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Recording of your daily foods.
I am not good with computers....How do I fill in what I aeat each day and is there a button to hit for the calculation?
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started by ParkPlace, 4 years ago.   
FUN Exercise (to me is contradictory)
Trying to find something that will make me look forward to exercise. Anyone out there use Wii Fit and want to share your experience?
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started by saraford.   
can anyone give me any ideas of some high protein foods!! would really apreciate it:o)
7 replies, last reply by rubykate, 4 years ago.   893 views.
started by shasha1973.   
5 - in 2
hi all! I'm going on a mini trip in 2 weeks. I'd love to drop five before that time. Not unhealthy, but just to give myself a little boost. I'm working out and back to tracking food... Lots ...
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started by ktgrrl, 4 years ago.   
Nutritional Value for recipes.. per serving??
Is there somewhere that you can post a recipe and find out what the nutritional value is. I like to make as I go and would like to be able to plug the ingrediants and serving size in to see what the net ...
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started by MacBella.   
Nutrition label question
I have a question. If I have high cholesterol (can't say my parents never gave me anything) it means that I have to cut fat...but when you ready labels it often has a section under fat content for ...
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started by abbyamour, 4 years ago.   
I'm a cheater...
i live a very active life where i'm out with my non-dieting friends a lot.. and they always have the yummy foods i love. being a foodie, its almost impossible to resist. i've only done a week and ...
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started by bobbypratt.   
My goodness. I need dinner ideas!!! I am going to look up anything that is zero or 1 point as I feel like I'm starving - but I'm using my points. Please send ideas!!!!!
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started by DebyW, 4 years ago.   
Indian Food at a restaurant
My husband wants to go eat Indian food tonight. I love Indian food, but I know it is so fattening! Any good choices?
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started by fawnkildoo.   
How to change my start date, I was using FitDay prior to Fatsecret
Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to change my start date, I started 1/2/10, I was using FitDay prior to Fatsecret. So It look like I started on the 1/8. What do you have to do to make it show how ...
1 reply, last reply by GlennM, 4 years ago.   2,427 views.
started by Nana G.   
previous weights
Is there a way to enter previous weights from before I signed up fatsecret?
2 replies, last reply by Mariposa82, 4 years ago.   489 views.
started by Mariposa82.   
So...I seem to have gotten a cold...I still managed to do a little bit of calisthenics but no dancing because im dizzy enough already....Anywho, I feel like im retaining every bit of water i drink! Its ...
3 replies, last reply by j88filly, 4 years ago.   686 views.
started by j88filly.   
exercise journal
Why does my calorie intake keep going up as I ADD exercises to my journal???
2 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 4 years ago.   680 views.
started by absipswich.   
daniel fast
Ive been doing the Daniel fast for about a week now (it goes on for 21 days)...not for weight loss but spiritual reasons instead, however, I have been trying to lose weight so ive got a question about ...
3 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 4 years ago.   1,596 views.
started by j88filly.   
I absolutely need my coffee in the morning, but ik dont drink it hot (prefer it iced), but even the sugar free vanilla one from Mcdonalds boosted up my breakfast intake to 571 calories, yikes! Any sug ...
8 replies, last reply by dvand052, 4 years ago.   937 views.
started by dvand052.   
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Second month, only 1 lb lost
Lots of good ideas. Even the fast food burger king, Wendy's, and McDonald's for example have healthy options. Ask for their nutrition brochures and you can plan. They will do to order on many ...
by wholefoodnut on 28 Jul 14 06:52 PM
Sleep Aids
Instantcrazy wrote: Interestin... As someone who SUFFERS from ADHD and axiety, I have never heard of these. When you say dietary forms, do you mean like a supplement or actual food forms? I also have a ...
by mrspackrat on 28 Jul 14 08:03 AM
My workout problem...
Or google low impact cardio exercise! Haha. Google helps me a lot.
by Keebzie on 24 Jul 14 05:07 PM
How do you prevent loose skin?
Mother Nature is a B*tch... you can exercise all you want, weight train, slather your body with whatever and Gravity still takes over!!! If you've carried the weight for a long time and the skin ...
by mummydee on 24 Jul 14 08:51 AM
Coffee increases Blood Sugar?
If you want a caffeinated beverage to help boost memory drink green tea, or you can take Ginkgo biloba supplements.
by ShawndraFindlay on 21 Jul 14 04:06 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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