling book, but for some reason hardly anyone knows about it. It is such an easy way to keep your insulin ...
16 replies, last reply by eKatherine, a year ago.   6,600 views.
started by femmeslim.   
day 1 cleanse
Today is the first day of the dherbs cleanse. Its a 21 day detox. stay tuned
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started by mssmmitchell, a year ago.   
Day one & I'm already on a roll!
I'm so happy! :d I'm eating by my regular eating schedule (well, I missed Breakfast), yet with just a bit of walking I'm already noticing that I'm burning more calories then I'm e ...
2 replies, last reply by JosephBigham070799, a year ago.   880 views.
started by JosephBigham070799.   
body by vi shake diet
Try this amazing meal replacement diet.. its cheap and tastes great. Go to
3 replies, last reply by nicky704, a year ago.   797 views.
started by nicky704.   
Feel great without having to count calories or limit food intake!
Thw wholefood diet is a great way to eat longterm. No need to count calories or restrict food intake. Eat in season and include lots of veggies, fruit, pulses, grains,nuts and seeds into your diet every ...
13 replies, last reply by MissMerryBerry, a year ago.   3,655 views.
started by dee.   
each to their own?
I kind of worry about faddish a life long slimmer, gaining and losing since I was 19, I think I have finally found MY answer... to eat healthily, but stop seeing food as the enemy, and don& ...
2 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, a year ago.   785 views.
started by Lynne66.   
Body By VISALUS Challenge!!
Spam spam spam
27 replies, last reply by Spacey47, a year ago.   1,238 views.
started by Toneyou.   
Body By VISALUS Challenge!!
It is not a spam - checkout the Video and see for yourself. Kind regards Donna
27 replies, last reply by Spacey47, a year ago.   1,238 views.
started by Toneyou.   
Fasting Diet (2 days per week)
:d have been doing the fasting diet for 3 weeks now, basically reducing my calorie intake to 500 calories on 2 days of the week (Mondays & Thursdays. It takes some getting used to as 500 calories ...
14 replies, last reply by eKatherine, a year ago.   4,309 views.
started by SuzyJane.   
Low Carb plus cheat diet
I had started the Low Carb diet beginning February 2013. My starting weight was 191 at the height of 5"7. Now that's over weight. nI consumes over 500 carbs a day yet alone almost 3000 calories ...
1 reply, last reply by sickofscale, a year ago.   989 views.
started by sumera0423.   
My summarized journey through weight loss
:d My biggest weight was at 160 and through the years I've tried many crazy diets, pills, and even tried starving myself but they didn't last for their own reasons. They were silly and unhealthy ...
1 reply, last reply by yankgal46, a year ago.   833 views.
started by sweetslvr.   
LCHF (Low-Carb/High-Fat) ROCKS!!!!!!
A great jumping-off point for info is -[url= For Beginners[/url] I'm never hungry or feel deprived and blood sugar is constant - no spikes!
8 replies, last reply by ashleylovebug, a year ago.   2,885 views.
started by insecktorb.   
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Buy Green Coffee Beans
Haa, if you are going to drink coffee, enjoy it!
by staceybessmer on 28 Aug 14 10:36 AM
P.I.N.K. Method
OK, my sister did this diet/exercise combo and lost about 30 pounds and really toned up so I figured I would give it a try. I am 9 years older than my sister and we have very different body types so I ...
by gallivanting1 on 26 Aug 14 07:56 AM
Calories are just a minor aspect, though losing calories in a diet might work for some. But it is far more complicated than that. Low Fat/Low Cal foods have high carbs in them, and it's like per ...
by nb girl on 31 Jul 14 05:24 AM
Are you talking about the Nutribullet? I use mine daily for my morning protein smoothie. The only downside is cleaning. I wash mine immediately after using it, but spend more time cleaning the grooves ...
by HeyJude602 on 19 Jul 14 03:14 PM
Started LCHF diet
Started 1st July weight was 95kg. Current weight 88.3kg on LCHF diet. Goal 75kg...
by 18Mays on 13 Jul 14 01:31 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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