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5:2 Fast diet is working
Hi people, Been using Fatsecret on and off since 2011 but never been on the forum. Have been doing 5:2 Fast diet for about 6 weeks. Have been on their forum but it's not for me. People are a bit ...
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started by Jean Mc, 12 hours ago.   
Has anyone ever used Garcinia?
Hey guys, firstly just want to say, great forum and website :) So, after having kids, i found that i put on some weight and its honestly like stubborn weight that i cant get off. i been looking for an ...
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started by janetali.   
It's always just about the calories
30 years it took me to finally work out that every fad, tip, supplement, diet programme, book, celeb endorsement, family advice, friends knowledge is just making it harder to lose weight and keep it off ...
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started by rabbitjb.   
High Fat Low Carb Way of Eating
First I want to say I wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I've been eating this way since March 10 of 2016. Before I started I studied it on the internet. I read all I could about it and got on ...
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started by KetoWeb.   
Isagenix was my answer
50# eazy peazy finally found the answer!! Tried soup diet, military diet, weight watchers, atkins, u weight loss, herbal magic, steak and boiled egg diet, you name it I tried it, Isagenix is incredible ...
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started by karenwilliams2.   
:cry: Still fat, haven't done anything. Actually went to a "diet" doctor but after I got home and read all the information on the pills I was soooo afraid to take them. It was truly scary! ...
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started by Princess1947.   
I really love this new lifestyle! I have more energy and no hunger pangs. I am strictly following the greenlist and I am so exited! Sleeping much better now! Had a craving for chocolate yesterday, but ...
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started by Cecilia de Oliveira.   
I want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving Enjoy the day!!!
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started by Giannis100, 3 months ago.   
Am I the only one who wants to gain weight?
Hi All Im new here looking for buddies to join me in my weight gain challenge
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started by thandyshandu, 3 months ago.   
PS1000 diet works for me!
Well I am one of those all my life dieters. Have found PS1000 diet which is just a healthy clean eating which requires their formulated supplements (I consider them my vitamins), health coaches are great ...
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started by fatchick45987, 4 months ago.   
Low calories and controlled carbs diet
Hi everyone! I am on diet for 4 days, so far lost 2.5 kg. I use fatsecret app to calculate kcal amount. I am home sitting mom with 1 and 2.5 yo kids. I have absolutely no time for fitness or gym, but my ...
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started by gapka333.   
Jay Piggin
ATTENTION EVERYONE! I just want to give a shout out to 'Jay Piggin'. He is an online coach in Australia. Working through him I was able to drop down to 100kg (previously weighing in at 215kg). ...
1 reply, last reply by Cindy DeMars, 7 months ago.   1,020 views.
started by rOwAn303.   
Half way into 2016!
We're halfway into 2016, are you on track to reach your health and fitness goals? Why not give your body a boost with the clean plant based hemp protein powder from Natera. Spend $40 and receive a ...
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started by Jeffy15, 7 months ago.   
21 Day Fit
Hey, just wanted everyone to check out my new challenge. I am over 50 and hate my large belly. I have tried many diets and exercise but I have steadily increased my weight each year. But I started two ...
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started by Joyrut.   
promoting Perfect Weight Forever by Marisa Peer
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started by sooney50, 10 months ago.   
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5:2 Fast diet is working
Hi people, Been using Fatsecret on and off since 2011 but never been on the forum. Have been doing 5:2 Fast diet for about 6 weeks. Have been on their forum but it's not for me. People are a bit ...
by Jean Mc on 21 Feb 17 02:01 PM
Has anyone ever used Garcinia?
Yes I have used it a few times. The tablets were expensive and next to useless. I then bought garcinia cambogia powder (hydroxycitric acid [HCA]from a herb supplier and put them in my own capsules (h ...
by slimit on 10 Feb 17 05:48 PM
It's always just about the calories
Great post OP. CICO. Choose foods that help you maintain a healthy weight. Add strength training. Winning combo.
by Diablo360x on 01 Feb 17 06:28 AM
High Fat Low Carb Way of Eating
by yugguth on 03 Jan 17 06:21 PM
Isagenix was my answer
vandalgirl59 wrote: ric... is Isagenix? Snake oil, by the sounds of it.[/quote wrote: Agree...any 'special' diet, or plan that requires you to buy expensive products is a load of bull and likely ...
by jorge loco on 02 Jan 17 11:16 AM

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