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Need Motivation
So, I got on the scale today and OMG. I think I am the heaviest now that I have been in years. Well, I know its the holidays and it is going to be tough. But I am going to set exercise goals and diet ...
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started by roadrunner503.   
I bought a scale to weigh myself at home by the post office and arrive Monday. I'm already scared of her.
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started by marciaflp1, 2 months ago.   
How does this website work?
Today is my first day and I'm kinda overwhelmed by all the tons of information and different 'links'. I'm browsing thru everything, but what I'm really wondering about is the 2 cha ...
5 replies, last reply by robertarmstrong, 3 months ago.   2,414 views.
started by jaci lynn.   
Shift worker
I am a shift worker and am finding that especially night shift plays havoc with my eating habits. I need to eat during the night and even though I am having a protein drink I still need breakfast when ...
2 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 3 months ago.   817 views.
started by Heike216.   
Why am I not losing weight?
According to my diet calender, I am down over 17,700 calories since oct 12th. I divide that by 3500, and I get that I should've lost 5 lbs. I have been going to the gym 5 times a week for 8 weeks ...
21 replies, last reply by markmc77, 3 months ago.   11,510 views.
started by awormy1.   
food entry help
Hi all, Ive posted this question twice before, but not getting any answers. Not sure if I did it wrong or just nobody answering, so will try one more time. When I enter a new custom food into the nutr ...
3 replies, last reply by BeingSuccessful, 3 months ago.   877 views.
started by Lindy Jane.   
Difference between workouts and activity levels?
I run and lift weights 6 times a week. I push my weight up when I feel like it's become to easy and make sure the last few in each set are difficult (but doable). My sport is ultimate Frisbee which ...
3 replies, last reply by mjudeh13, 3 months ago.   694 views.
started by mjudeh13.   
Is Switching to Net Carb Pie Chart Possible
Hi all! I love Fat Secret, and have been using it to support my keto diet for the past 8 months. So far I've lost 60 lbs, and feeling great! My ONLY gripe about Fat Secret is that I haven't found ...
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started by faultyanalogy, 3 months ago.   
I am confused as to how many Carbs I should try to keep my count under each day? Thank you
3 replies, last reply by Lesleag, 3 months ago.   794 views.
started by Beek Beek.   
Does everyone see what I am eating? I don't want to share that with other people, is there a way I can set it so I am the only one that can see it?
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 4 months ago.   464 views.
started by katnippers.   
Loss of Apetite
Hello there internet ! I wish you all a very happy day, and a life full of health and happiness. It has been 2 months since school started, and i, have been losing my appetite since then. No , ...
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started by Leeno_13, 4 months ago.   
Delete account
How do I delete my account and all my personal details from here? I have just been told by a friend that when she googled my email address she found personal information about me on this site (and others) ...
14 replies, last reply by SerenitySugar76, 4 months ago.   18,745 views.
started by moosterrooster.   
Crazy Scale or Actual Weight Gain
I have been fairly consistent with eating and exercising and for the past month my weight has been fairly consistent around 113lbs. Generally I weigh myself every Wednesday morning before breakfast. ...
6 replies, last reply by Divorcee, 4 months ago.   1,379 views.
started by FoodisMedicine.   
how do i delete my account
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 4 months ago.   612 views.
started by Jadatinez.   
How to boil Potatoes
Does somebody know how to boil a potato? I have potatoes but don't have a microwave, so i think boiling them will be faster than baking, but I've never done it before. Can anyone advise me?
2 replies, last reply by jiniefox, 5 months ago.   929 views.
started by crstlgls.   
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How do I post to support another person?
Thanks so much...I'm pretty new to this so I'm just trying everything to see how it works...I'm really doing what you said to do at this very moment..!..
by VanTL on 19 Feb 18 01:26 PM
Net Cal calculation
Thank you rhills and jm111!
by SDaken on 05 Feb 18 02:16 PM
How do I delete historic (2011) entries that are messing up my nice new weight history?
Lyn, I have entries going back, in stark detail showing my success and failure over the last several years. I’m not sure why you’re worried - there is something useful in seeing the good and the bad ...
by Roblaw2b on 05 Feb 18 10:12 AM
Gaining on 800 cal/day
Could be thyroid.. but the most likely culprit is that she’s actually eating more calories. I’ve known soooo many people who share that trope, and every time you turn around it’s a snack here, and a ...
by Roblaw2b on 05 Feb 18 10:08 AM
How to add a brand that's not on the fatsecret list
Your welcome =) More products entered, the better for all of us. It also explains why the calories for things in the system already look a bit off sometimes (as different people entering, more likely ...
by E1ain3 on 03 Feb 18 02:52 AM

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