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ughhhhh fml... no literally I have ran more than I ever have in my entire life. Working out hard 4/5 times a week. no drinking, conscious eating and I am gaining weight.. wtf thoughts??? I thought ...
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started by runningsanta.   
Vacation Pictures
Having just seen my vacation pictures from last week, it upset me to no end that I look horrible in them. My belly is very fat, I have back fat, rolls hang over my pants. But what truly gets me, is when ...
13 replies, last reply by vanessa896, 5 years ago.   2,323 views.
started by ckhosick.   
Emotional eating
Yes I know it's the old chestnut- but how does anyone deal emotional eating. I'm happy with me until something comes along which I know I'm going to enjoy - a new relationship in my case - ...
5 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 5 years ago.   1,854 views.
started by kay2906.   
How do I change my height information?
Because I accidentally entered 6'4'' instead of 5'4'' now I can't say that I want to lose weight from 60 kgs down, since the program thinks im anorexic, which I am not if I ...
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started by apple60126, 5 years ago.   
How do I change my height information?
Go to myfatsecret, under my tool box, then chose my account. There you can change the height.
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started by apple60126, 5 years ago.   
Way to much rain in wisconsin. I need to get motivated. Please send some sun my way.
5 replies, last reply by jillfred13, 5 years ago.   968 views.
started by mishelle.   
Weight Gain
Hi there, I'm new to the site and forum and have a huge request for help. I'm going to apply for the Royal Marines, they have a minimum weight limit of 60kg, at the moment I'm only around ...
4 replies, last reply by anapdc, 5 years ago.   1,018 views.
started by Baalie.   
I crash and burn every weekend. My husband and I live apart and the only time we see each other is on weekends. Which means there is a lot of going out to eat and a lot of over indulging. Any sugge ...
7 replies, last reply by wow19, 5 years ago.   1,373 views.
started by ckhosick.   
Good headphones for cardio exercise.
I want to run. I really really do. I even dream about it. I've been slowly eliminating all the obstacles and excuses I make to keep me from trying it. I've found a good sports bra combo to ...
7 replies, last reply by Hoser, 5 years ago.   1,442 views.
started by ferlengheti.   
stretch marks!
who's got them and what are some good prevention and reduction ideas :)
19 replies, last reply by LadyMorgan, 5 years ago.   2,260 views.
started by alllicat.   
How about since I have been exercising regularly I have noticed some positive change in my body shape. But, the stubborn lower-belly seems so reluctant to slim down. Please share any exercises or tips ...
4 replies, last reply by justiz84, 5 years ago.   1,145 views.
started by justiz84.   
I have been somewhat in a lost state for the past few months. I haven’t been able to gain control of my life the way I should have. I am 24, single, no kids, steady consistent job, good family support, ...
6 replies, last reply by Thunderious, 5 years ago.   1,077 views.
started by Thunderious.   
Hello everyone! I'm new to this, so I don't know how it works yet. I just got back from a 30 minute walk, 15 mins into the walk, my legs started to itch!!! And it happens all the time! I have a ...
5 replies, last reply by ellyfranklin, 5 years ago.   1,161 views.
started by BeSparklez.   
Calories in & Calories out
I'm so confused! Can someone explain "calorie deficient" to me. Here's why I'm confused: I keep reading that if you cut 500 calories out of your diet, you will lose 1 pound a week. ...
5 replies, last reply by eameinna, 5 years ago.   1,274 views.
started by skybly263.   
looking for diabetics trying to lose weight
my bio pretty much sez it all.:all::! this is my first time posting on this site. I pretty much log in on my Blackberry.
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started by Lagringa, 5 years ago.   
Swimsuit Help
In September my husband and I are going on a cruise. (my first, yay!) Anyhow, I know I will need at least one new bathing suit. I was thinking about buying one now thats one or two sizes small, but I& ...
8 replies, last reply by tehrin, 5 years ago.   2,955 views.
started by foodisevil.   
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Does this app automatically pull Exercise data from Google Fit?
Vickie 5966 wrote: I don't think Fat Secret natively syncs with any devices. Many here use a 3rd party app called Fitmess (see to link their Fitbit data to Fat Secret. The ...
by JMadFour on 19 Apr 16 12:12 AM
How does this work?!
mdubstep wrote: I'm a little confused by my hunger response...I'm sure there are others out there who experience what I'm about to describe. If you do, share some tips or tricks to manage the ...
by thinner120 on 17 Apr 16 10:26 PM
Eating at my mother in law.
Oh! Another thing- garnish and condiments matter. Try to avoid foods smothered in sweet sauces- etc. potatoes and rice are actually fine in small increments, but what knocks a person down with those is ...
by Muserudita on 14 Apr 16 05:32 AM
Smoothies for Weight Loss
If you want to log a smoothie then log the ingredients. Perhaps build it as a meal or recipe. I will assume you are using the whole fruit and veg and not just the juice There is no advantage to liqu ...
by rabbitjb on 05 Apr 16 05:00 AM
Calories burned doesn't increase my daily budget?
i have mine synched to my Fitbit so I don't use the exercise builder but I thought you logged activities to reach your FS set goal so it is accounted for and its just that you've not exercised ...
by rabbitjb on 04 Apr 16 12:48 AM

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