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Antibotics and Weight Gain
I was wondering if antibotics (Amoxicillian) can make you gain weight or retain water. I have been at a consistent weight for about 9 days and all of a sudden I am gaining weight! Started on antibotics ...
2 replies, last reply by sherilyn70, 6 years ago.   919 views.
started by Darbo.   
travel diet
Anyone else out there travel 3-4 days out of every week? If so, how do you plan a good low calorie diet when out so much? It's really hard to eat right when you're not at home. My biggest problem ...
9 replies, last reply by Yoplait, 6 years ago.   2,871 views.
started by leelauer.   
food not in the journal
I am in Induction and some of the foods are not in the database. I have found that Bob's Big Boy's Lite Blue Cheese dressing only has 1 net carb and is low caloriewise compared to other lite b ...
4 replies, last reply by azorn, 6 years ago.   1,299 views.
started by steampunkgirl.   
Help! I am in need of a fast, FILLING, low-cal breakfast food. I have been eating Jimmy dean sausage croissant things (because they keep me full). I get up at 3 am to be at work at 4 so I dont have ...
8 replies, last reply by azorn, 6 years ago.   2,380 views.
started by Glasscat26.   
Belly Fat
I lost almost 10 lbs in January and now look good in my clothes although I want to get a little leaner. I have been losing fat everywhere and notice a difference in my tummy but not a drastic one. I do ...
5 replies, last reply by Kittyfiends, 6 years ago.   1,387 views.
started by pg12c8t6.   
website help - customer food
Can someone please tell me how to create a custome food? Thanks sslam
1 reply, last reply by Jolene78, 6 years ago.   849 views.
started by sslam.   
Can't stop the night-time snacking!
Anyone have any unique tips for keeping the night time snacking at bay? I try so hard to not eat anything after 8PM, but it's been really hard lately. I can go the whole day, until about 6PM, with ...
30 replies, last reply by NoChubbyMom, 6 years ago.   9,101 views.
started by eag161.   
Are you hungry after you work out?
I work out every night after I get off work for an hour. After I finish working out I get so hungry. I don't eat anything after 6pm. What should I do? Is this normal?
7 replies, last reply by MzVEE, 6 years ago.   5,216 views.
started by MzVEE.   
Losing weight- why am I angry?
Hi! I weighed in today and have lost 16# since I started here in Jan. I was excited an happy, but as the day wore on, I became depressed and angry and crabby. I dont know if it's because I know I ...
6 replies, last reply by sharry41, 6 years ago.   5,481 views.
started by LorieW.   
I don't understand...
How can a person can gain 3 lbs in two days! I know I didn't exercise this weekend but come on...3 lbs?! I know weight can go up and down a few ounces everyday but I didn't think it could go up ...
11 replies, last reply by vinnyv11, 6 years ago.   3,029 views.
started by ejgraves.   
Much harder for me
It's going to be hell trying to lose weight in my case. I work at Mcdonalds. A fast food place. It's going to be hard. I don't eat the burgers, but I do eat the chicken sandwiches and fries ...
3 replies, last reply by Jennie-o, 6 years ago.   1,055 views.
started by Starfi3h.   
Just lost months worth of data. If you've been keeping track on FatSecret for your Blackberry before signing on to their website, your first-time sync will cause everything to be lost. Very frustr ...
16 replies, last reply by Pixiestyx, 6 years ago.   4,565 views.
started by jim52.   
Nervous stomach
I'm on day 11 now of induction and seem to have made it through the worst of 'induction flu.' But my stomach is feeling weird - kind of nervous and a little painful -- especially after I eat ...
3 replies, last reply by fluffystuff56, 6 years ago.   1,565 views.
started by AttaGirl.   
Changing settings
Hi there With the application for Blackberry phones, one can change your preferences and region so that your food is shown in KJ and not Cal, and also so that restaurant and food searches (brands, etc) ...
1 reply, last reply by Marknilsen, 6 years ago.   993 views.
started by Marknilsen.   
Increasing calories w/out increasing carbs
Help! I am stalling on induction because I can't figure out a way to increase my RDI higher than 59% without adding more carbs (I'm already hitting 20/day). I'm always tired, and often feel ...
8 replies, last reply by Kallau, 6 years ago.   2,099 views.
started by azorn.   
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Hey Sasha, I'm an old guy, older than your Dad probably! I have no idea where in the world you are, but like the other respondents I care. If you have a facebook account facebook have some links to ...
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