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For ya'll ladies out there
Okay gals, give me some tips on managing hormones during that time of the month and not snacking in the evenings. I hate hormones, I am so hungry all of a sudden. :cry:
14 replies, last reply by GilmoreGirl, 4 years ago.   1,572 views.
started by lesterj18.   
A bit of help for me :)
Hello! [img] I'm 23 years old and I have a weight problem... [img] I decide I wanna go on a diet, I start it... But... After a day or two, ...
8 replies, last reply by wallentynna, 4 years ago.   598 views.
started by wallentynna.   
Food Network
So I tend to watch Food Network at night, a lot of the time actually... it makes me SOOOO hungry! Just thought I'd share my frustration with all the delicious things I see on TV... and how it makes ...
7 replies, last reply by SturgeonQueen, 4 years ago.   720 views.
started by SturgeonQueen.   
Weight History Question
I have been using another diet tracking online service, but want to switch to fat secret! My question is can I record my original weight in the history section from January now that it is March? I c ...
3 replies, last reply by sharnett, 4 years ago.   893 views.
started by sjensen23.   
Net carbs question
Let me see if I can explain this. When I click on the "Enter Food" on the right side of the screen and go and look at my new carbs for yesterday is says 18.23. Then when I click on the &qu ...
5 replies, last reply by cbella, 4 years ago.   626 views.
started by chikita0514.   
Net carb listed on diet calendar?
"Does anyone know how you can get net carbs (not carb carbs) to show up on the diet calendar? When I look at a summary of what net carbs are the only
2 replies, last reply by mahara, 4 years ago.   593 views.
started by 2010fitagain.   
Is it okay to work out when you're sick?
I've been sick for the past 3 days... I went for a run yesterday anyways but when I woke up this morning I felt even worse... I've been workin out everyday and I don't want to skip my workout ...
4 replies, last reply by Millie kay, 4 years ago.   771 views.
started by Millie kay.   
The new mom blues
Hi Jenn...congratulations on your baby....that is very happy news. Maybe instead of worrying about the exercise right now, you can try to concentrate on eating well for you and your baby. This is a ...
8 replies, last reply by Kim RN, 4 years ago.   614 views.
started by jmart90.   
Helping Others
Ok yes this is a totally randomn forum I know and I apologize in advance :-) But since losing my weight and knowing how it has changed my life, and how I have grown so much as a person. I just want to ...
20 replies, last reply by k8yk, 4 years ago.   1,152 views.
started by Lydia Kleyn.   
Blowing it on the Weekends
I have no problem following the diet and exercise Monday through Thursday. Fridays I blow it at happy hour and Saturdays I blow it by eating out. Not to mention I don't work out on weekends! How ...
8 replies, last reply by MomofTwoGirls, 4 years ago.   980 views.
started by Kinetic1.   
Entering Foods for WW
Is there a way to enter a food then "manually" enter the points...I have some things that I know the points values of and it takes forever to do "ingredient by ingredient"... THANK ...
1 reply, last reply by Chynadoll81, 4 years ago.   431 views.
started by ang_wil5.   
Beating Myself Up
So... This keeps getting worse and worse... I feel like a cow for eating even CLOSE to 1200 calories a day, even though my "diet" says its 1500... When I go above 1000 calories a day, I feel ...
4 replies, last reply by katballew, 4 years ago.   541 views.
started by SturgeonQueen.   
How can I help stop some Cravings?
Okay, I have a hormone problem. (My body makes to many). And I am constantly craving something bad whenever I am on a Diet. It drives me insane sometimes. Is there any way that I can maybe stop some of ...
8 replies, last reply by FattyPattaty, 4 years ago.   884 views.
started by angel_face0145.   
PMS bloat
:| ok does anyone have any ways to help?:| i have tried drinking more water but it seems that it makes it worst i can gain anywhere from 2-5 lbs in bloat and the bloat starts sometimes up to week b ...
10 replies, last reply by FattyPattaty, 4 years ago.   797 views.
started by xangelsarah.   
Lunch ideas?
I'm a senior in high school, & my school lunch has been what's killing my diet! i want to start bringing my lunch, but every time i have in the past, all i can think of bringing is leftover ...
8 replies, last reply by dianadelosmuertos, 4 years ago.   848 views.
started by dianadelosmuertos.   
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Raw or cooked weight help!
Hi please help I m new to this. Does yield ater cooking mean the weight after it has been cooked? What weight is used when determining the calories raw or cooked?
by Black Bee on 23 Oct 14 09:47 AM
Cupping and Epilepsy
Does any1 know if wet cupping will be beneficial for some one with epilepsy or has any1 ever tried it any advise welcome thanks
by Ibiza122 on 20 Oct 14 06:11 AM
using this tool
>Foods (above)>Food search box (on right, type in x or similar nonsense)>pop up box, last line and click on "edit food data base".
by Glaun on 19 Oct 14 02:31 PM
Between 2007-2009 I lost 80lbs by eating clean and implementing a calorie deficit of 1200 calories/day. I kept it off all the way up until my honeymoon 2 years ago...ate whatever I wanted because it was ...
by Jennifa45 on 16 Oct 14 05:25 PM
Weight Traning
A female IFBB Pro bodybuilder (drug free) who ONLY competes in natural bodybuilding competitions works in my office, and has been lifting 6 days per week for almost 10 years now, and when she is her o ...
by chadlius88 on 16 Oct 14 06:50 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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