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Weighing scale
Hi All.., i'm getting myself a weighing scale.. but ain't sure whether a digital one would be better? kindly advise..
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started by izumi, 5 years ago.   
Weighing scale
Tanita scales read to 0.2 lbs and are very reproducible and accurate. Look on Amazon.
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started by izumi, 5 years ago.   
Weighing scale
Save your money. Weigh on a dr. scale (balance) at the gym, and don't weigh more than once a week. The daily fluctuations can make you crazy. Focusing on the food, exercise, and fit of your clothes ...
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started by izumi, 5 years ago.   
no weight loss
I am ready to quit. I bike 4-5 times a week 60 -100 miles at 15-16 miles an hour nd go to the gyn 2-3 times. I watch my caloric intake app 1500 cal a da low fat low sugar low carbs and iam not losing any ...
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started by dever.   
Adkins Daybreak bar
Why is the food calculator not subtracting the carbs on this 14 carbs 8 dietary and nevermind I thought it had sugar alcohols..but don't you subtract the 8...the bar itself on front has ...
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started by ssfollower.   
still trying to figure things out
i am new to fatsecret and i was just wondering how i get the calories i burn in my exercise journal to show up. also is there anyway to get a points system for weight watchers in my food journal so i ...
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started by kmac124.   
New Here...
Hi there.. new here.. and would appreciate any advice out there. I am not quit sure where to start as I usually just jump into things and start moving and that just doesnt work for me trying to lose w ...
4 replies, last reply by laceylyn77, 5 years ago.   1,554 views.
started by Shan6453.   
Ok... So glad you all are here with me!!!... I need some more advice or direction...AGAIN!!!!! I tried using a tape measure to take measurement... but i realize i haven't a clue what or where I should ...
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started by amy1flite.   
Why No WW points?
This site is now useless to me I can't keep track of my points....Help!!!Anyone have any information on another site to use to track points?
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started by talk2kat, 5 years ago.   
Why No WW points?
WW points is a proprietary item. Any site that uses them without permission could result in a lawsuit. WW wants you to pay them to use it.
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started by talk2kat, 5 years ago.   
Can a very low-cal diet permanently lower metabolism?!
I am 19 years old and my normal body weight is 120 lbs. I used to be a big eater, eating quantities much more than my friends. Over the last couple of months I decided to start eating less because I guess ...
3 replies, last reply by msawyer13, 5 years ago.   873 views.
started by tiannajade.   
Food at the Office
So today is our monthly staff meeting...and we have cake every month at the meeting in honor of any birthdays that month...does anyone find it hard to resist when EVERYONE is eating cake....I don't ...
9 replies, last reply by SemperSkinny, 5 years ago.   1,126 views.
started by SemperSkinny.   
Fit & active 100 cal. Snack pack (chocolate cakes with cream filling)
I scanned the bar code. The item wasn't found so I added it manually but when completed I was not able to save it as I got a message that from the amount of calories entered and the fat, protien, and ...
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started by Levpa05, 5 years ago.   
Motivation Needed
For years I've been trying to lose weight. I joined fatsecret this year hoping that by logging in all i ate or did would restrict me or at least guilt me in to sticking to a programme when I had bad ...
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started by Risha.   
How do I add pictures to my posts?
1 reply, last reply by Divided By Zero, 5 years ago.   537 views.
started by arizonaprincess.   
Calories in v Calories out question
Hi Everyone! I have a question.. I am desperately trying to shift the weight I have piled on through quitting smoking. So I tried Atkins and it didnt work out.. I just love my carbs too much! I have ...
4 replies, last reply by rjenkins27, 5 years ago.   842 views.
started by pommychic.   
Calories in v Calories out question
This is a dynamic process. If you need 1900 cal and only eat 1500 cal then the extra 400 calories will come from fat. The reverse will be true also if you have unused food calories they will be stored ...
4 replies, last reply by rjenkins27, 5 years ago.   842 views.
started by pommychic.   
Net kcal vs exercise
Okay, so this is my first day of food and exercise entries. I've had lunch and entered all my food and exercise so far for today and I'm at a calorie deficit....what is the goal? Even? My carbs ...
3 replies, last reply by LisaMWitt, 5 years ago.   3,043 views.
started by kyleVA.   
Adding Weights While Walking
I work in retail eight hours a day, all spent on my feet, and walk an average of two to three miles a day at that job. I go straight from that job to a desk job for another six hours, so have literally ...
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started by mel268, 5 years ago.   
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Trouble Increasing Stamina
1200 cal. is not enough, you body might go on "strike" :).
by tute75 on 04 Jul 15 04:01 PM
Quick reference for carbs
Depends on your WOE my carbs are rather high and I naturally get lots of fiber. I do not follow a low carb plan. I eat little meat but lots of plant based proteins beans, legumes, whole grains. I also ...
by wholefoodnut on 04 Jul 15 12:31 PM
Changing past entries
How do I change a past weigh in entry? I put 270 when I would have entered 280.
by pronomian on 04 Jul 15 09:35 AM
A bit frustrated
krystynecar wrote: Many overweight individuals fail to lose weight with dieting. While it is always assumed they are doing a poor job of dieting, it has been shown, however, that chronic dieting in ov ...
by Diablo360x on 03 Jul 15 04:31 PM
I Need Help With A Little Of Everything
I have hypothyroid and I don't know what foods could help me drop some pounds. I also want to find an exercise that I could do in a small space. I am visually impaired so going to a gym or trying to ...
by Kathleen Wheatley on 25 Jun 15 01:28 PM

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