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Can someone look at daily food?
Tell me what you think. I don't usually eat 2 bars in 1 day, but today was a total chocolate craving day, and they saved me. I think I am eating too much fat. I just would like a little input p ...
2 replies, last reply by mabeth, 4 years ago.   727 views.
started by gtw2010.   
Palm Pre Plus
Hello, I am looking to upgrade my verizon phone, but I want to make sure to get a phone with a fatsecrt app. Does anyone know if the Palm Pre Plus has an app for fatsecret? Can anyone recommend a ...
9 replies, last reply by leahl, 4 years ago.   3,872 views.
started by 2010hope.   
Need Breakfast Ideas
I'm struggling to find easy, filling breakfast ideas...HELP? Need something I can eat at my desk at work, so nothing to messy. Signed... Burnt out on Egg White omelets for breakfast :doubt:
7 replies, last reply by 5pointed, 4 years ago.   1,226 views.
started by Sharon Kay.   
How do I delete a recipe from the cook book?
Does anyone know how to do it? I have the same recipe twice just in different quantities and want to get rid of it.
no replies.   719 views.
started by pureheiress, 4 years ago.   
fat intake
Can anyone on weight watchers tell me by looking at my food diet calender if i am getting too much fat each day? Should I be about 25 % or more? Thanks, Kat
2 replies, last reply by katpec, 4 years ago.   809 views.
started by katpec.   
Exercise Calendar
Ok, I'm new to this site and have NO idea how the Exercise calendar works. It looks like 6 hours of sleep burns a ridiculous amount of calories. I'm either reading something wrong or entering ...
3 replies, last reply by klbarcaskey, 4 years ago.   682 views.
started by Michelle885.   
random scale numbers
HELP!!! i dont know if my scale is broken or water weight is real! how do you know your weight when it changes all the time?? is there a best time of day to weigh yourself to find out your true weight??
8 replies, last reply by Iwark, 4 years ago.   1,372 views.
started by jb1533.   
Quick selection of food eaten
I eat a lot of the same foods throughout the day. How can I create a list of frequently eaten foods so that I can just pick from a list instead of searching for the food? Thanks.
1 reply, last reply by Rnbwgrl, 4 years ago.   666 views.
started by SunBird.   
Could some one give me some advice on what is best for me to have for breakfast: Porridge? Branflakes? Toast? or a piece of fruit? Could some one help?
12 replies, last reply by Rnbwgrl, 4 years ago.   1,077 views.
started by Hazey.   
Getting back on track
Hello Everyone, I am trying to find a routine when it comes to eating and exercise, it seems like every week i am starting over, any advise would be very appreciated. Janell
1 reply, last reply by sweetpy0028, 4 years ago.   572 views.
started by janell10.   
I Don't get it! :(
I really don't get this... I've been on my diet/exercise plan since the Superbowl, and been losing, slowly but steadily... Now all of a sudden for the last week, I'm stuck at a number saying ...
1 reply, last reply by chickie9999, 4 years ago.   490 views.
started by SturgeonQueen.   
Point Tracker
I am new to all this diet stuff(hope it works) I downloaded the fatsecret app for my phone and I see it keeps track of my points, but doesnt show how many pts I am allowed. Is there some where on the app ...
3 replies, last reply by BurdenedBohemian, 4 years ago.   1,146 views.
started by maisher81.   
Study for school after work out
I have a problem focusing on study after exercise. While I am sitting at desk, my legs ache that interferes my focus. My legs are so restless that I need to have a break. I often walk around the room or ...
6 replies, last reply by kmaxwell08, 4 years ago.   2,802 views.
started by kaz_12.   
How Do I Change My RDI
Hi all, I'm new and my RDI was set at 2000. I'm not sure that is correct, seems too high. How do I change it? Also, can someone explain the exercise calendar to me? Since it computes sleeping, ...
3 replies, last reply by Tootle76, 4 years ago.   822 views.
started by Tootle76.   
What to order!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going to lunch today with a friend at a Mexican place.... going to try my best not to overdo it! Anyone have ideas on what to order?:shock:
6 replies, last reply by sheripickle, 4 years ago.   845 views.
started by sheripickle.   
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ahhhh gotcha. Right go to My Fatsecret page, then in right hand menu click My Signature, then in the box Edit Signature that is where you type whatever you want under your posts, and to get the ticker ...
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Product Label doesn't match.
I'll make the adjustment on the label information. Thanks all!
by TKay3586 on 02 Mar 15 12:34 PM
150.0 lb
go to My Fatsecret above, then in right hand column click on My Weight History, and in there on down right you should seeMy Diet with 6 options listed below that, there you can choose what you want to ...
by howzat4u on 02 Mar 15 12:08 AM
when you weigh yourself you will know
by howzat4u on 01 Mar 15 11:15 PM
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Your right.. he should not have talked about his wife that way......:-)))
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