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Appetite Increase from Birth Control
I have been on the Depo Provera shot for about 2 years now. In that time, I have gotten into a car crash (broke my left leg-all 3 bones), graduated high school, and have started college & 2 jobs. If ...
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started by bratty25angel, 6 years ago.   
Exercise Report
Is there a way to print a summary report similar to food summary? If not, is this in-work?
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started by speck99, 6 years ago.   
coffee creamer alternatives.
i just had a baby 5 weeks im really trying to loose the baby weight plus. I have to have coffee btwn working and taking care of baby, im spoiled and have to have some type of flavoring in it black doesnt ...
13 replies, last reply by mikefarinha, 6 years ago.   21,205 views.
started by bree9988.   
coffee creamer alternatives.
I read your post and calculated it...a minimum of 15% of my caloric intake is from coffee creamer (Almond Jou is my fave). That's the one thing I can't seem to give up.
13 replies, last reply by mikefarinha, 6 years ago.   21,205 views.
started by bree9988.   
under exercise calories burned?
how is it that sleep and rest calories are determined? It seems like there are too many calories allotted. ???
6 replies, last reply by healthy_allie, 6 years ago.   1,494 views.
started by JEMH.   
Can someone explain the diet calendar?
hi, how does the diet calendar work. i don't underdtand the net figure in the final column. also struggling to get my ahead around the huge number of calories assigned for sleeping and resting. my ...
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started by Rixy.   
Did you share it? That somehow locks it into place (maybe just until 'approved'?). I had that happen to me once, and "contact us" was very helpful - they turned it back into my own ...
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started by karen four, 6 years ago.   
Thanks-- didn't share - still pending - doing the contact us. also - " W A Y * T O * G O * on your weight loss
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started by karen four, 6 years ago.   
How can I fight the evening hunger?
My biggest problem is that I'll feel very hungry late at night (9 PM - 12 AM). How can I fighnt it (satisfy it) without packing calories?
16 replies, last reply by BuffyBear, 6 years ago.   4,032 views.
started by robkur.   
Deleting a excerise
Can anyone tell me how to delete an excerise?? I have two set excerises that I do not want on my excerise calendar....HELP!!
1 reply, last reply by ToHaveOrToBe, 6 years ago.   534 views.
started by marcym715.   
Getting really disillusioned
What the hell do I have to do to lose a f#@king pound. Every RDI calculator says I should eat 2000 to 2400ish calories to lose a pound a week. My activity log on this site says I burn 3000+ calories per ...
17 replies, last reply by tinyac, 6 years ago.   2,784 views.
started by dryphtyr.   
What Does K mean in the calories burned?
Under the exercise log, it tells how many calories burned a day based on activity. What does it mean exactly when it says Total: 2304K cal? May be a dumb question, but there it is. :?:
3 replies, last reply by MSettles, 6 years ago.   6,490 views.
started by MSettles.   
How do I track a fast food meal
I ate out today...and know the calories, fat, fiber, etc. How can I enter in this information into my tracker?
2 replies, last reply by Roxy5084, 6 years ago.   758 views.
started by Roxy5084.   
What do you do to lose the last few pounds?
Hi! What do you all do to lose the last few pounds? Thanks - any help is greatly appreciated!!!
3 replies, last reply by nops, 6 years ago.   724 views.
started by LorieL.   
Wrong starting weight.
Can someone help me or walk me through fixing my starting weight and new weight are turned around. Thanks
1 reply, last reply by MissPam123, 6 years ago.   812 views.
started by anacal.   
not enough food
Not sure how I can fix this. I am having a hard time eating all I am supposed to. (only about 50% of my RDI) Does this push my body into starvation mode? I have hit a plateau after losing 10 pounds ...
3 replies, last reply by nicyndi, 6 years ago.   1,002 views.
started by askidmore.   
Does anyone know how much protein you should have on top of losing weight?
2 replies, last reply by Nimm, 6 years ago.   922 views.
started by aneago.   
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by tinyterry on 26 Jun 17 03:57 PM
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
I have done low carb, and I get results, but I don't find the way of eating to be sustainable for me. I fall back to eating in a more typical way. Right now, I'm having gall bladder issues ...
by catinhat on 23 Jun 17 11:51 PM
BMR on my fat secret
Thanks @mummydee! That's a great site. BOOKMARKED!
by rhills on 22 Jun 17 03:40 AM
Weight flucuation
It defies the laws of physics if you didn't put on additional clothing, food or water. Perhaps it's just that home scales aren't perfect... Or are you having water?
by Kishlette on 20 Jun 17 10:02 PM
Calories and sodium
If you still want to have sodium, just raise your potassium intake. As you lose weight, your blood pressure will also reduce.
by Diablo360x on 16 Jun 17 12:41 AM

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