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Gross topic. Sorry in advance. I do not advocate this. When you have diarrhea, do you actually take in/absorb those calories? Are there caloric ramifications to this? Here is why I ask: Sometimes ...
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started by ttjohnso.   
Keeping the girls in line
I'm sorry if someone has asked this question recently, but I need help. I'm thinking of breaking down, scraping together a few bucks and buying a new sports bra. I'm a chesty girl, and I r ...
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started by JazzyJogger.   
How many carbs a day should you be eating?
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started by Mkaleokalani, 4 years ago.   
is there a way to just add meal "numbers" ?
Hi everyone, I've been using the site every day for the last week or so, and one of the things I haven't figured out yet is this - based on a recipe or restaurant menu item, is it possible to just ...
3 replies, last reply by HealthyBabs, 4 years ago.   598 views.
started by jeff05477.   
Weight Watchers Points
In some of your posts, you mention that fatsecret calculates the weight watcher points for you. I'm not seeing this anywhere. Can someone give me the instructions? Thanks!
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started by Troutkim, 4 years ago.   
Staying on Track
I am having a hard time staying on track. My biggest problem is willpower. I bend and give into temptations to easily. It's even worse since my family is not on board with the diet thing. Any sugg ...
1 reply, last reply by devbro, 4 years ago.   675 views.
started by Laura Hand.   
how to avoid temptation
Ok so I just wrote about this in my journal and then realized that there's a good chance no one will ever read it. So here goes: My sister is incarcerated and I am going to visit her tomorrow. Ob ...
1 reply, last reply by Pixiestyx, 4 years ago.   737 views.
started by LittleMissMack.   
How do i delete account
need to make a new one
1 reply, last reply by 100goodbye, 4 years ago.   10,287 views.
started by Samantha08.   
Beat Down....
:( I've been on a weight loss journey for 18 months now. In the first year I was walking 3 miles 5x a week as well as sticking to Weight Watchers. I had reached the point that I plateaued and was not ...
5 replies, last reply by k8yk, 4 years ago.   864 views.
started by BHHarr.   
I'm new to this site. I weighed in on Sunday (144lbs)...but wanted to start the diet 3/17. I went to try to change the date, and must have posted, which now makes my weight look the same and having ...
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started by LoseTheBabyFat, 4 years ago.   
I really need some help!
Alright, So i am an emotional eater and I tend to over eat and binge a lot. I really need some good tips to help me eat correctly, and deal with stress another way! I'm always at school (7AM to 3PM) ...
9 replies, last reply by thqueenbe, 4 years ago.   1,062 views.
started by shaywantsskinny.   
How do you delete an exercise
I keep trying to delete an exercise and it will not remove it self from my calendar. It states to replace reduce by the time alotted but when you do it make the other exercise increase their time... Very ...
4 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 4 years ago.   2,519 views.
started by bobnson2003.   
Exercise Calories
I have a question. My daily intake is 2000 cals. If I exercise and burn 700 cals, do I need to eat 2700 cals for the day? :?:
20 replies, last reply by sbutler1, 4 years ago.   3,247 views.
started by nmjeeper.   
How i can synchronize the phone with my phone
Hi I would like to know how to synchronize the information on my phone with the Internet application
1 reply, last reply by tifaniemarie, 4 years ago.   613 views.
started by jbendeguz.   
Hungry & full at the same time?
The past week or so I have had to really force myself to eat. My stomach will be growling, but after 2-3 bites of whatever, I feel full. I have to force myself to eat the rest of my meal because if I ...
7 replies, last reply by melonhead-06, 4 years ago.   3,266 views.
started by Mmmily.   
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I work a desk job from 8am to 5pm. After work I go to the gym and workout for an hour doing HIT and/or circuit training depending on the day. An easy way to get some exercise during your work day is to ...
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I gained three pounds since I woke up today
You should try and weigh in once a week, your body goes up and down in a day so you don't actually get the full picture. I tossed my scales so I could not weigh daily and go to a slimming club purely ...
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Cannot update settings?
When I click save on my settings, it prompts me saying Invalid format for email address.. I've not touched my email address, I don't need to update this. It was fine when I registered it. So ...
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iPhone App
Is there a way to add Fiber and Sugar to the iPhone App?
by Dansam54 on 11 Nov 15 07:01 PM
I have to agree with gardengranny, the Doc should be the one telling you if you are ok to continue or stop taking a medication. You could end up doing more harm than good.
by Isabel Valdivieso on 04 Nov 15 01:38 PM

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