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fiber gain?
Is it possible to gain weight initially when introducing a fiber supplement?Just started taking benefiber yesterday,weighed in this morning,gained 1.25lbs.Is this possible in the beginning until your body ...
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started by tewey, 6 years ago.   
Ticker Question
Where can I get the ticker line and how do I add it to my profile? Any help anyone? :?
1 reply, last reply by HealthfulMe, 6 years ago.   2,435 views.
started by infingek.   
Eating back your burned calories?
I was reading on a health site that said when you burn calories you can add those to your calorie intake and still lose weight. That doesn't sound right? Can someone clear this up for me? I'm ...
14 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 6 years ago.   7,983 views.
started by jmarstel.   
Past emails
I am new to this site and someone has emailed me. I did not yet add her as a friend and when I clicked away from the page her email was gone. I don't know where to find her so that I can return her ...
1 reply, last reply by relz, 6 years ago.   857 views.
started by cathydabney.   
Weigh in
I never weigh myself as it never says what I want it to say. I did weigh in last week when I signed up here at Fatsecret. How ofter are you supposed to weigh yourself?
7 replies, last reply by ardie12, 6 years ago.   1,427 views.
started by cathydabney.   
wwalking shoes vs running shoes vs cross trainer shoes
I started going to the gym three weeks ago and have been using the treadmill and elliptical for 30-40 mins each machine. I wear a pair of nike's walking shoes and sometimes reebok walking shoes. ...
9 replies, last reply by gefd28, 6 years ago.   8,027 views.
started by dgtrestini.   
My weight is normal. Can I lose 20 lbs simply by eating properly and exercising at a gym?
Both my current weight (135.5lbs) and goal weight (115lbs) are within my normal BMI range, just so you know I'm not aiming to be underweight. However I'd imagine losing 20 lbs when you're ...
5 replies, last reply by jessyline, 6 years ago.   1,184 views.
started by tiffanygabriellex.   
banana pancakes
i was looking at the recipe for banana pancakes. the ingreidents say baking powder and then in the directions it says baking soda. please let me know what is the correct ingreident. ty, gabriel
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started by Bubbas, 6 years ago.   
Feet Injuries from Exercise
I want some help guys. I have been having this severe pain in my left foot (the arch of my feet and slightly on the balls of my feet) and it's preventing me from much exercise. How do I treat this ...
3 replies, last reply by Ed Endicott, 6 years ago.   653 views.
started by lovelyLife.   
Entering in Calories for meals-Newbie here!
Is anyone else out there having trouble figuring out how to input calories for a meal? I made a great vegetarian dish last night, and ended up inputting as lasagna,(as my creation has no name) i figure ...
4 replies, last reply by chmilz, 6 years ago.   645 views.
started by chmilz.   
Simple snacks
I need some ideas on simple snacks while I am working from home on my computer. Dont want to stray and go for junk because of bordom. thank for any help
16 replies, last reply by cricri99, 6 years ago.   3,717 views.
started by shawnsfatside.   
I have a blackberry curve 8250 and this app works fine just go into blackberry app world and download the app in there. Happy dieting
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started by barrysam, 6 years ago.   
Need Some Direction
From November 2010 to present, I have lost approximately 15 pounds. I am walking on a treadmill daily for an hour (3.5 miles per hour and burning about 600 calories per day while doing so). I am working ...
9 replies, last reply by vondachaplin, 6 years ago.   912 views.
started by vondachaplin.   
Can't stay motivated
I am finding it really hard to stay motivated to keep working out. I haven't run at all this week which is not like me, nor have I done my workout video's or gone to the gym. And to top it off ...
4 replies, last reply by nlfrancis, 6 years ago.   921 views.
started by nlfrancis.   
Do you cough after a workout?
About an hour or so after a tough cardio workout, I get the "coughs." It comes from my chest, not a throat tickle, and seems to last for 4-5 hours. I don't feel any tightness in my chest, ...
10 replies, last reply by katballew, 6 years ago.   19,366 views.
started by shmiller.   
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Own recipes and eaten amount / Eigene Rezepte und die gegessene Menge.
Hi all, I'm struggeling with creating own recepies and adding them to my diary. After adding my own recipie to my diary the app does not ask me for the eaten ammount of the dish. It just adds a plain ...
by knotz on 14 Jan 18 04:03 AM
How do I delete historic (2011) entries that are messing up my nice new weight history?
I have just restarted using Fat Secret after a break of several years (due to ill health). My Fat Secret account was still valid, and presented me with the 10 or so days entries from 2011.. These hi ...
by Lyn Soussi on 08 Jan 18 05:20 AM
Gaining on 800 cal/day
I have Hashimoto disease, worked out and ate under 1200 cals a day just to slow down weight gain, and I'm 5'5. Not saying that she is in a similar situation but just showing it is possible. I have ...
by t_ann19 on 26 Dec 17 08:13 PM
What do the coloured bars mean in My Weight History and can we ask for a product to be added to the
Hello. I'm not sure how to find an answer so thought the forum might be able to help me. I've been using fatsecret for a couple of years and love the simplicity and user friendliness of it. ...
by smithersboy on 26 Dec 17 07:37 PM
Is there a way
Thanks so much for your patience!
by Eanor on 17 Dec 17 09:55 AM

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