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not proud :(
I Gained about 12 pounds instead of loosing them i need help from someone that understands what im going through i cannot do this by myself I have an eating dissorted and i need help!!!:( :x :( :( :(
2 replies, last reply by mamaweazel, 4 years ago.   721 views.
started by Ana1662.   
re: KCal
What does kCal Mean? Is it the same as regular calories??
3 replies, last reply by debbiegaile, 4 years ago.   738 views.
started by debbiegaile.   
i need a little help from you
I'm somewhat in the same boat as you, though I've never been super skinny. I'm typically average weight, but in my efforts to try to get to my healthiest weight, my weight has been going up ...
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started by pink_nails, 4 years ago.   
flaxmeal bread (MIM)
:d Does anyone know how to make a loaf of flaxbread??? I have the different MIM reciepts...I just wondered if you could make a loaf of bread instead of a single muffin. Thanks for the help!!!:)
17 replies, last reply by Helewis, 4 years ago.   3,805 views.
started by KIMMERANNE.   
Starving Hunger
So I had an apple this morning, and have finished a 16 oz bottle of water... and I'm hungry! But I have a problem… I don’t want to eat! Yes, I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat ANYTHING. Why? Because ...
21 replies, last reply by bridgielee, 4 years ago.   2,378 views.
started by armshot9.   
How Many Calories in a day is too little ??
Hi All, I'm on day 2 of Atkins & wonder how many calories I should try to get in a day. Thanks Judy :d
22 replies, last reply by jo60, 4 years ago.   2,535 views.
started by judyb40.   
weight watcher points
How do I get Weight watchers points without using my ww calculator?
2 replies, last reply by lisakp71, 4 years ago.   983 views.
started by ann50.   
Please help me help them...
Please help me raise money for those who are suffering from MS...there are more people suffering from it than you may know. I would really appreciate anything that you can give...even just a penny! It ...
4 replies, last reply by JenniferLynn20, 4 years ago.   618 views.
started by JenniferLynn20.   
I was doing alterations to a dress and decided to work until it was done- so at some point during the early hours around 2am I decided I was hungry and had some toast, going to bed finally at around 4am. ...
4 replies, last reply by vinnyv11, 4 years ago.   1,312 views.
started by kay2906.   
Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
I just ordered this dvd and was wondering if people were doing 30 days straight or taking days off in between... I am excited to start doing it as soon as my dvd arrives! Any suggestions? :?:
6 replies, last reply by zuzu717, 4 years ago.   5,979 views.
started by zuzu717.   
Vacation: To low carb, or not to low carb?
I have a trip to Vegas planned with my DH in a week & a half & I'm working through how I'm going to handle food while I'm there. I'm definitely not going to be planning my meals ...
17 replies, last reply by kstubblefield, 4 years ago.   5,857 views.
started by kstubblefield.   
Sabotage at the office
So I need some serious help. My co-worker likes to bring in donuts and I have a very hard time resisting them. Has anyone dealt with this and have some strategies so I can successfully get past this ...
40 replies, last reply by Sheonamcc, 4 years ago.   4,467 views.
started by JBH123.   
I must be very fluffy or something
I am envious of women who say they wore a size 20 at 220 pounds. At that weight I was 24 or 26. I'm 5'7.5" I'm 199 now and I'm a 20 or 22 in pants and 18 in the top. I'm really ...
25 replies, last reply by filesnfolders, 4 years ago.   2,582 views.
started by melonhead-06.   
weight loss
hi, been on the atkins now almost 2 weeks and have only 2 lbs. reading other peoples posts and success stories where they have lost more than that. i follow all the carb intake daily and weight loss very ...
6 replies, last reply by wyguy, 4 years ago.   962 views.
started by wyguy.   
Getting into Jogging
I need help! I've wanted to be a runner for a long time, but I feel like I can't get over what's holding me back.. You see, it's not that I lack the motivation to jog regularly. I'm ...
17 replies, last reply by AmethystM, 4 years ago.   1,726 views.
started by Chanticleer.   
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If you don't care about the macronutrient profile of your food (in my opinion you should) then you can literally take any individual item and just scale it to the number of calories you need. When ...
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Balancing Protein and Calories
sunshinetrugillo wrote: Mainly... on how to incorporate more vegetables that have high protein levels.. There is no vegetable on earth which is a substantial source of protein compared to other sources. ...
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Sorry guys, we're aware of this issue with deleting foods and are working to fix it. Should hopefully be resolved in the next little while. Please let us know if you run into any further issues/ ...
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Sorry guys, we're aware of this issue with deleting foods and are working to fix it. Should hopefully be resolved in the next little while. Thanks for your patience ;)
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Support from family
Your son sounds great! And you are a smart lady to let grumpy pants complaints roll right off your back. It sounds like your husband might resent your cheery yet determined ability to do something he ...
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