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What's your EASIEST and CHEAPEST daily menu for induction???
Just restarted Atkins after a 6 day induction that didn't go well... I've not lost a pound and haven't gone into ketosis. I'm now afraid of carbs, and am at an all time low as my boyf ...
5 replies, last reply by azorn, 4 years ago.   21,109 views.
started by JenghisKhan.   
Can't get the number on the scale to go down!
I've been hovering around 183 for awhile now and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on how to rev up my metabolism? I already take a b12 complex vitamin and have recently added workouts with ...
8 replies, last reply by thqueenbe, 4 years ago.   3,589 views.
started by ejgraves.   
Mobile calorie counter
How do you get the calorie counter on mobile?
2 replies, last reply by eileenmg, 4 years ago.   552 views.
started by emmasmamo.   
i've been trying to balance eating (very) healthy with exercising but after a few days of eating right i always seem to binge. (i'm not super fond of eating vegetables and whatnot so i kind of ...
5 replies, last reply by JC Valentine, 4 years ago.   1,176 views.
started by alyssa marie.   
Scale thing on the bottom of posts?
I see some people have a little scale thing that shows starting and goal weights on the bottom of their posts. How do you get that on there?
3 replies, last reply by Run_Momma_Run, 4 years ago.   502 views.
started by haleysmom.   
helppppp....I downloaded andrio app and now all my food and exercise info for the last 2 months is g
I downloaded the fat secrect app on my verizon droid last night and when I went on my computer today, the past 2 months of food and excercise journaling is gone. I contacted fatsecrect twice already but ...
1 reply, last reply by Pixiestyx, 4 years ago.   403 views.
started by IrishGirl2007.   
Calorie Count too restrictive?
My beginning weight on 1/24/11 was 180lbs and I'm 5'7" tall. In 15 days I've lost 6 lbs. I have been tracking what I'm eating limiting my calories to 1000 a day. Today someone told ...
17 replies, last reply by kokusho, 4 years ago.   3,176 views.
started by LCM.   
protein powder???
is protein powder advisable if i am trying to lose some pounds (primarily fats then muscle) over here??? if yes then which kind?? unsweetened??? i don't have any low energy issues thanks god.. but ...
6 replies, last reply by Ed Endicott, 4 years ago.   1,483 views.
started by atropa_belladona.   
Please help me.....I don't know what to do!
I need to lose weight for my health but also for myself. I eat healthy and drink lots and lots of water. But, here's the problem. I have had 4 major back surgeries and have constant pain from my ...
9 replies, last reply by nops, 4 years ago.   1,315 views.
started by bowker.   
Significant Others
Does anyone have any advice on how to stay healthy while living with a less healthy significant other? My husband keeps telling me he supports me and he wants to help any way he can, but he also wants ...
24 replies, last reply by drummingpariah, 4 years ago.   2,275 views.
started by Mmmily.   
B.L. Boot Camp?
Hey everyone I have been doing Biggest Losers Boot Camp DVD for a few weeks now and LOVE it. However, I dont know how many calories i am really burning. Does anyone know what the average calories burned ...
3 replies, last reply by jessie1326, 4 years ago.   2,263 views.
started by JamieD13.   
Vitamin Suggestions
I do not currently take a vitamin daily, but I would like to start. Which vitamin(s) would you suggest?
6 replies, last reply by Loki28, 4 years ago.   907 views.
started by XPrettyXFaceX.   
Alternatives to Pullups
Hey Everyone...I'm doing a workout program off of and one of the exercises for next week is pullups...problem is I can't even do one and really don't want to embarrass myself ...
6 replies, last reply by millerwc, 4 years ago.   1,381 views.
started by smartin585.   
alcohol and bloating
i hate the 2 days after i party im crazy bloated is there anything i can do about that?
no replies.   1,426 views.
started by xangelsarah, 4 years ago.   
delete food
can someone h tell me how do you get rid of food in food dairy you no longer eat
no replies.   327 views.
started by pyknic, 4 years ago.   
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protein for the elderly
Hi There Is there a recommended level(in grams) of daily protein intake for elderly folk
by barryman on 05 May 15 04:13 AM
Tuna! How much is too much?
LambiePi wrote: Subway could work for you, if you don't eat the bread ;) If you really are stuck they do have good fresh veggie choices. Ask them to scoop out most of the inside of the bun and then ...
by mummydee on 03 May 15 04:04 PM
Have chronic pain medical condition - fibromyalgia, hard to lose weight
Team, This post hit. home I have fibro too everyday there is some degree. of pain! Since. I've. Been on plan my engery level has increased. and my. pain is not as accute as ...
by audreybanks on 30 Apr 15 11:59 PM
I see nothing wrong with eating in the evenings as long as you go for the right foods (this should be a rule for the whole day eating plan) Eat under your RDI and have a look at this article. http: ...
by mummydee on 30 Apr 15 12:53 PM
Need help working out my weight
Agree with howzat4u, Kathy, you are sucked in by the company you work with into believing that because it's 'herbal' that its natural and real. It's not. Nothing has been proved in any ...
by mummydee on 28 Apr 15 07:02 AM

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