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Starving today
Ok - Need some ideas! I am completely starving today. I have done nothing but stuff my face since 6:30 this morning. I've been trying to make healthy choices, and the only thing I haven't eaten ...
8 replies, last reply by mclarkin, 4 years ago.   1,262 views.
started by mouse4.   
Help creating a new food/recipe to add!
Can someone tell me how to create a new food(ie: beans, lasagna, salad) to enter into my breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack category? TIA!
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started by VelvtRide, 4 years ago.   
Gaining weight
Hello all... I'm in a rut, and I'm very discouraged. I'm counting my calories and taking in less than my daily recommendation in order to lose. But, I'll lose 1 lb only to gain 2 the next ...
11 replies, last reply by Ambition, 4 years ago.   2,776 views.
started by ebonymcshay.   
kinda frustrated
I am kinda frustrated with the results I have been seeing. I have a friend who is losing weight with me, he watches what he eats during the week, then during the weekend he doesn't overdo it, but eats ...
4 replies, last reply by sherilyn70, 4 years ago.   1,486 views.
started by ericd792007.   
Calorie question
According to the FatSecret program, all of my info is based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet. My question is: should I be eating 2,000 calories a day or is less better? I've been mostly under ( a ...
7 replies, last reply by cheriedehay, 4 years ago.   1,504 views.
started by cheriedehay.   
% of daily value
Does Fat Secret calculate % of daily value like MyPlate does ? Interested in perhaps joining as the app is free for Droid
1 reply, last reply by FrostyLady, 4 years ago.   903 views.
started by Charmie4665.   
When will it be enough?
I am *excited* with my progress so far. I honestly wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it. Now that I've made it this far, I feel there's a great chance to be able to make it. But ...
8 replies, last reply by Natural.Lifter, 4 years ago.   1,836 views.
started by sjcoray.   
What am I doing wrong?
Hello all! Im looking for some advice/tips on what I may be doing wrong. I just started working out and changing my eating habits 3 weeks ago. I started out at 183, week one, no change. Week two I lost ...
4 replies, last reply by newsie28, 4 years ago.   1,003 views.
started by SassyLassy6979.   
Entering a food into the database
Hi all, Guessing this is where I should post a question like this... Yesterday, I entered a food into the database as it wasn't there and selected "share" - so that DH could access the ...
2 replies, last reply by Bodicea, 4 years ago.   941 views.
started by Bodicea.   
I am trying to change my diet but everytime I hit save it gives me an error. It has been doing this to me since last friday. Is anyone else experiencing this? Also I have a question as to how to delete ...
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started by justme76, 4 years ago.   
Mom Pooch
Anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of that stubborn mom pooch? It will NOT go away AT ALL! It is starting to discourage please!
2 replies, last reply by rachelm2982, 4 years ago.   1,581 views.
started by E_1102.   
How can my body do this?
Hi everyone, I just had to post here to see what this might be, as I've searched the internet and nothing has given me an answer. I'm just 3 days in from when I started to live a healthier li ...
36 replies, last reply by Tonyasprinkles, 4 years ago.   4,685 views.
started by Borto.   
How can my body do this?
Its going to be hard to tell if your only 4 days in and your Diet Calendar is set to private.
36 replies, last reply by Tonyasprinkles, 4 years ago.   4,685 views.
started by Borto.   
Calling all plateau'ers
Rather than hijack Mouse4's topic, I'd like to see if there is anyone who has plateaued that is interested in an experiment to try and break through it. My suggestion is basically to temporarily ...
16 replies, last reply by mouse4, 4 years ago.   3,750 views.
started by rjenkins27.   
Exercise & Eating
I'm a working stiff with kids, which means my typical exercise window is in the evening right after the kids go to bed (7:30PM ~ 8:00PM). I typically don't eat until after they're in bed ( ...
13 replies, last reply by unknownndoll, 4 years ago.   1,807 views.
started by skifter22.   
Help...I entered my weight incorrectly
OOOPsss...When I first entered my weight here I entered incorrectly. Then when I went to put in my new weight loss it says I have somehow I put my new weight in as my start weight and my ...
2 replies, last reply by mom2pumpkin, 4 years ago.   2,080 views.
started by mom2pumpkin.   
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Help! I need to reset my weight loss goals but don't know how
Find the toolbox on the homepage then click on my diet, there's a link to reset your starting weight
by Jaydean7889 on 24 May 15 11:57 AM
Calories Burned
W edecided to take the kids to Jumpology today. 1 hour of jumping on a trampoline, Baby!!!! NOt sure which source to believe as far as how many calories I'll be burning, though. FS says trampolining ...
by amyskids on 22 May 15 07:51 AM
It doesn't show on my pie chart however it gives me a total at the top of the food diary if you add it as mummydee suggested.
by wholefoodnut on 21 May 15 07:59 AM
LCHF advice and tips needed...
Hello Sunflower - since it seems you are more interested in eating healthy and not dropping lots of weight to fast, I will comment. I do believe LCHF diets are healthy for everyone, so applaud your d ...
by Donnmur on 19 May 15 08:42 AM
Can anyone tell me if I can set my own Macros? Thank you:?
by Minnymoo on 18 May 15 04:46 AM

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