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adding foods that are not in Fat Secret
how do you add a dish or food to the memorized list of foods - is it possible Thanks
1 reply, last reply by Hoser, 4 years ago.   1,326 views.
started by 1SHANE2.   
Just can't get out of these 30's
I have been trying to eat healthier and work out at least 4 time a week. I started loosing weight by doing far I went from 246 to 233. Now it seem like I can get out of the 30's. I have ...
1 reply, last reply by kokusho, 4 years ago.   1,140 views.
started by bwar0712.   
entering meals
I need help - i want to make a meal of omy kirkland chicken, rolls up and the light mayo - I have them all entered but they won't let me get the info - very frustrating - please help
no replies.   1,102 views.
started by catherinecaban, 4 years ago.   
Has anyone been stuck at the same weight for so long? (2 months!)
All I've done is hover around 184lb (my starting weight!!). First I thought, just eating better will help a ton and I should at least lose 5lbs and be in the 170s. Well ok I guess I already ate ...
12 replies, last reply by Jada Petsch, 4 years ago.   1,955 views.
started by kmg3366.   
Syncing Issues
Is anyone else having syncing issues????
no replies.   704 views.
started by 1FitChic, 4 years ago.   
Damage control any ideas on how to help my daughter?
My daughter was humiliated because of a teachers poor judgement. This happened yesterday but I can't remember the last time I was this MAD... I say steaming MAD!!! When picking my daughter up from ...
43 replies, last reply by k8yk, 4 years ago.   5,268 views.
started by cbhatnag.   
seriously so confused!! please help..
soo calorie counting is so new to me and i'm so confused!:? haha.. i used to do weight watchers and realized i was eating too little (like 1000 cals a day).. it's so hard for me to eat more cuz ...
1 reply, last reply by THEbiggestloser, 4 years ago.   881 views.
started by dm2711.   
Turkey Wings
Does anyone know how many Weight Watcher Points a baked Turkey Wing is?
no replies.   3,000 views.
started by keepitmovin67, 4 years ago.   
How to set a goal weight?
My start weight was 132 and when I was there I thought 120 would be so great and I would look amazing. Well I'm at 121.8 now and I'm freaking out because in a mere 1.8 pounds I'll be at my ...
9 replies, last reply by krisclip3, 4 years ago.   3,671 views.
started by georgialee7891.   
Blew it!!
I went to the endless shrimp fest and totally lost my mind! lol... It was so delicious, but I felt so bad (well..kind of :doubt: ). I know this isnt a great excuse, but because I lost zero pounds after ...
5 replies, last reply by hottagain, 4 years ago.   1,621 views.
started by ebonymcshay.   
Manually adding calories
Can I just manually add my own calories w/out "creating" a new food? For example... I had caramel corn for a snack and the calories on my package don't match up to what they have in the ...
1 reply, last reply by Bodicea, 4 years ago.   736 views.
started by hgellings.   
Oh, to be young again.. (teen questions.)
Hey everyone. I'm Lexi, 16, 6', 330lbs (OMG IKR?) Anyways, just got my lisence, getting a car within the next week then I'm hitting the gym. I got a pretty good idea of what I have to do for ...
8 replies, last reply by mammasix, 4 years ago.   2,003 views.
started by fat_teenager.   
weight gain
How can I gain weight putting less than 1500 calories in my body, shoveling and gardening for over and hour. Went up a pound over night, this stinks. Makes me just want to go and get a half gallon of ice ...
12 replies, last reply by carbon_dragon, 4 years ago.   3,917 views.
started by goldenpups2.   
WW or FS?
Hey everyone... I am currently trying to follow Weight Watchers points system because I feel as though I was eating way too much on South Beach diet, but I will continue to eat the same foods, just in ...
7 replies, last reply by Roxylove6, 4 years ago.   1,889 views.
started by Roxylove6.   
Need help actually using logging my foods
I don't know why I don't use the diet calendar like I should - I know it will be a big help, but I just don't do it. How can I make myself accountable?
1 reply, last reply by sherilyn70, 4 years ago.   674 views.
started by Airportchick.   
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Quick reference for carbs
Subtract fiber from the carbs number and you get the the amount of "harmful" carbs.
by pronomian on 04 Jul 15 09:41 AM
Changing past entries
How do I change a past weigh in entry? I put 270 when I would have entered 280.
by pronomian on 04 Jul 15 09:35 AM
A bit frustrated
krystynecar wrote: Many overweight individuals fail to lose weight with dieting. While it is always assumed they are doing a poor job of dieting, it has been shown, however, that chronic dieting in ov ...
by Diablo360x on 03 Jul 15 04:31 PM
I Need Help With A Little Of Everything
I have hypothyroid and I don't know what foods could help me drop some pounds. I also want to find an exercise that I could do in a small space. I am visually impaired so going to a gym or trying to ...
by Kathleen Wheatley on 25 Jun 15 01:28 PM
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