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OK please look at my food journals....tell me were I am going wrong. I no I am not exercising but....the diet part I can not lose I have lost 13 pounds since March 28 and this is so depressing because ...
11 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 5 years ago.   2,198 views.
started by need2lose100.   
Hey guys I have always struggled with my weight now I am at the point where i am wanting to get serious about it and not only lose fat but build muscle so i have joined this forum and been doing great ...
7 replies, last reply by PishPosh, 5 years ago.   1,432 views.
started by bmurphy102.   
Dry Hair
So since starting my healthier lifestyle about 8 months ago, I noticed my hair (and strangely enough only my right side) has gotten increasingly dry and damaged to the point of chopping my hair off to ...
13 replies, last reply by lisakp71, 5 years ago.   1,246 views.
started by ADobs.   
what to have for breakfast ????
Ok so maybe this is the wrong diet for me..I hate cheese so I have been having 1 boiled egg and 4 pieces of bacon for breakfast for 5 days...Now I am very sick of that already :cry: Is there any thing ...
7 replies, last reply by Hermiones Mom, 5 years ago.   1,795 views.
started by malibugirl1.   
Net carbs
Does anyone know how to make the food diary track net carbs?
3 replies, last reply by VtaMale805, 5 years ago.   793 views.
started by dkchiles.   
I need a buddy
I'm almost 50, need (want) to drop 8-10 and maintain it - I'll do good at recording for a week or so, then......
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started by whiizkid, 5 years ago.   
im about to give up
Im following everything im suppost to, workout 5 times a wk. I have a thyroid issue but is under control now. I was losing but have now stoped. I seem bloated, is it cus im on my monthly buz? could that ...
11 replies, last reply by NoChubbyMom, 5 years ago.   1,505 views.
started by chap.   
Weighing Meat
When you read the label on hamburger meat and other similar items, it says per 3 oz. or so. Does the nutrition value for this count for before or after it is cooked?
1 reply, last reply by an00bis, 5 years ago.   896 views.
started by candyj.   
Add something that isn't an existing recipe?
Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to add a food that doesn't have an existing recipe on this site. I had a green iced tea with fructose (unfortunately) and that had around 250cal. I can't ...
1 reply, last reply by Hoser, 5 years ago.   579 views.
started by tloren.   
Emailing my food log...
Does anyone know how to email my food log off the computer??? I can do it off my phone app, but not through my laptop... Help!!!
1 reply, last reply by nolechick, 5 years ago.   715 views.
started by kimberlydawnrees.   
Food diaries
Could someone on Atkins look at my food diaries to make sure I am doing this right. I feel like I am but not sure I am in ketosis and want to be sure I am on track. Any thought or suggestions are gr ...
6 replies, last reply by kschaeffer, 5 years ago.   1,376 views.
started by danawiesner.   
Where the heck are the percentages of foods for the day?
Ok so everyone keeps saying they eat a percentage of fat, carbs, etc. everyday. Someone said FatSecret does the totals for you. Someone else mentioned a pie chart at the bottom of the page. WHAT PAGE ...
5 replies, last reply by Veeezeee, 5 years ago.   1,272 views.
started by Veeezeee.   
just starting Again
I have been trying to do atkins for about a 10 days now, I am not losing anything .I do have thyoid problem but I take medication. I really need a mentor who understands the normal british way of eating ...
17 replies, last reply by ikztivel, 5 years ago.   2,872 views.
started by peggy2002z.   
Anyone know how to pick a good plan and stick to it? Also, I need to lose a lot of weight before tryouts. (almost 30 pounds) I need to make the team that's the only way I can get a scholarship. Any ...
6 replies, last reply by Pugcrazy, 5 years ago.   1,834 views.
started by OlympicDreamer.   
I need some opinions here.... I am having a really tough time recovering from my strength training and I need to figure out why. I can only assume its because I'm over doing it or not eating enough. ...
21 replies, last reply by radiochick, 5 years ago.   2,534 views.
started by radiochick.   
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How many calories a day am I allowed
Try calculating it here:
by Jean Mc on 20 Mar 17 04:25 PM
I joined a long time ago but then didn't even try! So now I'm going to visit this site ofte
Welcome back and come often to record and get some support!
by Horseshu1 on 14 Mar 17 09:25 PM
Just Joined
I'm new here too but no stranger to weight loss and support groups. I like to keep things simple and I don't want to be so focused on what's wrong with my body that I never live with other ...
by kristilyn1963 on 14 Mar 17 12:49 AM
Sara Whitney
Hi Sara, Everything that Junkymonkey has said above is correct. The most important though is number 1 - fewer calories in than out. The rest will come with time as you settle into it. Best of luck.
by Jean Mc on 13 Mar 17 05:33 PM
I started a water aerobic class at a local County indoor rec center pool. Love the low impact work-out. I have bad arthritis and walking hurts after a short time. Most local parks and rec. classes are ...
by jmixh on 13 Mar 17 10:56 AM

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