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Need a gym/die buddy
I live in Toano, Va and I need a workout/ diet buddy.
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started by raphis, 5 years ago.   
Need advice
HELP! Need advice. I have started going to the gym and have been going at least 4 to 5 days a week. I have cut out sweets and have watched what I eat. I have cut down my calories to 1200 or under. Before ...
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started by oncewas120.   
Hi! I just joined the fatsecret family and Im learning how to use the website. One of my questions is how do I delete and/or edit an exercise or food entry? Some of my info is incorrect. If anyone can ...
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started by Deissy.   
Listing favorites
Is there a way to make a list of favorites or often eaten foods so you don't have to look them up each time you want to enter teem into the food diary.?
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started by Kbg351.   
lots of questions
I would like to try atkins again but the problem is I just could not survive the induction phase. Now I see I was doing it wrong. Now I need lots and lots of help. The whole 20 net carbs thing just has ...
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started by a1994.   
tracking my diet
I am new to the site and was wondering. Does anyone know how we can look at various aspects of our diet (like fiber intake) over time. Or if the site does not offer graphs or tables is there an export ...
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started by jmcclear.   
tracking my diet
Hi, yes, you can record fibre intake. In your Diet Calendar option, click Enter Food. Near the titles at the top of the screen you will see an option to Edit Preferences. Click that and then check the ...
2 replies, last reply by jmcclear, 5 years ago.   1,418 views.
started by jmcclear.   
ughhhhh fml... no literally I have ran more than I ever have in my entire life. Working out hard 4/5 times a week. no drinking, conscious eating and I am gaining weight.. wtf thoughts??? I thought ...
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started by runningsanta.   
Vacation Pictures
Having just seen my vacation pictures from last week, it upset me to no end that I look horrible in them. My belly is very fat, I have back fat, rolls hang over my pants. But what truly gets me, is when ...
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started by ckhosick.   
Emotional eating
Yes I know it's the old chestnut- but how does anyone deal emotional eating. I'm happy with me until something comes along which I know I'm going to enjoy - a new relationship in my case - ...
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started by kay2906.   
How do I change my height information?
Because I accidentally entered 6'4'' instead of 5'4'' now I can't say that I want to lose weight from 60 kgs down, since the program thinks im anorexic, which I am not if I ...
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started by apple60126, 5 years ago.   
How do I change my height information?
Go to myfatsecret, under my tool box, then chose my account. There you can change the height.
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started by apple60126, 5 years ago.   
Way to much rain in wisconsin. I need to get motivated. Please send some sun my way.
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started by mishelle.   
Weight Gain
Hi there, I'm new to the site and forum and have a huge request for help. I'm going to apply for the Royal Marines, they have a minimum weight limit of 60kg, at the moment I'm only around ...
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started by Baalie.   
I crash and burn every weekend. My husband and I live apart and the only time we see each other is on weekends. Which means there is a lot of going out to eat and a lot of over indulging. Any sugge ...
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started by ckhosick.   
Good headphones for cardio exercise.
I want to run. I really really do. I even dream about it. I've been slowly eliminating all the obstacles and excuses I make to keep me from trying it. I've found a good sports bra combo to ...
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started by ferlengheti.   
stretch marks!
who's got them and what are some good prevention and reduction ideas :)
19 replies, last reply by LadyMorgan, 5 years ago.   2,272 views.
started by alllicat.   
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Learning the site.....
Yes...when you complete a weigh in entry, the site calculates and tells you how long it will take to reach your goal weight using your current calculated weight loss rate. Because your weight loss rate ...
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any ideas.
robinson801 wrote: :I exercise most days with toning tables and clubbercise to nights a week frustrating not to loose, Please consider allowing [url= [/url]to inform your ...
by jimmiepop on 19 May 16 05:03 PM
Don't bother it won't be adding much calorie burn not even proper heavy weight lifting does
by rabbitjb on 18 May 16 03:01 PM
Recording treadmill exercise
You can add it as a custom exercise. That would allow you to enter calories burnt from the screen. However I am not sure I would trust their numbers either. I would rather underestimate calories from ...
by Ingria on 17 May 16 01:27 AM
I have to eat during short breaks at work. Every morning I pack the same thing: 2 travel mugs of tea with cream, 2 16 oz reusable water bottles with lemon water, one avocado sliced but not separated, ...
by erikahollister on 15 May 16 05:54 PM

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