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crystal light,,,,
when i am having a hard time drinking water, in order to keep the fluids going i drink crystol light, and seltzer water,, and perrier. I am still loosing consistantly, should i be counting the crystol ...
5 replies, last reply by brooklyngirl38, 5 years ago.   869 views.
started by brooklyngirl38.   
Late eating
:? I have the urge to snack but it's too late! I NEED SWEEEETS
6 replies, last reply by nean_3782, 5 years ago.   1,051 views.
started by eroberts6.   
calculating calories burned
I'm confused on how to calculate calories burned. Is it only by using the items on FS or how does one go about figuring this out if they don't use FS.
2 replies, last reply by mrs88, 5 years ago.   492 views.
started by mrs88.   
This isn't about dieting or anything but...
I need advice from both guys and women, married not married everyone! I can't post what it is here, but I'd love it if yall can shoot me a message so that I may write to you my problem. It's ...
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started by malloryweir87, 5 years ago.   
Is it really necessary to be at your recommended BMI?
In order for me to be in the Normal category on a BMI chart, I need to be at or below 159 lbs. I definately think that I can get there, but my question is, is it really necessary? I am way more healthier, ...
5 replies, last reply by CherryPie, 5 years ago.   1,188 views.
started by mrscml.   
Can't find a reason to lose weight
After 5 weeks on a diet I am bored, fed up and unmotivated. I normally eat sensibly and move a fair amount anyway. I've lost 5lb but I'm so miserable it isn't true. I don't put on tons ...
19 replies, last reply by CherryPie, 5 years ago.   2,265 views.
started by CherryPie.   
Hey Everyone! I just joined yesterday and am completely addicted already! I have lost 45 lbs in the last year and really need a push to drop the last 37-43 lbs which will get me to my goal ...
1 reply, last reply by malloryweir87, 5 years ago.   444 views.
started by Scottiemama1.   
I submitted the wrong weight
Welp, I messed up..... Started the challenge w/out a scale, so I guessed my weight. Bought a scale yesterday during my lunch break, only to come home and find out that I'm 7 lbs heavier than I tho ...
2 replies, last reply by Mama T, 5 years ago.   533 views.
started by Mama T.   
How do you key in carb. info for Atkins Diet
I'm trying to find out where to go to put in my carb. info. myself. When I key in a food, it often has a much larger carb. content that what it would be on Atkins for net carbs. I know I saw it so ...
1 reply, last reply by amanda123, 5 years ago.   529 views.
started by gemgirlgrammy.   
Back Fat and Bra Overhang
I'm getting married next month and wearing a strapless gown. I've lost over 20 pounds and the gown fits very nicely. The only problem is that I still have a bit of back fat that shows over the ...
11 replies, last reply by steadytejay, 5 years ago.   5,835 views.
started by SashaFierce.   
Is it possible to eat too little for my body type
I normally eat around 900 to 1000 calories a day. Started out doing a little portion control and just fell into this rut. Now with fatsecret it says I should eat 1700 calories a day. That scares me. ...
5 replies, last reply by sumwunfun, 5 years ago.   1,065 views.
started by Trisha456.   
Edit weight
I only joined here yesterday, and entered the weight that I am now, but I would like to change that because 4 weeks ago when I started Atkins I was 14 pounds heavier. Is there any way for me to change ...
3 replies, last reply by Bozzie, 5 years ago.   703 views.
started by Bozzie.   
Create a ingredient?
I´m from Sweden and its hard to find our foods in here. Is there anyway of creating your own ingredients? If its not, it should and it would make everything alot easier
2 replies, last reply by raj_truscript, 5 years ago.   1,237 views.
started by lillis.   
Weighing In
If I have 11 oz of liquid before I weigh, can I subtract the 11 oz from my weight?
19 replies, last reply by THEbiggestloser, 5 years ago.   2,792 views.
started by Mid-Century Mama.   
How to Delete Exercise From Diet Calendar
I'm trying to clear my diet calendar of all exercise prior to last Monday, but don't know how.
3 replies, last reply by grandy, 5 years ago.   3,501 views.
started by grandy.   
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A bit frustrated
I recommend looking at doing an at home workout program. The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise. 21 Day Fix is a great workout and I really enjoyed when I went through ...
by activeash on 01 Sep 15 03:13 PM
Recipes and Serving Sizes Question
Yes, you are correct. Receipts are volume wise often for four people. The nutrition value you read is per potion. So if you use a receipt for 4, half all ingredients to say fit for two, the nutrition ...
by TorilJ on 01 Sep 15 10:48 AM
How much on average a week is good weight loss?
totally agree, measurement are soooo much better, On one of the journal notes 1 person only lost 5 pounds after really working hard they thought a bit depressing until they measured themselves and guess ...
by dog147 on 31 Aug 15 02:51 PM
:? my RDI just froze up. Wat do i do know??
by sjd2011 on 31 Aug 15 12:51 PM
why am i not hungry?!
Since you are not overweight start doing cardio and strength training. It will tone and firm your body, not overnight it will take time.
by wholefoodnut on 30 Aug 15 04:49 PM

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