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i have some doubt about the soybean
Hi I am Daulat. I am eat daily 100 gm roasted soyben every day this his harm for my body. i am search on web but not got proper answer because some side day this is healthy and some same this is bad so ...
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started by daulat13, 7 months ago.   
Loose Skin after loosing weight
Hello All, My name is Sandeep. 26yrs old. My height is 5'10". In April 2012 I was around 89Kgs, And Currently i am at 78 to 79 Kgs. After loosing weight there is loose skin/body around my waist ...
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started by sandeep87.   
Healthy alternative for coffee
Hello community! I trust you are all doing well with your diets...I have an addicition problem... I have trying to quit sugar for a while now, but my downfall is coffee. The real problem is that I love ...
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started by Qhama D.   
I am having a hard time.
I am having a hard time getting focus and working on this. I am so mad at myself, I should have been at my goal by now. I don't get hungry until late at night. Any body have any supplements that ...
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started by Giannina.   
Navigating this web site
Good morning. I am new to this site. Can anybody help me, please. I would like to find a weight loss graph over time. I am pretty sure I saw it yesterday, and now I am unable to find any graphs. Any help ...
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started by Bri-Brismom.   
gaining weight problems
Hi everyone, I'm 14 with a high metabolism and I want to gain weight quickly for football. I've been using this for two days now and have gone down. :( any tips... It says that I'm doing 101% ...
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started by Cole_GR.   
Good day, please maybe somebody can help me. After a problem with my Internet Explorer 10, i can not save my Foof Items anymore. ADD FOOD ITEM OK ADD SELECTED OK BUT WILL NOT BE SAVED ! iF I ADD ...
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started by Bangkok1.   
The Dreaded Belly Fat
Hi ladies and gents I need some advice and it seems only you guys (on the Atkins) seem to understand what I'm going through. (some numbers for you) I started this Atkins diet back in March this year ...
20 replies, last reply by onedaat, 8 months ago.   3,784 views.
started by Mistri38.   
Intake percentage
Hi Can anyone please advise on what is the average daily percentage total intake/consumption for: Fats Carbs Protein
5 replies, last reply by onedaat, 8 months ago.   1,281 views.
started by shornes.   
Help/Advise on Carbs
Hello! I have used FatSecret on and off for about a year now, and just recently decided to become more dedicated. I would love some advise, especially regardig carbs. I am fortunate enough to say I have ...
3 replies, last reply by LowCarbFemmeFit, 8 months ago.   628 views.
started by MBricker.   
Depression and anxiety= overeating?
OK so I just turned 19! yay me! Life was going great, I lost 5 kgs from I first started dieting and watching what I eat. I also have a girlfriend now that I love more than ever however 2 days ago she ...
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started by teenegygirl.   
am fine
am fine. love to loss weight but people around are not helping me keeps tell me to stop what do I do I feel good now
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started by esther oluwadare.   
Can't figure it out
So, I am finally in what my husband calls "the zone". At a point where I'm gung ho diet and exercise and it feels normal and I WANT to do it. Tomorrow makes 2 weeks since I started and ...
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started by Kynra, 8 months ago.   
Question Please Help
I scanned a new item into my app on my android last night and saved it but it will not come up with the nutritional values and now the item keeps trying to save constantly. I am not able to delete the ...
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started by RMLJohnson, 8 months ago.   
How can I change my setting for how much I work out?
Can someone please tell me where on this website I can change my amount I exercise so I can get a more accurate RDI? Please and thank you.
3 replies, last reply by onedaat, 8 months ago.   988 views.
started by Ashmsal.   
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Coffee increases Blood Sugar?
I would drink two cups of coffee before 4 pm, but I also added ice, so they were not boldly strong. Watered down coffee.
by Deb_N on 16 Apr 14 02:00 AM
Food intake list
Yes. Go to your diet calendar here: Just under the words "My Food Diary" you will see three little icons. The one on the right is a printer. Click it. ...
by Hoser on 15 Apr 14 02:45 PM
Net Calorie Intake is a good site that you can log food and does calculate net calories if that is what you are looking for- i like this site because of all the recipes
by fludderbye on 15 Apr 14 09:51 AM
Stalled out on Atkins
Thanks everyone - this is very helpful. I'll watch the calories and the ratios more closely.
by goalofonefifty on 15 Apr 14 08:37 AM
Question about fatsecret
I am still a little confused on the actual net calorie intake question. FS says I should consume 2100 per day. The first few days I did not exercise. I did come in a little under my goal calories for ...
by Salina_Rose on 09 Apr 14 06:23 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins