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Quick Trim anyone???
Is anybody out there taking or has taken Quick Trim (the diet pill endorsed by Khloe and Kim Kardashian)??? How's it working for you???
3 replies, last reply by TheRealThing, 4 years ago.   3,707 views.
started by TheRealThing.   
* In Diet Calendar
Hi. I am new-- can someone tell me what the * in the diet calendar indicates? When you hover it shows (*only some food (or exercise), but I don't understand what that means. Thansk!:!:
2 replies, last reply by grnphilly, 4 years ago.   524 views.
started by grnphilly.   
bad weekend...
i had the worst weekend of my life... i havent eaten anything for two days straight. i know i should workout and eat healthy to help me feel better and take the stress/pain away. i cant do it. i seem to ...
2 replies, last reply by Blusox, 4 years ago.   510 views.
started by Blusox.   
calorie counter on g1
I cant find it in the market on my phone what do I do?
2 replies, last reply by tentonman, 4 years ago.   917 views.
started by mommyof2gls.   
Birthday Traditions
I'm looking for your thoughts. Traditionally on my birthday each year I get a special pizza and crazy chocolate cake. These are very high calorie items. My birthday is coming up, and I'm not ...
13 replies, last reply by lauriethein, 4 years ago.   5,986 views.
started by makparis.   
how can i help reduce bloating?
5 replies, last reply by NJDes, 4 years ago.   992 views.
started by dianadelosmuertos.   
do you.....?
i odn't weigh alot but i still want to tone what is the best way to do that?
3 replies, last reply by wintersmith, 4 years ago.   696 views.
started by webby.   
New to thisQQ
Ok here I go and I am going to stick to it , eating the right foods, exercise and trying hard.;) ;)
1 reply, last reply by dianadelosmuertos, 4 years ago.   699 views.
started by mrscam35.   
Calories Burned not showing.
HELP... I updated my exercise information for today and yesterday and ticked 'these are all my exercises'. Why aren't my total calories burned coming up??? Thanks
no replies.   616 views.
started by SimShizzle, 4 years ago.   
Not eating enough
I think I might not be eating enough. I'm not starving during the days but looking at my RDI I never make it above 60% I'm working in an office and do not want to stuff myself the whole time. Will ...
1 reply, last reply by mountain_mama, 4 years ago.   603 views.
started by Siss.   
enough is enough
I am tired of the yo- yo dieting, enough!!! I want to feel good about me, I want support, I want encouragement, I want to be sexy and have confidence I will go from 68 kgs to 48 and I will not give ...
1 reply, last reply by chattycathy1955, 4 years ago.   1,102 views.
started by sparkles4u73.   
Calorie Counter for BB
The only Calorie counter I could find on the apps store was the counter... it has nothing to do with fatsecret. I can not find the one they discuss here and would very much like to set it up. ...
2 replies, last reply by BFG33, 4 years ago.   1,042 views.
started by imconcon.   
support please!
Hi everyone. I am nearly 16 years old and want to lose 5 - 7 kilos. I have already lost 11 kilos but am finding it very hard to stick to my calorie and fat intake per day (1300 cal, 38 g fat) and daily ...
2 replies, last reply by ShortRound, 4 years ago.   958 views.
started by Cookie66.   
Not technically a diet question - husband troubles
Here's my two cents: Pack his bags! His comment of "no more use for each other" says it all. This is the time of transition and leaving what doesn't work behind us, so we can be free ...
29 replies, last reply by prettypastrychef, 4 years ago.   2,976 views.
started by abbadabba.   
Big ugly stretch marks
Ok about 9 months ago I was at 226 lbs. I did a lot of cardio and excercise "Whatever". Now I'm at 149 lbs. my problem is..... . now that i lost that much weight I see a lot of stretch marks ...
6 replies, last reply by JazzCee, 4 years ago.   1,194 views.
started by Chris_Drk.   
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Feeling unhappy even after weight loss?
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Coffee increases Blood Sugar?
Constipation? Yes.....Caffeine is a diuretic.
by dylansmom0110 on 18 Apr 14 08:46 AM
Corifeo is right on you need to reduce your calories as well as eating healthy. It takes awhile to actually build muscle however when your muscles are in their healing/building muscle stage they will ...
by wholefoodnut on 16 Apr 14 07:42 PM
Food intake list
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! This makes things so much easier. Have a great day
by wwhitney67 on 16 Apr 14 09:43 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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