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Low Carb Fast Food Options
My mother, step mother, and grandfather all have diabetes. My father has been labeled "borderline" diabetic. To help reduce my risk of becoming diabetic I want to find low carb options from ...
18 replies, last reply by Alltheangelsenvy, 7 months ago.   3,644 views.
started by Alltheangelsenvy.   
Muscle Soreness and Exercise
I signed up for a 5k as a spur of the moment type of thing (not the best of ideas, I know...), and completed it without an issue. However I am sore as sore can be, even after doing the Zumba warm-up and ...
1 reply, last reply by Ruhu, 7 months ago.   604 views.
started by kitty-eared-girl.   
Weigh ins for previous dates
I forgot to record my weight yesterday and cant figure out how to go back to a previous date to enter my weight. It is either really difficult to do or the answer is right in front of my face!! Any s ...
3 replies, last reply by kmunson, 7 months ago.   748 views.
started by pjdereadt.   
FullaBella's Member Page
I LOVE IT!!! Can anyone tell a newbie how to make mine like that?
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started by myawethinTICself, 7 months ago.   
Android phone app
Hi all, I have fat secret on my android phone and I have set bicycling as exercise default, mistakenly thinking it would set the activity so I could enter the details each time, now I find that it logs ...
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started by Firstjood, 7 months ago.   
Ok let's see. I am stuck and frustrated not to quit dieting because I love healthy foods and keeping track of calories etc.. Working out its a problem not to over train.. What is a rest day I hate ...
1 reply, last reply by PeeFat, 7 months ago.   930 views.
started by Wodfreak.   
calories of the country burger without cheese and sausage?
Hi Guys, I've got a question. I was gone today with my family to Burger King and I had eaten a country burger without cheese and sausage. But how much calories are that? I had searched in the in ...
3 replies, last reply by daisykidd, 7 months ago.   1,599 views.
started by Isuni.   
Really Bad Shoulder Pain Lately
Consider talking to your family doctor and maybe they'll suggest you see a physical therapist or a chiropractor.
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started by LuigiSgoomba, 7 months ago.   
Want to see the pounds drop
I'm trying to learn healthier eating habits. I'm over 40 and weight is starting to stick. I began with 1300 RDI and had a hard time getting in my calories each day once I started journaling my ...
1 reply, last reply by MugiwaraUk, 7 months ago.   544 views.
started by smalls_52.   
I had my mini ipad stolen Thursday. It had my weight loss apps downloaded on it for my convenience. Because I always had it at my finger tips, I have lost 13 ibs. in about 6 weeks. Does anyone know ...
1 reply, last reply by Majestic01, 7 months ago.   358 views.
started by Majestic01.   
Colon Cleanses
Does anyone know of a cheap, homemade colon cleanse that will not harm you? Iv'e been thinking of doing it, but I don't want to harm myself. Iv'e found 2 different colon cleanses, but I do ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 7 months ago.   928 views.
started by Kassidy Bogard.   
Hi I am a little lost.
Hello all, I am new on this website. I tried to link calorie counter app on my anroid phone with I says it has linked. But none of my entries on the mobile are linked to my online prof ...
2 replies, last reply by Cjsugar28, 7 months ago.   847 views.
started by Cjsugar28.   
Get back on track
Been off track for awhile need to get back to tracking what I eat only way to lose weight
2 replies, last reply by kingkeld, 7 months ago.   869 views.
started by Ray-Allie.   
I've been lurking, but now I'd like to ask for some advice
Hello lovely people - I'm not normally a super athletic person. But, over the past 9 months I've changed my lifestyle pretty drastically. Unfortunately - I've only gained weight. Yes, I ...
21 replies, last reply by SherylPT13, 7 months ago.   2,315 views.
started by whoamama.   
Finding Time During School
Hello! I'm Melly! I've been gone forever because my email set everything from here to spam and wouldn't even let me set it to being not spam, and I just got it figured out. I started college ...
1 reply, last reply by kingkeld, 7 months ago.   679 views.
started by MellySaurus.   
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Coffee increases Blood Sugar?
Yes, diehard, it is always something! Whenever something is deemed good for you, along comes another study that tells you it is bad for you! The article at that I was reading is called ...
by Deb_N on 19 Apr 14 12:16 AM
How to escape from platform stage ?
Yes, Torzie. That is the type of info we need to capture. Otherwise, there is no way to know what the person needs.
by Draglist on 18 Apr 14 08:50 PM
Feeling unhappy even after weight loss?
All right, I want to ask you something that may seem strange at first, but it is something that I have been struggling with in recent months, perhaps even weeks. I have lost a considerable amount of w ...
by Sierra122 on 18 Apr 14 09:06 AM
Corifeo is right on you need to reduce your calories as well as eating healthy. It takes awhile to actually build muscle however when your muscles are in their healing/building muscle stage they will ...
by wholefoodnut on 16 Apr 14 07:42 PM
Food intake list
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! This makes things so much easier. Have a great day
by wwhitney67 on 16 Apr 14 09:43 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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