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Atkins on a budget?
My boyfriend and I have been doing Atkins for nearly a year now, and we're really happy with the results and would like to keep going. However, I looked at my spending patterns in the past few years, ...
5 replies, last reply by Brenda Groth, 5 years ago.   6,194 views.
started by ndubbs87.   
Sweet tooth after meals?
So I was wondering... does anyone else NEED to have something sweet after a meal, regardless of what they've eaten and how full they are? I don't feel complete unless I finish off with something ...
12 replies, last reply by TheChunkyOne, 5 years ago.   4,418 views.
started by Rae1219.   
So Im new to all this...
I have no.clue what im doin... Im 5'7 at 160. I wanna weigh 130. Is that too much weight to lose? How many calories should I be eatin?
3 replies, last reply by Lizzee, 5 years ago.   846 views.
started by Lizzee.   
BAD day and losing will power fast!
My will power is waning very thin right now. One of my major problems is when I get stressed and upset I CRAVE sweets. Today my mom had a routine knee replacement and there were complications. Things have ...
4 replies, last reply by MagusCGM, 5 years ago.   966 views.
started by osugspaleo.   
Recording Home Cooked meals?
I am new to this forum. This is a great site but I have one question...I was wondering if there is a way to record the nutritional value for a meal I cook? I have the nutritional value from the recipes ...
2 replies, last reply by pmaynard, 5 years ago.   728 views.
started by pmaynard.   
Injured knee
While jogging last night I twisted my knee. All of my exercise tapes require bending my knees or getting down on the floor. Any suggestions on exercises that do not require putting any stress on the knee? ...
no replies.   753 views.
started by ejgraves, 5 years ago.   
ever heard of
I joined this site to create a workout routine but it cost $5 a month. does anybody use it? or do is there anything out there like it for free?
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started by KualityE, 5 years ago.   
sauna and steam room
I wanted to include the steam room and sauna room in my:?: program to lose weight but I can't seem to find out how many calories I can burn in 10 minutes or so. Does anyone have any idea? Thank ...
1 reply, last reply by CH002591, 5 years ago.   586 views.
started by artcruz.   
Need some Buddies during the day
I have been struggling over the past year to work on losing weight. I have an awesome husband who loves me for who I am. For my health I need to lose weight. I need to find people who can help me stay ...
2 replies, last reply by ohtobethin2010, 5 years ago.   1,558 views.
started by BBwiatch.   
Workouts for arms and inner thigh?
Anyone have a suggestion on a good workout to lose the flab on arms and inner thighs??
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   2,009 views.
started by Cait54.   
After 6 days of dieting and exercising I weighed myself today only to find that I haven't lost any weight at all. I know sometimes when you lose the scale doesn't show it, but I don't even ...
9 replies, last reply by vanessa896, 5 years ago.   1,393 views.
started by KellyB27.   
Rollercoaster weigh in
For the past two weeks I've been exercising on a regular basis and I weight myself once a day at the same time. My only problem is that I find myself losing like 5 pounds one day and then the next ...
8 replies, last reply by jessie1326, 5 years ago.   1,656 views.
started by alexarae007.   
need to update what diet I am on??
I have rejoined fatsecret after being away from it for almost a year. I am on a new diet this year and would like to change it from Atkins to the HCG diet but i can not find the place I can do that. do ...
2 replies, last reply by Baboo1, 5 years ago.   963 views.
started by amar383.   
Made to crave web event in under 2hrs
So in less than 2 hours -(noon Australian time) 8pm EST the first made to crave webconference starts. I am so looking forward to this as some things covered today's includes : "1.  The scale ...
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started by Crysalismum, 5 years ago.   
went crazy last night
:x i did so well yesterday and last night i just went crazy, i dont even know how much i ate but i went sugar crazy, today will be a better day. it just has to. i didnt come this far to blow it. again ...
1 reply, last reply by mouse4, 5 years ago.   784 views.
started by donnamary.   
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Fell of the wagon for a week
XshapeshiftX wrote: There is no such thing as "good sugars". Your breaks down the sugars apple, for example into the same glucose as it would a chocolate bar. Eat sparingly. [url ...
by Tatmummy on 23 Sep 16 07:20 AM
LCHF meal challenges
I have done keto on and off for 2 years now an at the moment I've been doing Keto for 4 weeks now and I have lost about 10lbs(4.5kg).I have kept my carbs at 25g per day. The only way that I have ...
by amusedtodeath85 on 19 Sep 16 10:27 AM
Why am I not losing weight?
daisytaylor2405 wrote: I recommend beyond weight management tea for it because it the best thing for weight loss. BS, the BEST thing is eating healthy and keeping active. NOT wasting your money on crap ...
by Halo Kiwi on 18 Sep 16 04:15 PM
Shaky / Jittery
if you are worried go to your doctor
by Halo Kiwi on 12 Sep 16 02:06 AM
Post gallbladder surgery diet
I keep hearing from people who have had gallbladder surgery that I should never eat certain foods. I had my gallbladder removed over four years ago. I have not ellimited any foods from my diet bease of ...
by BlueFront on 11 Sep 16 05:27 PM

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