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odd hours
I work the midnight shift 11p-7a. I am not sure what to do with my eating habits. Should I not eat at night, do I skip breakfast in the morning. I need help;)
3 replies, last reply by tricka, 4 years ago.   684 views.
started by noldec.   
Recipe builder?
I have been a online customer for WW until about 6 months ago-but this site is wonderful!! I am wondering-I see the recipes that some have submitted and the nutritional value is there also-does this site ...
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started by PalinPal, 4 years ago.   
bummed... and need some help!
I must figure out a way to actually do this and do it right!! I have been struggling my entire life with my weight. I want to lose... BAD, but I seem to have this little devil :evil: on my shoulder that ...
4 replies, last reply by Lydia Kleyn, 4 years ago.   449 views.
started by SWengert.   
exercise journal
I need help! I'm new to this and not very good with the computer. I tried to log my exercise and the computer added 1hr to my real exercise time. I can't figureout how to clear it and on the s ...
1 reply, last reply by smallfoot, 4 years ago.   368 views.
started by Kristan J.   
:? How do you stay on track when your stressed out and feeling under the weather?
3 replies, last reply by k8yk, 4 years ago.   488 views.
started by mariawb.   
Editing weigh in records
I entered the wrong month on my last "weigh in record" it looks like I'm back to my orig. weight. Any suggestions for editing this?
1 reply, last reply by THEbiggestloser, 4 years ago.   381 views.
started by Mom by the Lake.   
:( i get on these health kicks and it never sticks!! Im in school and i work all week and dont have to really work out or wtach what i eat! WHen i get on my kicks im so sure of myself that its gonna work ...
5 replies, last reply by MimiMuffin, 4 years ago.   728 views.
started by cramirez116.   
WW Points /Calories Are They Accurate on This Site??
For those of you who are using the WW points system, do you find the points calculator to be accurate? I am having an issue where my daily calories are lower than what I should be taking in and yet my ...
6 replies, last reply by MJPrich, 4 years ago.   988 views.
started by GPhoenix.   
Russell Stover Candy Sugar Free
Russell Stover Candy, says it is sugar free,Total carbs 28g, sugar alcohol 26g, fiber 1g I was counting carbs as 2g is it or 27g, if so I have gone way over my carbs.
2 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 4 years ago.   1,903 views.
started by redruby.   
What to do when you don't eat Fruits or Veggies?
I'm 23, and trying to lose weight. I'm cutting out fast food, TRYING to cut out junk food, light sensible breakfasts like Special-K shakes and yogurt or 100 calorie bars.. I work two jobs, ...
13 replies, last reply by jud10, 4 years ago.   1,302 views.
started by Mafiosa09.   
Finding members profiles
Hi, I was wondering how do you find a members profile/meal there a link to go to? thanks. I'm trying to get someone to find me here.
2 replies, last reply by BELLA45, 4 years ago.   458 views.
started by BELLA45.   
Carbs, Fat and Protein * How Much?*
I have been trying to see on the site if its mentions how much Carbs, Fat, Protein one should have daily... I see my carbs and fats are very high and my protein very low..I would like to know more or less ...
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 4 years ago.   569 views.
started by Marcy47.   
ADD and weight gain! There's a connection.
I'm wondering if anyone has experienced problems with ADD and found that it's contributed to their weight gain? I've been doing a lot of research and found that my type of ADD (inattention) ...
2 replies, last reply by theewhoshops, 4 years ago.   719 views.
started by Joelly.   
Homemeade salad dressing?
I've been on Atkins for a week now and someone there directed me to this site to better track my net carbs. It's nice because I can see exactly how I'm doing and that I'm on track. But ...
1 reply, last reply by DeniseTra, 4 years ago.   573 views.
started by Caryns.   
First off I really love this site. I'm saving up for an ipod touch just so I can take it with me everywhere to input my food and work out information :) I have dieted all my life. My best luck has ...
3 replies, last reply by kay_bear52, 4 years ago.   672 views.
started by kay_bear52.   
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Raw or cooked weight help!
Hi please help I m new to this. Does yield ater cooking mean the weight after it has been cooked? What weight is used when determining the calories raw or cooked?
by Black Bee on 23 Oct 14 09:47 AM
Cupping and Epilepsy
Does any1 know if wet cupping will be beneficial for some one with epilepsy or has any1 ever tried it any advise welcome thanks
by Ibiza122 on 20 Oct 14 06:11 AM
using this tool
>Foods (above)>Food search box (on right, type in x or similar nonsense)>pop up box, last line and click on "edit food data base".
by Glaun on 19 Oct 14 02:31 PM
Between 2007-2009 I lost 80lbs by eating clean and implementing a calorie deficit of 1200 calories/day. I kept it off all the way up until my honeymoon 2 years ago...ate whatever I wanted because it was ...
by Jennifa45 on 16 Oct 14 05:25 PM
Weight Traning
A female IFBB Pro bodybuilder (drug free) who ONLY competes in natural bodybuilding competitions works in my office, and has been lifting 6 days per week for almost 10 years now, and when she is her o ...
by chadlius88 on 16 Oct 14 06:50 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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