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How do you delete an exercise
I keep trying to delete an exercise and it will not remove it self from my calendar. It states to replace reduce by the time alotted but when you do it make the other exercise increase their time... Very ...
4 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 4 years ago.   2,489 views.
started by bobnson2003.   
Exercise Calories
I have a question. My daily intake is 2000 cals. If I exercise and burn 700 cals, do I need to eat 2700 cals for the day? :?:
20 replies, last reply by sbutler1, 4 years ago.   3,181 views.
started by nmjeeper.   
How i can synchronize the phone with my phone
Hi I would like to know how to synchronize the information on my phone with the Internet application
1 reply, last reply by tifaniemarie, 4 years ago.   590 views.
started by jbendeguz.   
Hungry & full at the same time?
The past week or so I have had to really force myself to eat. My stomach will be growling, but after 2-3 bites of whatever, I feel full. I have to force myself to eat the rest of my meal because if I ...
7 replies, last reply by melonhead-06, 4 years ago.   3,236 views.
started by Mmmily.   
Atkins Friendly Restaurants
I do enjoy cooking, and in the past year of Atkins my boyfriend and I have actually discovered many new recipes that we love and cook together : ) BUT sometimes I want to have a date night or I don't ...
10 replies, last reply by ndubbs87, 4 years ago.   14,328 views.
started by ndubbs87.   
Not sure how to post food portions for my meals. Any help out there I'm new to this.:oops:
1 reply, last reply by Ninjapanda, 4 years ago.   566 views.
started by peachgirl.   
Starting Slim fast tomorrow! Any tips please :)
hey all, im starting slim fast tomorrow, hoping it will help me lose 20 pounds by summer. Any tips on how i can follow it properly please?
6 replies, last reply by ChrisSmithWebGuy, 4 years ago.   7,416 views.
started by dorva.   
How does the program exactly works?
I have just started this week. I can't update the profile direct from my blackberry 'cause I have the spanish version but anyway I am using it on my phone. The program gave me the ideal calorie ...
3 replies, last reply by fredmugs, 4 years ago.   682 views.
started by alexamv.   
Evening Cravings
I seem to do "well" with eating all day long then about 8pm each night, totally lose it and eat like a mad woman. I go through more food (at least twice as much)in about 30 minutes than I do ...
17 replies, last reply by Lnalyn1, 4 years ago.   2,457 views.
started by mstanley6280.   
Carbs in Tilapia
Hi, I have a question concerning the carb count in Tilapia. I know that Tilapia isn't suppose to have any carbs; however, I bought some Sea Queen Tilapia from Aldis and it says that it has 5 carbs ...
2 replies, last reply by Colleen7, 4 years ago.   3,645 views.
started by Colleen7.   
Fatsecret App for an Android Tablet
Hi all! I just started this site two weeks ago and so far, I love it. It really is helping me to pay attention to what I eat and helping me to reach my goal. My question is: I'm looking for an ...
no replies.   1,419 views.
started by CarolMc55, 4 years ago.   
:( I need help and advice!
Hey all, I started FS seriously this January. And I did lose a little but I just couldn't go down. I am stuck! I haven't been touch any ice cream, chocolate, sweets, candies, cola, juices, chips ...
25 replies, last reply by fatpelter, 4 years ago.   3,763 views.
started by PushyCat.   
NEED TIPS - Not sure what I am doing wrong!!! Slowed down metabolism maybe???
Hello all! I would definitely appreciate some tips and/or advice. I think my metabolism has hit an all time low, no matter what I do, I just stay at the same weight. I keep a food and exercise journal, ...
17 replies, last reply by Erie32, 4 years ago.   1,635 views.
started by valstacie.   
can someone help me??
Ok yesterday was the end of week 3 for me. In that 3 weeks I have been "by the book" About 10 yrs. ago did this diet and lost 40 lbs with no problem.I never drank water, ate any vegetables just ...
5 replies, last reply by WiiFitFatty, 4 years ago.   972 views.
started by debrayc.   
When to stop eating
I eat because am bored. Why is that. how can i stop eating @ times am not hungry but i just eat. i could just drink some water & go to bed instead i have a hugh meal
5 replies, last reply by fatpelter, 4 years ago.   876 views.
started by Missyb25.   
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Weight Watchers points on Fat Secret
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Face bloats from foods
sounds like you have some sort of allergic reaction, go see your doc
by howzat4u on 01 Oct 15 01:15 AM
in your Exercise Diary, under Add Exercise
by howzat4u on 30 Sep 15 12:52 PM
The Body Coach
Hi All, I've been Facebook and instagram stalking The Body Coach and seeing the transformations I'm really intrigued about it all. I was wondering have any of you fatsecret Buddies signed up ...
by nixsouth on 29 Sep 15 09:35 AM
how do i lose it?
Thanks @howzat4u,I think I'll start with that
by lchilily on 28 Sep 15 05:13 AM

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