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NEED TIPS - Not sure what I am doing wrong!!! Slowed down metabolism maybe???
Hello all! I would definitely appreciate some tips and/or advice. I think my metabolism has hit an all time low, no matter what I do, I just stay at the same weight. I keep a food and exercise journal, ...
17 replies, last reply by Erie32, 4 years ago.   1,616 views.
started by valstacie.   
can someone help me??
Ok yesterday was the end of week 3 for me. In that 3 weeks I have been "by the book" About 10 yrs. ago did this diet and lost 40 lbs with no problem.I never drank water, ate any vegetables just ...
5 replies, last reply by WiiFitFatty, 4 years ago.   958 views.
started by debrayc.   
When to stop eating
I eat because am bored. Why is that. how can i stop eating @ times am not hungry but i just eat. i could just drink some water & go to bed instead i have a hugh meal
5 replies, last reply by fatpelter, 4 years ago.   864 views.
started by Missyb25.   
Low Carb Diet
Hi, do you have any thoughts on whether long-term use of a traditional ultra-low-carb diet can interfere with thyroid function? I would be strictly speculating here because I believe there is no direct ...
2 replies, last reply by healsdata, 4 years ago.   761 views.
started by ChrisSmithWebGuy.   
Food nutrition please do by ounces not gramss
:cry: Please put the nutritional content of foods in ounces not grams .... hard for me to follow. Thank you!
8 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 4 years ago.   790 views.
started by Shasoss.   
I feel broken...
Over a week ago, my boyfriend and I were cleaning up around the house. Not a bad day, really. Until, while moving a rug from one room to another, I managed to step on the pronged end of an unplugged ...
5 replies, last reply by AlgaeGirl, 4 years ago.   1,281 views.
started by AlgaeGirl.   
how copy one item from a meal to another
how copy one item from a meal to another? example from lunch to dinner |(one juice only)
1 reply, last reply by Pixiestyx, 4 years ago.   428 views.
started by mistrall22.   
exercise journal
I tried to log in that I walked for 15 min and it came up 24 hours and 45 min. And I can't cancel or fix it to 15 mins of moderate walking on my excerise journal. Does anyone know how to cancel an ...
3 replies, last reply by fox1971, 4 years ago.   600 views.
started by fox1971.   
adkins veggie carbs
I just can't seem to get the 12 to 15 carbs in vegetables i need each day ...i'm doing fine on the diet just cant seem to get enough veggies....:?
10 replies, last reply by tewey, 4 years ago.   1,738 views.
started by KIMMERANNE.   
fiber gain?
Is it possible to gain weight initially when introducing a fiber supplement?Just started taking benefiber yesterday,weighed in this morning,gained 1.25lbs.Is this possible in the beginning until your body ...
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started by tewey, 4 years ago.   
Ticker Question
Where can I get the ticker line and how do I add it to my profile? Any help anyone? :?
1 reply, last reply by HealthfulMe, 4 years ago.   1,564 views.
started by infingek.   
Eating back your burned calories?
I was reading on a health site that said when you burn calories you can add those to your calorie intake and still lose weight. That doesn't sound right? Can someone clear this up for me? I'm ...
14 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 4 years ago.   7,179 views.
started by jmarstel.   
Past emails
I am new to this site and someone has emailed me. I did not yet add her as a friend and when I clicked away from the page her email was gone. I don't know where to find her so that I can return her ...
1 reply, last reply by relz, 4 years ago.   655 views.
started by cathydabney.   
Weigh in
I never weigh myself as it never says what I want it to say. I did weigh in last week when I signed up here at Fatsecret. How ofter are you supposed to weigh yourself?
7 replies, last reply by ardie12, 4 years ago.   1,171 views.
started by cathydabney.   
wwalking shoes vs running shoes vs cross trainer shoes
I started going to the gym three weeks ago and have been using the treadmill and elliptical for 30-40 mins each machine. I wear a pair of nike's walking shoes and sometimes reebok walking shoes. ...
9 replies, last reply by gefd28, 4 years ago.   6,936 views.
started by dgtrestini.   
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Recipes and Serving Sizes Question
I was searching this site for recipes. I noticed the serving sizes for most say "4" for example. I am very new to measuring and keeping track of everything I eat. Can anyone tell me how I know ...
by rtjnbsd on 01 Sep 15 12:35 AM
How much on average a week is good weight loss?
totally agree, measurement are soooo much better, On one of the journal notes 1 person only lost 5 pounds after really working hard they thought a bit depressing until they measured themselves and guess ...
by dog147 on 31 Aug 15 02:51 PM
:? my RDI just froze up. Wat do i do know??
by sjd2011 on 31 Aug 15 12:51 PM
A bit frustrated
Ignore trolls. :)
by billtech66 on 30 Aug 15 11:32 PM
why am i not hungry?!
Since you are not overweight start doing cardio and strength training. It will tone and firm your body, not overnight it will take time.
by wholefoodnut on 30 Aug 15 04:49 PM

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